Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

Economics & Politics, Vol. 26, #1, 2014
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #2, 2014
Journal of Religious, Vol. 42, #1, 2014
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Vol. 20, #1, 2014
Social Choice and Welfare. Vol. 42,  #1, 2014


Economics & Politics, Vol. 26, #1, 2014
Original Articles
Reza Oladi, Hamid Beladi and John Gilbert. A Strategic Approach to Offshoring.
Abhinay Muthoo and Kenneth A. Shepsle. Seniority and Incumbency in Legislatures.
Andrew Pennock. The Political Economy of Domestic Labor Mobility: Specific Factors, Landowners, and Education.
Norman V. Loayza, Jamele Rigolini and Oscar Calvo-González. More Than You Can Handle: Decentralization and Spending Ability of Peruvian Municipalities.
Claire L. Adida, David D. Laitin and Marie-Anne Valfort. Women, Muslim Immigrants, and Economic Integration in France.
María Elisa Farías and Monica Arruda de Almeida. Does Saying ‘Yes’ to Capital Inflows Necessarily Mean Good Business? the Effect of Antimoney Laundering Regulations in the Latin American and the Caribbean Economies.
Waqar Ahmed Wadho. Education, Rent seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources.
Jinhee Jo and Lawrence S. Rothenberg. The Importance of Bureaucratic Hierarchy: Conflicting Preferences, Incomplete Control, and Policy Outcomes.
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #2, 2014
The concise argument
Julian Savulescu. Challenging accepted ethical beliefs.
Feature article
Ole Martin Moen. Is prostitution harmful?
Scott A Anderson. Comment on ‘Is prostitution harmful?’
Rosalind J McDougall. Intrinsic versus contingent claims about the harmfulness of prostitution.
Ole Martin Moen. Prostitution and harm: a reply to Anderson and McDougall.
Anna Westin. The harms of prostitution: critiquing Moen's argument of no-harm.
Ole Martin Moen. Prostitution and sexual ethics: a reply to Westin.
Clinical ethics
Daniel Strech, Marion Danis. Paper: How can bedside rationing be justified despite coexisting inefficiency? The need for ‘benchmarks of efficiency’.
Kristin Voigt. Commentary: Rationing, inefficiency and the role of clinicians.
Carla Teixeira, Orquídea Ribeiro, António M Fonseca, Ana Sofia Carvalho. Paper: Ethical decision making in intensive care units: a burnout risk factor? Results from a multicentre study conducted with physicians and nurses.
Law, ethics and medicine
Jukka Varelius. Paper: Medical expertise, existential suffering and ending life.
Robert Young. Commentary: ‘Existential suffering’ and voluntary medically assisted dying.
Julian Savulescu. Editorial: A simple solution to the puzzles of end of life? Voluntary palliated starvation.
Jukka Varelius. Response: On the relevance of an argument as regards the role of existential suffering in the end-of-life context.
Reproductive ethics
Stephen D Brown, Karen Donelan, Yolanda Martins, Sadath A Sayeed, Christine Mitchell, Terry L Buchmiller, Kelly Burmeister, Jeffrey L Ecker. Paper: Does professional orientation predict ethical sensitivities? Attitudes of paediatric and obstetric specialists toward fetuses, pregnant women and pregnancy termination
Research ethics
Kusum Menon, Roxanne Ward, for the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Paper: A study of consent for participation in a non-therapeutic study in the pediatric intensive care population.
Alan Wertheimer. Paper: Non-completion and informed consent.
Tak Kwong Chan, George Lim Tipoe. Should we continue treatment for M? The benefits of living.
Current controversy
Greg Moorlock, Jonathan Ives, Heather Draper. Altruism in organ donation: an unnecessary requirement?
Brief report
Matthew B Schabath, Jessica McIntyre, Christie Pratt, Luis E Gonzalez, Teresita Munoz-Antonia, Eric B Haura, Gwendolyn P Quinn. Healthcare providers’ knowledge and attitudes about rapid tissue donation (RTD): phase one of establishing a rapid tissue donation programme in thoracic oncology.
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Journal of Religious, Vol. 42, #1, 2014
Rachel Muers. The Ethics of Stats: Some Contemporary Questions about Telling the Truth.
Philip J Ivanhoe. Confucian Cosmopolitanism .
David A. Hughes. Renaissance Catholicism and Contemporary Liberalism: Western Ideology on the Eve of the Reformation.
Richard Bourne. Communication, Punishment, and Virtue: The Theological Limitation of (Post)Secular Penance.
Kristopher Norris. “Never Again War”: Recent Shifts in the Roman Catholic Just War Tradition and the Question of “Functional Pacifism”.
David P. Gushee. Challenging Sociological Reductionism: A Christian Ethical Analysis.
Aline H. Kalbian. Narrative Quests and Social Change: A Response to Christian Smith's What Is a Person?
Slavica Jakelic. Humanism and Theoretical Pluralism: A Response to Christian Smith's What Is a Person?
Kevin Schilbrack. Embodied Critical Realism.
Christian Smith. What is a Person? And Why it Matters in Religious Ethics: A Response to My Interlocutors.
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Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Vol. 20, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Conflict, Crime and Violence in Colombia, edited by Raul Caruso and Juan F. Vargas
Flores, Thomas Edward.Vertical Inequality, Land Reform, and Insurgency in Colombia.
Cárdenas, Juan Camilo / Casas-Casas, Andrés / Méndez, Nathalie Méndez. The Hidden Face of Justice: Fairness, Discrimination and Distribution in Transitional Justice Processes.
Blanco, Mariana / Vargas, Juan F. Can SMS Technology Improve Low Take-up of Social Benefits?
Idrobo, Nicolás / Mejía, Daniel / Tribin, Ana María. Illegal Gold Mining and Violence in Colombia.
Lemus, Natalia. Conflict-Induced Poverty: Evidence from Colombia.
Cortés, Darwin / Montolio, Daniel. Provision of Public Goods and Violent Conflict: Evidence from Colombia.
Romero, Dario. Insecurity or Perception of Insecurity? Urban Crime and Dissatisfaction with Life: Evidence from the Case of Bogotá.
Arias, María Alejandra / Ibáñez, Ana María / Querubin, Pablo. The Desire to Return during Civil War: Evidence for Internally Displaced Populations in Colombia.
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Social Choice and Welfare. Vol. 42,  #1, 2014
Original Paper

Maurice Salles. ‘Social choice and welfare’ at 30: its role in the development of social choice theory and welfare economics.
Joaquín Pérez & Omar De la Cruz. Implementation of Jefferson-d’Hondt rule in the formation of a parliamentary committee.
Florenz Plassmann & T. Nicolaus Tideman. How frequently do different voting rules encounter voting paradoxes in three-candidate elections?
Patrick Hummel. Pre-election polling and third party candidates.
Joe Neeman. A law of large numbers for weighted plurality.
James Green-Armytage. Strategic voting and nomination.
Julio González-Díaz , Ruud Hendrickx & Edwin Lohmann. Paired comparisons analysis: an axiomatic approach to ranking methods.
Asis Kumar Banerjee. A multidimensional Lorenz dominance relation.
Matthew Ryan. Path independent choice and the ranking of opportunity sets.
Reut Megidish & Aner Sela. Sequential contests with synergy and budget constraints.
Book Review
Alex Voorhoeve. Matthew D. Adler: Well-being and fair distribution: beyond cost-benefit analysis.
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