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January 17, 2014

Analysis, Vol. 74, #1, 2014
Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 37, 2013   
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Vol. 16, #1, 2014
ESEP: Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 44, #1, 2014
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 75, #1, 2014
Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 119, #1, 2014
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 75, #1, 2014

Analysis, Vol. 74, #1, 2014
Mark Sainsbury. Fishy business.
Edward N. Zalta. The Tarski T-Schema is a tautology (literally).
Hannes Leitgeb. A way out of the preface paradox?
Wesley Buckwalter and John Turri. Telling, showing and knowing: A unified theory of pedagogical norms.
Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum. A new argument against compatibilism.
Harry Deutsch. Resolution of some paradoxes of propositions.
Jeffrey Goodman. Creatures of fiction, objects of myth.
A.C. Paseau. The overgeneration argument(s): A succinct refutation.
Benjamin L. Curtis. To be fair.
Matthew Davidson. Special relativity and the intrinsicality of shape.
Clea F. Rees. Better lie!
Julien Murzi. The inexpressibility of validity.
Anthony Hatzimoysis. Consistency in the Sartrean analysis of emotion.
Book Symposium
Summary. Nicole Hassoun.
Gillian Brock. Fulfilling Obligations to the Poor: How Should we Decide among Plausible Options?
Miriam Ronzoni. What Does Liberal Legitimacy Really Require?
Fernando R. Tesón. When Philosophers Misdiagnose.
Nicole Hassoun. Beyond Globalization and Global Justice: Development Theory and Practice.
Recent Work
Martin Smith. The Epistemology of Religion.
Critical Notices
Lisa Leininger. On Mellor and the Future Direction of Time.
Guy Longworth. Epistemic Authority.
Book Reviews
Matthew C. Haug. Thought Experiments in Philosophy, Science and the Arts By MÉLANIE FRAPPIER, LETITIA MEYNELL and JAMES ROBERT BROWN.
Elizabeth F. Cooke. The Pragmatic Maxim: Essays on Peirce and Pragmatism By CHRISTOPHER HOOKWAY.
Amy Kind. The Opacity of Mind: An Integrative Theory of Self-Knowledge By PETER CARRUTHERS.
Douglas Campbell. Radicalizing Enactivism: Basic Minds without Content By DANIEL F. HUTTO and ERIK MYIN.
Sebastian Köhler. Normative Bedrock: Response-Dependence, Rationality and Reasons BY JOSHUA GERT.
Curtis Brown. Lying, Misleading, and What is Said: An Exploration in Philosophy of Language and Ethics By JENNIFER MATHER SAUL.
Peter A. Graham. Blame: Its Nature and Norms By D JUSTIN COATES AND NEAL A. TOGNAZZINI.
Jarrett Leplin. Explaining Science’s Success: Understanding How Scientific Knowledge Works By JOHN WRIGHT.
Marion Godman. Hard Luck. BY NEIL LEVY.
Luke Brunning. The View from Here: On Affirmation, Attachment, and the Limits of Regret By R. JAY WALLACE.
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Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 37, 2013   
Timothy Williamson. “Anti-exceptionalism about Philosophy.
Nenad Mišcevic. An Uncomfortable Armchair: Tim Williamson Against Apriorism.
Majda Trobok. Defending Analyticity: Remarks on Williamson’s The Philosophy of Philosophy.
Nenad Smokrovic. Are Dispositions to Believe Constitutive for Understanding?
Timothy Williamson. Replies to Trobok, Smokrovic, and Mišcevic on the Philosophy of Philosophy.
Dan López De Sa. The Aposteriori Response-Dependence of the Colors.
Anguel Stefanov. The Conundrum of Time Travel.
Osamu Kiritani. Naming and Necessity From a Functional Point of View.
Iris Merkac. Parsons’ Mathematical Intuition: a Brief Introduction.
Noriaki Iwasa. Moral Applicability of Agrippa’s Trilemma.
Joško Žanic. Ray Jackendoff, A User’s Guide to Thought and Meaning.
