Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 160, #3, 2016
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 47, #2, 2016
Méthexis, Vol. 27, #1, 2014
Ratio, Vol. 29, #2, 2016
Res Publica, Vol. 22, #1, 2016
Think, Vol. 15, #43, 2016

Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 160, #3, 2016
Ciprian Preda. A generalisation of a theorem of O. Perron for semilinear evolution equations.
Lingmin Liao and Michal Rams . Subexponentially increasing sums of partial quotients in continued fraction expansions .
Tomasz Kania and Niels Jakob Laustsen . Uniqueness of the maximal ideal of operators on the l p-sum of l8 n (n \$\mathbb{N}\$) for 1 < p < 8 .
Dipankar Ghosh and Tony J. Puthenpurakal. Asymptotic prime divisors over complete intersection rings .
Igor Dolinka and Robert D. Gray and Jillian D. Mcphee and James D. Mitchell and Martyn Quick. Automorphism groups of countable algebraically closed graphs and endomorphisms of the random graph.
Ariyan Javanpeyka . An effective Arakelov-theoretic version of the hyperbolic isogeny theorem .
J. Cilleruelo and M. Z. Garaev. Congruences involving product of intervals and sets with small multiplicative doubling modulo a prime and applications.
Wojciech Samotij and Benny Sudakov. The number of additive triples in subsets of abelian groups.
Carlos Galindo and Fernando Hernando and Francisco Monserrat. The log-canonical threshold of a plane curve.
Mariusz Urbanski and Anna Zdunik. Regularity of Hausdorff measure function for conformal dynamical systems.
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 47, #2, 2016
Issue Information

Fredrik Andersen and Jonas R. Becker Arenhart. Metaphysics Within Science: Against Radical Naturalism.
Alexander Paul Bozzo. On What Empiricism Cannot Be.
Nolan Hemmatazad. On the Diversity of the Cognition Disciplines and the Development of A Unifying Philosophy of Information.
Guido Melchior. Easy Knowledge, Closure Failure, or Skepticism: A Trilemma.
Bradley N. Seeman. The “Paradox of Self-Constitution” and Korsgaard's Two Conceptions of Maxims for Action.
Jaroslav Peregrin. Should One Be A Left or A Right Sellarsian? (And is There Really Such A Choice?)
Mark Pexton. There are Non-Causal Explanations of Particular Events.
James Tartaglia. Is Philosophy All About the Meaning of Life?
Micah D. Tillman. How Philosophers Appeal to Priority to Effect Revolution.
Notes on Contributors
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Méthexis, Vol. 27, #1, 2014
Preliminary Material
Research Articles

Bruno Centrone. Alh?eia Logica, Alh?eia Ontologica In Platone.
Sylvain Delcomminette. Division, Dialectique Et Dèfinition Chez Platon Et Aristote.
Dimitri El Murr. Why The Good? Appearance, Reality And The Desire For The Good In Republic, Vi, 504b-506d.
Filippo Forcignanò. Il Problema Delle Idee Di Artefatto In Platone.
Francesco Fronterotta. Modello, Copia, Ricettacolo: Monismo, Dualismo 0 Triade Di Principi Nel Timeo?
Olivier Renaut. Dualisme Et Metaxu Trois Usages De L’intermediaire Chez Platon.
David Conan Wolfsdorf. Plato On Truth-Value And Truth-Aptness.
Raphael Woolf. Thinking About Forms And Particulars.
Enrico Piergiacomi. Veglie A Confronto Il Significato Di "Essere Svegli" In Eraclito E Democrito.
Valery Laurand. Les Effets Èthiques De La Musique : La Lecture Problèmatique De Diogène De Babylone Par Philodème De Gadara.
Mariapaola Bergomi. Some Considerations On The Presence Of The Derveni Allegory In Plato’s Cratylus.
Book Reviews
Alessandra Fussi, La città dell’anima. Leo Strauss lettore di Platone e Senofonte. Review by Filippo Forcignanò.
Giles Pearson, Aristotle on Desire. Review by Franco Trabattoni.
Allan Gotthelf, Teleology, First Principles, and Scientific Method in Aristotle's Biology. Review by Franco Trabattoni.
Aristotle’s Metaphysics Alpha. Symposium Aristotelicum, ed. by C. Steel, with a new critical edition of the Greek Text by O. Primavesi. Review by Filippo Forcignanò.
Mireille Hadas-Lebel, Philo of Alexandreia. Review by Franco Trabattoni.
Breve Guida Per I Collaboratori
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Ratio, Vol. 29, #2, 2016
Original Articles
Gergory Stoutenburg. Vicious Regresses, Conceptual Analysis, and Strong Awareness Internalism.
Daniel Crow. A Plantingian Pickle for a Darwinian Dilemma: Evolutionary Arguments Against Atheism and Normative Realism.
Sam Baron. You have full text access to this contentMathematical Explanation and Epistemology: Please Mind the Gap.
Harold W. Noonan. Two Boxing is not the Rational Option.
Anthony Bolos. Is Knowledge of God a Cognitive Achievement?
Danie Cohnitz. Moral Realism and Faultless Disagreement.
Simon P. James. Protecting Nature for the Sake of Human Beings.
Adrian Heathcote. Testimony and Gettier: A Reply to Vance.
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Res Publica, Vol. 22, #1, 2016

Special issue on Justice, Climate Change, and the Distribution of Natural Resources; Issue Editor: Fabian Schuppert
Editorial Notes
Philip Cook, Sune Lægaard. Editorial.
Editorial Notes
Fabian Schuppert. Introduction: Justice, Climate Change, and the Distribution of Natural Resources.
Original Papers
Ayelet Banai. Self-Determination and Resource Rights: In Defence of Territorial Jurisdiction Over Natural Resources.
Alejandra Mancilla. Shared Sovereignty over Migratory Natural Resources
Cara Nine. Water Crisis Adaptation: Defending a Strong Right Against Displacement from the Home.
Theresa Scavenius. The Tragedy of the Few.
Megan Blomfield. Historical Use of the Climate Sink.
Ed Page. Qui bono? Justice in the Distribution of the Benefits and Burdens of Avoided Deforestation.
Fabian Schuppert. Carbon Sink Conservation and Global Justice: Benefitting, Free Riding and Non-compliance.
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Think, Vol. 15, #43, 2016
Stephen Law. Introduction.
Research Articles
Ursula Coope. Persuasion, education, and manipulation: some questions from ancient Greece.
Brian D. Earp. Science cannot determine human values.
Raamy Majeed. From Zombie Art to Dead Art.
Andrew Oberg. All Too Human? Speciesism, racism, and sexism.
Gerald K. Harrison. A God Exists.
Raphael Lataster. It's Official: We Can Now Doubt Jesus' Historical Existence.
James S. Spiegel. Why Same-Sex Marriage is Unjust.
Sreenivasan Subramanian. Hyman Kaplan and The G*l*o*b*a*l  P*o*v*e*r*t*y  L*i*n*e.
John Shand. Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing.
Max Loxterkamp. Morality, Objective Value And Living A Meaningful Life: A Reply To Steven M. Cahn And Christine Vitrano's Essay ‘Living Well.’
Anthony Farrant. Equality and Tennis.
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