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March 1-15, 2008, Miscellaneous titles

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Nursing Philosophy, Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2008
Editorial Derek Sellman.
Original papers
John Paley MA. Spirituality and nursing: a reductionist approach.
Christine Ceci PhD. Increasingly distant from life: problem setting in the organization of home care.
Martin Lipscomb MSc BSc RN. Mixed method nursing studies: a critical realist critique.
Paul Wainwright SRN DipN Lond (Dist) DANS Msc RNT PhD and Ann Gallagher SRN RMN BA MA PhD. On different types of dignity in nursing care: a critique of Nordenfelt.
Sofia Almerud RNANIC PhD, Richard J. Alapack PhD, Bengt Fridlund RNT RNAN PhD, and Margaretha Ekebergh RNT RNAN PhD. Beleaguered by technology: care in technologically intense environments
Dialogue column
Geir F. Lorem PhD. Making sense of stories: the use of patient narratives within mental health care research.
Call for papers: Nursing Philosophy

Acknowledgement to reviewers since inception of Nursing Philosophy

The Philosophical Forum Volume 39, # 1, 2008
Original articles
Bjørn jespersen and Chris Reintges. Tractarian sätze, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the very idea of script as picture
James Blachowicz. The beginning and end of negative morality: an evolutionary perspective.
Justin Leiber. The wiles of evolutionary psychology and the indeterminacy of selection.

The Philosophical Forum, Volume 38, Issue 4, Winter 2007
Original Articles
Mikel Burley. Lucretius' Symmetry Argument And The Determinacy Of Death.Michael D. Garral. On "Becoming Moral": Principles And Particular Intuitions In Ethics.
Theodore M. Benditt. Revenge.
Jane Duran. The Philosophical Camus.
Nicholas Dixon. Romantic Love, Appraisal, And Commitment.
John Niemayer Findlay. Hegel's Philosophy: The Logic.
Notes On Contributors
Books Received

Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 78, #1-2, 2008

S. M. Patrick Primeaux, Marilynn Fleckenstein, Mary Maury, Patricia Werhane. Introduction.
Tammy L. MacLean. Framing and Organizational Misconduct. A Symbolic Interactionist Study.
Mary Lyn Stoll. Backlash Hits Business Ethics: Finding Effective Strategies for Communicating the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Michael Schwartz. Some Thoughts on Moriarty and Moeller
Linda M. Sama, Victoria Shoaf. Ethical Leadership for the Professions: Fostering a Moral Community.
MaryAnn Reynolds, Kristi Yuthas. Moral Discourse and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting.
Gopal V. Krishnan, Linda M. Parsons. Getting to the Bottom Line: An Exploration of Gender and Earnings Quality.
Baris Parkan. Professionalism: A Virtue or Estrangement from Self-activity?
W. Michael Hoffman, John D. Neill, O. Scott Stovall. An Investigation of Ethics Officer Independence.
Grace Natoli. Augustinian Moral Consciousness and the Businessman.
Ellen J. Lippman. Biblical Safeguards and Traditions as Potential Guidance for the Lending of Monies.
George Lan, Maureen Gowing, Sharon McMahon, Fritz Rieger, Norman King. A Study of the Relationship Between Personal Values and Moral Reasoning of Undergraduate Business Students.
Linda A. Kidwell, Roland E. Kidwell. Do the Numbers Add Up to Different Views? Perceptions of Ethical Faculty Behavior Among Faculty in Quantitative Versus Qualitative Disciplines.
Cam Caldwell, Linda A. Hayes, Patricia Bernal, Ranjan Karri. Ethical Stewardship – Implications for Leadership and Trust.
Nabil A. Ibrahim, Donald P. Howard, John P. Angelidis. The Relationship between Religiousness and Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation: Are there Differences Between Business Managers and Students?
Carl L. Harshman, Ellen F. Harshman. The Gordian Knot of Ethics: Understanding Leadership Effectiveness and Ethical Behavior.
Michael P. Coyne, Janice M. Traflet. Ethical Issues Related to the Mass Marketing of Securities.
Rogene A. Buchholz, Sandra B. Rosenthal. The Unholy Alliance of Business and Science.
Vidya N. Awasthi. Managerial Decision-Making on Moral Issues and the Effects of Teaching Ethics.
James J. Angel, Douglas M. McCabe. The Ethics of Managerial Compensation: The Case of Executive Stock Options.
Joshua Fogel, Hershey H. Friedman. Conflict of Interest and the Talmud.
Florian Wettstein. Let’s Talk Rights: Messages for the Just Corporation–Transforming the Economy Through the Language of Rights.
Stelios C. Zyglidopoulos, Peter J. Fleming. Ethical Distance in Corrupt Firms: How Do Innocent Bystanders Become Guilty Perpetrators?

