Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Volume 30, #5-6, 2007
Main Articles
Précis of The Rational Imagination: How People Create Alternatives to Reality
Ruth M. J. Byrne.

Consciousness, accessibility, and the mesh between psychology and neuroscience. Ned Block. Commentaries by many big names in the field. Definitely worth looking at.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Volume 31, #1, 2008
Main Articles
Susan Hurley. The shared circuits model (SCM): How control, mirroring, and simulation can enable imitation, deliberation, and mindreading

Robert P. Erickson. A study of the science of taste: On the origins and influence of the core ideas.

Politics and Gender, Vol 4, #1, 2008 (UM does not subscribe)
Mary Ann Tétreaulta. Abstract. Women in International Relations: Sediment, Trends, and Agency
Abstract: Not quite 15 years ago, the International Studies Association (ISA) sponsored an investigation into the status of women in the profession. Most of the conclusions were not too far from what Daniel Maliniak, Amy Oakes, Susan Peterson, and Michael Tierney report in this issue: Women are underrepresented among academics in political science as a whole, and especially in the field of international relations. They also are underrepresented in higher academic ranks. Although they publish at about the same rate as their male counterparts, women's work is far less likely to be cited or mentioned as influential in the field. The “Women in International Relations” study by Maliniak and his coauthors shows that not much has changed—or has it?

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