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June 12, 2012

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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #1, 2012
International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 71, #3, 2012
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 21, #3, 2012
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 16, #1, 2012
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #2, 2012
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 43, #2, 2012
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 46, #1, 2012
Mind, Vol. 120, #480, 2012
Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 12, #10, 2012
Phronesis, Vol. 57, #3, 2012
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 11, #2, 2012

Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #1, 2012
News and Notes
From the editor.
Eugene Hargrove: Biology, Environmental Ethics, and Policy.
Daniel Simberloff. Nature, Natives, Nativism, and Management: Worldviews Underlying Controversies in Invasion Biology.
Ricardo Rozzi. Biocultrual Ethics: Recovering the Vital Links between the Inhabitants,Their Habits, and Habitats.
Christian Diehm. Biophilia and Biodiversity: Environmental Ethics in the Work of Stephen R. Kellert.
Eric Katz. Further Adventures in the Case against Restoration.
Book Reviews
Ronnie Hawkins. Metamorphoses of the Zoo: Animal Encounters after Noah.
Serpil Oppermann. Bodily Natures: Science, Environment, and the Material Self.
Li An Phoa. Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays from a Farmer Philosopher.
David K. Goodin. The Tangled Bank: Toward an Ecotheological Ethics of Responsible Participation.
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International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 71, #3, 2012
Ronald L. Hall.
Fred Dallmayr. A secular age? Reflections on Taylor and Panikkar.
Andrew F. Smith. Secularity and biblical literalism: confronting the case for epistemological diversity.
Craig Ross. Dennett’s deism.
Robert McKim. Cooking with Philip Quinn.
Book Reviews
Wesley Wildman: Religious philosophy as multidisciplinary comparative inquiry: envisioning a future for the philosophy of  religion. Review by Jeppe Sinding Jensen.
Quentin Meillassoux: After finitude: an essay on the necessity of contingency, trans. Ray Brassier. Review by Clayton Crockett.
John Finnis, Religion and public reasons. Collected essays: volume V. Review by Derek S. Jeffreys.   
Franklin I. Gamwell, Existence and the good: metaphysical necessity in morals and politics. Review by William L. Power.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 21, #3, 2012
Reinhard Blutner. Questions and Answers in an Orthoalgebraic Approach.
Alexander Bochman & Dov M. Gabbay. Sequential Dynamic Logic.
Fredrik Engström. Generalized Quantifiers in Dependence Logic.
Mauro Giuffrè. Theognis of Megara and the Divine Creating Power in the Framework of Semiotic Textology: An Application of János Sándor Petöfi’s Theory to Archaic Greek Literature.
Ruggero Pagnan. A Diagrammatic Calculus of Syllogisms.
Koji Mineshima, Mitsuhiro Okada & Ryo Takemura. A Diagrammatic Inference System with Euler Circles.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 16, #1, 2012
Saul Smilansky. Free Will and Moral Responsibility: The Trap, the Appreciation of Agency, and the Bubble.
Jason Hanna. Paternalism and the Ill-Informed Agent.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Reason, Responsibility, and Free Will: Reply to My Critics.
John Martin Fischer. Semicompatibilism and Its Rivals.
Helen Steward. The Metaphysical Presuppositions of Moral Responsibility.
Michael McKenna. Moral Responsibility, Manipulation Arguments, and History: Assessing the Resilience of Nonhistorical Compatibilism.
J. Angelo Corlett. Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction.
Uwe Steinhoff. Rights, Liability, and the Moral Equality of Combatants.
J. Angelo Corlett. Referees for October 2009–October 2011.
Editor’s Choice of Books Received (September 2009–September 2011)
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #2, 2012
Cristina Arellano and Ananth Ramanarayanan. Default and the Maturity Structure in Sovereign Bonds.
Arvind Krishnamurthy and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen. The Aggregate Demand for Treasury Debt. (Contains supplements).
Lars Lefgren, Matthew J. Lindquist, and David Sims. Rich Dad, Smart Dad: Decomposing the Intergenerational Transmission of Income. (Contains supplements).
Florin O. Bilbiie, Fabio Ghironi, and Marc J. Melitz. Endogenous Entry, Product Variety, and Business Cycles.
Ian Martin. On the Valuation of Long-Dated Assets. (Contains supplements).
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 43, #2, 2012
James Bohman. Critical Theory, Republicanism, and the Priority of Injustice: Transnational Republicanism as a Nonideal Theory.
Keith Hyams. Rights, Exploitation, and Third-Party Harms: Why Background Injustice Matters to Consensual Exchange.
Alistair Macleod. Moral Permissibility Constraints on Voluntary Obligations.
Bertha Alvarez Manninen. Beyond Abortion: The Implications of Human Life Amendments.
Stephen Nathanson. John Stuart Mill on Economic Justice and the Alleviation of Poverty.
David A. Reidy. On the Human Right to Democracy: Searching for Sense without Stilts.
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 46, #1, 2012
Thomas Magnell. Critical Points for Civilization, Intelligence, and Value.
John Hacker-Wright. Ethical Naturalism and the Constitution of Agency.
Lisa Grover. The Evaluative Integration of Local Character Traits.
J. Gabriel. Forced to be Free, Not Free to be Slaves.
Steven Arkonovich. Conflicts of Desire.
Jenn Neilson. Can Moral Flaws Count as Aesthetic Virtues?
