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October 13, Part II

European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 19, #3, 2011
Legal Theory, Vol. 17, #2, 2011
Mind, Vol. 120, #478, 2011
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 92, #3, 2011
Philosophical Papers, Vol. 40, #2, 2011
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #9, 2011
Philosophy: Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 86, #3, 2011
Philosophy: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 68, 2011
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 78, #3, 2011
Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 61, #245, 2011
Phronesis, Vol. 56, #4, 2011
Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 65, #1, 2011
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 34, #3, 2011
Theoria, Vol. 77, #3, 2011
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 47, #2, 2011
Utilitas, Vol. 23, #3, 2011

European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 19, #3, 2011

Cora Diamond. ‘We can’t whistle it either’ : legend and reality.
Santiago Echeverri. McDowell’s conceptualist therapy for skepticism.
Peter Kung. On the possibility of skeptical scenarios.
Phillip John Meadows. Contemporary arguments for a geometry of visual experience.
Jennifer Mensch. Intuition and nature in Kant and Goethe.
Patrick Toner. On hylemorphism and personal identity.
The politics of persons: individual autonomy and socio-historical selves by John Christman. Review by Thomas Nys.
Kierkegaard on faith and  love by Sharon Krishek. Review by George Pattison.
Deleuze and new technology edited by Mark Poster and David Savat. Review by Asja Szafraniec.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 17, #2, 2011
Research Articles
Juan F. Gonzalez Bertomeu.  Against the core of the case.
Larissa Katz.  Ownership and social solidarity: A Kantian Alternative.
Leslie Kendrick.  The Lockean rights of bequest and inheritance.
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Mind, Vol. 120, #478, 2011
Gary Ebbs.  Carnap and Quine on truth by convention.
Mark Eli Kalderon.  The multiply qualitative.
Anna-Sara Malmgren.  Rationalism and the content of intuitive judgements.
Nicholas Silins.  Seeing through the ‘veil of perception.’
Peter B. M. Vranas.  New foundations for imperative logic: Pure imperative inference.
Michael J. Zimmerman.  Partiality and intrinsic value.
Critical Notice
Jesse Prinz.  Has mentalese earned its keep?  On Jerry Fodor’s Lot 2.
Book Reviews
Spandrels of Truth, by Jc Beall.  Review by Colin Caret and David Ripley.
Epistemology Modalized, by Kelly Becker.  Review by Steven Luper.
Well-Being and Death, by Ben Bradley.  Reviewed by Christopher Belshaw.
Subjects of the World: Darwin’s Rhetoric and the Study of Agency in Nature, by Paul Sheldon Davies.  Review by John Lemos.
Truth and Words, by Gary Ebbs.  Review by Matthew McGrath.
Consciousness, by Christopher S. Hill.  Review by Joseph Levine.
Essays on Descartes, by Paul Hoffman.  Review by Gideon Manning and Marius Stan.
The Waning of Materialism, edited by Robert C. Koons and George Bealer.  Review by Andrew M. Bailey.
Subjective Consciousness: A Self-Representational Theory by Uriah Kreigel.
Truth and Ontology, by Trenton Merricks.  Review by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra.
The Wounded Animal: J. M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy, by Stephen Mulhall.  Review by Rupert Read.
Time Space and Metaphysics, by Bede Rundle.  Review by Heather Dyke.
Our Knowledge of the Internal World, by Robert C. Stalnaker.  Review by Terence Horgan.
The Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe, by Roger Teichmann.  Review by Rachael Wiseman.
Worlds and Individuals, Possible and Otherwise by Takashi Yagisawa.  Review by John Divers.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 92, #3, 2011
Neil Feit and Andrew Cullison.  When does falsehood preclude knowledge?
Bence Nanay.  Do we see apples as edible?
Justin Klocksiem.  Perspective-neutral intrinsic value.
Gabriel Gottlieb.  Unreflective action and the argument from speed.
Kevin Morris.  Subset realization, parthood, and causal overdetermination.
Hamid Vahid.  The concept of entitlement and its epistemic relevance.
Ishtiyaque Haji and Michael McKenna.  Disenabling Levy’s Frankfurt-style enabling cases.
Mari Mikkola.  Illocution, silencing and the act of refusal.
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Philosophical Papers, Vol. 40, #2, 2011
Peter Baumann.  WAMs: Why worry?
Tim Bloser. Emotional Feelings.
Lauren Bialystok.  Refuting Polonius: Sincerity, authenticity, and ‘shtick’.
