Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Focus: Bioethics

Amrican Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 8, #1, 2008
Report: Molly C. Chalfin; Emily R. Murphy; Katrina A. Karkazis. Women's Neuroethics? Why Sex Matters for Neuroethics
Perspectives: Robert Wachbroit. The Prospects for Neuro-Exceptionalism: Transparent Lies, Naked Minds.
Target Article: Daniel V. Meegan. Neuroimaging Techniques for Memory Detection: Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Issues.
Open Peer Commentaries
Susan M. Wolf . Neurolaw: The Big Question.
Daniel Goldberg. The Detection of Constructed Memories and the Risks of Undue Prejudice.
Johanna C. van Hooff . Neuroimaging Techniques for Memory Detection: Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Issues.
John J. B. Allen. Not Devoid of Forensic Potential, But ....
Ana Rosa Tenorio de Amorim. Equality and Right to Development as Neuroethical Concerns: Assuring Defendants' Rights.
William G. Iacono. The Forensic Application of “Brain Fingerprinting:” Why Scientists Should Encourage the Use of P300 Memory Detection Methods.
Pierre Pouget. To Wink or to Blink: Technical Limits or Phenomenological Difficulties.
Dov Fox. Brain Imaging and the Bill of Rights: Memory Detection Technologies and American Criminal Justice.
Target Article
Joseph J. Fins. A Leg to Stand On: Sir William Osler and Wilder Penfield's “Neuroethics.”
Open Peer Commentaries
Ruth L. Fischbach; Gerald D. Fischbach. Neuroethicists Needed Now More Than Ever .

D. Gareth Jones. Neuroethics: Adrift from a Clinical Base.
Samia A. Hurst. Standing on More Than One Leg: Interdisciplinarity's Balancing Acts.
Eric Racine. Interdisciplinary Approaches for a Pragmatic Neuroethics.
Carl Senior; Nick Lee; Michael Butler. The Neuroethics of the Social World of Work.

Bioethics, Volume 22, Issue 5, June 2008
Ruth Chadwick. The Impact Of Research In Bioethics.
Lotte Asveld. Mass-Vaccination Programmes And The Value Of Respect For Autonomy.
John Davis. Selecting Potential Children And Unconditional Parental Love.
Jennifer Damelio And Kelly Sorensen. Enhancing Autonomy In Paid Surrogacy.
Joachim Asscher. The Moral Distinction Between Killing And Letting Die in Medical Cases.
Country Report
Edwin Hui. Parental Refusal Of Life-Saving Treatments For Adolescents: Chinese Familism In Medical Decision-Making Re-Visited.
Review Article
John Stewart Gordon. The Status Of The In Vitro Embryo.

Hastings Center Report, Vol. 38, #2, 2008
Gregory E. Kaebnick. Unrest about research.
Another Voice. Lynn A. Jansen. Doctor vs. Scientist?
In Practice. Mark R. Mercurio. Rituals of unburdening.
At Law. Larry O. Gostin. The deregulatory state.
Policy and Politics. Ezekiel J. Emanuel. What are bioethicists doing about health care reform?
Susan Gilbert. Trials and tribulations.
Karen J. Maschke. Human resaerch protections: Time for regulatory reform?
Lois Snyder and Paul S. Mueller. Researdh in the Physician's office: Navigating the ethical minefield.
Paul Gelsinger and Adil E. Shamoo. Eight years after Jesse's death, are human research subjects any safer?
Greg Koski. Tipping Point, over the top, or just noncompliance as usual?
Steven Joffe and Franklin G. Miller. Bench to bedside: mapping the moral terrain of clinical research.
Sara Goering, Suzanne Holland, and Kelly Fryer-Edwards. Transforming genetic research with marginalized communities: A case for responsive justice.
Field Notes. Nancy Berlinger.
Perspective. Dov Fox. The regulation of biotechnologies: four recommendations.
Review. Dena S. Davis reviews A thoughtful look at disability.

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