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August 29, 2013

Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #5, 2013
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 7, #3, 2013
Hume Studies, Vol. 38, #1, 2012
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 26, #4, 2013
Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 42, #2, 2013
Mind, Vol. 122, #485, 2013
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 33, #3, 2013
Philosophers Imprint, Vol. 13, #17, 2013
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 38, #2, 2013
Utilitas, Vol. 25, #3, 2013

Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #5, 2013
Original Papers

Kevin N. Laland, John Odling-Smee, William Hoppitt, Tobias Uller. More on how and why: cause and effect in biology revisited.
T. E. Dickins, R. A. Barton. Reciprocal causation and the proximate–ultimate distinction.
Ward B. Watt. Causal mechanisms of evolution and the capacity for niche construction.
Review Paper
Brett Calcott. Why how and why aren’t enough: more problems with Mayr’s proximate-ultimate distinction.
Brief Communication
David Haig. Proximate and ultimate causes: how come? and what for?
Original Papers
Andy Gardner. Ultimate explanations concern the adaptive rationale for organism design.
Kevin N. Laland, John Odling-Smee, William Hoppitt, Tobias Uller. More on how and why: a response to commentaries.
Richard O. Prum. Coevolutionary aesthetics in human and biotic artworlds.
Review Papers
Jani Raerinne. Stability and lawlikeness.
Cameron Buckner. Morgan’s Canon, meet Hume’s Dictum: avoiding anthropofabulation in cross-species comparisons
Samir Okasha. The origins of human cooperation.
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 7, #3, 2013
Symposium on Law Liberty and Morality: Fifty Years On/Symposium on Actio Libera in Causa
Massimo Renzo. “Law, Liberty and Morality”: Fifty Years On.
Original Paper
Jeffrie G. Murphy. A Failed Refutation and an Insufficiently Developed Insight in Hart’s Law, Liberty, and Morality.
Richard J. Arneson. The Enforcement of Morals Revisited.
Steven Wall. Enforcing Morality.
Leslie Green. Should Law Improve Morality?
Peter de Marneffe. Sexual Freedom and Impersonal Value.
Danny Scoccia. In Defense of “Pure” Legal Moralism.
Mario Ricciardi. Morality, Law and the Fair Distribution of Freedom.
Susan Dimock. Actio Libera in Causa.
Daniel M. Farrell. What Should We Say We Say about Contrived ‘Self-Defense’ Defenses?
Leo Katz. Entrapment Through the Lens of the Actio Libera in Causa.
Kimberly Kessler Ferzan. Provocateurs.
Larry Alexander. Causing the Conditions of One’s Defense: A Theoretical Non-problem.
Russell L. Christopher. The Contrived Defense and Deterrent Threat Doctrines: A Reply to Professors Finkelstein & Katz.
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Hume Studies, Vol. 38, #1, 2012

