Thursday, May 1, 2008

Focus: Political and Legal Philosophy

Journal of Political Philosophy, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2008
Original Articles
Darrel Mollendorf. Jus ex Bello*

Andrea Sangiovanni. Justice and the Priority of Politics to Morality*
Frank Hindriks. The Freedom of Collective Agents*
Alex Voorhoeve. Scanlon on Substantive Responsibility*
Matthew Noah Smith. Terrorism, Shared Rules and Trust*
Debate: Jeff McMahan on the Moral Inequality of CombatantsUwe Steinhoff
Debate: Justification and Liability in War*Jeff McMahan.

Law and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #3, 2008
Michael S. Pardo and Ronald J. Allen. Juridical Proof and the Best Explanation.

Andrew Botterell. In Defence of Infringement.John Oberdiek, What’s Wrong with Infringements (Insofar as Infringements are not Wrong): A Reply

Human Rights Review Volume 9 Number 2, 2008 (note, GL does not have most recent issues online or in print. If you see an article you want, request on Interlibrary Loan.
Carol C. Gould. The Theory of Universal Human Rights: A Comment on Talbott.
Jeppe Platz. Reasonable Disagreement and Metaphysical Immodesty: A Comment on Talbott’s Which Rights Should be Universal?
David A. Reidy. William Talbott’s Which Rights Should be Universal?
William J. Talbott. A Reply to Critics: In Defense of One Kind of Epistemically Modest But Metaphysically Immodest Liberalism.
Volker Heins. Human Rights, Intellectual Property, and Struggles for Recognition.
Sangmin Bae. The Death Penalty and the Peculiarity of American Political Institutions.
Eric Neumayer. Death Penalty: The Political Foundations of the Global Trend Towards Abolition.
Book Review
Serena Simoni. Thomas B. Hansen and Finn Stepputat, (eds)., Sovereign Bodies: Citizens, Migrants, and States in the Post-Colonial World.
Bernie Cook. Merrill D. Peterson, Starving Armenians: America and the Armenian Genocide, 1919–1930 and After.
Adamantia Pollis. George Andreopoulos, Zehra F. Kabasakai Arat, and Peter Juviler (eds.), Non-State Actors in the Human Right Universe.
Joyce Apsel. Daniel Chirot and Clark McCauley (eds), Why Not Kill Them All? The Logic and Prevention of Mass Political Murder.

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