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June 16- June 30, 2010

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol.92, #2, 2010
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #2, 2010
Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 43, #6, 2010
Dialectica, Vol. 64,#2,2010
Foundations of Science, Vol. 15, #2, 2010
Foundations of Science, Vol. 15, #3, 2010
International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 67, #3, 2010
Kant-Studien, Vol. 101, #2, 2010
Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #1, 2010
Neuroethics, Vol. 3, #2, 2010
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophical Papers, Vol. 38, #1, 2009 (claimed issue)
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 149, #3, 2010
Philosophy, Vol. 85, #3, 2010
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #7, 2010
Political Studies Vol. 58, #3, 2010
Public Choice, Vol. 143, #3-4, 2010
Race and Social Problems, Vol. 2, #1, 2010

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol.92,#2, 2010
I. Aufsätze

Richard Cross. Henry of Ghent on the Reality of Non-Existing Possibles – Revisited.
Dieter Schönecker. Kant über Menschenliebe als moralische Gemütsanlage.
II. Zur Diskussion
Lior Nitzan. The Thought of an Object and the Object of Thought: A Critique of Henry E. Allison's ‘Two Aspect’ View.
III. Rezensionen
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #2, 2010
E. Kingma. Paracetamol, Poison, and Polio: Why Boorse’s Account of Function Fails to Distinguish Health and Disease.
C. Klein. Images Are Not the Evidence in Neuroimaging.
J. Wilson. Non-reductive Physicalism and Degrees of Freedom.
T. Lewens. The Natures of Selection.
M. A. Khalidi. Interactive Kinds.
W. Christensen. The Decoupled Representation Theory of the Evolution of Cognition—A Critical Assessment.
C. J. G. Meacham. Two Mistakes Regarding the Principal Principle.
E. Knox. Flavour-Oscillation Clocks and the Geometricity of General Relativity.
Book Review
Rachel Cooper. Classifying Madness: A Philosophical Examination of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Review by J. Y. Tsou.
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Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 43, #6, 2010
Jonas Pontusson and David Rueda. The Politics of Inequality: Voter Mobilization and Left Parties in Advanced Industrial States.
Craig Parsons. Revisiting the Single European Act (and the Common Wisdom on Globalization).
Joseph Wright. Aid Effectiveness and the Politics of Personalism.
Pierre F. Landry, Deborah Davis, and Shiru Wang. Elections in Rural China: Competition Without Parties.
Book Reviews
Héritier, A. (2007). Explaining Institutional Change in Europe. Review by Craig Parsons.
Avritzer, L. (2009). Participatory Institutions in Democratic Brazil. Review by Jorge Antonio Alves.
Myagkov, M., Ordeshook, P. C., & Shakin, D. (2009). The Forensics of Election Fraud: Russia and Ukraine. Review by  Robert Person.
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Dialectica, Vol. 64, #2,2010
Imogen Dickie, Gurpreet Rattan. Sense, Communication, and Rational Engagement.
Yannis Stephanou. The Meaning of 'Actually.'
René Jagnow. Shadow-Experiences and the Phenomenal Structure of Colors.
Daniel Whiting. Should I Believe the Truth?
Aleksandar Kellenberg. The Antinomy of the Variable.
Iris Einheuser. The Model-Theoretic Argument against Quantifying over Everything.
Darren Bradley. Conditionalization and Belief De Se.
Johan E. Gustafsson. A Money-Pump for Acyclic Intransitive Preferences.
Richard Gaskin. Précis of The Unity of the Proposition.
William F. Vallicella. Gaskin on the Unity of the Proposition.
Manuel García-Carpintero. Gaskin's Ideal Unity
Benjamin Schnieder. Propositions United: Gaskin on Bradley's Regress and the Unity of the Proposition.
Richard Gaskin. The Unity of the Proposition: Replies to Vallicella, Schnieder, and García-Carpintero.
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 Foundations of Science, Vol. 15, #2, 2010
Special Issue: Evolution and Development of the Universe
/ Guest Editors: Clément Vidal and John Smart
Clément Vidal. Introduction to the Special Issue on the Evolution and Development of the Universe.
Laurent Nottale. Scale Relativity and Fractal Space-Time: Theory and Applications.
Jan M. Greben. The Role of Energy Conservation and Vacuum Energy in the Evolution of the Universe.
Thomas Durt. Anthropomorphic Quantum Darwinism as an Explanation for Classicality.
Nicolás F. Lori and Alex H. Blin. Application of Quantum Darwinism to Cosmic Inflation: An Example of the Limits Imposed in Aristotelian Logic by Information-based Approach to Gödel’s Incompleteness.
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Foundations of Science, Vol. 15, #3, 2010
Special Issue Section: Evolution and Development of the Universe, Part II Biology / Guest Editor: Clément Vidal

