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October 1-15, 2008

Analysis, Vol. 68, #4, 2008
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 16, #3, 2008
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 38, # 2, 2008
The Gadfly, Vol. 2, #2, 2008
The Gadfly, Vol. 2, #3, 2008
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 25, #4, 2008
The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, #4, 2008
The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 58, # 233, 2008
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 77, #2, 2008
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 36, # 3, 2008
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, #1, 2008

Analysis, Vol. 68, #4, 2008
Galen Strawson. The Identity of the Categorical and the Dispositional.
Panu Raatikainen. On Rules of Inference and the Meanings of Logical Constants.
Felipe S. Amaral. Definite Descriptions Are Ambiguous.
Bert Leuridan, Erik Weber, Maarten Van Dyck. The Practical Value of Spurious Correlations: Selective Versus Manipulative Policy.
Luca Incurvati, Julien Murzi. How Basic is the Basic Revisionary Argument?
Claudia Bianchi. Indexicals, Speech Acts and Pornography.
Mari Mikkola. Contexts and Pornography.
Christian Bennet, Martin Filin Karlsson. Williamson’s Barber.
Delia Graff Fara. Profiling Interest Relativity.
Alexander Bird. Lowe on A Posteriori Essentialism.
E. J. Lowe. Reply to Bird on A Posteriori Essentialism.

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 16, #3, 2008
Tom Vinci. Mind-body Causation, Mind-Body Union and the ‘Special Mode of Thinking’ in Descartes.
Christopher P. Martin. The Framework of Essences in Spinoza’s Ethics.
Matthew Stuart. Lockean Operations.
Alexander Rueger. Beautiful Surfaces: Kant on Free and Adherent Beauty in Nature and Art.
Uygar Abaci. Kant’s Theses on Existence.
Peter Johnson. Talking with Yahoo: Collingwood’s Case for Civility.
Geoffrey Gorham. Cartesian Temporal Atomism: A New Defence, a New Refutation.
Review Article
Leslie Armour. Modernity, the Human Animal and Philosophical Tradition
Book Reviews
J-L Hudry. Aristotle on the Common Sense. Review by Pavel Gregoric
Catherine Wilson. The Good Life in the Scientific Revolution: Descartes, Pascal, Leiniz, and the Cultivation of Virtue. Reviewed by Matthew L. Jones.

Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 38, # 2, 2008
Michael Blake, Mathias Risse. Two Models of Equality and Responsibility,
Robert A. Wilson. Constitution and the Many-Many Problem.
Walter Hopp. Husserl on Sensation, Perception, and Interpretation.
Art Maunu. Leibniz’s Theory of Universal Expression Explicated.
Imogen Dickie. Informative Identitiies in the Begriffsschrift and ‘On Sense and Reference.’
Stephen Petersen. Analysis, Shmanalysis.
Thomas J. McKay. Critical Notice of Henry Laycock Words Without Objects.

The Gadfly, Vol. 2, #2, 2008 (location: Undergraduate Journals)
Eric Hirsch. The Speak Easy: Pleasure.
Zachary Van Wyck. Ever-Present: The Art of History.
Stephanie Wu. Tie Me Up: An Interview with Conversio Virium
Julia Alekseyeva. A Guide to Suffering.
Naftali Weinberger. Beyond the Limits of Thought: Godel, Santayanna, and the Existential Interference.
Billy Goldstein. Your Life is Meaningless.
Laura Z. Weldon. Epicurus: A Hedonist at Heart?
Lane Sell. Little Philosophy Books: A Review of Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir.

The Gadfly, Vol. 2, #3, 2008
Courses Previews
Adam Waksman. I Wrote This Next Year: Varzi on Time.
David Iscoe. Lonely Polls, Empty Boxes.
Alan Daboin. God Exists.
Brendon Price. How to Play with Others.
Arnold Mwanjila. Animetaphysics: Millenium Actress.
Joanna Smolenski. Little Philosophy Books: The Simpsons and Philosophy.

History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 25, #4, 2008

Matthew R. Dasti. Testimony, Belief Transfer, and Casual Irrelevance: Reflections from India’s Nyaya School.
Mark Collier. Two Puzzles in Hume’s Epistemology.
Alix A. Cohen. The Ultimate Kantian Experience: Kant on Dinner Parties.
Michael Wenisch. The Logical Incompatibility of Kant’s Transcendental Idealism with Any Genuinely Objective Form of Empirical Realism.
Brent Kalar. The Na├»ve and the Natural: Schiller’s Influence on Nietzsche’s Early Aesthetics.
Volume Index.

The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, #4, 2008
David Barnett. Interdeterminacy and Incomplete Definitions.
J.R.G. Williams. Supervaluationism and Logical Revisionism.
Comments and Criticism
Thomas W. Polger, Lawrence A. Shapiro. Understanding the Dimensions of Realization.

