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June 1-15, 2008

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Analysis, American philosophical quarterly, Aporia, Australasian journal of philosophy, British journal for the history of philosophy, British journal for the philosophy of science, Environmental ethics, Erkenntnis, History of philosophy quarterly, journal of the history of philosophy (two issues) and Journal of philosophical logic.

Analysis, Vol. 68, #3, 2008

Nathan Salmon. Numbers versus nominalists.
Roy T. Cook. 'P is true and non Cartesian' is non-Cartesian.
F.A. Muller & B.C. van Fraassen. How to talk about unobservables.
Anders Nes. Are only mental phenomena intentional?
Tim Crane. Reply to Nes.
E.J. Lowe. What is 'conditional probability'?
Anthony Brueckner. The Simulation Argument again.
Nicholas Shackel. Coherentism and the symmetry of epistemic support.
Alexander Miller. Thoughts, oughts and the conceptual primacy of belief.
Colin Caret & Aaron J. Cotnoir. True, false, paranormal and 'designated'? : a reply to Jenkins.
C.S. Jenkins. The importance of being designated: a comment on Caret and Cotnoir.
Ruth Weintraub.How probable is an infinite sequence of heads? A reply to Williamson.
Stephen Kearns. Compatibilism can resist prepunishment: a reply to Smilansky.
Saul Smilansky. Prepunishment for compatibilists: a reply to Kearns.
Helen Beebee. Smilansky's alleged refutation of compatibilism.
Saul Smilansky. More prepunishment for compatibilists: a reply to Beebee.
John Keim Campbell. Reply to Brueckner.
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American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 45, #2, 2008
Lenn Goodman. The Road to Kazanistan.
Alfred R. Mele. Recent Work on Free Will and Science.
Hermann Weidemann. Aristotle, The Megarics, and Diodorus Cronus on the Notion of Possibility.
Sanford C. Goldberg. Metaphysical Realism and Thought.
Nicholas Rescher. Trigraphs: A Resource for Illustration in Philosophy.
Adolf Grünbaum. Is Simplicity Evidence of Truth?
Nicole Hassoun. World Poverty and Individual Freedom.
Gordon Pettit. Mundane or Incredible!?: Identifying When an Explanation is Required.
Call for Papers
APQ is projecting for a 2009 special issue devoted to the theme of “Reasons and Rationality (Theoritic and Practical).” Deadline is October 1, 2008. See back page for address and contact information.
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Aporia, Vol. 18, #1, 2008 (Undergraduate Philosophy Journal)
Jason A. Hills. Why Prefer a System of Desires?
Kelly Glover. A Defense of a Monadological Analysis in Leibniz’s Middle Years.
Cassian Choucair. Objects and Identity in Time.
Jennifer Jhun. Perceptual Episodes Do Not Have Intentional Content.
Joshua Ernst. Charles Hartshorne and the Ontological Argument.
Megan Blomfield. Modal Agnosticism.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol 86, #2, 2008
Francesco Berto. AδύνaτoAν and Material Exclusion.
Randolph Clarke. Autonomous Reasons for Intending.
Pamela Hieronymi. The Reasons of Trust.
Victoria McGeer. Trust, Hope and Empowerment.
Jennifer Lackey. What Luck is Not.
Caspar Hare. A Puzzle about Other-Directed Time-Bias.
Jennifer Nagel. Knowledge Ascriptions and the Psychological Consequences of Changing Stakes.
Alexander Paseau. Motivating Reductionism about Sets.
Takashi Yagisawa. Modal Realism with Modal Tense.
Book Reviews
R.M. Sainsbury. Reference without Refrents. Review by Fred Kroon.
Simon Duffy. Virtual Mathematics. Review by Colin McLarty
Miranda Fricker. Epistemic Injustice: Power and Ethics and Knowing. David Eng.
Tim Maudlin. The Metaphysics within Physics. Graham Nerlich.
Obituary : Val Plumwood, 1939- 2008.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 16, #2, 2008
Keith Allen. Mechanism, resemblance and secondary qualities: From Descartes to Locke.
Tad M. Schmaltz. Occasionalism and mechanism: Fontenelle's objections to malebranche.
Francesco Martinello. What is Leibniz's argument for the identity of indiscernibles in his correspondence with Clarke?
Georges Dicker. Anti-Berkeley.
Angela Breitenbach. Two views on nature: A solution to Kant's antinomy of mechanism and teleology.
Benjamin D. Crowe. Revisionism and religion in Fichte's Jena Wissenschaftslehre.
Darren C. Zook. The Irony of it all: Sren Kierkegaard and the anxious pleasures of civil society.
Review Articles
Peter Jones. Hume's Great Treatise.
Gary Banham. New work on Kant.
Book Reviews
Lisa Shapiro, editor and translator. The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and Rene Descartes. Review by Desmond M. Clarke.
Cecilia Wee. Material Falsity and Error in Descartes's Meditations. Review by Lisa Shapiro.
R.S. Woolhouse. Locke: A Biography. Review by Jonathan Walmsley.
Roger Smith. Being Human: Historical Knowledge and the Creation of Human Nature. Review by Cristina Chimisso.
Books Received
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 59, #2, 2008
Philip Gerrans and Valerie E. Stone. Generous or Parsimonious Cognitive Architecture? Cognitive Neuroscience and Theory of Mind.
John T. Roberts. A Puzzle about Laws, Symmetries and Measurability.
Roger Sansom. Countering Kauffman with Connectionism: Two Views of Gene Regulation and the Fundamental Nature of Ontogeny.
Vincenzo Crupi, Roberto Festa, and Tommaso Mastropasqua. Bayesian Confirmation by Uncertain Evidence: A Reply to Huber.
Franz Huber. Reply to Crupi et al.'s ‘Bayesian Confirmation by Uncertain Evidence.’
Alisa Bokulich. Can Classical Structures Explain Quantum Phenomena?
Robert Segall. Fertility and Scientific Realism.
Francesco Guala. The Methodology of Experimental Economics. Review by Don Ross.
Andreas Hüttemann. What's Wrong With Microphysicalism? Review by Jonathan Schaffer.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 30, #2, 2008
News and Notes

