Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13, 2011

Political Studies, Vol. 59, #3, 2011
Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Vol. 10, #3, 2011
Proceedings of the Aristoleian Society, Vol. 111, 2011
Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Vol. 2, #2, 2011
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 4, #2, 2011
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #2, 2011
Sophia, Vol. 50, #3, 2011
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 30, #2, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 182, #2, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 182, #3, 2011

Political Studies, Vol. 59, #3, 2011
Rutger Claassen.  Making capability lists: Philosophy versus democracy.
Robert B. Talisse.  A farewell to Deweyan democracy.
Kevin Olson.  Legitimate speech and hegemonic idiom: The limits of deliberative democracy in the diversity of its voices.
Yoram Levy.  The situationality of moral judgement and the limits of political philosophy.
Jon Parkin.  Straw men and political philosophy: The case of Hobbes.
Emily C. Nacol.  The risks of political authority: Trust, knowledge and political agency in Locke’s Second Treatise.
Martin B. Carstensen.  Ideas are not as stable as political scientists want them to be: A theory of incremental ideational change.
Robert Elgie and Iain McMenamin.  Explaining the onset of cohabitation under semi-presidentialism.
Robert Johns and Mark Shephard.  Facing the voters: The potential impact of ballot paper photographs in British elections.
Chris J. Bickerton.  Europe’s neo-Madisonians: Rethinking the legitimacy of limited power in a multi-level polity.
Lilach Nir.  Disagreement and opposition in social networks: Does disagreement discourage turnout?
Daniel Stockemer.  Women’s parliamentary representation in Africa: The impact of democracy and corruption on the number of female deputies in national parliaments.
Petr Kopecky.  Political competition and party patronage: Public appointments in Ghana and South Africa.
Daniel R. Brunstetter and Dana Zartner.  Just war against barbarians: Revisiting the Valladolid debates between Sepulveda and Las Casas.
David Boucher.  The recognition theory of rights, customary international law and human rights.
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Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Vol. 10, #3, 2011
Jan-Willem Romeijn andDavid Atkinson. Learning juror competence: a generalized Condorcet Jury Theorem .
Andrew Mason. Citizenship and justice.
Richard Child. Global migratory potential and the scope of justice.
Keith Dowding. Republican freedom, rights, and the coalition problem.
Fabian Freyenhagen. Taking reasonable pluralism seriously: an internal critique of political liberalism.
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Proceedings of the Aristoleian Society, Vol. 111, 2011
Presidential Address
Quassim Cassam.  Knowing what you believe.
Andy Hamilton.  Rhythm and stasis: A major and almost entirely neglected philosophical problem.
Imogen Dickie.  How proper names refer.
Komarine Romdenh-Romluc.  Agency and embodied cognition.
Catherine Wilson.  Moral truth: observational or theoretical?
Discussion Notes
Arif Ahmed.  Walters on conjunction conditionalization.
Lee Walters.  Reply to Ahmed.
Papers From the 2010 Joint Session
Cian Dorr.  Physical geometry and fundamental metaphysics.
Fraser MacBride.  Relations and Truthmaking.
Penelope Mackie.  Property dualism and substance dualism.
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Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Vol. 2, #2, 2011
Stephen A. Butterfill and Natalie Sebanz.  Joint action: What is shared?
Dorit Wenke, Silke Atmaca, Antje Hollander, Roman Liepelt and Pamela Baess, and Wolfgang Prinz.  What is shared in joint action?  Issues of co-representation, response conflict, and agent identification.
Elisabeth Pacherie.  Framing joint action.
Celia A. Brownell.  Early developments in joint action.
Thomas H. Smith.  Playing one’s part.
Jay R. Elliott.  Stag hunts and committee work: cooperation and the mutualistic paradigm.
Christopher Woodard.  Rationality and the unit of action.
Axel Seemann.  Joint motor action and cross-creature embodiment.
Giovanni Pezzulo.  Shared representations as coordination tools for interaction.
Olle Blomberg. Socially extended intentions-in-action.
John Michael.  Shared emotions and joint action.
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 4, #2, 2011
Jeffrey Ketland.  Identity and Indiscernibility.
Oliver Deiser.  An axiomatic theory of well-orderings.
Reinhard Kahle.  The universal set and diagonalization in frege structures.
Bartosz Wieckowski.  Rules for subatomic derivation.
Graham Priest.  Against against nonbeing.
T. Achourioti and M. Van Lambalgen.  A formalization of Kant’s transcendental logic.
Carlos Areces, Diego Figueira, Santiago Figueira and Sergio Mera.  The expressive power of memory logics.
Cezary Cieslinski.  T-equivalences for positive sentences.