Philosophical Issues: Interdisciplinary Core Philosophy, Vol. 18, # 1, 2008
A. Epistemology
Jonathan Schaffer. Knowledge in the Image of Assertion.
Martijn Blaauw. Contra Contrastivism.
Jason Stanley. Knowledge and Certainty.
Kent Bach. Applying Pragmatics to Epistemology.
Jessica Brown. The Knowledge Norm for Assertion.
Peter Ludlow. Cheap Contextualism.
Ram Neta. How Cheap Can You Get?
B. Ethics
Michael B. Gill, Shaun Nichols. Sentimentalist Pluralism: Psychology and Philosophical Ethics.
John Allman, Jim Woodward. What are Moral Intuitions and Why Should We Care About Them? A Neurobiological Perspective.
David Copp. Darwinian Skepticism About Moral Realism.
Sharon Street. Reply to Copp: Naturalism, Normativity, and the Varieties of Realism Worth Worrying About.
Cristina Biccieri. The Fragility of Fairness: An Experimental Investigation on the Conditional Status of Pro-Social Norms.
Geoffrey Brennan: Lessons for Ethics from Economics.
Lawrence Crocker. Ethics and the Law’s Burdens of Proof.
C. Metaphysics
Christopher S. Hill, David J. Bennett. The Perception of Size and Shape.
Casey O’Callaghan. Seeing What You Hear: Cross-Modal Illusions and Perception.
Craig Callender. The Common Now.
Barry Dainton. Sensing Change.
Alex Byrne, David Hilbert. Basic Sensible Qualities and the Structure of Appearance.
Austen Clark. Phenomenal Properties: Some Models from Psychology and Philosophy.
John Campbell. Interventionism, Control Variables, and Causation in the Qualitative World.

The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 58, # 233, 2008
Yujin Nagasawa. A New Defence of Anselmian Theism.
Tim Black. Solving the Problem of Easy Knowledge.
Ben Colburn. Forbidden Ways of Life.
Frank Hindriks. Intentional Action and the Praise-Blame Asymmetry.
Michael Pace. Perceptual Knowledge and the Metaphysics of Experience.
Rebecca Stangl. A Dilemma for Particularist Virtue Ethics.
Clayton Littlejohn. From E=K to Scepticism?
Patrick Todd, Neal A Tognazzi. A Problem for Guidance Control.
C.S. Jenkins. Modal Knowledge, Counterfactual Knowledge and the Role of Experience.
Critical Studies
Daniel Devereux. Meno Re-examined.
Mark Lebar. Development and Reasons.
Garrett Cullity. Pyrrhic Pyrrhonism.
Noel Carroll. On the Aesthetic Function of Art.
Book Reviews
Alice Crary. Wittgenstein and the Moral of Life: Essays in Honor of Cora Diamond. Reviewed by Roger Teichmann.
Anandi Hattiangadi. Oughts and Thoughts: Rule-Following and the Normativity of Content. Reviewed by Daniel Whiting.
Peter Unger. All the Power in the World. Reviewed by E.J. Lowe.
Craig Bourne. A Future for Presentism. Reviewed by Heather Dyke.
Robert C. Solomon. True to Our Feelings: What Our Emotions are Really Telling Us. Reviewed by Derek Matravers.
George Crowder, Henry Hardy. The One and the Many: Reading Isaiah Berlin. Reviewed by Charles Balttberg.
Margaret Gilbert. A Theory of Political Obligation. Reviewed by David Miller.
John Bishop. Believing by Faith: an Essay in the Epistemology and Ethics of Religious Belief. Reviewed by Chris Tollefsen.

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 77, #2, 2008
Edward Harcourt. Wittgenstein and Bodily Self-Knowledge.
Matthew Chrisman. Expressivism, Inferentialism, and Saving the Debate.
Max Kolbel. “True” as Ambiguous.
J. Robert G. Williams. Chances, Counterfactuals, and Similarity.
Matthew Hanser. The Metaphysics of Harm.
Brian Rosebury. Respect for Just Revenge.
Matthew Soteriou. The Epistemological Role of Episodic Recollection.
Jeffrey W. Roland. Kitcher and the Obsessive Unifier.
Book Symposium
The Possibility of Knowledge.
Quassim Cassam. Precis.
Beatrice Longuenesse. Cassam and Kant on “How Possible” Questions and Categorical Thinking.
Barry Stroud. The Possibility of Knowledge.
Quassim Cassam. Reply to Longuenesse.
Quassim Cassam. Reply to Stroud.
Review Essays
Virginia Held. The Ethics of Care: A Personal, Political, and Global. Reviewed by Marilyn Friedman.
Dominic McIver Lopes. Sight and Sensibility: Evaluating Pictures. Reviewed by Robert Hopkins.
Critical Notices
Ted Poston. Justification Without Awareness by Michael Bergmann.
Alessandra Tanesini. Ecological Thinking: The Politics of Epistemic Location by Lorraine Code.
Recent Publications.
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 36, # 3, 2008
J. David Velleman. Persons in Prospect/I. The Identity Problem/II. The Gift of Life/III. Love and Nonexistence.
Original Articles
Michael G. Titelbaum. What Would a Rawlsian Ethos of Justice Look Like?
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Information for Contributors
Notes on the Contributors.
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, #1, 2008
Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer.
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Abstracts of Colloquium Papers.
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