Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st, 2012

Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 41, #3, 2011
Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 45, #2, 2012
History and Theory, Vol. 51, #1, 2012
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 50, #1, 2012
Hume Studies, Vol. 36, #2, 2010
Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 1, #2, 2012
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 105, #4, 2012
Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 48, #1, 2012
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 78, #5, 2012

Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 41, #3, 2011
John W. Carroll.  Self visitation, traveler time, and compatible properties.
Bjorn Brunnander.  On the theoretical motivation for positing etiological functions.
Janet Levin.  Imaginability, possibility, and the puzzle of imaginative resistance.
Peter Alward.  Description, disagreement, and fictional names.
Michael Garnett.  Practical reason and the unity of agency.
Critical Notice
Bernard Linsky.  Critical notice of Richard Gaskin’s The Unity of the Proposition.
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Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 45, #2, 2012
Regina Goodnow and Robert G. Moser.  Layers of ethnicity: The effects of ethnic federalism, majority-minority districts, and minority concentration on the electoral success of ethnic minorities in Russia.
Amos Zehavi.  Welfare state politics in privatization of delivery: Linking program constituencies to left and right.
Royce Carroll and Gary W. Cox.  Shadowing ministers: Monitoring partners in coalition governments.
Andreas Schedler.  The measurer’s dilemma: Coordination failures in cross-national political data collection.
Book Reviews
Immigration and Conflict in Europe by R.M. Dancygier.  Review by Yu Sasaki.
Between Law and Diplomacy: The Social Contexts of Disputing at the World Trade Organization by J.A. Conti.  Review by Cynthia M. Horne.
The Curse of Berlin: Africa After the Cold War by A. Adebajo.  Review by Jerry Lavery.
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History and Theory, Vol. 51, #1, 2012
Veronica Tozzi.  The epistemic and moral role of testimony.
Colin F. Wilder.  Teaching old dogs new tricks: Four motifs of legal change from early modern Europe.
Malcolm Thompson.  Foucault, fields of governability, and the population – family – economy nexus in China.
Third Annual History and Theory Lecture
Joan W. Scott.  The incommensurability of psychoanalysis and history.
Review Article
Frank Ankersmit.  The dialectics of Jameson’s dialectics.
Review Essays
Mark E. Blum.  Continuity, quantum, continuum, and dialectic: The foundational logics of western historical thinking.  Review by Gabriel Motzkin.  Are we hard-wired to think about history?
James Elkins.  Chinese landscape painting as western art history.  Review by David Carrier.  Chinese art: How different could it be from western painting? 
John R. Searle.  Making the social world: The structure of human civilization.  Review by Paul A. Roth.  Searleworld.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 50, #1, 2012
Joel E. Mann.  Causation, agency, and the law: On some subtleties in Antiphon’s second tetralogy.
Lawrence Nolan.  Malebranche on sensory cognition and “seeing as.”
John J. Tilley.  Exciting reasons and moral rationalism in Hutcheson’s Illustrations Upon the Moral Sense.
Brady Bowman.  Spinozist pantheism and the truth of “sense certainty”: What the Eleusinian mysteries tell us about Hegel’s Phenomenology.
Emmanuel Faye.  Being, history, technology, and extermination in the work of Heidegger.
Book Reviews
Parmenides and Presocratic Philosophy by John Palmer.  Review by Matthew R. Cosgrove.
One Book, the Whole Universe: Plato’s Timaeus Today edited by Richard D. Mohr and Barbara M. Sattler.  Review by Han Baltussen.
Plato’s Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues by Catherine H. Zuckert.  Review by Gerald A. Press.
Aristotle on the Nature of Truth by Christopher P. Long.  Review by Barry Allen.
The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity edited by Lloyd P. Gerson.  Review by John Rist.
Augustine’s Intellectual Conversion: The Journey from Platonism to Christianity by Brian Dobell.  Review by Travis E. Ables.
Moral Dilemmas in Medieval Thought: From Gratian to Aquinas by M.V. Dougherty.  Review by Taina M. Holopainen.
John Buridan, Quaestiones super libros “De generatione et corruption” Aristotelis: A Critical Edition edited by Michiel Streijger, Paul J.J.M. Bakker, and Johannes M.M.H. Thijssen.  Review by Peter G. Sobol.
Latin Aristotle Commentaries, V: Bibliography of Secondary Literature by Charles H. Lohr.  Latin Aristotle Commentaries, 1.2: Medieval Authors M-Z by Charles R. Lohr.  Review by William J. Courtenay.
Kant’s Theory of Virtue: The Value of Autocracy by Anne Margaret Baxley.  Review by Robert B. Louden.
Hegel on self-consciousness: Desire and death in the Phenomenology of Spirit by Robert B. Pippin.  Review by Andy R. German.
