Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16, 2015

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 56, #4, 2015
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #4, 2015
Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #6, 2015
Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 46, #2, 2015
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #6, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 132, #1, 2015
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 19, #3-4, 2015
Kant-Studien, Vol. 106, #4, 2015
Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 9, #2, 2015
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 48, #1, 2015
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 53, #4, 2015

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 56, #4, 2015
Maria Lasonen-Aarnio. You have full text access to this content“I'm onto Something!” Learning about the World by Learning What I Think about It.
David E. Taylor and Alexis Burgess. What in the World Is Semantic Indeterminacy?
Andrew Brenner. Mereological Nihilism and Theoretical Unification.
Mark Wilson. Stitching Together A Language For Science.
Richard Healey. The Ontology of Consent: A Reply to Alexander.
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Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #4, 2015
Daniele Labriola, Philosophy in the Theaetetus.
James Messina. Conceptual Analysis and the Essence of Space: Kant’s Metaphysical Exposition Revisited.
Stefan Klinger. Kant und der Monotheismus der Vernunftreligion.
Alex Worsnip. Hobbes and Normative Egoism.
Book Reviews
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #6, 2015
Original Articles
Julian C. Cole. Social Construction, Mathematics, and the Collective Imposition of Function onto Reality.
Jeff Engelhardt. Emergent Substances, Physical Properties, Action Explanations.
Critical Discussion
Harmen Ghijsen. The Basis Problem for Epistemological Disjunctivism Revisited.
Original Articles
Aaron M. Griffith. Towards a Pluralist Theory of Truthmaking.
Hannah Rubin. Genetic Models in Evolutionary Game Theory: The Evolution of Altruism.
Original Paper
Guy Rohrbaugh. Inner Achievement.
Critical Discussion
John A. Keller. On Knockdown Arguments.
Original Article
Namjoong Kim. Titelbaum’s Theory of De Se Updating and Two Versions of Sleeping Beauty.
Critical Discussions
Michael G. Titelbaum.Reply to Kim’s “Two Versions of Sleeping Beauty”.
Daniel Whiting. Truth is (Still) the Norm for Assertion: A Reply to Littlejohn.
Original Articles
Robert Knowles. Heavy Duty Platonism.
Luca Moretti, Tommaso Piazza. Phenomenal Conservatism and Bergmann’s Dilemma.
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Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 46, #2, 2015
Special Section: Philosophy and Climate Science
Wolfgang Deppert. Ein großer Philosoph: Nachruf auf Kurt Hübner und Aufruf zu seinem Philosophieren.
Wolfgang Deppert, Erdmann Görg, Maria Sojka. Kurt Hübner-Bibliographie.
Marco Buzzoni. Causality, Teleology, and Thought Experiments in Biology.
José Antonio López Cerezo. Social Objectivity Under Scrutiny in the Pasteur–Pouchet Debate.
Harry Smit. Popper and Wittgenstein on the Metaphysics of Experience.
Special Section Articles: Climate Change
Eric Winsberg. Introduction to the Special Issue on Philosophy and Climate Science.
William M. Goodwin. Global Climate Modeling as Applied Science.
Laszlo Kosolosky. “Peer Review is Melting Our Glaciers”: What Led the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to Go Astray?
Anna Leuschner. Uncertainties, Plurality, and Robustness in Climate Research and Modeling: On the Reliability of Climate Prognoses.
Francesca Pongiglione, Jan Cherlet. The Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Climate Change: Fundamental but Disregarded?
Edward Slowik. The ‘Space’ at the Intersection of Platonism and Nominalism.
Essay Reviews
Jan Baedke. Georg Toepfer: Historisches Wörterbuch der Biologie. Geschichte und Theorie der Biologischen Grundbegriffe.
Bryson Brown. Peter Vickers: Understanding Inconsistent Science.
Thomas Mormann. Moritz Schlick: Nietzsche und Schopenhauer (Vorlesungen) herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Mathias Iven, 2013. Band 5.1 der Moritz Schlick Gesamtausgabe.
Erratum to: Alexander Gebharter. Solving the Flagpole Problem.