Critical Notice
Thaddeus Metz.  Are lives worth creating?  Critical notice of Better Never to Have Been by David Benatar.
Alex Barber.  Hedonism and the experience machine.  Re-reading of Robert Nozick’s ‘The Experience Machine,’ from Anarchy, State, and Utopia.
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Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 61, #245, 2011
Kate Abramson and Adam Leite.  Love as a reactive emotion.
Jason Brennan.  The right to a competent electorate.
Tim Henning.  Why be yourself?  Kantian respect and Frankfurtian identification.
David M. Holley.  How can a believer doubt that God exists?
Paul Kalligas.  The structure of appearances: Plotinus on the constitution of sensible objects.
Casey O’Callaghan.  Against hearing meanings.
Ian Phillips.  Indiscriminability and experience of change.
Manuel Rebuschi and Tero Tulenheimo.  Between De Dicto and De Re: De Objecto attitudes.
Jeremy Randel Koons.  Plantinga on properly basic belief in God: Lessons from the epistemology of perception.
Critical Studies
Sarah Stroud.  Acts of will.  Based on Willing, Wanting, Waiting by Richard Holton.
Book Reviews
Reid on Ethics, by Sabine Roeser.  Review by Peter Baumann.
The Kantian Aesthetic, by Paul Crowther.  Review by Ralph C.S. Walker.
Hegel and the Analytic Tradition by Angelica Nuzzo.  Review by Christoph Halbig.
John Dewey’s Quest for Unity: The Journey of a Promethean Mystic, by Richard M. Gale.  Review by Robert B. Talisse.
New Essays on Singular Thought, by Robin Jeshion.  Review by Jose Luis Bermudez.
Possibility, by Michael Jubien.  Review by Richard Woodward.
The Law-Governed Universe, by John T. Roberts.  Review by Steven French.
Kinds of Reasons, by Maria Alvarez.  Review by Neil Sinclair.
New Waves in Metaethics, by Michael Brady.  Review by Christos Kyriacou.
Ethics and Experience: Life Beyond Moral Theory, by Timothy Chappell.  Review by Harry J. Gensler.
Political Obligation: a Critical Introduction, by Dudley Knowles.  Review  by Gregory Mason.
Surviving Death, by Mark Johnston. Review by Steven Luper.
Climbing: Because It’s There, by Stephen E. Schmid.  Review by Dudley Knowles.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #9, 2011
Paul Thom.  Aesthetics of opera.
Jason Wirth.  Schelling’s contemporary resurgence: The dawn after the night when all cows were black.
Mihaela Mihai.  Emotions and the criminal law.
Robin Clark.  Generalized quantifiers and number sense.
David Ripley.  Negation, denial, and rejection.
Robert D. Rupert.  Empirical arguments for group minds: A critical appraisal.
Orly Shenker and Meir Hemmo.  Introduction to the philosophy of statistical mechanics: Can probability explain the arrow of time in the second law of thermodynamics?
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Philosophy: Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 86, #3, 2011
What do we know?
John Kekes.  Doubts about autonomy.
Dan Lyons.  Plato’s attempt to moralize shame.
John Haldane.  Is every action morally significant?
Nicholas Unwin.  Why do colours look the way they do?
D. Moller.  Abortion and moral risk.
Book Reviews
Many Worlds? Everett, Quantum Theory and Reality by Simon Saunders, Jonathan Barrett, Adrian Kent and David Wallace.  Review by Jeremy Butterfield.
The Family: a Liberal Defence by David Archard.  Review by Brenda Almond.
Global Justice and Due Process by Larry May.  Review by Paul Gilbert.
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Philosophy: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 68, 2011
Philosophy of Religion
Richard Swinburne.  God as the simplest explanation of the universe.
T. J. Mawson.  Explaining the fine tuning of the universe to us and the fine tuning of us to the universe.
Gerard J. Hughes.  What can God explain?
Brian Leftow.  One step toward God.
Richard Norman.  What do religious believers believe?
Peter Cave.  With and without absurdity: Moore, magic, and McTaggart’s cat.
Peter Milican.  Twenty questions about Hume’s “Of Miracles.”
Mary Midgley.  Darwinism, Purpose and Meaning.
Mario von der Ruhr.  Christianity and the errors of our time: Simone Weil on atheism and idolatry.
Michael McGhee.  Spirituality for the godless.
Clare Carlisle.  Living in the light of religious ideals.
Douglas Hedley.  Sacrifice, transcendence, and ‘making sacred’.
