Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Ergo, Vol. 1, 2014 (new open access!)
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 17, #3, 2014
Ethics & Global Politics, Vol 7, #2, 2014
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 121, #3, 2014
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 18, #2, 2014
The Journal of Law, Medicine & EthicS, Vol. 42, No. 1, 2014
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 95, #2, 2014
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 114, Issue 1, Part 1, 2014

Ergo, Vol. 1, 2014 (new open access!)
Introducing Ergo. Franz Huber & Jonathan Weisberg.
Micahel Caie. Calibration and Probabilism.
Christopher Hitchcock & Joel D. Velasco. Evolutionary and Newtonian Forces.
Paul Lodge. Leibniz's Mill Argument Against Mechanical Materialism Revisited.
John Turri. The Problem of ESEE Knowledge.
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 17, #3, 2014
Special Issue: Private Autonomy, Public Paternalism?
Editorial Note
A.W. Musschenga, F.R. Heeger.
Original Papers
Joel Anderson. Regimes of Autonomy.
John Christman. Relational Autonomy and the Social Dynamics of Paternalism.
Bijan Fateh-Moghadam, Thomas Gutmann. Governing [through] Autonomy. The Moral and Legal Limits of “Soft Paternalism.”
John Kultgen. Professional Paternalism.
Amy Mullin. Children, Paternalism and teh Development of Autonomy.
Diana Tietjens Meyers. Feminism and Sex Trafficking: Rethinking Some Aspects of Autonomy and Paternalism.
Luara Ferracioli, Rosa Terlazzo. Educating for Autonomy: Liberalism and Autonomy in the Capabilities Approach.
Iddo Landau. Standards, Perspectives, and the Meaning of Life: A Reply to Seachris.
Roman Altshuler. The Value of Nonhuman Nature: A Constitutive View.
Luis Cheng-Guajardo. The Normative Requirement of Means-End Rationality and Modest Bootstrapping.
Florian Cova. Frankfurt-Style Cases User Manual: Why Frankfurt-Style Enabling Cases Do Not Necessitate Tech Support.
Neil Levy. Countering Cova: Frankfurt-Style Cases are Still Broken.
Original Articles
Robyn Repko Waller. Revising Reasons Reactivity: Weakly and Strongly Sufficient Reasons for Acting.
Michelle Ciurria. Moral Responsibility: Justifying Strawson and the Excuse of Peculiarly Unfortunate Formative Circumstances.
David Phillips. Sympathy for the Error Theorist: Parfit and Mackie.
Stuart Rachels. The Immorality of Having Children.
Book Reviews
Christine Overall: Why Have Children? The Ethical Debate. Review by David Benatar.
Laura Valentini: Justice in a Globalized World: A Normative Framework. Review by Patrick Taylor Smith.
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Ethics & Global Politics, Vol 7, #2, 2014
Scott Wisor. The moral problem of worse actors.
Tendayi Bloom, Verena Risse. Examining hidden coercion at state borders: why carrier sanctions cannot be justified.
Research Notes
Lisa Herzog, Andrew Walton. Qualified market access and inter-disciplinarity.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 121, #3, 2014
Original Papers
Edward J. O’Boyle, Luca Sandonà. Teaching Business Ethics Through Popular Feature Films: An Experiential Approach.
Kathryn Pavlovich, Patricia Doyle Corner. Conscious Enterprise Emergence: Shared Value Creation Through Expanded Conscious Awareness.
Rommel O. Salvador, Altaf Merchant, Elizabeth A. Alexander. Faith and Fair Trade: The Moderating Role of Contextual Religious Salience.
Jack McCann, Matthew Sweet. The Perceptions of Ethical and Sustainable Leadership.
Original Papers
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Clay Posey, Tom L. Roberts. Is Your Banker Leaking Your Personal Information? The Roles of Ethics and Individual-Level Cultural Characteristics in Predicting Organizational Computer Abuse.
Tanja Rabl, María del Carmen Triana. Organizational Value for Age Diversity and Potential Applicants’ Organizational Attraction: Individual Attitudes Matter.
Jesus Sáenz González, Emma García-Meca. Does Corporate Governance Influence Earnings Management in Latin American Markets?
Chris Kuo. An Economic Analysis on Overbilling Incentives and Auditing Programs.
Pascal Paillé, Yang Chen, Olivier Boiral, Jiafei Jin. The Impact of Human Resource Management on Environmental Performance: An Employee-Level Study.
Peter Martin Jaworski. An Absurd Tax on our Fellow Citizens: The Ethics of Rent Seeking in the Market Failures (or Self-Regulation) Approach.
Mark G. Edwards, Nin Kirkham. Situating ‘Giving Voice to Values’: A Metatheoretical Evaluation of a New Approach to Business Ethics.
