Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2015
Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 1, #3, 2015
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #11, 2015
Res Publica, Vol. 21, #3, 2015
Synthese, Vol. 192, #7, 2015
Synthese, Vol. 192, #8, 2015

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2015            
Ittay Nissan-Rozen. Against Moral Hedging.
H. Orri Stefánsson. Fair Chance and Modal Consequentialism.
Luc Bovens. Concerns For The Poorly Off In Ordering Risky Prospects.
David Gilboa. Punishment Justifiable As a Quasi-Tax.
David Wiens. Political Ideals and the Feasibility Frontier.
Johannes Himmelreich. From Individual to Collective Intentionality: New Essays, Edited By Sara Rachel Chant, Frank Hindriks and Gerhard Preyer. Oxford University Press, 2014, 225 Pages.
Luara Ferracioli. Born Free And Equal?: A Philosophical Inquiry Into The Nature Of Discrimination, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Oxford University Press, 2014, 317 Pages.
Ittay Nissan-Rozen. The Limits ff Kindness, Caspar Hare. Oxford University Press, 2013, Xi +222 Pages.
Till Grüne-Yanoff. Behavioural Public Policy, Edited By Adam Olivier. Cambridge University Press, Xv + 235 Pages. 
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Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 1, #3, 2015
Barry Stroud. Perceptual Knowledge and the Primacy of Judgment.
Paul Katsafanas. Fugitive Pleasure and the Meaningful Life: Nietzsche on Nihilism and Higher Values.
Natalja Deng. How A-Theoretic Deprivationists Should Respond To Lucretius.
Sydney Shoemaker. Persistence and Properties.
Joshua Glasgow and Jonathan M. Woodward. Basic Racial Realism.
Jason D'cruz. Trust, Trustworthiness, and the Moral Consequence of Consistency.
Hun Chung. Hobbes's State Of Nature: A Modern Bayesian Game-Theoretic Analysis.
Supplementary Materials
Shane Maxwell Wilkins. The Infinitely Iterated Labyrinth: Conceivability and Higher-Order Knowledge.
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra. Grounding Is Not A Strict Order.
Stephen Read. Aristotle and Lukasiewicz on Existential Import.
Paul Weirich. Intrinsic Utility's Compositionality.
Eric Schwitzgebel and Alan T. Moore. Experimental Evidence for the Existence of an External World.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #11, 2015
Original Papers
Paulina Sliwa, Sophie Horowitz. Respecting all the evidence.
Victor Kumar. Moral judgment as a natural kind.
Kristin Mickelson. The Zygote Argument is invalid: Now what?
Nicky Kroll. Progressive teleology.
Bénédicte Veillet. The cognitive significance of phenomenal knowledge.
Andrea Scarantino, Michael Nielsen. Voodoo dolls and angry lions: how emotions explain arational actions.
Christopher Michael Cloos. Responsibilist Evidentialism.
Simon Kittle. Abilities to do otherwise.
Elinor Mason. Moral ignorance and blameworthiness.
Samuel Lebens. Would this paper exist if I hadn’t written it?
Thomas J. McKay. Stuff and coincidence.
Jonathan Tallant. Ontological dependence in a spacetime-world.
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Res Publica, Vol. 21, #3, 2015
T. J. Kasperbauer. Psychological Constraints on Egalitarianism: The Challenge of Just World Beliefs.
George Klosko. Rawls, Weithman, and the Stability of Liberal Democracy.
Paul Weithman. Reply to Professor Klosko.
George Klosko. Stability: Political and Conception: A Response to Professor Weithman.
Josh Milburn. Rabbits, Stoats and the Predator Problem: Why a Strong Animal Rights Position Need Not Call for Human Intervention to Protect Prey from Predators.
Merten Reglitz. Political Legitimacy without a (Claim-) Right to Rule.
Bruno Leipold. Political Anarchism and Raz’s Theory of Authority.
Andreas Albertsen. Joseph Fishkin: Bottlenecks—A New Theory of Equality of Opportunity.
Matteo Bonotti. Russell Muirhead: The Promise of Party in a Polariz.
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #7, 2015
Special Issue: Logic and Relativity Theory.  Issue Editors: Gergely Székely

Gergely Székely. Logic and relativity theory.
Original Papers
Jean-Yves Beziau. The relativity and universality of logic.
S.I. : Logic and Relativity Theory
S. Barry Cooper. The machine as data: a computational view of emergence and definability.
Original Papers
Christian Wüthrich. A quantum-information-theoretic complement to a general-relativistic implementation of a beyond-Turing computer.
Thomas Benda. An axiomatic foundation of relativistic spacetime.
Miklós Ferenczi. Probabilities defined on standard and non-standard cylindric set algebras.
Michèle Friend. On the epistemological significance of the hungarian project.
Márton Gömöri, László E. Szabó. Formal statement of the special principle of relativity.
Naveen Sundar Govindarajalulu, Selmer Bringsjord, Joshua Taylor. Proof verification and proof discovery for relativity.
Sándor Jenei, Franco Montagna. A classification of certain group-like FL e -chains.
María Manzano, Enrique Alonso. Visions of Henkin.
Solomon Marcus. Starting from the scenario Euclid–Bolyai–Einstein.
Szabolcs Mikulás. The equational theories of representable residuated semigroups.
Szabolcs Mikulás, Ildikó Sain, András Simon. Complexity of equational theory of relational algebras with standard projection elements.
Attila Molnár, Gergely Székely. Axiomatizing relativistic dynamics using formal thought experiments.
Tarek Sayed-Ahmed. Neat embeddings as adjoint situations.
Mike Stannett. Motion and observation in a single-particle universe.
Petr Švarný. Does branching explain flow of time or the other way around?
Sándor Vályi. On the axiomatizability of some first-order spatio-temporal theories.
S.I. : Logic and Relativity Theory
Yongfeng Yuan, Shier Ju. Rational evaluation in belief revision.
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #8, 2015       
Special Section on History and Philosophy of Infinity
In Memoriam
Gila Sher, In memoriam: Jaakko Hintikka,
S.I.:History and Philosophy of Infinity
Brendan P. Larvor, Benedikt Löwe, Dirk Schlimm. History and philosophy of infinity.
S.I. : Infinity
Tamer Nawar. Aristotelian finitism.
Original Papers
Sara L. Uckelman. The logic of categorematic and syncategorematic infinity.
João Figueiredo Nobre Cortese. Infinity between mathematics and apologetics: Pascal’s notion of infinite distance.
S.I. : Infinity
Silvia De Bianchi. When series go in indefinitum, ad infinitum and in infinitum concepts of infinity in Kant’s antinomy of pure reason.
Original Papers
Luca Incurvati. On the concept of finitism.
Benjamin Rin. Transfinite recursion and computation in the iterative conception of set.
Carolin Antos, Sy-David Friedman, Radek Honzik, Claudio Ternullo. Multiverse conceptions in set theory.
S.I.: Infinity
Markus Pantsar. In search of ?0 : how infinity can be created.
Original Papers
Ladislav Koren. Hinge commitments vis-à-vis the transmission problem.
Ittay Nissan-Rozen. A triviality result for the “Desire by Necessity” thesis.
Robert C. Roberts, Ryan West. Natural epistemic defects and corrective virtues.
Shay Allen Logan. The semantics of social constructivism.
Charles T. Sebens. Killer collapse: empirically probing the philosophically unsatisfactory region of GRW.
Alex Worsnip. Narrow-scoping for wide-scopers.
Joshua Stuchlik. Epistemological disjunctivism and easy knowledge.
Erhan Demircioglu. The given in perceptual experience.
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