Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

Abstracta, Vol. 8, #2, 2015    
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 93, #4, 2015
Journal of Practical Ethics, Vol. 3, #2, 2015
Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 15, nos. 31-35, 2015
Theoria, Vol. 62, #145, 2015

Abstracta, Vol. 8, #2, 2015
Dwayne Moore, Neil Campbell. On the Metaphysics of Mental Causation.
Roberto Sá Pereira. Relativizing the Opposition Between Content and State Nonconceptualism.
Claudia Passos-Ferreira. In defense of empathy: A response to Prinz.
Neil Campbell. Does same-level causation entail downward causation?
Roberto Sá Pereira. Adverbial Account of Intransitive Self-Consciousness.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 93, #4, 2015         
Tobias Wilsch. The Deductive-Nomological Account of Metaphysical Explanation.
Katherine Ritchie. Can Semantics Guide Ontology?
Martin A. Lipman. Perspectival Variance and Worldly Fragmentation.
Nir Fresco. Information-How.
Patrick R. Frierson. The Virtue Epistemology of Maria Montessori.
Eden Lin. The Subjective List Theory of Well-Being.
Christopher Cowie. Good News for Moral Error Theorists: A Master Argument Against Companions in Guilt Strategies.
Allan Hazlett. The Social Value of Non-Deferential Belief.
Claudio de Almeida & J.R. Fett. Defeasibility and Gettierization: A Reminder.
Marc Johansen. Regularity as a Form of Constraint.
Book Reviews
Intuitions, edited by Anthony Robert Booth and Darrell P. Rowbottom is reviewed by Glenn Carruthers.
Composition as Identity, edited by A.J. Cotnoir and Donald L.M. Baxter is reviewed by Antony Eagle.
Aristotle on Perceiving Objects, by Anna Marmodoro is reviewed by Rosemary Twomey.
Expressivism, Pragmatism, and Representationalism, by Huw Price is reviewed by Howard Nye.
Impassioned Belief, by Michael Ridge is reviewed by Jack Woods.
Meaning and Morality: Essays on the Philosophy of Julius Kovesi, edited by Alan Tapper and T. Brian Mooney is reviewed by John Kleinig.
Book Notes
The Justification of Religious Violence, by Steve Clarke is reviewed by Andrew Jason Cohen.
Disagreement, by Bryan Frances is reviewed by Helen De Cruz.
The Bloomsbury Companion to Existentialism, edited by Felicity Joseph, Jack Reynolds, and Ashley Woodward is reviewed by Simon Lumsden.
The Myth of Universal Human Rights: Its Origin, History, and Explanation, Along with a More Humane Way, by David N. Stamos is reviewed by David Boersema.
Chance and Temporal Asymmetry, edited by Alastair Wilson is reviewed by Craig Callender.
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Journal of Practical Ethics, Vol. 3, #2, 2015 (open access)
Neil Levy. Less Blame, Less Crime?
Tom. L. Beauchamp. Common Morality Theory in Japanese and American Bioethics.
Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics Winning Essays
Jessica Laimann. Should we Prohibit Breast Implants?
Xavier Cohen. How Should Vegans Life?
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Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 15, nos. 31-35, 2015
John Whipple. Leibniz and the Art of Exoteric Writing
Nils-Hennes Stear. Imaginative and Fictionality Failure: A Normative Approach. 
Marius Stan. Kant and the object of determinate experience. 
Justin Khoo. On Indicative and Subjunctive Conditionals. 
Scott Sturgeon. The Tale of Bella and Creda. 
Tom Dougherty. Future-Bias and Practical Reason.  
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Theoria, Vol. 62, #145, 2015
Is the Idea of Peace Relevant for the Age of Asymmetrical Warfare?
Eisikovits, Nir.
Portmess, Lisa; Romaya, Bassam. Peacekeepers, Drone Surveillance and Information Fusion: A Philosophical Analysis of New Peacekeeping.
von Platz, Jeppe. The Ideal of Peace and the Morality of War.
Murphy, Colleen. Political Reconciliation, Jus Post Bellum and Asymmetric Conflict.
Eisikovits, Nir. Truces: What They Mean, How They Work.
Book Reviews
Goran Therborn. The Killing Fields of Inequality. Reviewed by Michael D. Royster.
Wendy Brown. Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution. Reviewed by Jeffrey D. Hilmer.
The editors would like to sincerely thank the following peer reviewers for giving of their time and expertise so generously.
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