Peter Kosso. And Yet It Moves: The Observability of the Rotation of the Earth.
Maarten Boudry, Stefaan Blancke and Johan Braeckman. How Not to Attack Intelligent Design Creationism: Philosophical Misconceptions About Methodological Naturalism.
Gerard A. J. M. Jagers op Akkerhuis. Towards a Hierarchical Definition of Life, the Organism, and Death.
Börje Ekstig. Complexity and Evolution: A Study of the Growth of Complexity in Organic and Cultural Evolution.
Jean Chaline. Does Species Evolution Follow Scale Laws? First Applications of the Scale Relativity Theory to Fossil and Living-beings.
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 International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 67, #3, 2010

Andrei A. Buckareff and Joel S. Van Wagenen. Surviving resurrection.
Leonard Angel. The importance of physicalism in the philosophy of religion.
Matthew I. Burch. Blurred vision: Marion on the ‘possibility’ of revelation.
T. J. Mawson. Praying to stop being an atheist.
Book Review
Chris L. Firestone: Kant and theology at the boundaries of reason (Transcending Boundaries in Philosophy and Theology). Review by Robert Gressis.
James Keller. Books Received
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 101, #2, 2010
Kant on the Nominal Definition of Truth.

Alberto Vanzo.
Le Je pense comme facteur de vérité: adéquation, cohérence et communauté sémantique.

Paulo Jesus.

Jürgen Goldstein. Die Höllenfahrt der Selbsterkenntnis und der Weg zur Vergötterung bei Hamann und Kant.

