Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

APA Newsletters, Vol. 15, #2, 2016
Foundations of Science, Vol. 21, #2, 2016
Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol. 93, #2, 2016
Mind & Language, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility, Vol. 3, 2015
Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Vol. 2, 2016
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 97, #2, 2016
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #7, 2016
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #6, 2016
Phronesis, Vol. 61, #3, 2016

APA Newsletters, Vol. 15, #2, 2016
Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies
From the Guest Editor, Amy Olberding // Submission Guidelines and Information
“Chinese Philosophy and Wider Philosophical Discourse: Including Chinese Philosophy in General Audience Philosophy Journals,” Amy Olberding
“Some Reflections on the Status of Chinese Philosophy in U.S. Graduate Programs,” David B. Wong
“What’s Missing in Philosophy Departments? Specialists in Chinese Philosophy,” Erin M. Cline
“May You Live in Interesting Times: The State of the Field of Chinese Philosophy,” Alexus McLeod
“The ‘Double Bind’ on Specialists in Chinese Philosophy,” Yong Huang
“Problems and Prospects for the Study of Chinese Philosophy in the English-Speaking World,” Bryan W. Van Norden.

Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers
From the Editor, Peter Boltuc // From the Chair, Thomas M. Powers
Featured Article
“Moving Back on Top of the Wave,” Luciano Floridi
“Ethics of Entropy,” Martin Flament Fultot
“Response to Floridi on Dangers from AI,” Kaj Sotala
“The Unavoidable Charm of the Superintelligence and Its Risk,” Federico Gobbo
“Some Comments from Luciano Floridi’s The Ethics of Information,” Jacques Bus
“Comment on Floridi’s The Ethics of Information,” David Chapman
“A Call for More Philosophy in the Philosophy of Computer Science,” Robin K. Hill
“Award for Ongoing Doctoral Dissertation Research in the Philosophy of Information”
Call for Papers

Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy
From the Editor, Serena Parekh // About the Newsletter // Submission Guidelines and Information // News from the CSW
“Busted!! A Pictorial History of Women Philosophers
Book Reviews
Sue Campbell: Our Faithfulness to the Past: The Ethics and Politics of Memory, Reviewed by Marianne Janack
Nancy J. Hirschmann and Beth Linker, eds.: Civil Disabilities: Citizenship, Membership, and Belonging, Reviewed by Shelley Tremain
Sara Ahmed: Willful Subjects, Reviewed by Maureen Linker
Shay Welch: A Theory of Freedom: Feminism and Social Contract, Reviewed by Kipton Jensen
Robin West, ed.: Nussbaum and Law, Reviewed by Katharine Schweitzer
Announcements // Contributors

Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy
From the Guest Editor, Roberto Sirvent // Announcement // Call for Submissions
Interview with Maria Lugones
Interview with Manuel Vargas
Winner of the 2015 Essay Prize in Latin American Thought
“Skillful Coping and the Routine of Surviving: Isasi-Díaz on the Importance of Identity to Everyday Knowledge,” Lori Gallegos de Castillo
“‘Immigrant’ or ‘Exiled’? Reconceiving the Desplazada/os of Latin American and Latina/o Philosophy,” Amy Reed-Sandoval
“Gilles Deleuze and Gloria Anzaldúa: A Matter of Differences,” Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
“Existentialism for Postcolonials: Fanon and the Politics of Authenticity,” Elena Ruiz
“The Philosophical Gift of Brown Folks: Mexican American Philosophy in the United States,” José-Antonio Orosco
Book Reviews
Iván Jaksić, ed.: Debating Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Identity: Jorge J. E. Gracia and His Critics, Reviewed by Stephanie Rivera Berruz
Ellie D. Hernández and Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson, eds.: The Un/Making of Latina/o Citizenship: Culture, Politics, and Aesthetics, Reviewed by Veronica Sandoval
Mayra Rivera: Poetics of the Flesh, Reviewed by Elías Ortega-Aponte
Margaret Randall: Haydée Santamaría, Cuban Revolutionary: She Led By Transgression, Reviewed by Daniel Camacho
Contributor Bios

Newsletter on Indigenous Philosophy
 From the Managing Editor, Agnes B. Curry // Announcements // Submission Guidelines
“‘Locality is a Metaphysical Fact’—Theories of Coloniality and Indigenous Liberation Through the Land: A Critical Look at Red Skin, White Masks,” Brian Burkhart
“Earthbound Sustainability in a Vast Universe: Red Lives Matter,” Anne Schulherr Waters
“El Mar Does Not Stop at Borders: Gloria Anzaldúa,” Larissa Couto Rogoski.