Herman De Dijn.Spinoza and Hume on Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.
David Landy. Hume's Theory of Mental Representation.
Jani Hakkarainen. A Third Type of Distinction in the Treatise.
Miren Boehm. Filling the Gaps in Hume's Vacuums.
Notes and Texts
Lorne Falkenstein. Hume's Seneca Reference in Dialogues 12: An Assessment of Alternatives.
Todd Ryan. Hume's "Malezieu Argument."
Book Reviews
The Politics of Eloquence: David Hume's Polite Rhetoric by Marc Hanvelt. Review by Beth Innocenti.
David Hume and the Problem of Other Minds by Anik Waldow. Review by Emily Kelahan.
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 26, #4, 2013
Editorial Notes
Richard P. Haynes. From the Editor.
Siti Hafsyah Idris, Lee Wei Chang. Biosafety Act 2007: Does It Really Protect Bioethical Issues Relating To GMOS.
Review Paper
Sven Ove Hansson, Karin Joelsson. Crop Biotechnology for the Environment?
Jaana-Piia Mäkiniemi. The Endorsement of the Moral Foundations in Food-Related Moral Thinking in Three European Countries.
Lorenzo Del Savio, Bettina Schmietow. Environmental Footprint of Foods: The Duty to Inform.
Helena Siipi. Is Natural Food Healthy?
Christian Coff. A Semiotic Approach to Food and Ethics in Everyday Life.
G. A. Albrecht, C. Brooke, D. H. Bennett. The Ethics of Assisted Colonization in the Age of Anthropogenic Climate Change
M. B. M. Bracke, Carolien C. De Lauwere. Attitudes of Dutch Pig Farmers Towards Tail Biting and Tail Docking.
Catherine M. Tiplady, Deborah-Anne B. Walsh. Public Response to Media Coverage of Animal Cruelty.
Book Reviews
Cameron T. Whitley reviews Robin M. Mills: Capturing Carbon: The New War Against Climate Change.
Douglas Seale reviews Wendell Berry: What Matters? Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth.
Herwig Grimm reviews Kirsten Schmidt: Tierethische Probleme der Gentechnik: Zur moralischen Bewertung der Reduktion wesentlicher tierlicher Eigenschaften.
Richard P. Haynes reviews Thomas Simon: Ethic Identity and Minority Protection. Designation, Discrimination, and Brutalization.
Amy L. Brown reviews Gabriela Soto Laveaga: Jungle Laboratories—Mexican Peasants, National Projects, and the Making of the Pill.
Douglas Seale reviews Susie Jacobs: Gender and Agrarian Reforms.
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 Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 42, #2, 2013
Alessandro Acquisti, Leslie K. John, and George Loewenstein. What Is Privacy Worth?
Steven Shavell. A Fundamental Enforcement Cost Advantage of the Negligence Rule over Regulation.
Anthony Niblett. Case-by-Case Adjudication and the Path of the Law.
Matthew C. Stephenson. Does Separation of Powers Promote Stability and Moderation?.
Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman. Does Information about Arbitrators’ Win/Loss Ratios Improve Their Accuracy?
Barbara Luppi and Francesco Parisi. Jury Size and the Hung-Jury Paradox.
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Mind, Vol. 122, #485, 2013

Chunghyoung Lee. The Two-envelope Paradox: Asymmetrical Cases.
Ulrich Meyer. Counterpart Theory and the Actuality Operator.
Jacob Ross and Mark Schroeder. Reversibility or Disagreement.
Jeffrey Sanford Russell. Actuality for Counterpart Theorists.
Gregory Wheeler and Richard Scheines. Coherence and Confirmation through Causation.
Raphael Woolf. Plato and the Norms of Thought.
Wayne Wu. The Case for Zombie Agency.
Christopher Mole. Embodied Demonstratives: A Reply to Wu.
Book Reviews
Anne Baril reviews Intelligent Virtue, by Julia Annas.
Herbert Hochberg reviews Sketch for a Systematic Metaphysics, by D. M. Armstrong.
Allan Hazlett reviews Rationality and Religious Commitment, by Robert Audi.
Jessica Leech reviews The Semantics and Metaphysics of Natural Kinds, edited by Helen Beebee and Nigel Sabbarton-Leary.
Michael N. Forster reviews The German Historicist Tradition, by Frederick C. Beiser.
José Luis Bermúdez reviews The Opacity of Mind: An Integrative Theory of Self-Knowledge, by Peter Carruthers.
Miriam Ronzoni reviews Rescuing Justice and Equality, by Gerard Allan Cohen. AND Justice, Equality, and Constructivism: Essays on G. A. Cohen’s ‘Rescuing Justice and Equality’, ed. Brian Feltham.
Jack C. Lyons reviews Empiricism, Perceptual Knowledge, Normativity, and Realism: Essays on Wilfrid Sellars, by Willem A. deVries (ed).
Margaret Atherton reviews Berkeley’s Idealism, by Georges Dicker.
Malcolm Turvey reviews A Philosophy of Cinematic Art, by Berys Gaut.
Steinvör Thöll Árnadóttir reviews Human Nature: The Categorial Framework, by P. M. S. Hacker.
Stacie Friend reviews The Philosophy of Literature, by Peter Lamarque.
Mari Mikkola reviews Sexual Solipsism, by Rae Langton.
Jeffrey W. Roland reviews Mathematics and Reality, by Mary Leng.
Tuomas E. Tahko reviews More Kinds of Being: A Further Study of Individuation, Identity, and the Logic of Sortal Terms, by E. J. Lowe.
Thomas W. Simpson reviews Testimony, Trust, and Authority, by Benjamin McMyler.
Wes Morriston reviews God and Moral Law: On the Theistic Explanation of Morality, by Mark C. Murphy.
Simon Robertson reviews Reasons for Belief, by Andrew Reisner and Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (eds).
Dan Cavedon-Taylor reviews The Aesthetic Mind: Philosophy and Psychology, by Elisabeth Schellekens and Peter Goldie (eds).
Yolonda Y. Wilson reviews Responsibility for Justice, by Iris Marion Young. AND Responsibility and Justice, by Matt Matravers.
Books Received