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Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Vol. 16, #1, 2014
Research Article
Kyohei Matsushita, Kota Asano. Reducing CO2 emissions of Japanese thermal power companies: a directional output distance function approach.
Thomas Hickmann. Science–policy interaction in international environmental politics: an analysis of the ozone regime and the climate regime.
Mahadev G. Bhat, Ramachandra Bhatta. Sustainable funding policies for environmental protection: the case of Maldivian atolls.
Xiaogu Li, Christopher D. Clark. Will consumers follow climate leaders? The effect of manufacturer participation in a voluntary environmental program on consumer preferences.
Shiro Takeda, Toshi H. Arimura. Output-based allocation of emissions permits for mitigating the leakage and competitiveness issues for the Japanese economy.
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ESEP: Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
Sanz-Caballero S.  Children’s rights in a changing climate: a perspective from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Saniotis A. AS I SEE IT: Remaking Homo: ethical issues on future human enhancement.
Tsikliras AC, Sumaila UR, Stergiou KI.  AS WE SEE IT: Parallels in economic and ecosystem crises.
Chaipraditkul N.  AS I SEE IT: Thailand: beauty and globalized self-identity through cosmetic therapy and skin lightening.
Reider S, Wasserstrom R. Undermining democratic capacity: myth-making and oil development in Amazonian Ecuador.
Kuoy B. Ethics and Cambodian worldviews on nature.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
David Landy. What Incongruent Counterparts Show.
Daniel Watts. Kierkegaard and the Search for Self-Knowledge.
Kenneth Hobson. In Defense of Relational Direct Realism .
Steinvör Thöll Árnadóttir. Bodily Thought and the Corpse Problem.
Alex Bavister-Gould. Bernard Williams: Political Realism and the Limits of Legitimacy.
Oliver Rashbrook. The Continuity of Consciousness.
Siegfried Van Duffel. Natural Rights to Welfare.
Charles Larmore. Morals and Metaphysics.
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 44, #1, 2014
From the Editor
Gregory E. Kaebnick. Thinking about Thinking.
Lynn A. Jansen. Mindsets, Informed Consent, and Research.
Ruth Macklin. Cluster Randomized Trials: Another Look.
Other Voices
Steven Joffe and Jennifer W. Mack. Deliberation and the Life Cycle of Informed Consent.
Charles Lidz and Paul S. Appelbaum. Context is Everything: Psychological Data and Consent to Research.
William T. Branch Jr. The Ethics of an Ordinary Doctor.
Richard M. Ratzan. “Lives there who loves his pain?”: Empathy, Creativity, and the Physician's Obligation.
Robert Cutillo. Futures Management in the Exam Room: An Improbable Agenda.
Case Study
Stephen S. Hanson and Annie-Laurie Auden. Last Chance at Grandchildren: A Request for Perimortem Sperm Harvesting.
Vanessa Northington Gamble. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Reconsidered (page inside back cover)
At Law
Rebecca Dresser. Drugs and the Death Penalty.
Policy and Politics
Jennifer S. Bard. Would Research Ethics Survive the Defunding of the Research University?
Barry Hoffmaster. The Humanity of Genetics Practices.
Dena S. Davis. But with Progeny, It's Hodge-podgenee.
Field Notes
Nancy Berlinger. Et in Arcadia ego (page inside front cover)
Roger Magnusson. Bloomberg, Hitchens, and the Libertarian Critique.
Peter D. Jacobson and Wendy E. Parmet. Defending Public Health Regulations: The Message Is the Medium.
David P. Borden. Innovative Policies under Bloomberg's ‘New’ Public Health.
Emily Whelan Parento. The Affordable Care Act and the Need for Public Health Leadership.
Michelle M. Mello and David M. Studdert. Making the Case for Health-Enhancing Laws after Bloomberg.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 75, #1, 2014
R. L. Hall. Editorial Preface.
Paddy Jane McShane. Game theory and belief in God.
Myron Arthur Penner. Incommensurability, incomparability, and rational world-choice.
Robert Larmer. Divine intervention and the conservation of energy: a reply to Evan Fales.
