Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #4, 2013
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 110, #4, 2013
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 47, #1-2, 2013
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy,  Vol. 19, #2, 2013
Ratio, Vol. 26, #3, 2013
Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #3, 2013
Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 19, #3, 2013
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, 2013 Supplement
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Vol. 44, #3, 2013

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #4, 2013
Original Papers
Elia Zardini. Naive Modus Ponens.
Umberto Grandi, Ulle Endriss. First-Order Logic Formalisation of Impossibility Theorems in Preference Aggregation.
Sam Alxatib, Peter Pagin, Uli Sauerland. Acceptable Contradictions: Pragmatics or Semantics? A Reply to Cobreros et al.
Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst. An Intuitionistic Reformulation of Mally’s Deontic Logic.
Peter Fritz. Modal Ontology and Generalized Quantifiers.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 110, #4, 2013

Ori Simchen. Token-Reflexivity.
Bart Streumer. Can We Believe the Error Theory?
Nathan Salmon. A Note on Kripke’s Paradox about Time and Thought.
Book Reviews
Saul Kripke: Philosophical Troubles: Collected Papers, Volume 1. Review by Stephen Yablo.
New Books
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 47, #1-2, 2013
Original Papers
David Alm. Manipulation, Responsibility and Rights.
David Carr. Varieties of Gratitude.
Víctor Durà-Vilà. Parental Obligation, Adoption and Abortion: Critique of Porter and Nozickian Alternative.
Ian Hunt. Marx and Rawls on the Justice of Capitalism: A Possible Synthesis?
Noriaki Iwasa. Reason Alone Cannot Identify Moral Laws.
Samuel Kahn. The Guise of the Objectively Good.
Christos Kyriacou. How Not to Solve the Wrong Kind of Reasons Problem.
David Sackris. Category Independent Aesthetic Experience: The Case of Wine.
Martin Peterson, Per Sandin. The Last Man Argument Revisited.
Evan Simpson. Practical Reasonableness: Some Epistemic Issues.
Robin Tapley. On Morreall: A Failure to Distinguish Between Play and Humor.
Book Reviews
Monica Mueller, Contrary to Thoughtlessness: Rethinking Practical Wisdom Review by Katy Fulfer.
Greg Lukianoff. UnLearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate. Review by Luke Sheahan.
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Robert Audi, Rationality and Religious Commitment. Reviewed by Bryan Frances.
Adrian Johnston and Catherine Malabou, Self and Emotional Life: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Neuroscience. Reviewed by John Protevi.
Alyssa Ney and David Z. Albert (eds.), The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics. Reviewed by Jeffrey A. Barrett.
Erin M. Cline, Confucius, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice. Reviewed by Bryan W. Van Norden.
C. D. C. Reeve, Aristotle on Practical Wisdom: Nicomachean Ethics VI. Reviewed by Corinne A. Gartner.
Theodore Sider, Writing the Book of the World. Reviewed by Timothy O'Connor and Nickolas Montgomery
Miroslaw Szatkowski (ed.), Ontological Proofs Today. Reviewed by Kevin J. Harrelson.
Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski, Epistemic Authority: A Theory of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief. Reviewed by Anne Baril.
Matthias Vogel, Media of Reason: A Theory of Rationality, Darrell Arnold (tr.). Reviewed by Jeffrey Flynn.
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Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy,  Vol. 19, #2, 2013
De Palma, André / Perali, Federico / Picard, Nathalie / Ricciuti, Roberto / Scorbureanu, Alexandrina. Social Crisis Prevention: A Political Alert Index for the Israel-Palestine Conflict.
Hosli, Madeleine O. / Hoekstra, Anke. What Fosters Enduring Peace? An Analysis of Factors Influencing Civil War Resolution.
Hinkkainen, Kaisa. Homegrown Terrorism: The Known Unknown.
Azis, Iwan J. / Mitra, Sabyasachi / Baluga, Anthony. Global Shock and Regional Spillovers.
Arvanitidis, Paschalis A. / Kyriazis, Nicholas C.Democracy and Public Choice in Classical Athens.
Emerson, Peter. “Peace-ful” Voting Procedures.
Shortland, Anja / Percy, Sarah. Governance, Naval Intervention and Piracy in Somalia.
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Ratio, Vol. 26, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Alasdair M. Richmond. Hilbert's Inferno: Time Travel for the Damned.
Lyle Crawford. Freak Observers and the Simulation Argument.
Ali Akbar Navabi. A Theory of the Temporal Asymmetry of Deliberation.
Sebastian Nye. Answering the Ethical Question.
Bana Bashour. Immoral Beliefs.
Anne Schwenkenbecher. Joint Duties and Global Moral Obligations.
Uwe Steinhoff. Against Pogge's ‘Cosmopolitanism.’
The Universe As We Find it – By John Heil. Review by Eileen Walker.
Books Received
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Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #3, 2013
A. John Simmons. Democratic Authority and the Boundary Problem.
Jeffrey Reiman. A Moral Equivalent of Consent of the Governed (pages 358–377)
Govert Den Hartogh. The Political Obligation To Donate Organs.
Rex Ahdar. Is Secularism Neutral?
Sarah Nason. Practical-Political Jurisprudence and the Dual Nature of Law.
Dan Jerker B. Svantesson. What Is “Law,” if “the Law” Is not Something that “Is”? A Modest Contribution to a Major Question.
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Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 19, #3, 2013
Stephanie J. Bird. Security and Privacy: Why Privacy Matters.
Uninformed Consent: An Offshoot of Illiteracy and Ignorance.
Ritesh G. Menezes, Sadip Pant, Bhuchitra Singh Bankura.
Michael J. Kuhar, Dorthie Cross. Collegial Ethics: Supporting Our Colleagues.
Frederick Grinnell. Research Integrity and Everyday Practice of Science.
Steven M. Flipse, Maarten C. A. van der Sanden. The Why and How of Enabling the Integration of Social and Ethical Aspects in Research and Development.
Luciano Floridi. Distributed Morality in an Information Society.
Jeffrey Kovac. Reverence and Ethics in Science.
Jan De Winter, Laszlo Kosolosky. The Epistemic Integrity of Scientific Research.
Liviu Andreescu. Self-Plagiarism in Academic Publishing: The Anatomy of a Misnomer.
G. Steven McMillan, Debra L. Casey. Positive Organizational Outcomes Associated with a Penchant for Openness.
Brian C. Martinson, Carol R. Thrush, A. Lauren Crain. Development and Validation of the Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SORC).
A. Lauren Crain, Brian C. Martinson, Carol R. Thrush. Relationships Between the Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SORC) and Self-Reported Research Practices.
Michael Davis, Andrew Kumiega, Ben Van Vliet. Ethics, Finance, and Automation: A Preliminary Survey of Problems in High Frequency Trading.Cletus S. Brauer. Just Sustainability? Sustainability and Social Justice in Professional Codes of Ethics for Engineers.
S. Haase. An Engineering Dilemma: Sustainability in the Eyes of Future Technology Professionals.
Luca Del Frate. Failure of Engineering Artifacts: A Life Cycle Approach.
Marc Steen. Virtues in Participatory Design: Cooperation, Curiosity, Creativity, Empowerment and Reflexivity.
A. J. M. Oerlemans, M. E. C. van Hoek, E. van Leeuwen. Towards a Richer Debate on Tissue Engineering: A Consideration on the Basis of NEST-Ethics.
Julio R. Tuma. Nanoethics in a Nanolab: Ethics via Participation.
Peter Attia. Mega-Sized Concerns from the Nano-Sized World: The Intersection of Nano- and Environmental Ethics.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, 2013 Supplement
Special Issue: Spindel Supplement: Freudian Futures

