Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

Economics & Politics, Vol. 24, #2, 2012
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #3, 2012
Legal Theory, Vol. 18, #2, 2012
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 7, #7, 2012
Spindel Supplement, Vol. 49, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 186, #1, 2012
Synthese, Vol. 186, #2, 2012
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 48, #1, 2012

Economics & Politics, Vol. 24, #2, 2012
Jeffrey Kucik. The Domestic Politics of Institutional Design: Producer Preferences over Trade Agreement Rules.
Gregory M. Randolph and Michael T. Tasto. Special Interest Group Formation in the United States: Do Special Interest Groups Mirror the Success of their Spatial Neighbors?
Mark P. Jones, Osvaldo Meloni and Mariano Tommasi. Voters as Fiscal Liberals: Incentives and Accountability in Federal Systems.
Kevin Siqueira and Petros G. Sekeris. Politics and Insurgencies.
Bülent Köksal and Ahmet  alışkan. Political Business Cycles and Partisan Politics: Evidence from a Developing Economy.
Maria Petrova and Robert H. Bates. Evolution of Risk and Political Regimes.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #3, 2012
Leonardo Bursztyn and Lucas C. Coffman. The Schooling Decision: Family Preferences, Intergenerational Conflict, and Moral Hazard in the Brazilian Favelas.
Emmanuel Farhi and Iván WerningCapital Taxation: Quantitative Explorations of the Inverse Euler Equation.
Greg Kaplan. Moving Back Home: Insurance against Labor Market Risk. (Contains supplements)
Scott Baker and Claudio Mezzetti. A Theory of Rational Jurisprudence.
Douglas W. Diamond and Raghuram G. Rajan. Illiquid Banks, Financial Stability, and Interest Rate Policy.
A Roman TARP Program (p. back cover) Suggested by Eugenio J. Miravete.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 18, #2, 2012
Jules Coleman and Alexander Sarch. Blameworthiness and Time.
David Plunkett. A Positivist Route for Explaning How Facts Make Law.
Edward Song. Acceptance, Fairness, and Political Obligation.
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Jason Bridges, Niko Kolodny, and Wai-Hung Wong (eds.), The Possibility of Philosophical Understanding: Reflections on the Thought of Barry Stroud. Reviewed by Richard Fumerton.
Vittorio Bufacchi, Social Injustice: Essays in Political Philosophy. Reviewed by Cillian McBride.
Noël Carroll and John Gibson (eds.), Narrative, Emotion, and Insight. Reviewed by James Harold.
John Martin Fischer, Deep Control: Essays on Free Will and Value. Reviewed by Meghan Griffith.
Colin McGinn, The Meaning of Disgust. Reviewed by Daniel Kelly.
Christian Miller (ed.), The Continuum Companion to Ethics. Reviewed by Jon Garthoff.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 7, #7, 2012
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
Jeff Mitscherling. Roman Ingarden’s Aesthetics.
Fiona Woollard. The Doctrine of Doing and Allowing I: Analysis of the Doing/Allowing Distinction.
Fiona Woollard. The Doctrine of Doing and Allowing II: The Moral Relevance of the Doing/Allowing Distinction.
Logic & Language
Jonas Åkerman. Contextualist Theories of Vagueness.
Edwin Mares. Relevant Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics.
Philosophy of Religion
Rolfe King. Divine Revelation.
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Spindel Supplement, Vol. 49, 2011
Special Topic: Empathy and Ethics
Editorial Introduction To “Empathy And Ethics” by Remy Debes.   
Stephen Darwall. Being With.  
Josh May. Egoism, Empathy, And Self-Other Merging.
Amy Coplan. Will The Real Empathy Please Stand Up? A Case For A Narrow Conceptualization
Christian Miller. [Comments On Coplan]
John Deigh. Empathy, Justice, And Jurisprudence.
Tamar Schapiro. Empathy As A Moral Concept: Comment On John Deigh’s “Empathy, Justice, And Jurisprudence.”
