Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015

Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 15, #4, 2015
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 78, #3, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 131, #2, 2015
Journal of Semantics, Vol. 32, #4, 2015
Moral Philosophy and Politics, Vol. 2, #2, 2015
Public Choice, Vol. 164, #3-4, 2015
Theory and Research in Education, Vol. 13, #3, 2015

Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 15, #4, 2015       
Research Articles
Mihaela Papa.Sustainable Global Governance? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Institutions.
Interrogating Urban Climate Leadership: Toward a Political Ecology of the C40 Network.
Jonathan Pickering, Frank Jotzo, Peter J. Wood.Sharing the Global Climate Finance Effort Fairly with Limited Coordination.
Monica Di Gregorio, Maria Brockhaus, Tim Cronin, Efrian Muharrom, Sofi Mardiah, Levania Santoso. Deadlock or Transformational Change? Exploring Public Discourse on REDD+ Across Seven Countries.
Hannah Hughes. Bourdieu and the IPCC’s Symbolic Power. 
Thomas Bernauer, Quynh Nguyen. Free Trade and/or Environmental Protection?
Book Review Essay
J. Samuel Barkin. Change in Global Environmental Governance.
Book Reviews
Abby Lindsay. Bulkeley, Harriet, Liliana B. Andonova, Michele M. Betsill, Daniel Compagnon, Thomas Hale, Matthew J. Hoffmann, Peter Newell, Matthew Paterson, Charles Roger, and Stacy VanDeveer. Transnational Climate Change Governance.
Michael Maniates. Litfin, Karen. Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community.
Ridgeway, Sharon J., and Peter J. Jacques. The Power of the Talking Stick: Indigenous Politics and the World Ecological Crisis.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 78, #3, 2015
Daniel Howard-Snyder. How not to render an explanatory version of the evidential argument from evil immune to skeptical theism.
Stephen Law. The Pandora’s box objection to skeptical theism.
Erik J. Wielenberg. The parent–child analogy and the limits of skeptical theism.
Thomas Park. Faith in God without any revelation?
John R. Shook. Rationalist atheology.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 131, #2, 2015
Original Papers
Hoje Jo, Hakkon Kim, Kwangwoo Park. Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Firm Performance in the Financial Services Sector.
Guifeng Shi, Jianfei Sun. Corporate Bond Covenants and Social Responsibility Investment.
Stefania Veltri, Giovanni Bronzetti. A Critical Analysis of the Intellectual Capital Measuring, Managing, and Reporting Practices in the Non-profit Sector: Lessons Learnt from a Case Study.
Shuili Du, C. B. Bhattacharya, Sankar Sen. Corporate Social Responsibility, Multi-faceted Job-Products, and Employee Outcomes.
Yijing Wang, Guido Berens. The Impact of Four Types of Corporate Social Performance on Reputation and Financial Performance.
Ramendra Singh, Madhupa Bakshi, Prashant Mishra. Corporate Social Responsibility: Linking Bottom of the Pyramid to Market Development?
Bianca Grohmann, H. Onur Bodur. Brand Social Responsibility: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Outcomes.
Peter Seele, Irina Lock. Instrumental and/or Deliberative? A Typology of CSR Communication Tools.
Valerie Priscilla Goby. Financialization and Outsourcing in a Different Guise: The Ethical Chaos of Workforce Localization in the United Arab Emirates.
Aristeidis Theotokis, Emmanouela Manganari. The Impact of Choice Architecture on Sustainable Consumer Behavior: The Role of Guilt.
Jose-Luis Godos-Díez, Roberto Fernández-Gago. Business Education and Idealism as Determinants of Stakeholder Orientation.
Madeline Ann Domino, Stephen C. Wingreen, James E. Blanton. Social Cognitive Theory: The Antecedents and Effects of Ethical Climate Fit on Organizational Attitudes of Corporate Accounting Professionals—A Reflection of Client Narcissism and Fraud Attitude Risk.
Laurence Vigneau, Michael Humphreys, Jeremy Moon. How Do Firms Comply with International Sustainability Standards? Processes and Consequences of Adopting the Global Reporting Initiative.
Gang Wang, Peter D. Harms, Jeremy D. Mackey. Does it take two to Tangle? Subordinates’ Perceptions of and Reactions to Abusive Supervision.