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #6, 2015
Benjamin Capps, Zohar Lederman. One Health, Vaccines and Ebola: The Opportunities for Shared Benefits.
Ana Paula Oliveira Souza. The Contribution of Broiler Chicken Welfare Certification at Farm Level to Enhancing Overall Animal Welfare: The Case of Brazil.
Sune Borkfelt, Sara Kondrup. Closer to Nature? A Critical Discussion of the Marketing of “Ethical” Animal Products.
Jeffry L. Ramsey. On Not Defining Sustainability.
Brendan Coolsaet. Transformative Participation in Agrobiodiversity Governance: Making the Case for an Environmental Justice Approach.
Daniel Pilchman. Money for Nothing: Are Decoupled Agricultural Subsidies Just?
Timothy Hsiao. A Carnivorous Rejoinder to Bruers and Erdös.
Review Papers
László Erdős. Veganism versus Meat-Eating, and the Myth of “Root Capacity”: A Response to Hsiao.
Astrid Jankielsohn. The Hidden Cost of Eating Meat in South Africa: What Every Responsible Consumer Should Know.
Erratum to: Astrid Jankielsohn. The Hidden Cost of Eating Meat in South Africa: What Every Responsible Consumer Should Know
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 132, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Helena Isidro, Márcia Sobral.The Effects of Women on Corporate Boards on Firm Value, Financial Performance, and Ethical and Social Compliance.
Begoña Giner, Francisca Pardo. How Ethical are Managers’ Goodwill Impairment Decisions in Spanish-Listed Firms?
Diego Ravenda, Josep M. Argilés-Bosch. Labor Tax Avoidance and Its Determinants: The Case of Mafia Firms in Italy.
Antonio Argandona. Humility in Management.
Matthew Egan. Driving Water Management Change Where Economic Incentive is Limited.
Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh. Social Equity and Large Mining Projects: Voluntary Industry Initiatives, Public Regulation and Community Development Agreements.
Andrea M. Prado, Arch G. Woodside. Deepening Understanding of Certification Adoption and Non-Adoption of International-Supplier Ethical Standards.
Gregory Wolcott. The New (Old) Case for the Ethics of Business.
Michael J. Aitken, Frederick H. de B. Harris, Shan Ji. A Worldwide Examination of Exchange Market Quality: Greater Integrity Increases Market Efficiency.
Pierre-Yves Néron. Egalitarianism and Executive Compensation: A Relational Argument.
Mario Fernando, Geoff Moore. MacIntyrean Virtue Ethics in Business: A Cross-Cultural Comparison.
Jinhua Cui, Hoje Jo, Manuel G. Velasquez. The Influence of Christian Religiosity on Managerial Decisions Concerning the Environment.
Armin Pircher Verdorfer, Brigitte Steinheider, David Burkus. Exploring the Socio-moral Climate in Organizations: An Empirical Examination of Determinants, Consequences, and Mediating Mechanisms.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 19, #3-4, 2015
Special Issue: Immortality, issue editors John Martin Fischer and Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin
Original Papers
Introduction. John Martin Fischer, Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin.
Ajume H. Wingo. The Immortals in Our Midst: Why Democracies in Africa Need Them.
Dan Demetriou. Civic Immortality: The Problem of Civic Honor in Africa and the West.
Kevin Timpe. An Argument for Limbo.
Jay L. Garfield, Shaun Nichols, Arun K. Rai, Nina Strohminger. Ego, Egoism and the Impact of Religion on Ethical Experience: What a Paradoxical Consequence of Buddhist Culture Tells Us About Moral Psychology
Mikel Burley. “The End of Immortality!” Eternal Life and the Makropulos Debate.
Christopher Belshaw. Immortality, Memory and Imagination.
Luca Ferrero. Agency, Scarcity, and Mortality.
Mark Rowlands.The Immortal, the Intrinsic and the Quasi Meaning of Life.
Ben Bradley. Existential Terror.
Mark A. Wrathall. Trivial Tasks that Consume a Lifetime: Kierkegaard on Immortality and Becoming Subjective.
Cody Gilmore. Personal Identity, Consciousness, and Joints in Nature.