Neo-Kantianism in Contemporary Philosophy edited by Rudolf A. Makkreel and Sebastian Luft.  Review by Frederick Beiser.
Biographical Encyclopedia of British Idealism edited by William Sweet.  Review by Karim Dharamsi.
Taking Wittgenstein at his Word: A Textual Study by Robert J. Fogelin.  Review by David Stern.
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Hume Studies, Vol. 36, #2, 2010
Simon Hope.  The circumstances of justice.
Michael Ridge.  David Hume, paternalist.
Lorraine Besser-Jones.  Hume on pride-in-virtue: A reliable motive?
Rachel Cohon.  Hume’s moral sentiments as motives.
Critical Review
Simon Blackburn.  How to Read Hume.  Robert J. Fogelin.  Hume’s Skeptical Crisis: A Textual Study.  John P. Wright.  Hume’s ‘A Treatise of Human Nature’: An Introduction.  Review by Angela Coventry.  Critical review of recent introductory works on Hume.
Book Review
Slaves of the Passions by Mark Schroeder.  Review by Melissa Barry.
Persons and Passions: Essays in Honor of Annette Baier edited by Joyce Jenkins, Jennifer Whiting, and Christopher Williams.  Review by Lorenzo Greco.
David Hume: A Dissertation on the Passions: The Natural History of Religion edited by Tom L. Beauchamp.  Review by Jennifer A. Herdt.
Spectres of False Divinity: Hume’s Moral Atheism by Thomas Holden.  Review by David O’Connor.
David Hume by Christopher J. Berry.  Review by Ryu Susato.
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Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 1, #2, 2012
Francesco Orsi. David Ross, Ideal Utilitarianism, and the Intrinsic Value of Acts.
Gregory Landini, Russell. Review by Kevin C. Klement.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 105, #4, 2012
Alexandre Ardichvili, Douglas Jondle, Brenda Kowske, Edgard Cornachione, and Jessica Li, et al.  Ethical cultures in large business organizations in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.
Mark S. Schwartz.  The state of business ethics in Israel: A light unto nations?
Betty B. Chaar and Johnson Lee.  Role of socioeconomic status on consumers’ attitudes towards DTCA of prescription medicines in Australia.
Javier Aguilera-Caracuel, Juan Alberto Aragon-Correa, Nuria Esther Hurtado-Torres, and Alan M. Rugman.  The effects of institutional distance and headquarters’ financial performance on the generation of environmental standards in multinational companies.
Daejoong Kim and Yoonjae Nam.  Corporate relations with environmental organizations represented by hyperlinks on the Fortune Global 500 companies’ websites.
Yavuz Fahir Zulfikar.  Do Muslims believe more in Protestant work ethic than Christians? Comparison of people with different religious background living in the US.
Luis Ferruz, Fernando Munoz, and Maria Vargas.  Managerial abilities: Evidence from religious mutual fund managers.
Wing S. Chow and Yang Chen.  Corporate sustainable development: Testing a new scale based on the mainland Chinese context.
Yau-De Wang and Hui-Hsein Hseih.  Toward a better understanding of the link between ethical climate and job satisfaction: A multilevel analysis.
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Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 48, #1, 2012
Artemis Alexiadou and Edit Doron.  The syntactic construction of two non-active voices: Passive and middle.
Antonio Fabregas and Rafael Marin.  The role of Aktionsart in deverbal nouns: State nominalizations across languages.
Kyumin Kim.  Argument structure licensing and English have.
Marika Lekakou and Kriszta Szendroi.  Polydefinites in Greek: Ellipsis, close apposition and expletive determiners.
T.-H. Jonah Lin.  Multiple-modal constructions in Mandarin Chinese and their finiteness properties.
Notes and Discussion
Robert D. Levine.  Auxiliaries: To’s company.
Complex Predicates: Cross-Linguistic Principles on Event Structure edited by Mengistu Amberer, Brett Baker, and Mark Harvey.  Review by Eva Schultze-Berndt.
Mapping the Left Periphery: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Vol. 5.  Edited by Paola Beninca and Nicola Munaro.  Review by Silvio Cruschina.
Parametric Variation: Null Subjects in Minimalist Theory by Theresa Biberauer, Anders Holmberg, Ian Roberts, and Michelle Sheehan.  Review by Evi Sifaki.
Arguments as Relations by John Bowers.  Review by Jonathan E. MacDonald.
Symmetry in Syntax: Merge, Move, and Labels by Barbara Citko.  Review by Arthur Stepanov.
Distributed Reduplication by John Frampton.  Review by Jesse Saba Kirchner.
Ergativity in Amazonia edited by Spike Gildea and Francesc Queixalos.  Review by William B. McGregor.
Acquiring Phonology: A Cross-Generational Case-Study by Neil Smith.  Review by Joseph Paul Stemberger.
Vowel Patterns In Language by Rachel Walker.  Review by Jason A. Shaw.
