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March 15, 2016

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 39, 2016
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 25, #2, 2016
Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 16, #1, 2016
Economics & Politics, Vol. 28, #1, 2016
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 46, #1, 2016
International Journal of the Platonic Tradition, Vol. 10, 2016
Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 44, #S2, 2015
The Journal of Nietzsche Studies, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
Juncture, Vol. 22, #4, 2016
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 35, #2, 2016
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2016

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 39, 2016
The impending demise of the item in visual search. Johan Hulleman and Christian N. L. Olivers.
Gesture, sign and language: The coming of age of sign language and gesture studies.Susan Goldin-Meadow and Diane Brentari.
Cognition does not affect perception: Evaluating the evidence for ‘top-down’ effects. Chaz Firestone and Brian J. Scholl.
Norepinephrine ignites local hot spots of neuronal excitation: How arousal amplifies selectivity in perception and memory. Mara Mather, David Clewett, Michiko Sakaki and Carolyn W. Harley.
Homing in on Consciousness in the Nervous System: An Action-Based Synthesis. Ezequiel Morsella, Christine A. Godwin, Tiffany K. Jantz, Stephen C. Krieger and Adam Gazzaley.
Précis of Social Perception and Social Reality: Why Accuracy Dominates Bias and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Lee Jussim.
Précis of After Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive Brain. Michael L. Anderson.
Are Groups More or Less than the Sum of their Members? The Moderating Role of Individual Identification. Roy F. Baumeister, Sarah E. Ainsworth and Kathleen D. Vohs.
The economic origins of ultrasociality. John Gowdy and Lisi Krall.
The Now-or-Never Bottleneck: A Fundamental Constraint on Language. Morten H. Christiansen and Nick Chater.
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Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 25, #2, 2016
The Road Less Traveled

John J. Paris. Murder, Sex, Neonates, and Other Forays into Bioethics.  
Special Section: Responsibility, Vulnerability, Dignity, and Humanity
Guest Editiorial - How to Be Human? Some Answers and New Questions
Humanity and Social Responsibility, Solidarity, and Social Rights  
Issues on Luck Egalitarianism, Responsibility, and Intercultural Healthcare Policies. Adalberto de Hoyos.  
Vulnerability  - A Key Principle for Global Bioethics?
The Person in a State of Sickness  - The Doctor-Patient Relationship Reconsidered.
Turning the Tables  - The Vulnerability of Nurses Treating Anorexia Nervosa Patients. Karen Wright and Doris Schroeder.
Undignified Arguments  - A Critique.
Natural Good Theories and the Value of Human Dignity.  
Artificial Intelligence  - The Shylock Syndrome. David Lawrence, Cesar Palacios-Gonzalez, and John Harris.
Discoursive Humanity as a Transcendental Basis for Cognitive (Dis)Ability Ethics and Policies. Matti Hayry.
Organ Transplantation for Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders  - Sandra Jensen’s Legacy. Kim Overby and Joseph Fins.
Bright New World. 
Vulnerability and Trustworthiness  - Polestars of Professionalism in Healthcare. David Barnard.
Using a Scoring Rubric to Assess the Writing of Bioethics Students.  
How Should Health Data Be Used?  - Privacy, Secondary Use, and Big Data Sales.
The Case  - A Clash between Culture and Care.
Commentary: The Reluctant Surrogate.  
Commentary: Looking beyond Treatment Refusal. Shilpa Shashidhara.
Commentary: Cultural Issues in Decisionmaking. Ruaim Muaygil.
What Actually Happened.  
Best Practices Guidelines for Publishing in the Bioethics Literature.
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Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 16, #1, 2016
Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Ethics of Emergency Access to Unregistered Medical Interventions and Clinical Trial Designs. Udo Schuklenk.
Original Articles
Reviewing HIV-Related Research in Emerging Economies: The Role of Government Reviewing Agencies. Patrina Sexton, Katrina Hui, Donna Hanrahan, Mark Barnes, Jeremy Sugarman, Alex John London and Robert Klitzman.
Managing Ethical Challenges to Mental Health Research in Post-Conflict Settings. Anna Chiumento, Muhammad Naseem Khan, Atif Rahman and Lucy Frith.
Managing Human Tissue Transfer Across National Boundaries – An Approach from an Institution in South Africa. Safia Mahomed, Kevin Behrens, Melodie Slabbert and Ian Sanne.
Against Permitted Exploitation in Developing World Research Agreements. Danielle M. Wenner.
Anything to Stay Alive: The Challenges of a Campaign for an Experimental Drug. Nathan Geffen.
