Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

Analysis, Vol. 76, #3, 2016
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 98, #2, 2016
emotion review, Vol. 8, #3, 2016
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 38, #1, 2016
Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 21, #1, 2016
Food Ethics, Vol. 1, #1, 2016 (NEW!)
Kant-Studien, Vol. 107, #2, 2016
Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 10, #1, 2016
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #3, 2016
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Vol. 5, 2015
Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #7, 2016
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Vol. 54, May 2016

Analysis, Vol. 76, #3, 2016
John McGuire. Can one decide to do something without forming an intention to do it?
Mark Jago. Alethic undecidability doesn’t solve the Liar.
Paul Henne, Vladimir Chituc, Felipe De Brigard, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. An Empirical Refutation of ‘Ought’ Implies ‘Can.’
Will Davies. Externalist Psychiatry.
David Widerker. A New Argument Against Libertarian Free Will?
Book Symposium
Christopher Peacocke. Summary.
Naomi Eilan. You Me and the World.
Karen Neander. Peacocke on Primitive Self-Representation.
Susanna Schellenberg. De Se Content and De Hinc Content.
Christopher Peacocke. The Nature and Role of First and Second Person Content.
Recent Work
Jessica Begon. Paternalism.
Critical Notices
Berit Brogaard. Perception and Its Objects.
William Talbott. Transformative Experience.
Book Reviews
Daniel Brigham. Assertion: on the Philosophical Significance of Assertoric Speech by Sanford G. Goldberg.
David G. Stern. The Logical Must: Wittgenstein on Logic by Penelope Maddy.
Anandi Hattiangadi. The Rules of Thought by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa and Benjamin W. Jarvis.
Giacomo Melis. A Naturalistic Epistemology: Selected Papers by Hilary Kornblith.
Daniel Morgan.The Self in Question: Memory, the Body and Self-Consciousness by Andy Hamilton.
Eden Lin. Achievement by Gwen Bradford.
D. K. Levy.  Manipulation: Theory and Practice by Christian Coons and Michael Weber.
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Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 98, #2, 2016
Ekaterina Matusova.Between Exegesis and Philosophy: Philosophical Generalisations in cols. XVI, XVII and XIX of the Derveni Papyrus in Light of Interpretative Strategy.
Andrea Sangiacomo. Before the Conatus Doctrine: Spinoza’s Correspondence with Willem van Blijenbergh.
David Zapero. La doctrine kantienne du Faktum de la raison et la justification de la loi morale.Samantha Matherne. Kantian Themes in Merleau-Ponty’s Theory of Perception.
Samantha Matherne. Kantian Themes in Merleau-Ponty’s Theory of Perception.
Book Reviews
Svetla Slaveva-Griffin. Paul Kalligas: The “Enneads” of Plotinus: A Commentary, Volume 1. Translated by Elizabeth Key Fowden and Nicolas Pilavachi. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014.
Sean McConnell. Jonathan Zarecki: Cicero’s Ideal Statesmen in Theory and Practice.
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emotion review, Vol. 8, #3, 2016
Peter N. Stearns. Shame, and a Challenge for Emotions History.
Ad J. J. M. Vingerhoets and Lauren M. Bylsma. The Riddle of Human Emotional Crying: A Challenge for Emotion Researchers.
Diana Onu, Thomas Kessler, and Joanne R. Smith. Admiration: A Conceptual Review.
Mark Warr. Crime and Regret.
Pierre Livet. Emotions, Beliefs, and Revisions.
Vanessa LoBue. When Is a Face No Longer a Face? A Problematic Dichotomy in Visual Detection Research.
Vanessa L. Castro, Yanhua Cheng, Amy G. Halberstadt, and Daniel Grühn. EUReKA! A Conceptual Model of Emotion Understanding.
George Lakoff. Language and Emotion.
Adrienne Wood, Gary Lupyan, and Paula Niedenthal. Why Do We Need Emotion Words in the First Place? Commentary on Lakoff (2015).
Lisa Aziz-Zadeh and Vesna Gamez-Djokic. Comment: The Interaction Between Metaphor and Emotion Processing in the Brain.
Cliff Goddard. Comment: Lakoff on Metaphor – More Heat Than Light.
Inger Leemans. Comment: Embodied Emotions From a Dutch Historical Perspective.
Joshua K. Hartshorne. Comment: Acquiring metaphors.
Debi Roberson and Lydia Whitaker. Comment on “Language and Emotion”: Metaphor, Morality and Contested Concepts.
Author Reply
George Lakoff. Author Reply: Reply to Commentaries on Language and Emotion (2015).
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 38, #1, 2016
News and Notes
Mei-Hsiang Lin. Traditional Chinese Confucianism and Taoism and Current Environmental Education.
David E. Storey. Nietzsche and Ecology Revisited: The Biological Basis of Value.
Discussion Papers
Jonathan Parker. Stoic Quietude: Rethinking Stoicism in Relation to the Soundscape.
Tony Lynch and Stephen Norris. On the Enduring Importance of Deep Ecology.
