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Sept. 16 - Sept. 30, 2008

These journals have arrived in Tanner:

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 45, #4, 2008
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 59, # 3, 2008
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 14, #3, 2008

The Dualist: Stanford's Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 14, 2008
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol.39,#3, 2008.
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 73, #3, 2008
Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 32, 2008
Mind, Vol. 117, # 467, 2008
The Monist, Vol. 90, #4, 2007
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 141, #1, 2008

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 45, #4, 2008

GottFried Vosgerau, Tobias Shlicht, and Albert Newen. Orthogonality of Phenomenality and Content.
Daniel C. Russel. Agent-Based Virtue Ethics and the Fundamentality of Virtue.
Mark Walker. “Designer babies” and Harm to Supernumerary Embryos.
Laurence Goldstein, Peter Cave. A Unified Pyrrhonian Resolution of the Toxin Problem, the Surprise Examination, and Newcomb’s Puzzle.
Eyja M. Brynjarsdottir. Response Dependence of Concepts is Not for Properties.
Andrew Naylor. Personal Identity Un-Locke-ed

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 59, # 3, 2008
Francisco Calvo Garzón. Towards a General Theory of Antirepresentationalism.
Simon Sauders, David Wallace. Branching and Uncertainty.
Paul Tappenden. Saunders and Wallace on Everett and Lewis.
Samir Okasha. Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection – A Philosophical Analysis.
Valia Allori, Sheldon Goldstein, Roderich Tumulka, Nino Zanghi. On the Common Structure of Bohmian Mechanics and the Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber Theory: Dedicated to GianCarlo Ghirardi on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday.
Nick Hugget. Why the Parts of Absolute Space are Immobile.
Berry Groisman. The End of Sleeping Beauty’s Nightmare.
Jason Zimba. Inertia and Determinism.
David Harker. On the Predilections for Predictions.
G. K. D. Crozier. Reconsidering Cultural Selection Theory.
Stephen R. Grimm. Explanatory Inquiry and the Need for Explanation.
F. A. Muller, Simon Saunders. Discerning Fermions.
Review Article
Eric Christian Barnes. Evidence and Leverage: Comment on Roush.
Jesse Prinz. Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of Emotion. Reviewed by Paul E. Griffiths
Don Ross. Economic Theory and Cognitive Science: Microexplanation. Reviewed by Keith Dowding.
Phil Dowe. Galileo, Darwin, and Hawking: The Interplay of Science, Reason, and Religion. Reviewed by Michael Scott.

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 14, #3, 2008 (as of 9/18/2008, not yet online)
Steve Awody. A Brief Introduction to Algebraic Set Theory.
Nachum Dershowitz, Yuri Gurevich. A Natural Axiomatization of Computability and Proof of Church’s Thesis.
Akahiro Kanamori. Cohen and Set Theory.
Dana Scott, Dominic McCarty. Reconsidering Ordered Pairs.
Book Reviews
A. Rayo and G. Uzquiano. Absolute Generality. Reviewed by Peter Smith.

Meeting Notices
2007-2008 Winter Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, San Diego Convention Center. San Diego, CA. January 8-9, 2008.
2008 Spring Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, The Sheraton Hotel, Pasadena, California, March 20-21, 2008.
2008 Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, University of California, Irvine, California, March 27-30, 2008.
The 2007 Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Logic, Melbourne, Australia, November 9-11, 2007.

The Dualist, Vol. 14, Winter 2008
Philip Atkins. Dictionaries, Dogmas, and Analyticty.

Daniel Singer. The No No-Miracles Argument Argument.
Ronni Sadovski. The Heart's Reasons: Intuition as an Authority in Practical Reasoning.

Richard Lawrence. The Semantic View and the a-Model.

An Interview with Amartya Sen.

Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol.39,#3, 2008

Nathalie Karagiannis, Peter Wagner. Varieties of Agonism: Conflict, the Common Good, and the Need for Synagonism.

Richard M. Buck. Religion, Identity, and Political Legitimacy: Toward Democratic Inclusion.
Hye-ryoung Kang. Transnational Women's Collectivities and Global Justice.
Paula Droege. Life as an Adjunct: Theorizing Autonomy from the Personal to the Political.
Kate Parsons. Subverting the Fellowship of the Wedding Ring.
Adam Moore. Defining Privacy.
Colin Hirano. A Conception of Invitational Forgiveness Trudy Govier.
Michiel Korthals. Ethics and Politics of Food: Toward a Deliberative Perspective.

The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 73, #3, 2008 (as of 9/18/2008, not yet online)
Pierre Matet. Weak Square Bracket Relations for Pĸ(λ).
Hiroaki Minami. Suslin Forcing and Parametrized ◊ Principles.
John T. Baldwin, Saharon Shelah. Examples of Non-Locality.
Alexander Rabinovich, Amit Shomrat. Selection in the Monadic Theory of a Countable Ordinal.
Juliet Kennedy, Saharon Shelah, Jouko Vaananen. Regular Ultrafilters and Finite Square Principles
Fredrik Engstrom. A Note on Standard Systems and Ultrafilters.
Sy-David Friedman, Katherine Thompson. Internal Consistency for Embedding Complexity.
Victoria Gitman. Scott’s Problem for Proper Scott Sets.
Markus Junker, Martin Ziegler. The 116 Reducts of (Q, <, a). Chris J. Conidis. Classifying model-theoretic properties. Sy-David Friedman and Katherine Thompson. Perfect trees and elementary embeddings. Morten Heine Sørensen and Pawel Urzyczyn. Strong cut-elimination in sequent calculus using Klop’s t-translation and perpetual reductions. Josef Berger. The weak König lemma and uniform continuity. Ian Hodkinson and Altaf Hussain. The modal logic of affine planes is not finitely axiomatisable. Albin L. Jones. On a Result of Szemerédi. Fares Maalouf. Construction d’un groupe dans les structures C-minimales. Matthias Baaz and Rosalie Iemhoff. On Skolemization in Constructive Theories. Johanna N.Y. Franklin. Hyperimmune-free degrees and Schnorr triviality. Karen Lange. The degree spectra of homogeneous models. Justin Tatch Moore. Aronszajn lines and the club filter. Immanuel Halupczok. Motives for perfect PAC fields with pro-cyclic Galois group. Steven Perron. Examining fragments of the quantified propositional calculus. Albert Visser. Closed fragments of provability logics of constructive theories.

Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 32, 2008
Truth and its Deformities

Scott Soames. Truth and Meaning: In Perspective.
Susan Haack. The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.
Kieran Setiya. Believing at Will.
Thomas Kelly. Common Sense as Evidence: Against Revisionary Ontology and Skepticism.
Steven L. Reynolds. Why We Should Prefer Knowledge.
Erik J. Olsson. Knowledge, Truth, and Bullshit: Reflections on Frankfurt.
Cheryl Misak. Pragmatism on Solidarity, Bullshit, and Other Deformities of Truth.
Michael P. Lynch. Alethic Pluralism, Logical Consequence and the Universality of Reason.
Tim Maudlin. Grading, Sorting, and the Sorites.
JC Beall, Michale Glanzberg. Where the Paths Meet: Remarks on Truth and Paradox.
Jonathan Kvanvig. Pointless Truth.
Patrick Greenough. Indeterminate Truth.
Max Kolbel. Truth in Semantics.
Paul Horwich. Being and Truth.
Marian David. Quine’s Ladder: Two and a Half Pages from the Philosophy of Logic.
Douglas Patterson. Truth-Definitions and Definitional Truth.

Mind, Vol. 117, # 467, 2008
Sara Rachel Chant, Zachary Ernst. Epistemic Conditions for Collective Action.
Steven Nadler. Spinoza and Consciousness.
Gopal Sreenivasan. Character and Consistency: Still More Errors.
Terrence L. Fine. Evaluating the Pasadena, Altadena, and St. Petersburg Gambles.
Kenny Easwaran. Strong and Weak Expectations.
Alan Hajek, Harris Nover. Complex Expectations.
Book Reviews
Torin Alter, Sven Walter. Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New Essays on Consciousness and Physicalism. Review by Istvan Aranyosi.
Karl Ameriks. Kant and the Historical Turn: Philosophy as Critical Interpretation. Review by Christian Helmut Wenzel.
David Benatar. Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence. Review by Yujin Nagasawa.
David Christensen. Putting Logic in Its Place: Formal Constraints on Rational Belief. Review by Michael G. Titelbaum.
John W. Cook: The Undiscovered Wittgenstein: The Twentieth Century’s Most Misunderstood Philosopher. Review by Phil Hutchinson, Rupert Read.
Julian Dodd. Works of Music: An Essay in Ontology. Review by Stefano Predelli
Daniel A. Dombrowski. Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Response. Review by Graham Oppy.
Steven French, Decio Krause. Identity in Physics: A Historical, Philosophical, and Formal Analysis. Review by Justin C. Pniower.
Peter Goldie, Elisabeth Schellekens. Philosophy and Conceptual Art. Review by Kirk E. Pillow.
Andy Hamilton. Aesthetics and Music. Review by Roger Scruton.
Fraser MacBride. Identity and Modality. Review by Oystein Linnebo
Michael Otsuka. Libertarianism Without Inequality. Review by Samuel Freeman.
John L. Pollock. Thinking About Acting: Logical Foundations for Rational Decision Making. Review by Adam Morton.
Agustin Rayo, Gabriel Uzquiano. Absolute Generality. Review by Patrick Dieveney.
Andrews Reath. Agency and Autonomy in Kant’s Moral Theory. Review by Mark Timmons.
Mark Rowlands. Body Language. Review by Martin Roth.
Paul Sheehy. The Reality of Social Groups. Review by David-Hillel Ruben
David Woodruff, Amie L. Thomasson. Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind. Review by Matthew Kennedy.
Robert J. Stainton. Words and Thoughts: Substences, Ellipsis, and the Philosophy of Language. Review by Kent Bach
Gabriel Taylor. Deadly Vices. Review by Michelle Mason.
R. Jay Wallace. Normativity and the Will. Review by Dion Scott-Kakures, Paul Hurley.

The Monist, Vol. 90, #4, 2007
Michael T. Ghiselin, Olaf Breidbach. The Search for the Basis of Natural Classification.
Steffan Schulz, Ingvar Johansson. Continua in Biological Systems.
Russ B. Altman. Ontological Issues in Pharmacogenics.
Ludger Jansen. Tendencies and Other Realizables in Medical Information Sciences.
Neil E. Williams. The Factory Model of Disease.
Christopher J.O. Baker, Robert H. Warren, Volker Haarslev, Greg Butler. The Ecology of Ontologies in the Public Domain.
Scope of Forthcoming Issues
Books Received
Index to Volume 90

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 141, #1, 2008
Luca Moretti, Huw Price. Introduction.
Jonathan Schaffer. Truthmaker Commitments.
Berit Brogaard. Inscrutability and Ontological Commitment.
Michaelis Michael. Implicit Ontological Commitment.
Amie L. Thomasson. Existence Questions.
Uriah Kriegel. The Dispensability of (Merely) Intentional Objects.
Luca Moretti. The Ontological Status of Minimal Entities.Mark Colyvan. The Ontological Commitments of Inconsistent Theories

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