Maintaining Research Integrity While Balancing Cultural Sensitivity: A Case Study and Lessons From the Field. Rebekah Sibbald, Bethina Loiseau, Benedict Darren, Salem A. Raman, Helen Dimaras and Lawrence C. Loh.
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Economics & Politics, Vol. 28, #1, 2016
Original Articles
Competitive General Equilibrium with Finite Change and Theory of Policy Making. Hamid Beladi, Avik Chakrabarti and Sugata Marjit.
International Trade, Migration and Unemployment – The Role of Informal Sector. Sugata Marjit and Biswajit Mandal.
Substituting Distribution for Growth: The Political Logic of Intergovernmental Transfers in the Russian Federation. Israel Marques II, Eugenia Nazrullaeva and Andrei Yakovlev.
Political Leaders' Socioeconomic Background and Public Budget Deficits: Evidence from OECD Countries. Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier.
What does IT Take for Congress to Enact Good Policies? an Analysis of Roll Call Voting in the US Congress. Matias Iaryczower and Gabriel Katz.
Exchange Rate Populism. Sainan Huang and Cristina Terra.
Fiscal Federalism and Legislative Malapportionment: Causal Evidence from Independent but Related Natural Experiments. Sebastian Galiani, Iván Torre and Gustavo Torrens.
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 46, #1, 2016
in the Neoliberal “Regime of Truth” : A Biopolitical Perspective on Knowledge Translation. Charles Dupras and Vardit Ravitsky.
Balancing Benefits and Risks of Immortal Data. Oscar A. Zarate, Julia Green Brody, Phil Brown, Monica D. Ramirez-Andreotta, Laura Perovich and Jacob Matz.
Whatever Happened to Human Experimentation? Carl Elliott.
The Pedagogical Challenges of Teaching High School Bioethics: Insights from the Exploring Bioethics Curriculum. Mildred Z. Solomon, David Vannier, Jeanne Ting Chowning, Jacqueline S. Miller and Katherine F. Paget.
Pedagogical Support for Responsible Conduct of Research Training. Misti Ault Anderson.
What's Wrong with Evidence-Based Medicine? Joseph J. Fins.
Confronting Biospecimen Exceptionalism in Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule. Holly Fernandez Lynch, Barbara E. Bierer and I. Glenn Cohen.
The Promise and Perils of Open Medical Data. Sharona Hoffman.
Book Review
Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn. John D. Lantos.
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International Journal of the Platonic Tradition, Vol. 10, 2016
Research Articles
Anagogic Love between Neoplatonic Philosophers and Their Disciples in Late Antiquity. Donka Markus.
Man, God and the Apotheosis of Man in Greek and Arabic Commentaries to the Pythagorean Golden Verses. Anna Izdebska.
The ‘Neoplatonic’ Interpretation of Plato’s Parmenides. Lloyd P. Gerson.
Critical Notice: Patristic Philosophy: A Critical Study. Ilaria L.E. Ramelli.
Book Reviews
Philosophers in the Republic , written by Weiss, Roslyn. Richard D. Parry.
Savoir et Gouverner: essai sur la science politique platonicienne , written by Dimitri El Murr. Richard D. Parry.
Plato’s Rivalry with Medicine: A Struggle and Its Dissolution , written by Susan B. Levin. James Wilberding.
From Plato to Platonism , written by Lloyd P. Gerson. Péter Lautner.
Fate, Providence and Moral Responsibility in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Thought: Studies in Honour of Carlos Steel , written by Pieter d’Hoine and Gerd Van Riel. Sarah Klitenic Wear.
Philosophical Themes in Galen, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Supplement 114 , written by Peter Adamson, Rotraud Hansberger and James Wilberding. Nutton Vivian.
Divination and Theurgy in Neoplatonism: Oracles of the Gods , written by Crystal Addey. Kevin Corrigan.
Interpreting Proclus From Antiquity to the Renaissance , written by Stephen Gersh. John Phillips.
The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis. A Critical Assessment from the New Testament to Eriugena , written by Ilaria L.E. Ramelli. George Karamanolis.
The Consolation of Boethius as Poetic Liturgy , written by Stephen Blackwood. Gerard O’Daly.
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Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 44, #S2, 2015
Introduction: Legal Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty. David Weisbach.
A Bayesian Framework for the Precautionary Principle. Nabil I. Al-Najjar.
Randomizing Regulatory Approval for Adaptive Diversification and Deterrence. Charles F. Manski.
Regulating Ambiguous Risks: The Less than Rational Regulation of Pharmaceuticals. W. Kip Viscusi, Richard J. Zeckhauser.