Willis Jenkins. The Turn to Virtue in Climate Ethics: Wickedness and Goodness in the Anthropocene.
Nin Kirkham. Recognizing Our Place in the World.
Book Reviews
Ricardo Rozzi et al., eds. Earth Stewardship: Linking Ecology and Ethics in Theory and Practice. Review by Melissa Clarke.
Louise Westling. The Logos of the Living World: Merleau-Ponty, Animals, and Language. Review by Frank Schalow.
Dale E. Miller. Mill's "Nature": A Reply to Piers H.G. Stephens.
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Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 21, #1, 2016
Antoine C. Dussault. Ecological Nature: A Non-Dualistic Concept for Rethinking Humankind’s Place in the World.
Toby Svoboda. Environmental Philosophy as A Way of Life.
Erica von Essen, Michael P. Allen. The Republican Zoopolis: Towards A New Legitimation Framework for Relational Animal Ethics.
Teea Kortetmäki. Is Broad the New Deep in Environmental Ethics?: A Comparison of Broad Ecological Justice and Deep Ecology.
Book Reviews
Lisa Kretz. Environmental Skill: Motivation, Knowledge, and the Possibility of a Non-Romantic Environmental Ethics by Mark Coeckelbergh.
Ashley Dodsworth. Engaging Nature: Environmentalism and the Canon ed. by Peter Cannavò and Joseph Lane Jr.
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Food Ethics, Vol. 1, #1, 2016 (NEW!)
Matthias Kaiser, Anne Algers. Food ethics: a Wide Field in Need of Dialogue.
Research Articles
Thomas Pogge. The Hunger Games.
Dan Banik. The Hungry Nation: Food Policy and Food Politics in India.
Mara Miele. Killing Animals for Food: How Science, Religion and Technologies Affect the Public Debate About Religious Slaughter.
Paul B. Thompson. The Emergence of Food Ethics.
Discussion Paper
Jeroen P. van der Sluijs, Nora S. Vaage. Pollinators and Global Food Security: the Need for Holistic Global Stewardship.
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 107, #2, 2016
Eike Bohlken. Kants Theorie der Personalität als Selbstverhältnis in der „Tugendlehre“ und in der Kritik der reinen Vernunft.
Leonardo Rodríguez Dupla. Die Kohärenz der Gnadenlehre im kantischen Denken.
Toni Kannisto. Positio contra complementum possibilitatis – Kant and Baumgarten on Existence.
Robert R. Clewis. Kant’s Natural Teleology? The Case of Physical Geography.
Stelios Gadris. Two Cases of Irony: Kant and Wittgenstein.
Berichte und Diskussionen
Holger Gutschmidt. Depositum. Ein Fall moralischer Zuschreibung bei Immanuel Kant.
Prof. Dr. Renate Wahsner. Kiyoshi Chiba: Kants Ontologie der raumzeitlichen Wirklichkeit. Versuch einer anti-realistischen Interpretation der „Kritik der reinen Vernunft“.
Reinhard Brandt. Philipp-Alexander Hirsch: Kants Einleitung in die Rechtslehre von 1784. Immanuel Kants Rechtsbegriff in der Moralvorlesung „Mrongovius II“ und der Naturrechtsvorlesung „Feyerabend“ von 1784 sowie in der „Metaphysik der Sitten“ von 1797.
Antonio Falduto. Marco Ivaldo: Ragione pratica. Kant, Reinhold, Fichte.
Sophie Grapotte. Kant, Immanuel: Natural Science. Ed. by Eric Watkins.
Philipp Schaller. Sebastian Maly: Kant über die symbolische Erkenntnis Gottes.
Georg Cavallar. Kate A. Moran: Community and Progress in Kant’s Moral Philosophy. Peter Heintel. Jannis Pissis: Kants transzendentale Dialektik. Zu ihrer systematischen Bedeutung.
Dennis Schulting. Sally Sedgwick: Hegel’s Critique of Kant. From Dichotomy to Identity.
Daniel Leserre. Donald P. Verene: The Origins of the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms. Kant, Hegel, and Cassirer.
Rastko Jovanov. Zdravko Kučinar: Artur Libert/Arthur Liebert: Život i dela. Leben und Werke. Life and Works.
Colin Turbayne and Alisa Turbayne. International Berkeley Essay Prize Competition.
Bernd Dörflinger. Mitgliederversammlung der Kant-Gesellschaft.
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Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 10, #1, 2016
Public Religion, Private Communities and Human Rights

W. Kahn, Paul. The Jurisprudence of Religion in a Secular Age: From Ornamentalism to Hobby Lobby.
Shachar, Ayelet. Squaring the Circle of Multiculturalism? Religious Freedom and Gender Equality in Canada.
Hirschl, Ran. Early Engagements with the Constitutive Laws of Others: Possible Lessons from Pre-Modern Religious Law.
Mautner, Menachem. Meaning, Religion, and the State: On the Future of Liberal Human Rights.
Sapir, Gideon / Statman, Daniel. The Protection of Holy Places.
Zucca, Lorenzo. A Secular Manifesto for Europe.
