Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

Apeiron, Vol. 49, #1, 2015
Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol. 92, #1, 2015
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #4, 2015
The Monist, Vol. 99, #1, 2016
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #1, 2016
Philosophia, Vol. 43, #3, 2016
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #1, 2016
politics, philosophy & economics, Vol. 15, #1, 2016
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part A, Vol. 54, December 2015
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, Vol. 55 February 2016

Apeiron, Vol. 49, #1, 2015
Andrea Carbone. The axes of symmetry. Morphology in Aristotle’s Biology.
Myrna Gabbe. Aristotle on the metaphysics of emotions.
Howard J. Curzer. Rules lurking at the heart of Aristotle’s virtue ethics.
David J. Riesbeck. The unity of Aristotle’s theory of constitutions.
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Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol. 92, #1, 2015
Research Articles
Andrew LUGG: Wittgenstein on Colour Exclusion: Not Fatally Mistaken .
Philip A. EBERT: Dummett’s Criticism of the Context Principle .
Nils KÜRBIS: What is Wrong with Classical Negation? .
Ernâni MAGALHÃES: Plain Particulars .
Ari MAUNU: Frege and the Description Theory: An Attempt at Rehabilitation .
Dorothee BLEISCH: Die Moralpille – Über Risiken und Nebenwirkungen denken Sie eigenständig nach und fragen Ihren Philosophen oder Ihre Philosophin .
Philip FOX: Agency & the Pill that Makes us Moral .
David HEERING: Breaking Good: Is there a Patent Recipe for Cooking up the Moral Pill? .
Buchnotizen Critical Notes
Wolfgang KÜNNE, Epimenides und andere Lügner. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann Verlag, 2013 (Elke BRENDEL) .
Denis FISETTE & Guillaume FRÉCHETTE (eds.), Themes from Brentano. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, 2013 (Fred KROON)
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #4, 2015
Contributors // Recognition of Reviewers
Special Issue: Symposium on the Political Philosophy of Food Policies, Part I: Justice, Legitimacy, and Rights. Guest Editors: Matteo Bonotti and Emanuela Ceva.
Emanuela Ceva and Matteo Bonotti. Introduction The Political Philosophy of Food Policies, Part I: Justice, Legitimacy, and Rights.
Original Articles
Matteo Bonotti. Food Policy, Nutritionism, and Public Justification.
Emanuela Ceva, Chiara Testino and Federico Zuolo. The Legitimacy of the Supranational Regulation of Local Systems of Food Production: A Discussion Whose Time Has Come.
Mark Navin. Scaling-Up Alternative Food Networks.
Josh Milburn. Not Only Humans Eat Meat: Companions, Sentience, and Vegan Politics.
Submitted Articles
Marc A. Cohen. Alternative Conceptions of Generalized Trust (and the Foundations of the Social Order).
Simon Coghlan. Socially Radical Ethics After Wittgenstein.
Phillip Montague. Human Embryos and Moral Rights.
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The Monist, Vol. 99, #1, 2016
Philip J. Rossi. War As Morally Unintelligible: Sovereign Agency and the Limits of Kantian Autonomy.
David C. Graves. Martial Arts and the Artworld.
Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen. Aidōs and Dikē in International Humanitarian Law: Is IHL a Legal or a Moral System?
Kevin P. Tobia. The Language of War.
David Whetham. “Are We Fighting Yet?” Can Traditional Just War Concepts Cope with Contemporary Conflict and the Changing Character of War?
Christopher J. Eberle. Rights, Goods, and Proportionate War.
Elad Uzan. Soldiers, Civilians, and in Bello Proportionality: A Proposed Revision.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #1, 2016
Jan Plate. Logically Simple Properties and Relations. 
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Philosophia, Vol. 43, #3, 2016
Special Issue: The Natural Origins of Content
Daniel D. Hutto. Searching for the Natural Origins of Content.
Original Papers
Daniel D. Hutto, Glenda Satne. The Natural Origins of Content.
Alex Rosenberg. The Genealogy of Content or the Future of an Illusion.
Kim Sterelny. Content, Control and Display: The Natural Origins of Content.
David Macarthur. Liberal Naturalism and Second-Personal Space: A Neo-Pragmatist Response to “The Natural Origins of Content”.
Marc Slors. Two Improvements to the Intentional Stance Theory.
Tadeusz Wieslaw Zawidzki.  Dennett’s Strategy for Naturalizing Intentionality: an Innovative Play at Second Base.
Somogy Varga. Intentionality, Normativity and Naturalism.
Anne Jaap Jacobson. Three Concerns about the Origins of Content.
Olivia Sultanescu. Bridging the Gap: A Reply to Hutto and Satne.
Katerina Abramova, Mario Villalobos. The Apparent (Ur-)Intentionality of Living Beings and the Game of Content.
Nikolai Alksnis. A Dilemma or a Challenge? Assessing the All-star Team in a Wider Context.
Dimitri Coelho Mollo. Being Clear on Content - Commentary on Hutto and Satne.
Julian Kiverstein, Erik Rietveld. The Primacy of Skilled Intentionality: on Hutto & Satne’s the Natural Origins of Content.
Gerard O’Brien, Jon Opie. Intentionality Lite or Analog Content?
Ian Ravenscroft. The Natural Origins of Convention.
Marc Rowlands. Hard Problems of Intentionality.
Philip J. Rossi. Peacemaking and Victory: Lessons from Kant’s Cosmopolitanism.
Sarah Adams. A New Paradox of Omnipotence.
José Luis Bermúdez. Strategic vs. Parametric choice in Newcomb’s Problem and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: Reply to Walker.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #1, 2016
Special Issue: Proceedings of the 41st Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy: Metaphysics; Issue Editors: Martin Thomson-Jones
Original Papers