Robin Le Poidevin.  The incarnation: divine embodiment and the divided mind.
Peter Byrne.  Religious tolerance, diversity, and pluralism.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 78, #3, 2011
Marc Lange.  Conservation laws in scientific explanations: constraints or coincidences?
Raphael van Riel.  Nagelian reduction beyond the Nagel model.
Maximilian Schlosshauer and Gregory Wheeler.  Focused correlation, confirmation, and the jigsaw puzzle of variable evidence.
Zalan Gyenis and Miklos Redei.  Characterizing common cause closed probability spaces.
John Byron Manchak.  What is a physically reasonable space-time?
James Owen Weatherall.  On (some) explanations in physics.
Bruce Gymour.  Modeling environments: interactive causation and adaptations to environmental conditions.
Bradford Skow.  Does temperature have a metric structure?
Sergio F. Martinez and Xiang Huang.  Epistemic groundings of abstraction and their cognitive dimension.
Joyce C. Havstad.  Discussion: Problems for natural selection as a mechanism.
Book Reviews
Unsimple Truths: Science, Complexity, and Policy, by Sandra D. Mitchell.  Review by Gregory M. Mikkelson.
The Intelligibility of Nature: How Science Makes Sense of the World, by Peter Dear.  Review by Daniel Garber.
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Phronesis, Vol. 56, #4, 2011
Notes from the editors

Matthew Evans. Plato on the Norms of Speech and Thought.
Frank A. Lewis. “Predication, Things, and Kinds in Aristotle’s Metaphysics”
Andreas Anagnostopoulos. Senses of Dunamis and the Structure of Aristotle's Metaphysics Θ1.
Peter Adamson. Neoplatonism.
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Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 65, #1, 2011 (not yet online)
Thomas Crowther.  The matter of events.
Michael Sweeney.  Greek essence and Islamic tolerance: Al-Farabi, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Rush’d.
Michael R. Slater.  William Jame’s pluralism.
Georgia Warnke.  The hermeneutic circle versus dialogue.
Stephen Strehle.  The Nazis and the German metaphysical tradition of voluntarism.
Book Reviews
Free Will as an Open Scientific Problem, by Mark Balaguer.  Review by Scott Segrest.
Michael Oakeshott’s Skepticism, by Aryeh Botwinick.  Review by Stephen M. Krason.
Homage to Americans: Mile-High Meditations, Close Readings, and Time-Spanning Speculations, by Eva Brann.  Review by Steven Berg.
Engaging Heidegger, by Richard Capoblanco.  Review by Thomas R. Flynn.
Plato’s ‘Symposium’: A Reader’s Guide, by Thomas L. Cooksey.  Review by Jeffrey Dirk Wilson.
An Introduction to Philosophical Methods, by Chris Daly.  Review by Maura Tumulty.
Intentionality and Semiotics: A Story of Mutual Fecundation as Told by John Deely, by John N. Deely.  Review by Peter A. Redpath.
On Evil, by Terry Eagleton.  Review by Michael Marder.
Health, Rights, and Human Dignity: Philosophical Reflections on an Alleged Human Right, by Christian Erk.  Review by Travis Dumsday.
The Collected Essays of John Finnis, Vols. I-V, by John Finnis.  Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
In My Ever After: Immortality and Its Critics, by Robert Geis.  Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Introduction to Philosophy – Thinking and Poetizing, by Martin Heidegger.  Review by Frank Shcalow.
Logic: The Question of Truth, by Martin Heidegger.  Review by Miles Groth.
Being and Beauty: Thomistic Perspectives, by Piotr Jaroszynski.  Review by Peter A. Redpath.
Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia, by Stephane Lacroix.  Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Music, Art, and Metaphysics, by Jerrold levinson.  Review by Daniel N. Robinson.
British Idealism: A History, by William J. Mander.  Review by Daniel N. Robinson.
Homo Viator: Introduction to the Metaphysic of Hope, by Gabriel Marcel.  Review by Christopher O. Blum. 
Schelling’s Organic Form of Philosophy: Life as the Schema of Freedom, by Bruce Matthews.  Review by Jason M. Wirth.
The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History, by Samuel Moyn.  Review by David W. Rodick.
Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy, by Walter Ott.  Review by Kara Richardson.
Ways of Knowing: Kierkegaard’s Pluralist Epistemology, by M. G. Piety.  Review by Peter J. Mehl.