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Gordon Belot, Geometric Possibility. Reviewed by Carolyn Brighouse.
Walter Hopp,  Perception and Knowledge: A Phenomenological Account. Reviewed by Mark Okrent.

Bernard Linsky,  The Evolution of  Principia Mathematica : Bertrand Russell's Manuscripts and Notes for the Second Edition. Reviewed by Alasdair Urquhart.
Cynthia Townley,  A Defense of Ignorance: Its Value for Knowers and Roles in Feminist and Social Epistemologies. Reviewed by Marianne Janack.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 78, #5, 2012
Part I: Contributed Papers edited by Stephen M. Downes
Tudor M. Baetu.  A defense of syntax-based gene concepts in postgenomics: Genes as modular subroutines in the master genomic program.
Eric Desjardins.  Reflections on path dependence and irreversibility: Lessons from evolutionary biology.
Trevor Pearce.  Evolution and constraints on variation: Variant specification and range of assessment.
Laura Perini.  Sequence matters: Genomic research and the gene concept.
Cognitive Sciences
Marcus P. Adams.  Modularity, theory of mind, and autism spectrum disorder.
Zachary C. Irving.  Style, but substance: An epistemology of visual versus numerical representation in scientific practice.
Kent Johnson.  A lot of data.
Collin Rice.  Massive modularity, content integration, and language.
Jonah N. Schupbach.  Comparing probabilistic measures of explanatory power.
Andrew Wayne.  Expanding the scope of explanatory idealization.
Karen R. Zwier.  Dalton’s chemical atoms versus Duhem’s chemical equivalents.
Inference, Probability, and Evidence
Joshua Haddock.  The principal principle and theories of chance: Another bug?
Conor Mayo-Wilson.  The problem of piecemeal induction.
Samuel Ruhmkorff.  Some difficulties for the problem of unconceived alternatives.
P. Kyle Stanford.  Damn the consequences: Projective evidence and the heterogeneity of scientific confirmation.
Charles R. Twardy and Kevin B. Korb.  Actual causation by probabilistic active paths.
Lane DesAutels.  Against regular and irregaular characterizations of mechanisms.
Jeremy Howick.  Exposing the vanities – and a qualified defense – of mechanistic reasoning in  health care decision-making.
James A. Overton.  Mechanisms, types, and abstractions.
Kevin Davey.  Thermodynamic entropy and its relation to probability in classical mechanics.
Foad Dizadji-Bahmani.  The Aharonov approach to equilibrium.
Laura Felline.  Scientific explanation between principle and constructive theories.
Mathias Frisch.  From Arbuthnot to Boltzmann: The past hypothesis, the best system, and the special sciences.
Vincent Lam.  Gravitational and nongravitational energy: The need for background structures.
Olimpia Lombardi, Juan Sebastian Ardenghi, Sebastian Fortin, Mario Castagnino.  Compatibility between environment-induced decoherence and the Modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics.
John Byron Manchak.  Time travel: Why it may not pay to work out all the kinks.
F.A. Muller.  How to defeat Wuthrich’s abysmal embarrassment argument against space-time structuralism.
Daniel Parker.  On Jayne’s unbelievably short proof of the second law.
Ryan Samaroo.  On identifying background-structure in classical field theories.
Eran Tal.  How accurate is the standard second?
Wesley Van Camp.  On kinematic versus dynamic approaches to special relativity.
Realism and Reduction
Sorin Bangu.  On the role of bridge laws in intertheoretic relations.
Alberto Cordero.  Scientific realism and the divide et Impera strategy: The ether saga revisited.
Greg Frost-Arnold.  From the pessimistic induction to semantic antirealism.
Matthew C. Haug.  Abstraction and explanatory relevance; or, why do the special sciences exist?
Muhammad Ali Khalidi.  The pitfalls of microphysical realism.
Matteo Morganti.  Is there a compelling argument for ontic structural realism?
Jay Odenbaugh.  True lies: Realism, robustness, and models.
Joel K. Press. On the virtues of cursory scientific reductions.
Darrell P. Rowbottom.  The instrumentalist’s new clothes.
Stephanie Ruphy.  From hacking’s plurality of styles of scientific reasoning to “foliated” pluralism: A philosophically robust form of ontologico-methodological pluralism.
Ioannis Votsis.  The prospective stance in realism.
Social Sciences
Dan Hicks.  On the ideal of autonomous science.
Matthew Kopec.  A more fulfilling (and frustrating) take on reflexive predictions.
Stephen G. Morris.  Preserving the concept of race: A medical expedient, a sociological necessity.
Armin W. Schulz.  Gigerenzer’s evolutionary arguments against rational choice theory: An assessment.
Theory Change
Ludwig Fahrbach.  Theory change and degrees of success.
David Marshall Miller.  Friedman, Galileo, and reciprocal iteration.
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