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K. E. Boxer, Rethinking Responsibility. Reviewed by Matt King.
Andrea Christofidou, Self, Reason, and Freedom: A New Light on Descartes' Metaphysics. Reviewed by C. P. Ragland.
Timothy M. Costelloe, The British Aesthetic Tradition: From Shaftesbury to Wittgenstein. Reviewed by Christopher Williams
Jordi Fernández, Transparent Minds: A Study of Self-Knowledge. Reviewed by Lauren Ashwell.
Samuel J. Kerstein, How to Treat Persons. Reviewed by Jon Garthof.
Catherine Villanueva Gardner, Empowerment and Interconnectivity: Toward a Feminist History of Utilitarian Philosophy. Reviewed by Anita M. Superson.
Angus Ritchie, From Morality to Metaphysics: The Theistic Implications of our Ethical Commitments. Reviewed by John E. Hare.
Daniel C. Russell, Happiness for Humans. Reviewed by Richard Kraut.
Charles Taliaferro, The Golden Cord: A Short Book on the Secular and the Sacred. Reviewed by James G. Murphy.  
Márta Ujvári, The Trope Bundle Theory of Substance: Change, Individuation and Individual Essence. Reviewed by Roxanne Marie Kurtz.
Jeremy Waldron, Dignity, Rank, and Rights, Meir Dan-Cohen (ed.). Reviewed by Remy Debes.
John Wright, Explaining Science's Success: Understanding How Scientific Knowledge Works. Reviewed by Matthew J. Brown.
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Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 33, #3, 2013

Allan Beever. The Declaratory Theory of Law.
Helen Reece. Rape Myths: Is Elite Opinion Right and Popular Opinion Wrong?
Michael Galanis. The Impact of EMU on Corporate Governance: Bargaining in Austerity.
Brian R. Cheffins. The Undermining of UK Corporate Governance(?)
Peter Whelan. Cartel Criminalization and the Challenge of ‘Moral Wrongfulness.’
David Plunkett. Legal Positivism and the Moral Aim Thesis.
Sandy Steel. Private Law and Justice.
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Philosophers Imprint, Vol. 13, #17, 2013
Jamin Asay, "Tarski and Primitivism About Truth."
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 38, #2, 2013
Special Issue: Moral Disagreement
Tim Dare. Disagreeing about Disagreement in Law: The Argument from Theoretical Disagreement.
John K. Davis. An Alternative to Relativism.
Christopher W. Gowans. Moral Virtue and the Epistemology of Disagreement.
Sarah MCGrath. Moral Realism without Convergence.
Christopher McMahon. Disagreement about Fairness.
C. Thi Nguyen. Autonomy, Understanding, and Moral Disagreement.
Denis Robinson. Reflections on Moral Disagreement, Relativism, and Skepticism about Rules.
Christine Swanton. Virtue Ethics and the Problem of Moral Disagreement.
Folke Tersman. The Case for a Mixed Verdict on Ethics and Epistemology.
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Utilitas, Vol. 25, #3, 2013
Research Articles
NEIL SINHABABU. Unequal Vividness and Double Effect.
RONEN AVRAHAM and DANIEL STATMAN. More on the Comparative Nature of Desert: Can a Deserved Punishment Be Unjust?
STEPHEN M. CAMPBELL. An Analysis of Prudential Value.
DALE DORSEY. The Supererogatory, and How to Accommodate It.
LARS SAMUELSSON. The Right Version of ‘the Right Kind of Solution to the Wrong Kind of Reason Problem.’
RICHARD ROWLAND. Wrong Kind of Reasons and Consequences.
GUY FLETCHER. A Millian Objection to Reasons as Evidence.
DALE E. MILLER. Hooker on Rule-Consequentialism and Virtue.
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