Newsletter on LGBTQ Issues in Philosophy
From the Editor, Kory Schaff
“Victim to Victor: A Right to Health Perspective on Ferguson v. JONAH,” Melissa Ballengee Alexander
“So This Lesbian Couple Walks into a Fertility Clinic. . . . Bioethics and the Medicalization of Queer Women’s Reproduction,” Amanda Roth.
“The Moral World of Critics of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage Today,” Timothy F. Murphy
Call for Papers

Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine
From the Editors, Mary Rorty and Mark Sheldon // From the Chair, Nir Eyal // Submission Guidelines
“Skeptical Worries for ICU Rationing,” Luke Gelinas
“Just Rationing in the ICU: What Benefits Count?,” Leonard M. Fleck
“What Does Admission to the Intensive Care Unit Mean, Morally Speaking?,” Timothy F. Murphy
“The Moral Permissibility of Removing Patients from Intensive Care,” Marion Danis, M.D.
“Removing Patients from the ICU: Is It Ever Morally Justifiable?,” Rosamond Rhodes
“Unraveling the Asymmetry in Procreative Ethics,” Trevor Hedberg
“Response to Hedberg,” Dana Howard
“Moral Heroism, Living Organ Donation, and the Problem of Winning by Donating,” Kyle Fruh
“Heroism, Meaning, and Organ Donation: A Reply to Fruh,” Lisa Fuller
Book Review
Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, Sixth Edition, Reviewed by Felicia Nimue Ackerman.

Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy
From the Editors, Tziporah Kasachkoff and Eugene Kelly
“Student Resistance to Thought-Experiments,” Regina A. Rini
“Concrete Examples and Thick Ethical Concepts in Applied Ethics,” Yotam Lurie
List of Books Received // Contributors
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Foundations of Science, Vol. 21, #2, 2016
Special Issue: Meaningfulness, Volunteers, Citizenship
Erik Claes, Nicole Note. Meaningfulness, Volunteers, Citizenship.
Original Papers
Susan Wolf. Meaningfulness: A Third Dimension of the Good Life.
Arnold Burms. Fulfillment and Fitting Fulfillment.
Cheshire Calhoun. Reasons of Love: Response to Wolf.
Susan Wolf. Meaning in Life: Meeting the Challenges.
Original Paper
Nicole Note, Emilie Van Daele. Meaningfulness, Volunteering and Being Moved: The Event of Wit(h)nessing.
Roger Burggraeve. Volunteering and Ethical Meaningfulness.
Mikael Lindfelt. Meaning of Life in Fragile Wit(h)nessing: On Experiencing Radical Uniqueness as Gift and Grace.
Nicole Note. Being-with: Response to Mikael Lindtfelt and Roger Burggraeve.
Original Paper
Johan von Essen. On the Meaning of Volunteering: A Study of Worldviews in Everyday Life.
Emilie Van Daele. Different Perspectives on Meaning and Meaningfulness.
Adalbert Evers. The Meaning of Volunteering: The General and Constant Versus the Differentiating and Shifting.
Johan von Essen. The Dynamics of Change in Everyday Life: Final Response.
Original Paper
Erik Claes. Civic Meaningfulness.
Iseult Honohan. Meaningfulness: Civic or Political? A Response to Erik Claes’s ‘Civic Meaningfulness.’
Paul Dekker. Meaningful Civicness for the Many: A Comment on Erik Claes.
Erik Claes. Civic Meaningfulness ‘Revisited’: A Final Reply to Honohan and Dekker.
Original Paper
Lena Dominelli. Citizenship and Voluntarism: A Meaningful Combination or the Basis for Exploitative Relationships?
Maria De Bie, Rudi Roose. Voluntarism and Citizenship: A Response to Lena Dominelli.
Erik Claes. Civic Meaningfulness: The Political Dimension—A Reply to Lena Dominelli.
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Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol. 93, #2, 2016
Research Articles
Benoit Gaultier. Thought Experiments and Knowledge of Metaphysical Modality.
Paula Sweeney. The No-Proposition View of Vagueness.
Raphael van Riel. If You Understand, You Won’t Be Lucky.
Paul Giladi. New Directions for Transcendental Claims.
Friederich Simon. Self-location and Causal Context.
Roberto Horácio de Sá Pereira.  Defense of Presentist Externalism.
Lei Zhong. Exclusion in Morality.
Manfred Harth. Untergräbt der Relativismus die Autorität der Moral und die regulative Funktion ihrer Wahrheit?
Book Review
A Companion to David Lewis, edited by Barry Lower and Jonathan Schaffer is reviewed by Jackson Frank.
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Mind & Language, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
Hanna Pickard. Denial in Addiction.
Richard Holton. Addiction, Self-Signalling and the Deep Self.
Daniel Morgan and Lucy O'Brien. Getting Out of Your Head: Addiction and the Motive of Self-Escape.
Alexandre Billon. Making Sense of the Cotard Syndrome: Insights from the Study of Depersonalisation.
Neil Levy. ‘My Name is Joe and I'm an Alcoholic’: Addiction, Self-knowledge and the Dangers of Rationalism.
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Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility, Vol. 3, 2015 (available on the new journals shelf)
List of Contributors // Introduction by David Shoemaker
Free will and agential powers by Randolph Clarke and Thomas Reed.
Injecting the phenomenology of agency into the free will debate by Terry Horgan.
Coherence of attitudes, integration of the self, and personal integrity by Sigrún Svavarsdóttir.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and moral agency by Timothy Schroeder.
Sensitivity to reasons and actual sequences by Carolina Sartorio
Responsibility and the actual sequence by John Martin Fischer.
Moral luck reexamined by Michael J. Zimmerman.
The hard problem of responsibility by Victoria McGeer and Philip Pettit.
Rationality, authority, and bindingness: an account of communal norms by Bennett W. Helm.
A difference-making framework for intuitive judgments of responsibility by David Lagnado and Tobias Gerstenberg.
Moral responsibility, reasons, and the self by Chandra Sripada.
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Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Vol. 2, 2016 (available on the new journals shelf)
List of Contributors
Introduction by Peter Vallentyne.
Part I: Ideal Theory
David Estlund. Just and Juster.
Part II: The Moral Assessment of States
Niko Kolodny. Political Rule and Its Discontents.
Amanda Greene. Consent and Political Legitimacy.
Anna Stilz. The Value of Self-Determination.
Assaf Sharon. Domination and the Rule of Law.
Richard Arneson. Elitism.
Gina Schouten. Is the Gendered Division of Labor a Problem of Distributions?
Part III: Issues in Social Relations
Daniel Attas. Terms of Trust.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 97, #2, 2016
Original Articles
Jessica Leech. The Varieties of (Relative) Modality.
Ariela Tubert. Sound Advice and Internal Reasons.
Richard Rowland. Reasons as the Unity Among the Varieties of Goodness.
Donnchadh O'Conaill and Tuomas E. Tahko. Minimal Truthmakers.
Ryan Pollock and David W. Agler. Hume and Peirce on the Ultimate Stability of Belief.
Stephen Hetherington. Understanding Fallible Warrant and Fallible Knowledge: Three Proposals.
Michael Veber. On a so-Called Solution to a Paradox.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #7, 2016
Original Papers
Julia Staffel. Beliefs, buses and lotteries: Why rational belief can’t be stably high credence.
Jeff Behrends, Joshua DiPaolo. Probabilistic promotion revisited.
Mihnea D. I. Capraru. Objective truth in matters of taste.
Noa Latham. Meditation and self-control.
Andreas L. Mogensen. Do evolutionary debunking arguments rest on a mistake about evolutionary explanations?
Thorben Petersen. The grounding problem for eternalism.
S. Clint Dowland. Embodied mind sparsism.
Jonathan Way, Daniel Whiting. If you justifiably believe that you ought to Φ, you ought to Φ.
Erhan Demircioglu. Naïve realism and phenomenological directness: reply to Millar.
Miles Tucker. The pen, the dress, and the coat: a confusion in goodness.
Abelard Podgorski. Dynamic permissivism.
Hagit Benbaji. What can we not do at will and why.
Benjamin Matheson. In defence of the Four-Case Argument.
Michael Huemer. A liberal realist answer to debunking skeptics: the empirical case for realism.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #6, 2016
Comparative Philosophy
Michael D.K. Ing. Philosophy in Western Han Dynasty China (206 BCE–9 CE).
Tina Rulli. The Ethics of Procreation and Adoption.
History of Philosophy
Mark Textor. Vacuous Names in Early Analytic Philosophy: Frege, Russell, and Moore.
Legal & Political
Cara Nine. Resource Rights and Territory.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Lauren Olin. Questions for a Theory of Humor.
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Phronesis, Vol. 61, #3, 2016
Research Articles
Christopher Buckels. The Ontology of the Secret Doctrine in Plato’s Theaetetus
Nathanael Stein. The Puzzle of False Judgement in the Theaetetus.
Joachim Aufderheide. Aristotle Against Delos: Pleasure in Nicomachean Ethics X.
Mika Perälä. A Friend Being Good and One’s Own in Nicomachean Ethics 9.9.
Caleb Cohoe. When and Why Understanding Needs Phantasmata: A Moderate Interpretation of Aristotle’s De Memoria and De Anima on the Role of Images in Intellectual Activities.
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