Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28, Philosophy of Science post

Philosophy of Science, Vol. 81, #2, 2014
Beckett Sterner. The Practical Value of Biological Information for Research.
Christopher Clarke. Neuroeconomics and Confirmation Theory.
Christian P. Robert. On the Jeffreys-Lindley Paradox.
James Owen Weatherall and John Byron Manchak. The Geometry of Conventionality.
Michael Esfeld and Nicolas Gisin. The GRW Flash Theory: A Relativistic Quantum Ontology of Matter in Space-Time?
Ryan Smith. Do Brains Have an Arrow of Time?
Bas C. van Fraassen. One or Two Gentle Remarks about Hans Halvorson’s Critique of the Semantic View.
Book Reviews
Systematicity: The Nature of Science by Paul Hoyningen-Huene. Review by: Michael Ruse.
Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time by Tim Maudlin. Review by: Lawrence Sklar.
Environmental Philosophy: From Theory to Practice by Sahotra Sarkar. Review by: Jay Odenbaugh.
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