Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #1, 2014
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 45, #1, 2014
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 167, #2, 2014
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 88, #1, 2014
Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #6, 2013
Review of Law & Economics, Vol. 9, #3, 2013
Theoria, Vol. 80, #1, 2014

Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #1, 2014
Sarah Tyson. From the Exclusion of Women to the Transformation of Philosophy: Reclamation and its Possibilities.
Havi Carel. The Philosophical Role of Illness.
Reshef Agam-Segal. When Language Gives Out: Conceptualization, and Aspect-Seeing as a Form of Judgment.
Jiri Benovsky. Tropes or Universals: How (Not) to Make One's Choice.
Brian Flanagan. Rereading the Kripkean Intuition on Reference.
Katarzyna Paprzycka. On a Neg-Raising Fallacy in Determining Enthymematicity: If She Did not Believe or Want.
Michael Veber. Knowledge with and Without Belief.
Andrew M. Cavallo. Two Key Differences between Science and Philosophy.
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Mark Alfano, Character as Moral Fiction. Reviewed by Neera K. Badhwa.
Tim Button, The Limits of Realism. Reviewed by Lieven Decock.
Jane Forsey, The Aesthetics of Design. Reviewed by Cynthia Freeland.
Harold Langsam, The Wonder of Consciousness: Understanding the Mind Through Philosophical Reflection. Reviewed by Adam Pautz.
Clayton Littlejohn, Justification and the Truth-Connection. Reviewed by Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen.
Marcin Milkowski, Explaining the Computational Mind. Reviewed by Oron Shagrir.
Bernard G. Prusak, Parental Obligations: The Duties of a Creator. Reviewed by David Archard.
Nicholas Wolterstorff, The Mighty and the Almighty: An Essay in Political Theology. Reviewed by Kristen Irwin.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 45, #1, 2014
Melvin Chen. Strawson contra Strawson: Moral Responsibility and Semi-Compatibilism.
Marcus Arvan. A Better, Dual Theory of Human Rights.
Paul Formosa. Dignity and Respect: How to Apply Kant's Formula of Humanity.
Greg Janzen. Another Look at the Rule-Following Paradox.
William James Earle. Philosophers.
Notes on Contributors

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 167, #2, 2014
Original Articles
Jessica Brown. Shifty talk: knowledge and causation.
Daniel Greco. A puzzle about epistemic akrasia.
Kieran Setiya. What is a reason to act?
Niklas Möller. All that jazz: linguistic competence and improvisation.
Corine Besson, Anandi Hattiangadi. The open future, bivalence and assertion.
Ben Phillips. Indirect representation and the self-representational theory of consciousness.
Thea Goodsell. Is de jure coreference non-transitive?
Andrew Bailey, Bradley Richards. Horgan and Tienson on phenomenology and intentionality.
William H. Hanson. Logical truth in modal languages: reply to Nelson and Zalta.
Christopher Freiman. Priority and position.
Teresa Marques. Relative correctness.
Markus E. Schlosser. The luck argument against event-causal libertarianism: It is here to stay.
Ghislain Guigon. Overall similarity, natural properties, and paraphrases.
Charles Hermes. Truthmakers and the direct argument.
Ulf Hlobil. Against Boghossian, Wright and Broome on inference.
Michael Moehler.  The scope of instrumental morality.
Daniel Giberman. Tropes in space.
Nathan Hanna. Retributivism revisited.
Claudia Bianchi. How to do things with (recorded) words.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 88, #1, 2014
Conor Mchugh. Exercising Doxastic Freedom.
Mohan Matthen. How to Be Sure: Sensory Exploration and Empirical Certainty.
Derek Ball and Bryan Pickel. One Dogma of Millianism.
Bradley Armour-Garb and James A. Woodbridge. From Mathematical Fictionalism to Truth-Theoretic Fictionalism.
Stephen A. Butterfill and Corrado Sinigaglia. Open articleIntention and Motor Representation in Purposive Action.
Sam Shpall. Moral and Rational Commitment.
Michael Rescorla. The Causal Relevance of Content to Computation.
Book Symposium
Commonsense Consequentialism
Douglas W. portmore. Précis: Commonsense Consequentialism.
Joshua Gert. Moral Rationalism and Commonsense Consequentialism.
Paul Hurley. Comments on Douglas Portmore's Commonsense Consequentialism.
Sergio Tenenbaum. The Perils of Earnest Consequentializing.
Douglas W. Portmore. Replies to Gert, Hurley, and Tenenbaum.
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Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #6, 2013
Note from the Editors
2013 Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Politics & Pociy: New Focus on International Comparative Policy: Call for Papers and Special Issue Proposals
Alexandra Filindra and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz. Research Note: Stopping the Enforcement “Tide”: Descriptive Representation, Latino Institutional Empowerment, and State-Level Immigration Policy.
Eric O. Udjo.Demographic and Socioeconomic Status, Child Support Grant, and Teenage Pregnancy among Blacks in South Africa.
Jack Corbett. Politicians and Professionalization in the Pacific Islands: Revisiting Self-Regulation?
Lesley Lavery. Gender Bias in the Media? An Examination of Local Television News Coverage of Male and Female House Candidates.
Martha Thomas. The Relationship between National Elections and the Delay in Transposition of E.U. Directives.
Udaya R. Wagle. The Heterogeneity Politics of the Welfare State: Changing Population Heterogeneity and Welfare State Policies in High-Income OECD Countries, 1980-2005.
Laura S. Hussey. Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Poverty, and the Expanding Frontiers of American Abortion Politics.

Review of Law & Economics, Vol. 9, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Zamir, Eyal / Medina, Barak / Segal, Uzi. Who Benefits from the Uniformity of Contingent Fee Rates?
Barnett, Jonathan M. Copyright without Creators.
Massenot, Baptiste. Lawyers and Investment.
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Theoria, Vol. 80, #1, 2014

Sven Ove Hansson. Beyond “Experimental Philosophy”.
Dwayne Moore. On the Constitutive Property Reply: Commentary on Campbell.
Michael Rubin. On Two Responses to Moral Twin Earth.
Wolfgang Freitag. Safety, Sensitivity and “Distant” Epistemic Luck.
Hugh Breakey. Parsing Macpherson: The Last Rites of Locke the Possessive Individualist.
Nancy Salay. Dress Rehearsals, Previews, and Encores: A New Account of Mental Representation.
Anthony Brueckner. More on Idealism and Skepticism.
Nils-Eric Sahlin and Paul Weirich. Unsharp Sharpness.
Geoffrey Brennan. Ideology, Rationality, and Revolution: An Essay on the Persistence of Oppression – By Nicolas Olsson-Yaouzis.
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