So-Young Lee. Korean Environmental Thought and Practice: A Case Study of the Indramang Community.
Sung-Hae Kim. The Immortal World: the Telos of Daoist Environmental Ethics.
Discussion Papers
Paul M. Wood and Laurel Watherman. Sustainability Impeded: Ultra Vires Enviromental Issues.
Elisa Aaltola. Personhood and Animals.
Kimberley K. Smith. Animals and the Social Contract.
Book Reviews
Andrew Dobson and Derek Bell, eds. Environmental Citizenship. Review by Dustin Mulvaney.
Kerry H. Whiteside. Precautionary Politics: Principle and Practice in Confronting Environmental Risk. Review by Michael S. Carolan.
Surjeet Kaur Chahal. Ecology Redesigning Genes: Ethical and Sikh Perspective. Review by Holmes Rolston, III
John Hart. Sacramental Commons: Christian Ecological Ethics. Review by Bernard Daley Zaleha.
Julie Sze. Noxious New York: The Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice. Review by Derek Bell.
A response to Frank W. Derringh'a review of Ecological Ethics: an Introduction by Patrick Curry.

Erkenntnis, Vol. 68, #3, 2008
Special Issue: Towards a New Epistemology of Mathematics
Bernd Buldt, Benedikt Löwe and Thomas Müller
Bernd Buldt, Benedikt Löwe and Thomas Müller. Towards a New Epistemology of Mathematics.
Alan Baker. Experimental Mathematics.
Kajsa Bråting and Johanna Pejlare. Visualizations in Mathematics.
Keith Devlin. A Mathematician Reflects on the Useful and Reliable Illusion of Reality in Mathematics.
Kenny Easwaran. The Role of Axioms in Mathematics.
Brendan Larvor. What can the Philosophy of Mathematics Learn from the History of Mathematics?
Dirk Schlimm. On Abstraction and the Importance of Asking the Right Research Questions: Could Jordan have Proved the Jordan-Hölder Theorem?
Bart Van Kerkhove and Jean Paul Van Bendegem. Pi on Earth, or Mathematics in the Real World .
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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 25, #3, 2008
Jeanne Peijnenburg and David Atkinson. Achilles, the Tortoise, and Colliding Balls.
David Forman. Free Will and the Freedom of the Sage in Leibniz and the Stoics.
Angela Coventry and Uriah Kriegel. Locke on Consciousness.
William D. Melaney. Hume's Secular Paradigm: Skepticism and Historical Knowledge.
Alberto Vanzo. A Correspondence Theory of Objects? On Kant's Notions of Object, Truth, and Actuality.
Call for Papers :
APQ is projecting for 2009 a special issue devoted to theme of "Reasons and Rationality (Theoretic and Practical)" Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2008
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 46, #1, 2008
Makkreel, Rudolf A., Press, Gerald A. Craig Walton 1934-2007.
Richard Foley. Plato’s Undividable Line: Contradiction and Method in Republic VI.
Hye-Kyung Kim. Metaphysics H 6 and the Problem of Unity.
Jean De Groot. Dunamis and the Science of Mechanics: Aristotle on Animal Motion.
Gonzalo Rodríguez Pereyra. Descartes’s Substance Dualism and His Independence Conception of Substance.
Jasper William Reid. The Spatial Presence of Spirits among the Cartesians.
Jean-Christophe Bardout. Berkeley et les métaphysiques de son temps.
Alison Stone. Being, Knowledge, and Nature in Novalis.
Book Reviews
Carl A.Huffman. Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher, and Mathematician-King. Review by Patrick L.Miller.
Lesher, J. H.,etc. eds. Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception. Review by Gerald A. Press.
Kenneth M. Sayre.Crystal.Metaphysics and Method in Plato's Statesman. Review by Cordell.
Samuel Charles.Plato's Forms in Transition: A Reading of the Parmenides.Review by Kenneth M. Sayre.