Abating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Electric Power Generation: Model Uncertainty and Regulatory Epistemology. Alan H. Sanstad.
On Sturdy Policy Evaluation. William A. Brock, Steven N. Durlauf.
Rationally Arbitrary Decisions in Administrative Law. Adrian Vermeule.
Gambling over Growth: Economic Uncertainty, Discounting, and Regulatory Policy. Daniel A. Farber.
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The Journal of Nietzsche Studies, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
Special Issue: Nietzsche and the Ethics of Naturalism
The Ethos of Inquiry: Nietzsche on Experience, Naturalism, and Experimentalism. Rebecca Bamford.
Nietzsche’s Will to Power: Biology, Naturalism, and Normativity. Christian J. Emden.
Is Nietzsche a Naturalist?: Or How to Become a Responsible Plant. Vanessa Lemm.
Nietzsche’s Early Ethical Idealism. Jeffrey Church.
Julius Bahnsen’s Influence on Nietzsche’s Wills-Theory. Anthony K. Jensen.
Naturalism as a Joyful Science: Nietzsche, Deleuze, and the Art of Life. Keith Ansell-Pearson.
Hyperbolic Naturalism: Nietzsche, Ethics, and Sovereign Power. Peter R. Sedgwick.
Book Reviews
Nietzsche und die Tiefenpsychologie ed. by Roman Lesmeister and Elke Metzner. Gaia Domenici.
Teorie e pratiche della verità in Nietzsche ed. by Pietro Gori and Paolo Stellino. Selena Pastorino.
Guarigioni, rinascite, metamorfosi. Studi su Goethe, Schopenhauer e Nietzsche by Sandro Barbera. Gabriella Pelloni.
A World Without Why by Raymond Geuss. Gregory R. Smulewicz-Zucker.
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Juncture, Vol. 22, #4, 2016
Special Issue: Memory and Meaning in Irish Politics
Commemorating the Rising: History, democracy and violence in Ireland. Heather Jones.
1916 and all that: Lessons from a decade of centenaries for Ireland and the UK. Colin Kidd.
Democracy for realists: Holding up a mirror to the electorate. Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels.
Unequal gains: American growth and inequality since 1700. Peter H Lindert and Jeffrey G Williamson.
… and justice for all?: Basic income and the principles of gender equity. Caitlin McLean.
Pragmatism, idealism and basic income: A transformative investment in human potential. Anthony Painter.
Compensation for liberty lost: Left libertarianism and unconditional basic income. Hillel Steiner.
Rescuing responsibility for the left: An egalitarian account of social security and obligation. Emily McTernan.
After Brexit: The Eurosceptic dream of an Anglosphere. Michael Kenny and Nick Pearce.
Peeling the electoral onion: The many layers of the UK's May 2016 elections. John Curtice.
High pressure for low emissions: How civil society created the Paris climate agreement. Michael Jacobs.
Economic democracy: Reclaiming public ownership as the pragmatic left alternative. Andrew Cumbers.
Job quality and inequality: The unequal world of work in the UK, 1986–2012. Francis Green, Alan Felstead and Duncan Gallie.
Beyond model answers: A new approach to the relationship between economics and politics. Alison McGovern.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 35, #2, 2016
Original Papers
What is the Criminal Law for? Vincent Chiao.
Private Law Exceptionalism? Part I: A Basic Difficulty with the Structural Arguments from Bipolarity and Civil Recourse. vihay Dorfman. 
Self-Defense as Claim Right, Liberty, and Act-Specific Agent-Relative Prerogative. Uwe Steinhoff.
The Restricting Claims Principle Revisited: Grounding the Means Principle on the Agent–Patient Divide. Alec Walen.
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Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2016
Liberties of Press and Speech: ‘Evidence Does Not Exist To Contradict the … Blackstonian Sense’ in Late 18th Century England? Wendell Bird.
The Privy Council and the Difficulty of Distance. Paul Mitchell.
Interpretation, Injustice, and Integrity. TRS Allan.
Damages for Breach of Contract: Quantifying the Lost Consumer Surplus. Stephanie Mullen.
The Development of International Law and the Role of Causal Language. Gregory Messenger.
Causal Uncertainty. Ernest J Weinrib.
Blaming all Women: On Regulation of Prostitution in State Socialist Czechoslovakia. Barbara Havelková.
Four Freedoms, Ever More Principles? Stefan Enchelmaier.
An ‘Extended But-For’ Test for the Causal Relation in the Law of Obligations. Jane Stapleton.
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