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July 8, 2015

Analysis, Vol. 75, #3, 2015
Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 45, #1, 2015
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplement, Vol. 42, S1, 2012
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 45, #4, 2015
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #12, 2014
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #8, 2015
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 91, #1, 2015
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #7, 2015

Analysis, Vol. 75, #3, 2015
Noah Greenstein. Punny logic. Delia Graff Fara. A problem for predicativism solved by predicativism. Chris Daly. Bait and switch philosophy. A.C. Paseau. Did Frege commit a cardinal sin? Benjamin T.H. Smart and Karim P.Y. Thébault. Dispositions and the principle of least action revisited. Kevin P. Tobia. Personal identity and the Phineas Gage effect. Edgar Danielyan. On behalf of St. Anselm. Uriah Kriegel. Experiencing the present. James M. Joyce. The value of truth: a reply to Howson. Paul Faulkner. The attitude of trust is basic. Book Symposium : Impassioned Belief  Michael Ridge. Summary. Jennifer Carr. Ecumenical Expressivism Ecumenicized. Jamie Dreier. Truth and Disagreement in Impassioned Belief. Karl Schafer. The unity of normative judgement: On Ridge’s Impassioned Belief. Michael Ridge. Replies to Critics. Recent Work Robin McKenna. Contextualism in Epistemology. Critical Notices Michael Rieppel. Pluralities and Plural Logic. Hannah Altehenger, Simon Gaus, and Andreas Leonhard Menges. Being Realistic about Reflective Equilibrium.
Book Reviews
David Ripley reviews The Yablo Paradox: An Essay on Circularity by Roy T. Cook.
John Collins reviews The Primitivist Theory of Truth by J. Asay.
Craig French reviews Hallucination: Philosophy and Psychology by Fiona Macpherson and Dimitris Platchias.
Michael Scott reviews Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief and Practice by Aaron Rizzieri.
Bob Hale reviews Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century: Selected Essays by Charles Parsons.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 45, #1, 2015
Ofra Magidor. Why neither diachronic universalism nor the Argument from Vagueness establishes perdutantism.
Joe Campbell. Critict Notice: Paul Russell’s The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise: Skepticism, Naturalism, and Irreligion.
Sally Haslanger. Distinguished Lecture: Social structure, narrative and explanation.
Alexander Skiles. Essence in abundance.
Kristin Mickelson. A Critique of Vihvelin’s Three-fold Classification.
Julie Tannenbaum. Mere moral failure.
Daniel J. Hicks. On Okin’s critique of libertarianism.
David Bourget. Representationalism, perceptual distortion and the limits of phenomenal concepts.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplement, Vol. 42, S1, 2012
Special Issue: Hume in Alberta: Selected Papers from the 2012 Hume Conference in Calgary. Guest editors: Amy M. Schmitter, Ann Levey, Wade Robison and Jennifer Welchman.
Editors’ introduction to Hume in Alberta
Amy M. Schmitter
Sarah Hutton. From Cudworth to Hume: Cambridge Platonism and the Scottish Enlightenment.
Deborah Brown. Hume and the nominalist tradition.
Ruth Weintraub. Hume’s nominalism and the Copy Principle.
Jani Hakkarainen. Hume as a trope nominalist.
Maité Cruz Tleugabulova. Hume on presentation and philosophy.
Erin Frykholm.The ontology of character traits in Hume.
Hsueh Qu. The simple duality: Humean passions.
Elizabeth S. Radcliffe. The inertness of reason and Hume’s legacy.
Philip A. Reed. Motivating Hume’s natural virtues.
Kenneth Henley. Hume’s “Wilt Chamberlain Argument” and taxation.
Donald C. Ainslie. Hume, a Scottish Locke? Comments on Terence Penelhum’s Hume.
Jane McIntyre. The idea of the self in the evolution of Hume’s account of the passions.
Willem Lemmens. The ‘true religion’ of the sceptic: Penelhum reading Hume’s Dialogues.
Terence Penelhum. Hume, Locke and consciousness.
Terence Penelhum. The self and the passions.
Terenece Penelhum. Hume’s atheism and the role of Cleanthes.
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 45, #4, 2015
From the Editor
Gregory E. Kaebnick. Whose Risks and Benefits?
Amulya Mandava, Joseph Millum and Benjamin E. Berkman. When Should Genome Researchers Disclose Misattributed Pahentage?
Matthew Gambino. Fevered Decisions: Race, Ethics, and Clinical Vulnerability in the Malarial Treatment of Neurosyphilis, 1922–1953.
Another Voice
Jeremy R. Garrett. Beyond Harms and Benefits: Rethinking Duties to Disclose Misattributed Parentage.
Moti Gorin. The Bitter Pill of Name-Brand Drugs.
