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Medical Ethics

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 8, #4, 2008
Ricki Lewis. Stem Cells and Genetic Testing: The Gap Between Science and Society Widens.
Target Article
Christine Grady; Marion Danis; Karen L. Soeken; Patricia O'Donnell; Carol Taylor; Adrienne Farrar; Connie M. Ulrich. Does Ethics Education Influence the Moral Action of Practicing Nurses and Social Workers?
Open Peer Commentaries
Jennifer C. Kesselheim; Steven Joffe. The Challenge of Research on Ethics Education.
A. Jotkowitz; B. Gesundheit. Comforting Presence: The Role of Nurses and Social Workers in Clinical Ethics.
Karolyn Leslea White; Michael Carey; Ian Kerridge. Seeking Proof Where the Subject is Ill-Defined and the Outcomes Limited.
Paul Brodwin. Mixed Methods and Bioethics Pedagogy: Suggestions for Future Research.
Kellie R. Lang. The Professional Ills of Moral Distress and Nurse Retention: Is Ethics Education an Antidote?
Lucia D. Wocial. An Urgent Call for Ethics Education.
Target Article
David H. Brendel; Franklin G. Miller. A Plea for Pragmatism in Clinical Research Ethics.
Open Peer Commentaries

D. Micah Hester; Joseph Brown; Toby Schonfeld. Pragmatism, Principles, and Protection.
Howard Trachtman. Minority Report.
Ryan E. Lawrence; Farr A. Curlin. Misplaced Flexibility: Revise Policies but Cling to Principles. Robert M. Nelson. Institutional Review Boards Lack the Moral Legitimacy to Reinterpret Subpart D.
Merle Spriggs. Is Pragmatism Just an Apology for Unrestrained Science?
A. M. Viens. Towards a Reasons-Based Pragmatic Ethical Framework.
Daniel Goldberg. Pragmatism and Virtue Ethics in Clinical Research.
Alexander A. Kon. Real Pragmatism, Kids, and the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Bryan Benham. What's In a Name?
Christopher Robertson. Making Pragmatism Practicable for the Institutional Review Board. Target Article
Ann Freeman Cook; Helena Hoas. Ethics and Rural Healthcare: What Really Happens? What Might Help?
Open Peer Commentaries
Craig M. Klugman. Vast Tracts of Land: Rural Healthcare Culture.
Christopher P. Morley; Peter G. Beatty. Ethical Problems in Rural Healthcare: Local Symptoms, Systemic Disease.
Anthony Vernillo. Preventive Ethics and Rural Healthcare: Addressing Issues on a Systems Level
Jane N. Bolin; Kathy Mechler; John Holcomb; Josie Williams. An Alternative Strategy for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Rural Healthcare.
Andrew Crowden. Distinct Rural Ethics.Julie Aultman. Moral Courage Through a Collective Voice.
Thaddeus Mason Pope. Multi-Institutional Ethics Committees: For Rural Hospitals, and Urban Ones Too
Book Review
Christopher Meyers. A Practical Guide to Clinical Ethics Consulting: Expertise, Ethos and Power.Review by Armand H. Matheny
L. Pessini, C. de Paul de Barchifontaine, and F. Lolas (eds.). Perspectivas de la Biotica en Iberoamrica [Ibero-American Perspectives on Bioethics]. Review by Antonio Casado da Rocha.
Response to Open Peer Commentaries
Christine Grady; Marion Danis; Karen L. Soeken; Patricia O'Donnell; Carol Taylor; Adrienne Farrar; Connie M. Ulrich. Response to Peer Commentary on “Does Ethics Education Influence the Moral Action of Practicing Nurses and Social Workers?”
Ann Freeman Cook; Helena Hoas. Revisiting Ethics and Rural Healthcare: What Really Happens? What Might Help?

Bioethics, Vol. 22, #6, 2008
Udo Schuklenk. National Bioethics Commission and partisan politics.
Justin Patrick McBrayer. Rights, Indirect harms and the non-identity problem.
Charles Kowalski, Steven Pennell and Amiram Vinokur. Felicitometry: Measuring the 'quality' in quality of life.

Tom Walker. Giving addicts their drub of choice: the problem of consent.
Martin Peterson. The moral importance of selecting people randomly.
Alex Rajczi. One danger of biomedical enhancements.
Walter Glannon. Neurostimulation and the minimally conscious state.
Country Report
Pablo Simon-Lorda, Maria-Isabel Tamayo-Velazquez and Ines-Maria barrio-Cantalejo. Advance Directives in Spain, Perspectives from a medical bioethicist approach.

Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 8, #1, 2008
Check it out, HIV focus

Hastings Center Report, Vol. 38, #3, 2008
Condensed version of contents
Erika Blacksher.Carrots and Sticks to Promote Healthy Behaviors: A Policy Update.
Laura D. Hermer.Personal Responsibility: A Plausible Social Goal, but Not for Medicaid Reform.
Michael Stolberg.Two Pioneers of Euthanasia around 1800.
Mary Ann Baily,Thomas H. Murray.Ethics, Evidence, and Cost in Newborn Screening.
Virginia A. Moyer, Ned Calonge, Steven M. Teutsch, Jeffrey R. Botkin.Expanding Newborn Screening: Process, Policy, and Priorities.
Robert Streiffer.Informed Consent and Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research.

Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Vol. 36, #2, 2008
Condensed version of contents
Symposium Articles: on Incidental Findings.
Susan M. Wolf. Introduction: The challenge of Incidental Findings.
Independent Articles

Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy, Vol. 11, #2, 2008
European focus, a sample of articles:
Jukka Varelius. Is ethical expertise possible?
Bernward Gesang. Passive and active euthanasia: What is the difference?

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 29, #1, 2008
Carson Strong. Justifying group-specific common morality.
Mats Johansson and Linus Brostrom. Turning failures into successes: a methodological shortcoming in empirical research on surrogate accuracy.
David A. Jensen. Abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and waste.
Oliver Rauprich. Common morality: comment on Beauchamp and Childress.

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