Longeway, John. Demonstration and Scientific Knowledge in William of Ockham: A Translation of Summa Logicae III-II: De Syllogismo Demonstrativo, and Selections from the Prologue to the Ordinatio. Review by Alexander W. Hall.
Caroti, Stefano, etc.eds. Nicolas d'Autrécourt et la Faculté des Arts de Paris (1317-1340). Review by J. M. M. H. Thijssen.
Gary Steiner.Descartes as a Moral Thinker: Christianity, Technology, Nihilism. Review by Deborah J. Brown.
R. S. Woolhouse. Locke: A Biography. Review by Michael Losonsky
Costică Brădățan. The Other Bishop Berkeley: An Exercise in Reenchantment. Review by Harry M. Bracken
Drew A. Hyland,etc, eds. Heidegger and the Greeks: Interpretive Essays. Review by Peter Eli Gordon.
Solomon, Robert C. Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts: Experience and Reflection in Camus and Sartre. Review by Thomas R. Flynn.
Books Received
JHP Announcements
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 46, #2, 2008
Taneli Kukkonen. No Man Is an Island: Nature and Neo-Platonic Ethics in Hayy Ibn Yaqzān.
James A. Harris.Religion in Hutcheson’s Moral Philosophy.
Jonathan Peterson. Enlightenment and Freedom.
Todd Hedrick. Race, Difference, and Anthropology in Kant’s Cosmopolitanism.
Pauline Kleingeld. Romantic Cosmopolitanism: Novalis’s “Christianity or Europe.”
Kristin Gjesdal. Between Enlightenment and Romanticism: Some Problems and Challenges in Gadamer’s Hermeneutics.
Notes and Discussion
Richard Dean. Glasgow’s Conception of Kantian Humanity.
Book Reviews
Tim O'Keefe. Epicurus on Freedom. Review by Mi-Kyoung Lee.
Simo Knuuttila. Emotions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. Review by Kevin White.
Peter Boschung. From a Topical Point of View: Dialectic in Anselm of Canterbury’s. Review by Henrik Lagerlund.
Rubio, Mercedes. Aquinas and Maimonides on the Possibility of Knowledge of God: An Examination of the Quaestio de attributis. Review by Jennifer Hart Weed.
Lennon, Thomas M., ed.Cartesian Views: Papers Presented to Richard A. Watson. Review by Patricia A. Easton.
Matthew L. Jones.The Good Life in the Scientific Revolution: Descartes, Pascal, and the Cultivation of Virtue. Review by Charlie Huenemann.
Patricia Springborg. Mary Astell: Theorist of Freedom from Domination. Review by Alice Sowaal.
Michael B. Gill. The British Moralists on Human Nature and the Birth of Secular Ethics. Review by Laurent Jaffro.
Hume, David author, Norton, David Fate and Mary J., eds. A Treatise of Human Nature. Review by Peter S. Fosl.
Raphael, D. D.The Impartial Spectator: Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy. Review by James R. Otteson.
Dean, Richard. The Value of Humanity in Kant’s Moral Theory. Review by Eric Entrican Wilson
Alfredo Ferrarin. Congedarsi da Kant?: Interventi sul Goodbye Kant di Ferraris. Review by Tom Bailey.
Dieter Henrich. Between Kant and Hegel. Lectures on German Idealism. Review by Daniel Breazeale.
Stephen Mark Gardiner, ed. Virtue Ethics Old and New. Review by Pamela M. Hall
John Rawls, author, Samuel Richard Freeman, ed. Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy. Review by Matthew Simpson
Books Received
JHP Announcements
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 37, #3, 2008

John Nolt. Truth as an epistemic ideal.
Greg Frost-Arnold. Too much reference: semantics for multiply signifying terms.
Igor Douven. Kaufmann on the probabilities of conditionals.
Scott Soames. Why propisitions cannot be sets of truth-supporting circumstances.
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