Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 66, #4, 2015
Economic Journal, Vol. 125, #588, 2015
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, Vol. 22, #1, 2014
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, Vol. 23, #2, 2015
FPQ: Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 1, #2, 2015
Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, Vol. 8, #1, 2015
Metascience, Vol. 24, #3, 2015
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 15, #29, 2015
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 15, #1, 2015

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 66, #4, 2015
Matteo Colombo. For a Few Neurons More: Tractability and Neurally Informed Economic Modelling.
Peter Brössel and Franz Huber. Bayesian Confirmation: A Means with No End.
Elliott O. Wagner. Conventional Semantic Meaning in Signalling Games with Conflicting Interests.
Alexander Paseau. Knowledge of Mathematics without Proof.
Thomas William Barrett. On the Structure of Classical Mechanics.
Jacob Beck. Analogue Magnitude Representations: A Philosophical Introduction.
Christopher Pincock. Abstract Explanations in Science.
Pierrick Bourrat. How to Read ‘Heritability’ in the Recipe Approach to Natural Selection.
Benjamin Feintzeig. Hidden Variables and Incompatible Observables in Quantum Mechanics.
David John Baker, Hans Halvorson, and Noel Swanson. The Conventionality of Parastatistics.
Sheldon J. Chow. Many Meanings of ‘Heuristic.’
Matthew H. Slater.Natural Categories and Human Kinds: Classification in the Natural and Social Sciences by Muhammad Ali Khalidi. 
Craig Callender. The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics by Alyssa Ney and David Z. Albert.
Thomas A. C. Reydon. Are Species Real? An Essay on the Metaphysics of Species by Matthew H. Slater.
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Economic Journal, Vol. 125, #588, 2015
Feature Article
Mikael Priks. The Effects of Surveillance Cameras on Crime: Evidence from the Stockholm Subway.
Feature: Economic Shocks, Early Life Circumstances and Later Life Outcomes
James P. Smith. Economic Shocks, Early Life Circumstances and Later Life Outcomes: Introduction.
Janet Currie, Valentina Duque and Irwin Garfinkel. The Great Recession and Mothers' Health.
Junjian Yi, James J. Heckman, Junsen Zhang and Gabriella Conti. Early Health Shocks, Intra-household Resource Allocation and Child Outcomes.
Iris Kesternich, Bettina Siflinger, James P. Smith and Joachim K. Winter. Individual Behaviour as a Pathway between Early-life Shocks and Adult Health: Evidence from Hunger Episodes in Post-war Germany.
Feature: Time in Education
Eric A. Hanushek. Time in Education: Introduction.
Victor Lavy. Do Differences in Schools' Instruction Time Explain International Achievement Gaps? Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries.
Steven G. Rivkin and Jeffrey C. Schiman. Instruction Time, Classroom Quality, and Academic Achievement.
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Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, Vol. 23, #1, 2015
D. L. LeMahieu. An Awkward Quarrel: The Defense of Humanism in 1970s Britain.
Tibor Solymosi. Pluralistic Humanism: Democracy and the Religious.
Mark Tschaepe. A Noxious Injustice as Punishment: Prisoner Sexual Violence, Toxic Masculinity, and the Ubuntu Ethic.
James A. Montayne. A Theory of the “Rights” Concept.
Myron Moses Jackson. The Eros and Tragedy of Peace in Whitehead’s Philosophy of Culture.
Alan Mandelberg. Morality Without God.
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Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, Vol. 22, #2, 2014
Thomas Crowther. Omniversal Liberty.
Beth Eddy. Learning to Understand Others: The Pragmatic Rhetoric of Ethnography and Religious Ethics in Clifford Geertz’s Works and Lives.
Sharon M Kaye. Evolution and Existentialism.
Philip Kitcher. Values for Humanists.
Nicolò Scalzo. Atheist Jesus: A Revolution of Paradigms.
Daniel Spiro. Santayana and His "Hero."
Eric Thomas Weber. Converging on Culture: Rorty, Rawls, and Dewey on Culture’s Role in Justice.
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FPQ: Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 1, #2, 2015
Alison Reiheld. Just Caring for Caregivers: What Society and the State Owe to Those Who Render Care.
Ben Almassi. Feminist Reclamations of Normative Masculinity: On Democratic Manhood, Feminist Masculinity, and Allyship Practices.
