Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 79, #3, 2016
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
The Monist, Vol. 99, #2, 2016
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 92, #2, 2016
Review of Symbolic Language, Vol. 9, #1, 2016
Studia Logica, Vol. 104, #2, 2016
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part C: Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Vol. 56, April, 2016
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 39, #1, 2016


International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 79, #3, 2016
Ronald L. Hall. Editorial preface.
Marc A. Cohen. The movement from ethics to social relationships for Levinas, and why decency obscures obligation.
Toby Betenson. Fairness and futility.
Xiaofei Liu. A moral reason to be a mere theist: improving the practical argument.
Roberto Di Ceglie. Faith, reason, and charity in Thomas Aquinas's thought.
Alfred Archer. Divine moral goodness, supererogation and the Euthyphro Dilemma.
Book Review
Matthew C. Bagger reviews Stephen S. Bush, Visions of Religion: Experience, Meaning, and Power.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
Special Issue: Symposium on The Political Philosophy of Food Policies, Part II: Democracy, Freedom, and Paternalism
Issue Information // Title Page // Editorial Board // TOC // Contributors

Emanuela Ceva and Matteo Bonotti. Introduction: The Political Philosophy of Food Policies, Part II: Democracy, Freedom, and Paternalism.
Original Articles
Rachel A. Ankeny. Inviting Everyone to the Table: Strategies for More Effective and Legitimate Food Policy via Deliberative Approaches.
Ian Werkheiser. Food Policies Empowering Democratic and Epistemic Self-Determination.
Lynn Dobson and Benjamin Hawkins. The Idea of Freedom in the Policy Debate on the Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol.
Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen and Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen. Sin Taxes, Paternalism, and Justifiability to All: Can Paternalistic Taxes Be Justified on a Public Reason-Sensitive Account?
Submitted Articles
Anca Gheaus adn Lisa Herzog. The Goods of Work (Other than Money!).
Somogy Varga. Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Market-Driven Governance.
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The Monist, Vol. 99, #2, 2016    
Special Issue: Virtues, edited by Barry Smith     

Julia Driver. Minimal virtue.
Mauro Rossi, Christine Tappolet. Virtue, happiness, and well-being.
Peggy DesAutels. Power, virtue, and vice.
Jacob Berger, Mark Alfano. Virtue, situationism, and the cognitivie value of art.
Quassim Cassam. Vice epistemology.
Ian James Kidd. Charging others with epistemic vice.
Brian Robinson. Character, caricature, and gossip.
Noell Birondo. Virtue and prejudice: giveing and taking reasons.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 92, #2, 2016
Issue Information

Brian Weatherson. Games, beliefs and credences.
Dan Marshall. The varietites of intrinsicality.
Yuval Avnur. Excuses for Hume's Skepticism.
Chad Carmichael. Deep platonism.
Jessica Brown. Contextualism about evidential support.
Dylan Dodd. The cookie paradox.
Wesley Buckwalter. Intuition fail: philosophical activity and the limits of expertise.
William E. Mcneill. The visual role of objects' facing surfaces.
Jack Spencer. Relativity and degrees of relationality.
Alejandro Pérez Carballo. Structuring logical space.
Special Symposium
Matthew A. Benton. Expert opinion and second-hand knowledge.
Jennifer Lackey. Assertion and expertise.
Book Symposium : Moral Reason
Julia Markovits. Précis of Moral Reason.
David Sobel. Is subjectivism incoherent?
Stephen Kearns. Finding the value in things: remarks on Markovits's Moral Reason.
Julia Markovits. Reply to Sobel and Kearns.
Recent Publications
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Review of Symbolic Language, Vol. 9, #1, 2016
Research Articles
Annika Siders. From Stenius’ Consistency Proof to Schütte’s Cut Elimination for O-Arithmetic.
Alan Weir. Informal Proof, Formal Proof, Formalism.
Sara Negri And Giorgio Sbardolini. Proof Analysis for Lewis Counterfactuals.
Joseph Y. Halpern. Appropriate Causal Models and the Stability of Causation.
Fabrice Correia. On The Logic of Factual Equivalence.
Peter Fritz. Propositional Contingentism.
Guillermo Badia. The Relevant Fragment of First Order Logic.
David R. Gilbert And Giorgio Venturi. Reflexive-Insensitive Modal Logics.
Hartry Field. Indicative Conditionals, Restricted Quantification, and Naive Truth.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 104, #2, 2016
Original Papers
Marta S. Sagastume, Hernán J. San Martín. A Categorical Equivalence Motivated by Kalman’s Construction.
Joanna Golinska-Pilarek. On the Minimal Non-Fregean Grzegorczyk Logic.
Adrian Soncodi. Automorphisms of the Lattice of Classical Modal Logics.
R. Gregory Taylor. A Theory of Infinitary Relations Extending Zermelo’s Theory of Infinitary Propositions.
Jennifer Hyndman, J. B. Nation, Joy Nishida. Congruence Lattices of Semilattices with Operators.
Nick Bezhanishvili, David Gabelaia, Silvio Ghilardi, Mamuka Jibladze. Admissible Bases Via Stable Canonical Rules.
Bruno Teheux. Modal Definability Based on Lukasiewicz Validity Relations.
Review Paper
Tomasz Polacik. A Semantic Approach to Conservativity.
Book Review
James W. Garson, Modal Logic for Philosophers. Second Edition. Review by Lloyd Humberstone.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part C: Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Vol. 56, April, 2016
Editorial and publication information
Special Section: The Biology of Psychological Altruism, Guest Editors: Justin Garson and Armin W. Schulz