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Volume 35, # 4, 2007
Lawrence O. Gostin and James G. Hodge, Jr. Global Health Law, Ethics, and Policy.
Symposium Articles
Lawrence O. Gostin and Robert Archer. The Duty of States to Assist Other States in Need: Ethics, Human Rights, and International Law.
Lance Gable. The Proliferation of Human Rights in Global Health Governance.
Benjamin Mason Meier. Advancing Health Rights in a Globalized World: Responding to Globalization through a Collective Human Right to Public Health.
Allyn L. Taylor. Addressing the Global Tragedy of Needless Pain: Rethinking the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.
Roger S. Magnusson. Mapping the Scope and Opportunities for Public Health Law in Liberal Democracies.
Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya. An Exploration of Conceptual and Temporal Fallacies in International Health Law and Promotion of Global Public Health Preparedness.
Lainie Rutkow and Stephen P. Teret. Limited Liability and the Public's Health.
Richard Coker, Marianna Thomas, Karen Lock, and Robyn Martin. Detention and the Evolving Threat of Tuberculosis: Evidence, Ethics, and Law.
David P. Fidler, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Howard Markel. Through the Quarantine Looking Glass: Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and Public Health Governance, Law, and Ethics.
Thomas A. Faunce. Nanotechnology in Global Medicine and Human Biosecurity: Private Interests, Policy Dilemmas, and the Calibration of Public Health Law.
Ruth Lopert and Sara Rosenbaum. What Is Fair? Choice, Fairness, and Transparency in Access to Prescription Medicines in the United States and Australia.
Nancy M. Baum, Sarah E. Gollust, Susan D. Goold, and Peter D. Jacobson. Looking Ahead: Addressing Ethical Challenges in Public Health Practice.
Jon S. Vernick, James G. Hodge, Jr. and Daniel W. Webster. The Ethics of Restrictive Licensing for Handguns: Comparing the United States and Canadian Approaches to Handgun Regulation.
Roger Brownsword. The Ancillary-Care Responsibilities of Researchers: Reasonable But Not Great Expectations.
Independent Articles
Jess Alderman. Ethical Implications of Physician Involvement in Lawsuits on Behalf of the Tobacco Industry.
Mark Popovsky. Jewish Perspectives on the Use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.
Review by Dov Fox.
Luck, Genes, and Equality.Jonathan Kimmelman. Ethics at Phase 0: Clarifying the Issues.
Yann Joly and Gillian Nycum. Currents in Contemporary Ethics. The Tuberculosis Scare in Retrospect.
Charity Scott. Teaching Health Law. How Well Do We Engage Our Students?
Christie L. Hager. The Ethical Health Lawyer. The Ethical Health Lawyer in the Legislature.

Science and Engineering Ethics, Volume 13 Number 3, 2008
Editorial. Michelle H. Biros. The Ethics of Research in Emergency Medicine.
Original Paper
Eugenijus Gefenas. Balancing Ethical Principles in Emergency Medicine Research.
Kenneth V. Iserson. Has Emergency Medicine Research Benefited Patients? An Ethical Question.
John McManus, Annette McClinton, Robert Gerhardt, Michael Morris. Performance of Ethical Military Research is Possible: On and Off the Battlefield.
Ritva Halila. Assessing the Ethics of Medical Research in Emergency Settings: How Do International Regulations Work in Practice?
Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozlowska. The Admissibility of Research in Emergency Medicine.
Piotr S. Iwanowski. Informed Consent Procedure for Clinical Trials in Emergency Settings: The Polish Perspective.
Joanna Rózynska, Marek Czarkowski. Emergency Research without Consent under Polish Law.
Malcolm G. Booth. Informed Consent in Emergency Research: A Contradiction in Terms.
Michelle H. Biros. Research without Consent: Exception from and Waiver of Informed Consent in Resuscitation Research.
Erwin J. O. Kompanje. ‘No Time to be Lost!’

Acta Analytica, Volume 22 Number 4
Albert Casullo. What Is Entitlement? Author(s)
David Henderson, Terry Horgan, Matjaž Potrc. Transglobal Evidentialism-Reliabilism
Claudio Almeid. Closure, Defeasibility and Conclusive Reasons
Steven Luper. The Easy Argument
Michael McDermott. True Antecedents

Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Volume 17 Number 2
Juha Kontinen, Jakub Szymanik. A Remark on Collective Quantification
J. Lambek. Pregroup Grammars and Chomsky’s Earliest Examples
Gemma Robles. The Basic Constructive Logic for Negation-Consistency
Joshua Sack. Temporal Languages for Epistemic Programs
Hans-Jörg Tiede. Inessential Features, Ineliminable Features, and Modal Logics for Model Theoretic Syntax

Metascience, Volume 17 Number 1, 2008

Foundations of Science, Volume 13 Number 1
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Volume 12, Number 1 / March, 2007
Tomasz Bigaj, Counterfactuals and Non-locality of Quantum Mechanics: The Bedford–Stapp Version of the GHZ Theorem

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