David Jensen. Kant and a Problem of Motivation.
Book Reviews
Nicholas Wapshott, Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics. Review by Meg Patrick.
Elliott D. Cohen, Mass Surveillance and State Control: The Total Information Awareness Project. Review by Donna Yarri.
Daniel J. Solove, Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security. Review by Tony Doyle.
Roger Teichmann, Nature, Reason, and the Good Life. Review by  Alfred Archer.
Norvin Richards, The Ethics of Parenthood. Review by  Andrew Franklin-Hall.
Robert S. Taylor, Reconstructing Rawls: The Kantian Foundations of Justice as Fairness. Review by  Chad Van Schoelandt.
G. John M. Abbarno.
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Mind, Vol. 120, #480, 2012
Cian Dorr. De Re A Priori Knowledge.
Kit Fine. Aristotle's Megarian Manoeuvres.
Lloyd Humberstone and David Makinson. Intuitionistic Logic and Elementary Rules.
Sarah Moss. Scoring Rules and Epistemic Compromise.
Carolina Sartorio. Actuality and Responsibility.
Alan Thomas. Cohen's Critique of Rawls: A Double Counting Objection.
Daniel Bonevac, Josh Dever, and David Sosa. The Counterexample Fallacy
Sungho Choi. What is a Dispositional Masker?
Barbara Vetter. On Linking Dispositions and Which Conditionals?
David Manley and Ryan Wasserman. Dispositions, Conditionals, and Counterexamples.
Book Reviews
Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account, by Gillian Brock. Review by Christopher Heath Wellman.
Lying and Deception: Theory and Practice, by Thomas L. Carson. Review by Don Fallis.
Beyond Moral Judgment, by Alice Crary. Review by Michael S. Brady.
The Phenomenal Self, by Barry Dainton. Review by David Mark Kovacs.
The Philosophy of Information, by Luciano Floridi. Review by Hilmi Demir.
Relying on Others: An Essay in Epistemology, by Sanford C. Goldberg. Review by Anna-Sara Malmgren.
Moral Dilemmas of Modern War: Torture, Assassination, and Blackmail in an Age of Asymmetric Conflict, by Michael Gross. Review by Helen Frowe.
Truth — Meaning — Reality, by Paul Horwich. Review by Christopher S. Hill.
Perception and Basic Beliefs: Zombies, Modules, and the Problem of the External World, by Jack C. Lyons. Review by William E. S. McNeill.
Truly Understood, by Christopher Peacocke. Review by José Luis Bermúdez.
On What Matters, by Derek Parfit. Review by Kieran Setiya.
Signals: Evolution, Learning, and Information, by Brian Skyrms. Review by Peter Godfrey-Smith.
Vagueness and Degrees of Truth, by Nicholas J. J. Smith. Review by J. Robert G. Williams.
The Quest for Reality: Subjectivism and the Metaphysics of Colour, by Barry Stroud. Review by Keith Allen.
Engagement and Metaphysical Dissatisfaction: Modality and Value, by Barry Stroud. Review by A. W. Moore.
Democracy and Moral Conflict, by Robert B. Talisse. Review by Ben Saunders.
Models, Truth, and Realism, by Barry Taylor. Review by Iris Einheuser.
Truth Through Proof, by Alan Weir. Review by Peter Smith.
In Defence of Objective Bayesianism, by Jon Williamson. Review by Matthew Kotzen.
Meaning in Life and Why it Matters, by Susan Wolf, with an introduction by Stephen Macedo, comments by John Koethe, Robert M. Adams, Nomy Arpaly, and Jonathan Haidt, and responses by Susan Wolf. Review by Annette C. Baier.
Books Received // Announcements // Volume Index
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John Collins, The Unity of Linguistic Meaning. Reviewed by Katarina Perovic.
Colin McGinn, Basic Structures of Reality: Essays in Meta-Physics. Reviewed by Stephen Leeds.
Yitzhak Y. Melamed and Michael A. Rosenthal (eds.), Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise: A Critical Guide. Reviewed by Theo Verbeek.
Donald R. Morrison (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Socrates. Reviewed by Alan Kim.
Alvin Plantinga, Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism. Reviewed by Paul Draper.
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Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 12, #10, 2012
Irish Einheuser. “Inner and Outer Truth.”
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Phronesis, Vol. 57, #3, 2012
Politis, Vasilis. What do the Arguments in the Protagoras Amount to?
Brennan, Tad. The Implicit Refutation of Critias.
Scheiter, Krisanna M. Images, Appearances, and Phantasia in Aristotle.
Gill, Christopher. Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy.
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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 11, #2, 2012
Special Issue: Intersubjectivity and empathy – Guest editors: Rasmus Thybo Jensen and Dermot Moran.
intersubjectivity and empathy by Rasmus Thybo Jensen and Dermot Moran.
Rowland Stout. What someone’s behaviour must be like if we are to be aware of their emotions in it.
Joel Krueger. Seeing mind in action.
James R. O’Shea. The ‘theory theory’ of mind and the aims of Sellars’ original myth of Jones.
Tom Froese and Thomas Fuchs. The extended body: a case study in the neurophenomenology of social interaction.
Fernand Gobet. Concepts without intuition lose the game: commentary on Montero and Evans (2011).
Timothy Lane. Toward an explanatory framework for mental ownership.
Michael David Kirchhoff. Extended cognition and fixed properties: steps to a third-wave version of extended cognition.
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