Daniel Lim. Occasionalism and non-reductive physicalism: another look at the continuous creation argument.
Book Review
Michael L. Morgan. Book Reviews.
Noreen Khawaja. Book Reviews.
Jeffrey A. Bernstein. Book Reviews.
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Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
Special Issue: Philosophy of science in practice

Marcel Boumans, Sabina Leonelli. Introduction: On the Philosophy of Science in Practice.
Léna Soler, Frédéric Wieber. Calibration: A Conceptual Framework Applied to Scientific Practices Which Investigate Natural Phenomena by Means of Standardized Instruments.
Isaac Record. Technology and Epistemic Possibility.
Henrik Thorén, Johannes Persson. The Philosophy of Interdisciplinarity: Sustainability Science and Problem-Feeding.
Ann-Sophie Barwich. Science and Fiction: Analysing the Concept of Fiction in Science and its Limits.
Moti Mizrahi. What is Scientific Progress? Lessons from Scientific Practice.
Book review
Nicola Mößner. Anna Leuschner: Die Glaubwürdigkeit der Wissenschaft. Eine wissenschafts- und erkenntnistheoretische Analyse am Beispiel der Klimaforschung.
Matthias Neuber. Torsten Wilholt.Die Freiheit der Forschung: Begrenzungen und Begründungen
Tobias Schöttler. Dimitri Liebsch and Nicola Mößner (eds): Visualisierung und Erkenntnis. Bildverstehen und Bildverwenden in Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften.
Helge Kragh. Peter Achinstein: Evidence and Method: Scientific Strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 119, #1, 2014
Original Article
Ans Kolk, Paolo Perego. Sustainable Bonuses: Sign of Corporate Responsibility or Window Dressing?
Isabel Costa Lourenço, Jeffrey Lawrence Callen. The Value Relevance of Reputation for Sustainability Leadership.
Douglas Jondle, Alexandre Ardichvili, James Mitchell. Modeling Ethical Business Culture: Development of the Ethical Business Culture Survey and Its Use to Validate the CEBC Model of Ethical Business Culture.
Original Article
Catherine Janssen, Joëlle Vanhamme, Adam Lindgreen. The Catch-22 of Responsible Luxury: Effects of Luxury Product Characteristics on Consumers’ Perception of Fit with Corporate Social Responsibility.
Niklas Egels-Zandén . Revisiting Supplier Compliance with MNC Codes of Conduct: Recoupling Policy and Practice at Chinese Toy Suppliers.
Chris Mason, John Simmons. Embedding Corporate Social Responsibility in Corporate Governance: A Stakeholder Systems Approach.
Hwan-Yann Su. Business Ethics and the Development of Intellectual Capital.
Tessa E. Basford, Lynn R. Offermann, Tara S. Behrend. Please Accept My Sincerest Apologies: Examining Follower Reactions to Leader Apology.
Edmund F. Byrne. Towards Enforceable Bans on Illicit Businesses: From Moral Relativism to Human Rights.
Pieter de Jong, Antony Paulraj, Constantin Blome. The Financial Impact of ISO 14001 Certification: Top-Line, Bottom-Line, or Both?
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 75, #1, 2014
Original Articles
Jed W. Atkins. Euripides’s Orestes and the Concept of Conscience in Greek Philosophy.
Lela M. Urquhart. Competing Traditions in the Historiography of Ancient Greek Colonization in Italy.
Toy-Fung Tung. Vitoria’s Ideas of Supernatural and Natural Sovereignty: Adam and Eve’s Marriage, the Uncivil Amerindians, and the Global Christian Nation.
Peter Pesic. Francis Bacon, Violence, and the Motion of Liberty: The Aristotelian Background.
D. Alan Orr. Sir John Davies’s Agrarian Law for Ireland.
Hilmi Ozan Özavci. Differing Interpretations of la conscience collective and “the Individual” in Turkey: Émile Durkheim and the Intellectual Origins of the Republic.
Simon Grote. Review-Essay: Religion and Enlightenment.
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