Jamal, Amal / Kensicki, Anna. A Theory of Critical Junctures for Democratization: A Comparative Examination of Constitution-Making in Egypt and Tunisia.
Carmit Yefet, Karin. Synagogue and State in the Israeli Military: A Story of “Inappropriate Integration.”
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #3, 2016
Research Article
Brian Buccola, Benjamin Spector. Modified numerals and maximality.
Original Research
Haoze Li, Jess H.-K. Law. Alternatives in different dimensions: a case study of focus intervention.
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Original Papers
Daniel Lassiter. Must, knowledge, and (in)directness.
Márta Abrusán. Presupposition cancellation: explaining the ‘soft-hard’ trigger distinction.
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Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Vol. 5, 2015(Tanner copy at the Bindery until mid-August)
Acknowledgments // List of Contributors // Introduction by Mark Timmons
Philip Pettit: The Asymemetry of Good and Evil.
Christine Swanton: A Particularist but Codifable Virtue Ethics.
Mark LeBar: My Welfare and Yours.
Nomy Arpaly: Moral Worth and Normative Ethics.
T.M. Scanlon: Ideas of the Good in Moral and Political Philosophy.
Jesse S. Summers and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: Scrupulous Judgments.
Tony Manela:Obligations of Gratitude and Correlative Rights.
Charlie Kurth: Moral Anxiety and Moral Agency.
Antti Kauppinen: The Narrative Calculus.
.Elizabeth Harman: Morality Within the Realm of the Morally Permissible.
Julia Nefsky: Fairness, Participation, and the Real Problem of Collective Harm.
Ernesto V. Garcia: The Virtue of Authenticity.
Alex Silk: What Normative Terms Mean and Why It Matters for Ethical Theory.
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Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Sébastien Gandon. Rota's Philosophy in its Mathematical Context.
Michèle Friend and Daniele Molinini. Using Mathematics to Explain a Scientific Theory.
Øystein Linnebo, Stewart Shapiro, and Geoffrey Hellman. Aristotelian Continua.
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Nigel Vinckier and Jean Paul Van Bendegem reviews Feng Ye. Strict Finitism and the Logic of Mathematical Applications.
Jessica Carter reviews John W. Dawson, Jr. Why Prove it Again: Alternative Proofs in Mathematical Practice.
Burt C. Hopkins reviews Claire Ortiz Hill and Jairo José da Silva. The Road Not Taken: On Husserl's Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics.
Audrey Yap reviews Stephen Pollard. A Mathematical Prelude to the Philosophy of Mathematics.
Retraction Notice
Reviewed by Fred Richman. Nick Haverkamp. Intuitionism vs. Classicism: A Mathematical Attack on Classical Logic. Studies in Theoretical Philosophy, Vol. 2. Frankfurt: Klostermann, 2015.
Books of Essays
Reinhard Kahle and Michael Rathjen, eds. Gentzen's Centenary: The Quest for Consistency.
Ernest Davis and Philip J. Davis eds. Mathematics, Substance and Surmise: Views on the Meaning and Ontology of Mathematics.
Sorin Costreie, ed. Early Analytic Philosophy: New Perpectives on the Tradition.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #7, 2016
Continental Philosophy
David Sherman. Adorno's Negative Dialectics.
Kurt Sylvan. Epistemic Reasons I: Normativity.
Kurt Sylvan. Epistemic Reasons II: Basing.
Feminist Philosophy
Dr. Rebecca Hill. The Multiple Readings of Irigaray's Concept of Sexual Difference.
Philosophy of Religion
James M. Arcadi. Recent Philosophical Work on the Doctrine of the Eucharist.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 83, #3, 2016
Adam Elga. Bayesian Humility.
Jessi Cisewski, Joseph B. Kadane, Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, and Rafael Stern. Sleeping Beauty’s Credences.
Thomas F. Icard. Pragmatic Considerations on Comparative Probability.
Manolo Martínez and Peter Godfrey-Smith. Common Interest and Signaling Games: A Dynamic Analysis.
Joshua Luczak. On How to Approach the Approach to Equilibrium.
Miles MacLeod and Michiru Nagatsu. Model Coupling in Resource Economics: Conditions for Effective Interdisciplinary Collaboration.
Discussion Note
Frédérique de Vignemont and Pierre Jacob. Beyond Empathy for Pain.
Essay Reviews
Jason Winning and William Bechtel. Review of Biological Autonomy.
Samuel Schindler. A Theory of Everything.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Vol. 54, May 2016
Anthony Duncan, Enric Pérez. The puzzle of half-integral quanta in the application of the adiabatic hypothesis to rotational motion.
Eric Winsberg, William Mark Goodwin. The adventures of climate science in the sweet land of idle arguments.
Gijs Leegwater. An impossibility theorem for parameter independent hidden variable theories.
Marco Giovanelli. ‘...But I still can׳t get rid of a sense of artificiality’: The Reichenbach–Einstein debate on the geometrization of the electromagnetic field.
J. Brian Pitts. Einstein׳s physical strategy, energy conservation, symmetries, and stability: “But Grossmann & I believed that the conservation laws were not satisfied.”
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