In Pursuit of the Good: Intellect and Action in Aristotle’s Ethics, by Eric Salem.  Review by Brandon Zimmerman.
The World as Will and Representation, Volume 1, by Arthur Schopenhauer.  Review by Richard E. Aquila.
Das Ereignis der Form.  Zur Analyse des sprachlichen Denkens, by Oswald Schwemmer.  Review by Dimitri Ginev.
Poetry, Beauty, and Contemplation: The Complete Aesthetics of Jacques Maritain, by John G. Trapani.  Review by James G. Hanink.
On the Most Ancient Wisdom of the Italians: Drawn out from the Origins of the Latin Language, by Giambattista Vico.  Review by Riccardo Pozzo.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 34, #3, 2011
Scott Seider and Jason Taylor.  Broadening college student interest in philosophical education through community service learning.
Ramona Ilea and Susan Hawthorne.  Beyond service learning: civic engagement in ethics classes.
John Rudisill.  The transition from studying philosophy to doing philosophy.
Toby Schonfeld, Erin L. Dahlke, John M. Longo.  Pre-test/post-test results from an online ethics course: Qualitative assessment of student learning.
Book Reviews
Kant’s Doctrine of Right: A Commentary by Sharon Byrd and Joachim Hruschka.  Review by John Van Ingen.
The Blackwell Guide to Kant’s Ethics edited by Thomas E. Hill, Jr.  Review by John Van Ingen.
Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals: An Introduction by Sally Sedgwick.  Review by John Van Ingen.
Ideal Embodiment: Kant’s Theory of Sensibility by Angelica Nuzzo.  Review by John Van Ingen. 
Cognitive Disability and its Challenge to Moral Philosophy edited by Eva Feder Kittay and Licia Carlson.  Review by Peter Boghossian.
Understanding Plato’s “Republic” by Gerasimos Santas.  Review by Antonis Coumoundouros.
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Theoria, Vol. 77, #3, 2011
Sven Ove Hansson.  The topics of applied ethics.
Christoph Jager.  Process reliabilism and the value problem.
Erik J. Olsson and Martin L. Jonsson.  Kinds of learning and the likelihood of future true beliefs: reply to Jager on reliabilism and the value problem.
Christoph Jager.  Reliability and future true belief: Reply to Olsson and Jonsson.
Frans Svensson.  Happiness, well-being, and their relation to virtue in Descartes’ ethics.
John J. Callanan.  Making sense of doubt: Strawson’s anti-scepticism.
Book Reviews
The Evolution of Logic by W. D. Hart.  Review by I. Grattan-Guinness.
Persons, Interest, and Justice by Nils Holtug.  Review by Jens Johansson.
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Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 47, #2, 2011
Aaron Wilson. Peirce versus Davidson on Metaphorical Meaning.
Eino Kaila. William James: The Philosopher of America.

Sami Pihlström. Eino Kaila on Pragmatism and Religion: An Introduction to Kaila’s 1912 Essay on William James.
Zach VanderVeen. John Dewey’s Experimental Politics: Inquiry and Legitimacy.
Charles A. Hobbs. Why Classical American Pragmatism is Helpful for Thinking about Death.
Sor-hoon Tan. How Can a Chinese Democracy be Pragmatic?
Jeff Kasser. How Settled are Settled Beliefs in “The Fixation of Belief”?
Joshiah Royce. Race Questions, Provincialism, and Other American Problems: Expanded Edition. Edited by Scott L. Pratt and Shannon Sullivan. Reviewed by Michael Brodrick
Lorenzo Magnani. Abductive Cognition: The Epistemological and Eco-Cognitive Dimensions of Hypothetical Reasoning. Review by Sami Paavola.
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Utilitas, Vol. 23, #3, 2011

Nellie Wieland.  Parental obligation.
D. W. Haslett.  Boulders and trolleys.
Hanoch Sheinman.  Act and principle contractualism.
Mauro Rossi.  Degrees of preference and degrees of preference satisfaction.
William Lauinger.  Dead Sea apples and desire-fulfillment welfare theories.
Talia Shaham.  Is there a paradox of moral complaint?
Book Reviews
The Cautious Jealous Virtue: Hume on Justice by Annette C. Baier.  Review by Mikko Tolonen.
Distributive Justice and Disability: Utilitarianism against Egalitarianism by Mark Stein.  Review by Serena Olsaretti.
John Stuart Mill – Thought and Influence: The Saint of Rationalism by Georgios Varouxakis and Paul Kelly.  Review by Vasilis Grollios.
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