David Shoemaker. Psychopathy, Responsibility, And The Moral/Conventional Distinction.
Stephen Finlay. The Selves And The Shoemaker: Psychopaths, Moral Judgment, And Responsibility.
Justin D’arms. Empathy, Approval, And Disapproval In Moral Sentimentalism
Lori Watson. Comments On Michael Slote’s Moral Sentimentalism.
Michael Slote. Reply To Justin D’arms And Lori Watson.
Karsten Stueber. Imagination, Empathy, And Moral Deliberation: The Case Of Imaginative Resistance.
Jeanette Kennett. Imagining Reasons: Commentary On Stueber.
Peter Goldie. Empathy With One’s Past.
Robert Roberts. Stability And Openness Of Character
Jesse Prinz. Against Empathy.
Julia Driver. The Secret Chain: A Limited Defense Of Sympathy.
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Synthese, Vol. 186, #1, 2012
Special Issue: Diagrams in Mathematics: History and Philosophy
Guest Editors: John Mumma , Marco Panza and Gabriel Sandu
Introduction: John Mumma and Marco Panza. Diagrams in mathematics: history and philosophy.
Ken Saito. Traditions of the diagram, tradition of the text: A case study.
Gregg De Young. Mathematical diagrams from manuscript to print: examples from the Arabic Euclidean transmission.
Marco Panza. The twofold role of diagrams in Euclid’s plane geometry.
John Mumma. Constructive geometrical reasoning and diagrams.
Annalisa Coliva. Human diagrammatic reasoning and seeing-as.
Sun-Joo Shin. The forgotten individual: diagrammatic reasoning in mathematics.
Graciela De Pierris. Hume on space, geometry, and diagrammatic reasoning.
Katherine Dunlop. The mathematical form of measurement and the argument for Proposition I in Newton’s Principia.
Michael Friedman. Kant on geometry and spatial intuition.
Dominique Tournès. Diagrams in the theory of differential equations (eighteenth to nineteenth centuries).
Danielle Macbeth. Diagrammatic reasoning in Frege’s Begriffsschrift.
Ivahn Smadja. Local axioms in disguise: Hilbert on Minkowski diagrams.
Solomon Feferman. And so on . . . : reasoning with infinite diagrams.
Brice Halimi. Diagrams as sketches.
Aránzazu San Ginés. Seeing the language: a diagrammatic approach to natural discourse.
Ivahn Smadja. Erratum to: Local axioms in disguise: Hilbert on Minkowski diagrams.
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Synthese, Vol. 186, #2, 2012
Commemorating the Work of Henry E. Kyburg, Jr
Guest Editor and Introduction: Gregory Wheeler
William Harper, Sheldon J. Chow and Gemma Murray. Bayesian chance.
Colin Howson. Modelling uncertain inference.
Isaac Levi. Deductive closure.
Choh Man Teng. When adjunction fails.
David Makinson. Logical questions behind the lottery and preface paradoxes: lossy rules for uncertain inference.
Hanti Lin and Kevin T. Kelly. A geo-logical solution to the lottery paradox, with applications to conditional logic.
Fabio G. Cozman. Sets of probability distributions, independence, and convexity.
Jeffrey Helzner. On the representation of error.
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Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 48, #1, 2012
Loren Goldman. Dewey'’ Pragmatism from an Anthropological Point of View.
Francesco Poggiani. What Makes a Reasoning Sound?: C.S. Peirce’s Normative Foundation of Logic.
Kenneth Boyd. Levi’s Challenge and Peirce’s Theory/Practice Distinction.
Jason Hills. Limited Horizons: The Habitual Basis of the Imagination.
Anette Ejsing. Theology of Anticipation: A Constructive Study of C.S. Peirce. Review by Vincent Colapietro.
Megan Craig. Levinas and James: Towards a Pragmatic Phenomenology. Review by Sami Pihlström.
Molly Cochran (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Dewey. Review by Robert B. Talisse.
Minutes of the 2011 Business Meeting
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