JC Beall.  Multiple-conclusion LP and default classicality.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #2, 2011
Alan Charles Kors.  The paradox of John Stuart Mill.
Samuel Freeman.  Capitalism in the classical and high liberal traditions.
Ronald J. Pestritto.  Founding liberalism, progressive liberalism, and the rights of property.
Gerald Gaus.  The property equilibrium in a liberal social order (or how to correct our moral vision).
Michael P. Zuckert.  Judicial liberalism and capitalism: justice field reconsidered.
Loren E. Lomasky.  Liberty after Lehman Brothers.
Daniel M. Hausman.  A Lockean argument for universal access to health care.
Michael C. Munger.  Euvoluntary or not, exchange is just.
Tyler Cowen.  Rule consequentialism makes sense after all.
Richard J. Arneson.  Liberalism, capitalism, and “socialist” principles.
N. Scott Arnold.  Are modern American liberals socialist or social democrats?
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Sophia, Vol. 50, #3, 2011
Christopher Cordner.  Two conceptions of love in philosophical thought.
Greg Janzen.  Pascal’s wager and the nature of God.
Paul  Dicken.  On some limitations of humean disagreement: Miraculous testimony and contrary religious.
David Johnson.  The ghost in the multiverse.
Einar Duenger Bohn.  The logic of the trinity.
Peter Gan Chong Beng.  Being and becoming and the immanence-transcendence relation in Evelyn Underhill’s mystical philosophy.
Hossein Ghaffari.  Is Socrates a prophet?  (In light of the views of his contemporaries and the main commentators).
Matthew Joel Sharpe.  ‘In the court of a great king’: Some remarks on Leo Strauss’ Introduction to the Guide of the Perplexed.
Joseph Loizzo.  Personal agency across generations: Evolutionary psychology or religious belief?
Abraham Velez de Cea.  A cross-cultural and Buddhist-friendly interpretation of the typology exclusivism-inclusivism-plurarlism.
Jaysankar L. Shaw.  Freedom: East and West.
Book Reviews
Religion and the Specter of the West: Sikhism, India, Postcolonialty, and the Politics of Translation by Arvind-Pal S. Mandair.  Review by Brian K. Pennington.
Phenomenology and Eschatology: Not Yet and the Now edited by Neal DeRoo and John Panteleimon Manoussakis.  Review by James M. McLachlan.
Nishida and Western Philosophy by Robert Wilkinson.  Review by Leah IKalmanson.
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South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 30, #2, 2011 (print only)
Yann Benetreau-Dupin.  An empiricist criterion of meaning.
James Furner.  Schutz and Marx on action.
Dylan Futter.  Socratic “Argument” in Plato’s early definitional dialogues.
Elisa Galgut.  Acting on phantasy and acting on desire.
Patrick Giddy.  Special divine action and how to do philosophy of religion.
Ian Hacking.  Wittgenstein, necessity, and the application of mathematics.
Lindsay Kelland.  Conceptually situating the harm of rape: an analysis of objectification.
Abraham Olivier.  Phenomenology of the human condition.
David Spurrett.  Hooray for babies.
Danie Strauss.  Normativity I – the dialectical legacy.
Liezl van Zyl.  Qualified-agent virtue ethics.
John Collier.  Holism and emergence: dynamical complexity defeats Laplace’s demon.
Simon Beck.  Causal co-personality: in defence of the psychological continuity theory.
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Synthese, Vol. 182, #2, 2011
Pierre Grenon and Barry Smith.  Foundations of an ontology of philosophy.
Cameron Buckner, Mathias Niepert, and Colin Allen.  From encyclopedia to ontology: toward dynamic representation of the discipline of philosophy.
Michele Pasin and Enrico Motta.  Ontological requirements for annotation and navigation of philosophical resources.
Christopher Menzel.  Knowledge representation, the World Wide Web, and the evolution of logic.
David R. Morrow and Chris Alen Sula.  Naturalized metaphilosophy.
Anthony F. Beavers.  Noesis and the encyclopedic internet vision.
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Synthese, Vol. 182, #3, 2011
Jiji Zhang and Peter Spirtes.  Intervention, determinism, and the causal minimality condition.
Douglas Walton.  A dialogue system specification for explanation.
Justin T. Tiehen.  Disproportional mental causation.
D. J. Bradley.  Self-location is no problem for conditionalization.
Aidan Lyon.  Deterministic probability: neither chance nor credence.
Daniel M. Johnson.  Proper function and defeating experiences.
Axel Mueller.  Does Kantian mental content externalism help metaphysical realists?
Kent Staley and Aaron Cobb.  Internalist and externalist aspects of justification in scientific inquiry.
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