Leonard S. Rijbenstein. Punishing Health Care Providers for Treating Terrorists.
Erik Parens. Drifting Away from Informed Consent in the Era of Personalized Medicine.
Camille Nebeker, Michael Kalichman, Ana Talavera and John Elder. Training in Research Ethics and Standards for Community Health Workers and Promotores Engaged in Latino Health Research.
In Practice
Jessica M. Turnbull. Responsible Stewards of a Limited Resource.
Commentary // Perspective
Margaret P. Battin. Thinking All Wrong about How You Die.
Policy and Politics
Haavi Morreim. Candor about Adverse Events: Physicians versus the Data Bank.
Book Review
Blair L Sadler. Why Health Care Is Going Green.
Departments // Field Notes
Mohini P. Banerjee. Planning for Disaster.
Robert J. Wells. Rationing Is Still Rationing.
Peter A. Ubel. The author replies.
Chelsea A. Jack. Can Voice Be Given If No One is Listening?
John Hardwig. The author replies.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #12, 2014
Justin Tiehen. A Priori Scrutability and That’s All.
Gurpreet Rattan. Epistemological Semantics beyond Irrationality and Conceptual Change.
Comments and Criticism
Gary Ebbs. Conditionalization and Conceptual Change: Chalmers in Defense of a Dogma.
New Books // Index to Volume CXI
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John Buridan, Treatise on Consequences, Stephen Read (tr.). Reviewed by Sten Ebbesen.
Carlos Montemayor and Harry Haroutioun Haladjian, Consciousness, Attention, and Conscious Attention. Reviewed by Christopher Mole.
John Searle, Seeing Things as They Are: A Theory of Perception. Reviewed by Charles Travis.
Nancy E. Snow (ed.), Cultivating Virtue: Perspectives from Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology. Reviewed by Erica Lucast Stonestreet.
Julian Wuerth, Kant on Mind, Action, and Ethics. Reviewed by Jeanine M. Grenberg.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #8, 2015
Original Papers
Shieva Kleinschmidt. Shaping up location: Against the Humean argument for the extrinsicality of shape.
Vincent Conitzer. A devastating example for the Halfer Rule.
Wolfgang Barz. Transparent introspection of wishes.
Alex Steinberg. Priority monism and part/whole dependence.
Oisín Deery. Why people believe in indeterminist free will.
David Faraci. A hard look at moral perception.
Daniel Deasy. The moving spotlight theory.
Christopher Evan Franklin. Everyone thinks that an ability to do otherwise is necessary for free will and moral responsibility.
Nathan Hanna. Philosophical success.
Ivan Hu. Epistemicism, paradox, and conditional obligation.
Jussi Haukioja. On deriving essentialism from the theory of reference.
Robert J. Howell. Epistemic internalism and perceptual content: how a fear of demons leads to an error theory of perception.
Erin Frykholm. A Humean particularist virtue ethic.
Noël B. Saenz. A grounding solution to the grounding problem.
Matthew Parrott. Expressing first-person authority.
Jochen Briesen. Perceptual justification and assertively representing the world.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 91, #1, 2015
Krista K. Thomason. Shame, Violence, and Morality.
Karl Schafer. How Common is Peer Disagreement? On Self-Trust and Rational Symmetry.
Alex Silk. How to Be an Ethical Expressivist.
Elijah Chudnoff. Phenomenal Contrast Arguments for Cognitive Phenomenology.
Hao Tang. A Meeting of the Conceptual and the Natural: Wittgenstein on Learning a Sensation-Language.
Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum. Powers, Non-Consent and Freedom.
Uriah Kriegel. Thought and Thing: Brentano's Reism as Truthmaker Nominalism.
J. Adam Carter and Duncan Pritchard. Knowledge-How and Cognitive Achievement.
Book Symposium : Rationality Through Reasoning
John Broome. Précis of Rationality Through Reasoning.
Kieran Setiya. Broome on Reasons to Act.
Nadeem J. Z. Hussain. Practical Reasoning and Linking Beliefs.
John Horty. Requirements, Oughts, Intentions.
John Broome. Responses to Setiya, Hussain, and Horty.
Recent Publications
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #7, 2015
Gry Wester. Conscientious Objection by Health Care Professionals.
History of Philosophy
Deborah Boyle. Margaret Cavendish on Perception, Self-Knowledge, and Probable Opinion
Logic & Philosophy of Language
Paul Egré. Explanation in Linguistics.
Jouko Väänänen. Second-Order Logic and Set Theory.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Olivier Lemeire and Andreas De Block. Philosophy and the Biology of Male Homosexuality.
Philosophy of Religion
Guy Bennett-Hunter. Divine Ineffability.
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