Justin Morris. Queer Earth Mothering: Thinking Through the Biological Paradigm of Motherhood.
Vanessa Lehan. Reducing Stereotype Threat in First-Year Logic Classes.
Paula Gottlieb and Lynne Tirrell. Remembering Claudia Card: Two Tributes.
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Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, Vol. 8, #1, 2015
Special Issue: Women’s bodies and global poverty eradication
Peter Balint, Eszter Kollar, Patti Lenard, Tiziana Torresi. Women’s bodies and global poverty eradication.
Rebecca Tiessen. ‘Walking Wombs’: Making Sense of the Muskoka Initiative and the Emphasis on Motherhood in Canadian Foreign Policy.
Susan Murphy. Glass Ceilings and Iron Bars: Women, Gender, and Poverty in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
Jacqueline Marie Potvin. Mobilizing Motherhood: The Use of Maternal Myths in Popular Development Discourse.
Nidhi Sadana Sabharwal, Wandana Sonalkar. Dalit Women in India: At the Crossroads of Gender, Class, and Caste.
Agomoni Mitra Ganguli. David Jacobson, Of Virgins and Martyrs: Women and Sexuality in Global Conflict.
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Metascience, Vol. 24, #3, 2015
Luciano Boschiero, K. Brad Wray. Supporting the “metascientific” community.
Book and Essay Reviews
Ian James Kidd. What’s so great about Feyerabend? Against Method, forty years on.
Alexander Reutlinger. Metaphysics, prescription and methodological disagreement.
Elina Pechlivanidi. From the basics to the advanced: Your guide through ontology.
Javier Cumpa. Is there real emergence?
Federica Russo. A pluralist account of causality.
Alfred I. Tauber. Immunology seen through the dark glass of autoimmunity.
William Vance Trollinger Jr. Biology textbooks and the decentering of the Scopes Trial.
Ana Barahona. Historical studies on race, multiculturalism and genomics in Latin America.
Richard Weikart. Controversies over the influences on and effects of Darwinian theory.
Marta Halina. Understanding mechanistic research.
Leonard Finkelman. The more things change the more things change.
Roger Smith. History and the hard problem.
Book Reviews
Constance H. Berman. The daily grind: Monastic milling in Britain.
Paolo Savoia. History and falsity: Trust issues in early modern science.
Klaus Hentschel. Commerce and early-modern visual representations in natural history and medicine.
R. Allen Shotwell. Spanish renaissance anatomy.
David E. Rowe. Einstein’s Travels.
Peter J. Westwick. Software bugs and Star Wars.
Simon D’Alfonso. Weathering the infostorm.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 15, #29, 2015
Carlotta Pavese. Practical Senses
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 15, #1, 2015
Rosalind Edwards, Val Gillies and Nicola Horsley. Early Intervention and Evidence-Based Policy and Practice: Framing and taming.  
Vincent La Placa and Judy Corlyon. Unpacking the Relationship between Parenting and Poverty: Theory, Evidence and Policy.  
Jessica Hagen-Zanker and Carmen Leon Himmelstine. How Effective Are Cash Transfers in Reducing Poverty, Compared to Remittances?  
Wendy Dyer and Paul Biddle. ‘Enhanced Support for High Intensity Users of the Criminal Justice System’: An Evaluation of Mental Health Nurse Input into Integrated Offender Management Services in the North East of England. 
Rune Halvorsen, Bjørn Hvinden and Mi Ah Schoyen. The Nordic Welfare Model in the Twenty-First Century: The Bumble-Bee Still Flies!  
Bren Neale. Introduction: Young Fatherhood: Lived experiences and policy challenges.  
Bren Neale and Laura Davies. Becoming a Young Breadwinner? The Education, Employment and Training Trajectories of Young Fathers.  
Harry Ferguson. Patterns of Engagement and Non-Engagement of Young Fathers in Early Intervention and Safeguarding Work.
Linzi Ladlow and Bren Neale. Risk, Resource, Redemption? The Parenting and Custodial Experiences of Young Offender Fathers.  
Carmen Lau Clayton. The Lives of Young Fathers: A Review of Selected Evidence.  
Jessica Cundy. Supporting Young Dads’ Journeys through Fatherhood.  
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