Justin Garson, Armin W. Schulz. Introduction: The biology of psychological altruism.
Stephen Stich. Why there might not be an evolutionary explanation for psychological altruism.
Justin Garson. Two types of psychological hedonism.
Armin W. Schulz. Altruism, egoism, or neither: A cognitive-efficiency-based evolutionary biological perspective on helping behavior.
Christine Clavien, Michel Chapuisat. The evolution of utility functions and psychological altruism.
Grant Ramsey. Can altruism be unified?
Special Section – Interdisciplinary Integration: The real Grand Challenge for the life sciences? Guest Editors: Giovanni De Grandis and Sophia Efstathiou
Giovanni De Grandis, Sophia Efstathiou. Introduction—Grand Challenges and small steps.
Sophia Efstathiou. Is it possible to give scientific solutions to Grand Challenges? On the idea of grand challenges for life science research.
Michael O'Rourke, Stephen Crowley, Chad Gonnerman. On the nature of cross-disciplinary integration: A philosophical framework.
Henrik Thorén, Line Breian. Stepping stone or stumbling block? Mode 2 knowledge production in sustainability science.
Evelyn Brister. Disciplinary capture and epistemological obstacles to interdisciplinary research: Lessons from central African conservation disputes.
Giovanni De Grandis. Practical integration: The art of balancing values, institutions and knowledge – lessons from the History of British Public Health and Town Planning.
Julie Thompson Klein. Conceptual clarification for Grand Challenges.
Robert Frodeman. Interdisciplinarity, grand challenges, and the future of knowledge.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 39, #1, 2016
David W. Concepción, Melinda Messineo, Sarah Wieten, Catherine Homan. The State of Teacher Training in Philosophy.
Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Meagan Carr. Beyond “Add Teaching and Learning and Stir”: Epistemologies of Ignorance, Teaching and Learning in Philosophy, and the Need for Resistance.
John Immerwahr. From Self-Centered to Learner-Centered.
Karen L. Hornsby. The Pedagogical Imperative: Achieving Areté in Philosophy Graduate Programs.
David J. Buller reviews Truth by Chase Wrenn.
Dana Delibovi reviews Persons and Personal Identity, by Amy Kind.
Sheryle Dixon reviews Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away, by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein.
Rebeka Ferreira reviews Puzzled?! An Introduction to Philosophizing, by Richard Kenneth Atkins.
John M. Hersey reviews Existentialism: An Introduction, by Kevin Aho.
Kendy M. Hess reviews Environmental Ethics: From Theory to Practice, by Marion Hourdequin.
Karen M. Meagher reviews Public Health Ethics, Second Edition, by Stephen Holland.
David S. Owen reviews Subject and Object: Frankfurt School Writings on Epistemology, Ontology, and Method, edited by Ruth Groff.
Max Suffis reviews Ontology and Metaontology: A Contemporary Guide, by Francesco Berto and Matteo Plebani.
John P. Sullins reviews Understanding Beliefs, by Nils J. Nilsson.
Mike VanQuickenborne reviews Everyday Examples: An Introduction to Philosophy, by David Cunning.
Eleanor Wittrup reviews Worldly Virtue, by Judith Andre.
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