Book Reviews
S. Prakash Sethi. United Nations’ Endeavors to Protect and Enhance Human Rights Around the World. A Reflective Essay and Review of Eric A. Posner, The Twilight of Human Rights Law.
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Journal of Semantics, Vol. 32, #4, 2015
Edward Gibson, Pauline Jacobson, Peter Graff, Kyle Mahowald, Evelina Fedorenko, and Steven T. Piantadosi. A Pragmatic Account of Complexity in Definite Antecedent-Contained-Deletion Relative Clauses.
Patrick G. Grosz, Pritty Patel-Grosz, Evelina Fedorenko, and Edward Gibson. Constraints on Donkey Pronouns.
Daniel Lassiter. Epistemic Comparison, Models of Uncertainty, and the Disjunction Puzzle.
Guillaume Thomas. The Present Tense is not Vacuous.
Stefan Hinterwimmer and David Schueler. Requantification, Underquantification and Partial Focus in Indefinites.
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Moral Philosophy and Politics, Vol. 2, #2, 2015
Symposium on Discrimination
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Discrimination: An Intriguing but Underexplored Issue in Ethics and Political Philosophy.
Ryan Cook. Discrimination Revised: Reviewing the Relationship between Social Groups, Disparate Treatment, and Disparate Impact.
Raino Malnes. Discrimination: Classification and Moral Assessment.
Xiaofei Liu. “No Fats, Femmes, or Asians.”
Oscar Horta. Does Discrimination Require Disadvantage?
Frej Klem Thomsen. Stealing Bread and Sleeping Beneath Bridges – Indirect Discrimination as Disadvantageous Equal Treatment.
Symposium on Limits of Markets
Mark Peacock. Symposium on Limits of Markets: Introduction.
David Sherman. Ethics and the Reach of Actually Existing Capitalist Markets.
Jason Brennan and Peter Jaworski. In Defense of Commodification.
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Public Choice, Vol. 164, #3-4, 2015
Original Papers
Jac C. Heckelman. Guest editor’s introduction to the symposium on the 50th anniversary of Olson’s Logic of Collective Action.
Todd Sandler. Collective action: fifty years later.
Roger D. Congleton. The Logic of Collective Action and beyond.
Geoffrey Brennan. Olson and imperceptible differences: the Tuck critique.
Dongwon Lee. Supermajority rule and the law of 1/n.
Dwight R. Lee. The beast is not easily starved.
Thiess Buettner, Bjoern Kauder. Political biases despite external expert participation? An empirical analysis of tax revenue forecasts in Germany.
Stuart Kasdin, Luona Lin. Strategic behavior by federal agencies in the allocation of public resources.
Nathan M. Jensen, Edmund J. Malesky, Matthew Walsh. Competing for global capital or local voters? The politics of business location incentives.
Andrew T. Young. From Caesar to Tacitus: changes in early Germanic governance circa 50 BC-50 AD .
Jan K. Brueckner, Kangoh Lee. Negative campaigning in a probabilistic voting model.
Carl David Mildenberger. Virtual world order: the economics and organizations of virtual pirates.
André Blais, Jean-François Laslier, François Poinas. Citizens’ preferences about voting rules: self-interest, ideology, and sincerity.
Book Reviews
Zachary Gochenour. George J. Borjas: Immigration economics.
Thomas J. Miceli. Ilya Somin, The Grasping Hand: Kelo v. City of New London & the Limits of Eminent Domain.  ymposium on the 50th Anniversary of Olson’s Logic / Guest Edited by Jac Heckelman.
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Theory and Research in Education, Vol. 13, #3, 2015             
Kevin McDonough, Bruce Maxwell, and David Waddington. Teachers, the state and religious symbols: A question of professional ethics.
Tristan McCowan. Should universities promote employability?
Danielle Zwarthoed. Creating frugal citizens: The liberal egalitarian case for teaching frugality.
Joshua Cuevas. Is learning styles-based instruction effective? A comprehensive analysis of recent research on learning styles.
Katariina Holma and Heidi Hyytinen. The philosophy of personal epistemology.
Ann Allen and Andrew Saultz. Parent trigger policies, representation, and the public good.
Book Reviews
David P. Burns and Mason Schmidt. Book review: Michael R. Matthews, Science Teaching: The Contribution of History and Philosophy of Science.
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