Kit Fine. Identity criteria and ground.
Karen Bennett. There is no special problem with metaphysics.
Thomas Hofweber. How metaphysics is special: comments on Bennett.
Jonathan Schaffer. Grounding in the image of causation.
Kathrin Koslicki. Where grounding and causation part ways: comments on Schaffer.
Sally Haslanger. What is a (social) structural explanation?
Amie L. Thomasson. Structural explanations and norms: comments on Haslanger.
Stephen Yablo. Parts and differences.
J. Dmitri Gallow. A theory of structural determination.
Solveig Aasen. Pictures, presence and visibility.
Tina Rulli, Alex Worsnip. IIA, rationality, and the individuation of options.
Monique Lisa Wonderly. On being attached.
Ryan Wasserman. Theories of persistence.
Travis N. Rieder. Why I’m still a proportionalist.
David-Hillel Ruben. A conditional theory of trying.
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politics, philosophy & economics, Vol. 15, #1, 2016
Haley Brokensha, Lina Eriksson, and Ian Ravenscroft. Charity, signaling, and welfare.
Paul Billingham. Does political community require public reason? On Lister’s defence of political liberalism.
Timothy Waligore. Rawls, self-respect, and assurance: How past injustice changes what publicly counts as justice.
Gavin Kerr. ‘Predistribution’, property-owning democracy and land value taxation.
Vincent Chiao. Discretion and domination in criminal procedure: Reflections on Pettit.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part A, Vol. 54, December 2015
Editorial Board and publication information
Regular Articles
Michael Bennett McNulty. Rehabilitating the regulative use of reason: Kant on empirical and chemical laws.
Emily Thomas. Henry More and the development of absolute time.
Cory Wright. The ontic conception of scientific explanation.
Mike Dacey. Associationism without associative links: Thomas Brown and the associationist project.
Colin Howson. David Hume's no-miracles argument begets a valid No-Miracles Argument.
Raoul Gervais, Erik Weber. The role of orientation experiments in discovering mechanisms.
Anna Leuschner. Social exclusion in academia through biases in methodological quality evaluation: On the situation of women in science and philosophy.
Cristina Chimisso. Narrative and epistemology: Georges Canguilhem's concept of scientific ideology.
K. Brad Wray. The methodological defense of realism scrutinized.
Milena Ivanova. Conventionalism about what? Where Duhem and Poincaré part ways.
Christián Carlos Carman. The planetary increase of brightness during retrograde motion: An explanandum constructed ad explanantem.
Kristian Camilleri. Knowing what would happen: The epistemic strategies in Galileo's thought experiments.
Harry Collins, Robert Evans. Expertise revisited, Part I—Interactional expertise.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, Vol. 55 February 2016
Special Section - Historiography and the Philosophy of the Sciences; Edited by Robin Findlay Hendry and Ian James Kidd
Robin Findlay Hendry, Ian James Kidd. Historiography and the philosophy of the sciences.
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen. Historicism and the failure of HPS.
Ian James Kidd. Inevitability, contingency, and epistemic humility.
Jutta Schickore. “Exploratory experimentation” as a probe into the relation between historiography and philosophy of science.
Alan Chalmers. Viewing past science from the point of view of present science, thereby illuminating both: Philosophy versus experiment in the work of Robert Boyle.
Robin Findlay Hendry. Immanent philosophy of X.
Special Section - Scientific Knowledge of the Deep Past, Edited by Adrian Currie 
Adrian Currie and Derek Turner. Introduction: Scientific knowledge of the deep past.
Lindell Brohman. Testing hypotheses in macroevolution.
Derek D. Turner. A second look at the colors of the dinosaurs.
Maureen A. O’Malley. Histories of molecules: Reconciling the past.
Adrian Currie. Ethnographic analogy, the comparative method, and archaeological special pleading.
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