Acknowledgments // Referees for 2015
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 106, #4, 2015
Caruso, Francisco / Xavier, Roberto Moreira. On Kant’s First Insight into the Problem of Space Dimensionality and its Physical Foundations.
Schulting, Dennis. Probleme des ‚kantianischen‘ Nonkonzeptualismus im Hinblick auf die B-Deduktion.
Grandjean, Antoine. Parler du tout, parler de rien: L’inconsistance de toute cosmologie rationnelle et la quatrième antinomie de la raison pure.
Puls, Heiko. Better never to have been?
Berichte und Diskussionen
Kloos, Ingomar. Biographische Rätsel um den halleschen Kantianer Johann Heinrich Tieft runk sind gelöst.
Ruffing, Dr. Margit. Kant-Bibliographie 2013.
Brandt, Reinhard. Christoph Horn: Nichtideale Normativität. Ein neuer Blick auf Kants politische Philosophie.
Gerlach, Burkhard. Kants Grundlegung einer kritischen Metaphysik. Hrsg. von Norbert Fischer.
Wittwer, Héctor. Ulli F. H. Rühl: Kants Deduktion des Rechts als intelligibler Besitz. Kants ‚Privatrecht‘ zwischen vernunft rechtlicher Notwendigkeit und juristischer Kontingenz.
Taraborrelli, Angela. Pauline Kleingeld: Kant and Cosmopolitanism: The Philosophical Ideal of World Citizenship.
Sirovátka, Jakub. Laura Anna Macor: La fragilità della virtù. Dall’antropologia alla morale e ritorno nell’epoca di Kant.
Hanke, Thomas. Jan Völker: Ästhetik der Lebendigkeit. Kants dritte Kritik.
Morscheck, Taina. Claus Langbehn: Vom Selbstbewußtsein zum Selbstverständnis. Kant und die Philosophie der Wahrnehmung.
Gün, Özge Ekin. Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics. New Essays on Space and Time. Ed. by Roxana Baiasu, Graham Bird, A. W. Moore.
Jahresinhalt Kant-Studien Jg. 106, 2015
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Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 9, #2, 2015
Greene, Joshua D. Beyond Point-and-Shoot Morality: Why Cognitive (Neuro)Science Matters for Ethics.
Harel, Alon. On the Irrelevance of Neuroscience to Moral Theory.
Holton, Richard. Crime as Prime.
Benbaji, Yitzhak / Falk, Amir / Feldman, Yuval. Commonsense Morality and the Ethics of Killing in War: An Experimental Survey of the Israeli Population.
Cohen-Eliya, Moshe / Porat, Iddo. The Knobe Effect, Indifference, and Constitutional Law.
Krishnamurthy, Meena. Nudging Global Poverty Alleviation?
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Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 48, #1, 2015 (available on the Tanner recent journal shelves)
Whitney Schwab. Explanation in the Epistemology of the Meno.
Matthew Duncombe. The Role of Relatives in Plato's Partition Argument, Republic 4, 436B 9-439 C9.
Matthew Evans. Making the Best of Plato's Protagoras.
Benjamin Morison. What is a Perfect Syllogism?
Paolo Crivelli. Truth in Metaphysics E 4.
Samuel H. Baker. The Concept of Ergon: Towards an Achievement Interpretation of Aristotle's 'Function Argument.'
Jessica Gelber. Aristotle on Essence and Habitat.
Index Locorum
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 53, #4, 2015
Original Articles
James DiGiovanna. Literally Like a Different Person: Context and Concern in Personal Identity.
Samuel Duncan. Hegel on Rectitude and “Virtue as Such.”
Steven Hendley. Moral Reasoning as Naturally Good: A Qualified Defense of Foot's Conception of Practical Rationality.
Oren Magid. Beyond the Tools of the Trade: Heidegger and the Intelligibility of Everyday Things.
Kevin McCain. Is Forgotten Evidence a Problem for Evidentialism?
Indrek Reiland. On Experiencing Meanings.
Nate Zuckerman. Heidegger and the Essence of Dasein.
SJP Referees
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