Steve Naragon. „A Good, Honest Watchmaker“: J. C. F. Schulz's Portrait of Kant from 1791.
Berichte und Diskussionen
Toni Kannisto. Three Problems in Westphal's Transcendental Proof of Realism.
Stefano Bacin, Dieter Schönecker. Zwei Konjekturvorschläge zur Tugendlehre, § 9.
Bernd Dörflinger. Mitgliederversammlung der Kant-Gesellschaft.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #1, 2010
Avihay Dorfman. Private Ownership.
Michael S. Pardo. The Gettier Problem and Legal Proof.
Raffaele Rodogno. Guilt, Anger, and Retribution.
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 Neuroethics, Vol. 3, #2, 2010
Henda Foreid, Carla Bentes and José Pimentel. The Use of Placebo as a Provocative Test in the Diagnosis of Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures.
Erik Parens. The Ethics of Memory Blunting and the Narcissism of Small Differences.
Saskia K. Nagel. Too Much of a Good Thing? Enhancement and the Burden of Self-Determination.
Maureen Sie and Arno Wouters. The BCN Challenge to Compatibilist Free Will and Personal Responsibility.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Psychopathy, Ethical Perception, and Moral Culpability.
Andrew J. Turner. Are Disorders Sufficient for Reduced Responsibility?
Alfred R. Mele. Testing Free Will.
Marga Reimer. Moral Aspects of Psychiatric Diagnosis: the Cluster B Personality Disorders.
L. Syd M. Johnson. Implications of Recent Neuroscientific Findings in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Neven Leddy and Avi S. Lifschitz, eds. Epicurus in the Enlightenment. Review by Michael W. Hickson.  
Samuel Gregg and James Stoner (eds.), Profit, Prudence and Virtue: Essays in Ethics, Business and Management. Review by John R. Boatright.  
Stephen Salkever (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Political Thought, Review by Steven Skultety.  
Michael Strevens, Depth: An Account of Scientific Explanation. Review by Stephan Hartmann.
Raffaella De Rosa.  Descartes and the Puzzle of Sensory Representation. Review by David Clemenson.
John Cottingham and Peter Hacker (eds.), Mind, Method, and Morality: Essays in Honour of Anthony Kenny.  Review by Robert Pasnau.
Brian Ellis, The Metaphysics of Scientific Realism, Review by Anjan Chakravartty.
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Philosophical Papers, Vol. 38, #1, 2009 (claimed issue)
Anthony R. Booth. Compatibilism and Free Belief.
Anthony Brueckner. Justification, Internalism, and Cream Cheese.
Guy Fletcher. Rejecting Well-Being Invariabilism.
Tobias Hansson Wahlberg. 4-D Objects and Disposition Ascriptions.
Timothy Hinton. Rights, Duties and the Separateness of Persons.
Robert Schroer. Does the Phenomenality of Perceptual Experience Present an Obstacle to Phenomenal Externalism?
Chandra Kumar. Re-Reading: John Dewey, Reconstruction in Philosophy (1920).
Book Review
Deane-Peter Baker. Tayloring Reformed Epistemology: Charles Taylor, Alvin Plantinga and the De Jure Challenge to Christian Belief. Review by Jean Bethke Elshtain.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 149, #3, 2010
With Book Symposium on Edouard Machery's Doing without Concepts

Errol Lord. Having reasons and the factoring account.
Andrew M. Bailey. Warrant is unique.
Alastair Wilson. Disagreement, equal weight and commutativity.
Stephan Leuenberger. Humility and constraints on O-language.
Jonas Åkerman. Communication and indexical reference.
Moritz Schulz. Wondering what might be.
Daniel Z. Korman. AThe contingent a priori and the publicity of a priori knowledge.
Michael Hicks. A note on pretense and co-reference.
Edouard Machery. Précis of Doing without Concepts.
Christopher S. Hill. I love Machery’s book, but love concepts more.
Diana Raffman. Can we do without concepts? Comments on Edouard Machery,  Doing without Concepts.
Edouard Machery. Replies to my critics.
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Philosophy, Vol. 85, #3, 2010
Balanced Politics
Notes on Contributors
Mark Platts. The Languages of Rights and of Human Rights.
R. Read. On Philosophy's (lack of) Progress: From Plato to Wittgenstein (and Rawls).
Alasdair Richmond. Time Travel, Parahistory and the Past Artefact Dilemma.
K. Lennon. Re-enchanting the World: The Role of Imagination in Perception.
N. M. L. Nathan. Exclusion and Sufficient Reason.
Anthony de Jasay. Ordered Anarchy and Contractarianism.
Book Reviews
Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy. By Paisley Livingston. Review by John Adams.
Consciousness Revisited: Materialism without Phenomenal Concepts. By Michael Tye. Review by Sam Coleman.
Works of Music: An Essay in Ontology. By Julian Dodd. Review by Michael Morris.
Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity. By Christine M. Korsgaard. Review by Timothy Chappell.
Unity, Truth and the Liar. The Modern Relevance of Medieval Solutions to the Liar Paradox. Edited by Shahid Rahman, Tero Tulenheimo, & Emmanuel Genot. Review by David Miller.
Books Received
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #7, 2010
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art