Murray Spindel
Editor's Introduction.
Pleshette DeArmitt.
Philippe Van Haute. Humankind: A Sick Animal? On the Meaning and Importance of the Primacy of Sexuality in Freud, Fonagy, and Laplanche.
Tracy McNulty. The New Man's Fetish.
Steven Miller. Raising the Stakes of Perversion: A Response to Tracy McNulty.
Adrian Johnston. Drive between Brain and Subject: An Immanent Critique of Lacanian Neuropsychoanalysis.
Ed Pluth. On Adrian Johnston's Materialist Psychoanalysis: Some Questions.
Paul Moyaert. The Death Drive and the Nucleus of the Ego: An Introduction to Freudian Metaphysics.
Jeffrey Bloechl. Three Reflections on the Margins of Paul Moyaert, “The Death Drive and the Nucleus of the Ego: An Introduction to Freudian Metaphysics.” (
Simon Morgan Wortham. Survival of Cruelty.
Martin McQuillan. Departures: The American Future of Psychoanalysis.
Gil Anidjar. Jesus and Monotheism.
Emily Zakin. Godless Jews and Secular Christians: A Commentary on Gil Anidjar's “Jesus and Monotheism.”
Elissa Marder. Real Dreams.
SJP Announcements
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Vol. 44, #3, 2013
Editorial board and publication information

Brandon Fogel. Multiple-context event spaces and distributions: A new framework for Bell's theorems.
Slobodan Perovic. Emergence of complementarity and the Baconian roots of Niels Bohr's method.
Robert B. Griffiths. Hilbert space quantum mechanics is noncontextual.
Fedor Herbut. Wavefunction reality, indeterminate properties and degrees of presence.
Marij van Strien. The nineteenth century conflict between mechanism and irreversibility.
Aristidis Arageorgis. Holism and nonseparability by analogy.
James Ladyman, Øystein Linnebo, Tomasz Bigaj. Entanglement and non-factorizability.
Maximilian Schlosshauer, Johannes Kofler, Anton Zeilinger. A snapshot of foundational attitudes toward quantum mechanics.
Anouk Barberousse, Cyrille Imbert. New mathematics for old physics: The case of lattice fluids.
George Francis Rayner Ellis. The arrow of time and the nature of spacetime.
Discussion Articles
James Ladyman, Katie Robertson. Landauer defended: Reply to Norton.
John D. Norton. Author's Reply to Landauer Defended.
Special Issue Section: The emergence of spacetime in quantum theories of gravity
Nick Huggett, Christian Wüthrich. The emergence of spacetime in quantum theories of gravity.
Nick Huggett, Christian Wüthrich. Emergent spacetime and empirical (in)coherence.
Vincent Lam, Michael Esfeld. A dilemma for the emergence of spacetime in canonical quantum gravity.
Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, Alessandro Tosini. Emergence of space–time from topologically homogeneous causal networks.
Nicholas J. Teh. Holography and emergence.
Dean Rickles. AdS/CFT duality and the emergence of spacetime.
Karen Crowther. Emergent spacetime according to effective field theory: From top-down and bottom-up.
James Mattingly. Emergence of spacetime in stochastic gravity.
Jonathan Bain. The emergence of spacetime in condensed matter approaches to quantum gravity.
Eleanor Knox. Effective spacetime geometry.
Amit Hagar, Meir Hemmo. The primacy of geometry.
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