Book Review
Steven M. Mintz and Roselyn E. Morris, Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting: Text and Cases. W. Steve Albrecht.
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Journal of Ethics, vol. 18, #2, 2014
Special Issue: Neuroscience and Criminal Justice
Editor-in-Chief's Introduction. J. Angelo Corlett.
Original Papers
Jesper Ryberg. Neuroscience and Criminal Justice: Introduction.
Jesper Ryberg. When Should Neuroimaging Be Applied in the Criminal Court? On Ideal Comparison and the Shortcomings of Retributivism.
Thomas Douglas. Criminal Rehabilitation Through Medical Intervention: Moral Liability and the Right to Bodily Integrity.
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Neuroprediction, Truth-Sensitivity, and the Law.
Thomas Søbirk Petersen. (Neuro)predictions, Dangerousness, and Retributivism
Walter Glannon. The Limitations and Potential of Neuroimaging in the Criminal Law.
Neil Levy. Is Neurolaw Conceptually Confused?
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Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 42, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Symposium: The Right Not to Know
Symposium Articles

Introduction. Bartha Maria Knoppers. From the Right to Know to the Right Not to Know.
Clarissa Allen, Karine Sénécal and Denise Avard. Defining the Scope of Public Engagement: Examining the “Right Not to Know” in Public Health Genomics.
Pascal Borry, Mahsa Shabani and Heidi Carmen Howard. Is There a Right Time to Know? The Right Not to Know and Genetic Testing in Children.
Gert Helgesson. Autonomy, the Right Not to Know, and the Right to Know Personal Research Results: What Rights Are There, and Who Should Decide about Exceptions?
Niklas Juth. The Right Not to Know and the Duty to Tell: The Case of Relatives.
Graeme Laurie. Recognizing the Right Not to Know: Conceptual, Professional, and Legal Implications.
Lainie Rutkow, Jon S. Vernick, Maxim Gakh, Jennifer Siegel, Carol B. Thompson and Daniel J. Barnett. The Public Health Workforce and Willingness to Respond to Emergencies: A 50-State Analysis of Potentially Influential Laws.
Allyn Taylor, Tobias Alfoén, Daniel Hougendobler and Kent Buse. Nonbinding Legal Instruments in Governance for Global Health: Lessons from the Global AIDS Reporting Mechanism.
Courtenay R. Bruce and Mary A. Majumder. The “Permanent” Patient Problem.
Y. Tony Yang and Mark R. Meiners. Care Coordination and the Expansion of Nursing Scopes of Practice.
Mark A. Rothstein. Tarasoff Duties after Newtown.
James G. Hodge Jr., Leila Barraza, Susan Russo, Kellie Nelson and Greg Measer. A Proposed Ban on the Sale to and Possession of Caloric Sweetened Beverages by Minors in Public.
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Christa Davis Acampora, Contesting Nietzsche. Reviewed by Christopher C. Raymond.
Allen Buchanan, The Heart of Human Rights. Reviewed by George Letsas.
G. A. Cohen, Lectures on the History of Moral and Political Philosophy, Jonathan Wolff (ed.) Reviewed by Ben Laurence.
Maria Carla Galavotti, Elisabeth Nemeth, and Friedrich Stadler (eds.), European Philosophy of Science -- Philosophy of Science in Europe and the Viennese Heritage. Reviewed by A.W. Carus.
Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa and Benjamin W. Jarvis, The Rules of Thought. Reviewed by Gurpreet Rattan.
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Born Free and Equal?: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Nature of Discrimination. Reviewed by Deborah Hellman.
Ofra Magidor, Category Mistakes. Reviewed by Manuel García-Carpintero.
Stephen Mulhall The Self and Its Shadows: A Book of Essays on Individuality as Negation in Philosophy and the Arts Reviewed by Daniel D. Hutto.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 95, #2, 2014
Madeleine Arseneault. ow to Criticize Lexical Accounts of Idioms.
Johan E. Gustafsson and Olle Torpman. In Defence of My Favourite Theory.
Hanoch Ben-Yami. bare Quantifiers?
Stephen Barker and Mark Jago. Monism and Material Constitution.
Christoph Kelp. No Justification for Lottery Losers.
Andreea Mihali. The Role of Freedom in Descartes' Ethics of Belief.
Sam Cowling. No Simples, No Gunk, No Nothing.
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Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 114, Issue 1, Part 1, 2014
Original articles
I—David Papineau. The Presidential Address: Sensory Experience and Representational Properties.
II—Robert Kane. Acting ‘of One's Own Free Will’: Modern Reflections on an Ancient Philosophical Problem (pages 35–55)
III—Tim Mulgan. Ethics for Possible Futures.
IV—Jonathan Lear. Integrating the Non-Rational Soul.
V—Francesco Berto. On Conceiving the Inconsistent.
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