Recent Continental Philosophy and Comedy
Bernard Freydberg. Comic Overflow.
History of Philosophy
Mary Domski. Newton's Empiricism and Metaphysics.
Legal & Political
Lori Watson. Pornography.
Logic & Language
Dilip Ninan. De Se Attitudes: Ascription and Communication.
Christopher Gauker. Contexts in Formal Semantics.
L. A. Paul. The Puzzles of Material Constitution.
Amie L. Thomasson. The Controversy over the Existence of Ordinary Objects.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Dominic Murphy. Explanation in Psychiatry.
Philosophy of Religion
Justin P. McBrayer. Skeptical Theism.
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Political Studies Vol. 58, #3, 2010
Jennifer van Heerde, David Hudson. 'The Righteous Considereth the Cause of the Poor'? Public Attitudes towards Poverty in Developing Countries.
Tim Bale, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, André Krouwel, Kurt Richard Luther, Nick Sitter. If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them? Explaining Social Democratic Responses to the Challenge from the Populist Radical Right in Western Europe.
Perri 6 , Charlotte Fletcher-Morgan, Kate Leyland. Making People More Responsible: The Blair Governments' Programme for Changing Citizens' Behaviour.
Kenneth E. Fernandez, Michele Kuenzi. Crime and Support for Democracy in Africa and Latin America.
Charlotta Friedner Parrat. The Politics of Reporting: A Study of States' Strategies for Reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
Jorge Ginieniewicz. Latin American Canadians Rethink their Political Spaces: Grass-Roots or Electoral Participation?
Peter Ives. Cosmopolitanism and Global English: Language Politics in Globalisation Debates.
Lea Ypi. On the Confusion between Ideal and Non-ideal in Recent Debates on Global Justice.
Vicente Medina. Militant Intolerant People: A Challenge to John Rawls' Political Liberalism.
Ian O'Flynn. Deliberative Democracy, the Public Interest and the Consociational Model.
Daniel J. Kapust. Acting the Princely Style: Ethos and Pathos in Cicero's On the Ideal Orator and Machiavelli's The Prince.
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Public Choice, Vol. 143, #3-4, 2010
Special Issue: Elinor Ostrom and the Diversity of Institutions / Guest Edited by Michael Munger

Michael C. Munger. Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful: Elinor Ostrom and the diversity of institutions.
John H. Aldrich. Elinor Ostrom and the “just right” solution.
Thráinn Eggertsson. In the woods: darkness at noon or Sunday in the park with Lin?
Peter Boettke. Is the only form of ‘reasonable regulation’ self regulation?: Lessons from Lin Ostrom on regulating the commons and cultivating citizens.
Michael D. McGinnis and James M. Walker. Foundations of the Ostrom workshop: institutional analysis, polycentricity, and self-governance of the commons.
Bruno S. Frey.  Lin Ostrom’s Contribution to Economics: A Personal Evaluation.
Mark Lichbach. A Noble prize in practical politics: Elinor Ostrom.
Todd Sandler. Common-property resources: privatization, centralization, and hybrid arrangements.
Robert D. Tollison. Elinor Ostrom and the commons.
T. K. Ahn and Rick K. Wilson. Elinor Ostrom’s contributions to the experimental study of social dilemmas.
Kenneth A. Shepsle. Elinor Ostrom: uncommon.
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard.  Exit, collective action and polycentric political systems.
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Race and Social Problems, Vol. 2, #1, 2010
George F. Chavez and Diana T. Sanchez. A Clearer Picture of Multiracial Substance Use: Rates and Correlates of Alcohol and Tobacco Use in Multiracial Adolescents and Adults.
Wizdom Powell Hammond, Marion Gillen and Irene H. Yen. Workplace Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms: A Study of Multi-Ethnic Hospital Employees.
Ann E. Schwartz. “Nobody Knows Me No More”: Experiences of Loss Among African American Adolescents in Kinship and Non-Kinship Foster Care Placements.
Aurora P. Jackson, Kathleen S. J. Preston and Todd M. Franke. Single Parenting and Child Behavior Problems in Kindergarten.
Sandra L. Momper and Mary Kate Dennis. American Indian Women Report on the Community Impact of a Tribal Casino.
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