Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9, 2015

Acta Analytica, Vol. 30, #2, 2015
Business Ethics, Vol. 24, #3, 2015
Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, #2, 2015
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #10, 2014
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #11, 2014
Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #1, 2015
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #6, 2015
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 82, #3, 2015

Acta Analytica, Vol. 30, #2, 2015
Original Papers
Claudio Calosi, Vincenzo Fano. Divisibility and Extension: a Note on Zeno’s Argument Against Plurality and Modern Mereology.
Claudio Mazzola. On Continuity and Endurance.
Neil Campbell. Kim on Reductive Explanation.
David Botting. Resentment and the Impossibility of Universal Abnormality.
Alexander Miller, Ali Saboohi. Rule-Following and Consciousness: Old Problem or New?
Arthur Sullivan. What Do Deviant Logians Show About the Epistemology of Logic?
C. D. Meyers. Automatic Behavior and Moral Agency: Defending the Concept of Personhood from Empirically Based Skepticism.
James Andow. A Semantic Solution to the Problem with Aesthetic Testimony.
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Business Ethics, Vol. 24, #3, 2015
Original Articles
Patrick Maclagan. Moral dilemmas, moral reasons and moral learning: interpreting a real case in terms of particularistic theory.
Majella O'Leary. Work identification and responsibility in moral breakdown.
Alessandro M. Peluso. Psychological drivers in the adoption of morally controversial innovations: the moderating role of ethical self-identity.
Dirk Holtbrügge, Anastasia Baron and Carina B. Friedmann. Personal attributes, organizational conditions, and ethical attitudes: a social cognitive approach.
Inju Yang. Perceived conflict avoidance by managers and its consequences on subordinates' attitudes.
Martin Spraggon and Virginia Bodolica. Trust, authentic pride, and moral reasoning: a unified framework of relational governance and emotional self-regulation.
Hélène Delerue and Mariam Hamid. Who are these people? Personality traits and judgments about trade secret misappropriation in post-employment activities.
Regina Maria da Cruz Queiroz. Putting ethics and economic rationality together: an Aristotelian and philosophical approach.
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Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, #2, 2015
Symposium on Equality versus Priority
Alex Voorhoeve. Introduction to the Symposium on Equality versus Priority.
Marc Fleurbaey. Equilty versus Priority: How Relevant is the Distinction?
John Broome. Equality versus Priority: A Useful Distinction.
Daniel M. Hausman. Equality versus Priority: A Misleading Distinction.
Armin W. Schulz. Preferences vs. Desires: Debating the Fundamental Structure of Conative States.
Ronen Gradwohl and Eran Shmaya. Tractable Falsifiability.
Christian Schubert. Opporunity and Preference Learning.
Robert Sugden. Opporunity and Preference Learning: a Reply to Christian Schubert.
Book Reviews
Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory, Lisa Herzog. Review by Vivienne Brown.
Inequalities in Health: Concepts, Measures and Ethics, edited by Nir Eyal, Samia A. Hurst, Ole F. Norheim and Dan Wikler. Review by Richard Cookson.
In Praise of Desire, Nomy Arpaly and Tim Schroeder. Review by Alexander Sarch.
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty. Review by Gabriel Wollner.
The Great Escape: Health, Wealth and the Origins of Inequality, Angus Deaton. Review by Alice Obrecht.
Social Ontology: Collective Intentionality and Group Agents, Raimo Tuomela. Review by Frank Hindriks.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #9/10, 2014
Special Issue: Ontological Disagreement, edited by Wolfgang Mann and Achille C. Varzi
by Wolfgang Mann and Achille C. Varzi
C.S.I. Jenkins. Serious Verbal Disputes: Ontology, Metaontology, and Analyticity.
Stephen Yablo. Carnap’s Paradox and Easy Ontology.
Amie L. Thomasson. Quizzical Ontology and Easy Ontology.
Kristie Lyn Miller. Defending Substantivism about Disputes in the Metaphysics of Composition.
Shamik Dasgupta. The Possibility of Physicalism.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 111, #11, 2014
Anja Karnein. Putting Fairness in Its Place: Why There Is a Duty to Take Up the Slack.
Robert Pasnau. Veiled Disagreement.
Comments and Criticism
Alexander Hyun and Eric Sampson. On Believing the Error Theory.
Book Reviews
Yitzhak Y. Melamed: Spinoza’s Metaphysics: Substance and Thought. Reviewed by Don Garrett.
New Books
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #1, 2015
Christian Onof and Dennis Schulting. Space as Form of Intuition and as Formal Intuition: On the Note to B160 in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
Delia Graff Fara. Names Are Predicates.
Christian List and Marcus Pivato. Emergent Chance.
Book Reviews
Matthew Stuart, Locke's Metaphysics. Review by Michael Jacovides.
Lynne Rudder Baker, Naturalism and the First-Person Perspective. Review by Mario De Caro.
Linda Zagzebski, Epistemic Authority: A Theory of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief. Review by Baron Reed.
Jesse Prinz, The Conscious Brain: How Attention Engenders Experience. Review by Geoffrey Lee.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #6, 2015
With Book Symposium on Scott Soames's The Analytic Tradition in Philosophy Volume 1: The Founding Giants
Original Papers
Nathan Wildman. Load bare-ing particulars.
William E. S. McNeill. Inferentialism and our knowledge of others’ minds.
Richard Rowland. Dissolving the wrong kind of reason problem.
David Carr. Is gratitude a moral virtue?
Mahrad Almotahari, Adam Hosein. Is anything just plain good?
Travis Timmerman. Does scrupulous securitism stand-up to scrutiny? Two problems for moral securitism and how we might fix them.
Sarah K. Paul. The transparency of intention.
Michael R. Hicks. Pretense and fiction-directed thought.
Alfred Archer, Michael Ridge. The heroism paradox: another paradox of supererogation.
Johan E. Gustafsson. Sequential dominance and the anti-aggregation principle.
J. Adam Carter, Benjamin W. Jarvis, Katherine Rubin. Varieties of cognitive achievement.
Anna-Karin Margareta Andersson. Rights bearers and rights functions.
Scott Soames. The analytic tradition in philosophy: volume 1 Précis.
Michael Beaney. Soames on Frege: provoking thoughts.
Sarah McGrath, Thomas Kelly. Soames and Moore on method in ethics and epistemology.
Charles R. Pigden. Scott Soames: The analytic tradition in philosophy, volume 1: Founding giants.
Scott Soames. Reply to critics of the analytic tradition in philosophy vol. 1 the founding giants.
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Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Note from the Editor including acceptance and turnaround time for article submissions for 2013-14.
Andrei Marmor. What Is the Right to Privacy?
Rahul Kumar. Risking and Wronging.
Victor Tadros. Wrongful Intentions without Closeness.
Subscription Information / Information for Contributors / Notes on the Contributors
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 82, #3, 2015
Julian Reiss. A Pragmatist Theory of Evidence.
Devin Y. Gouvêa. Explanation and the Evolutionary First Law(s).
Jan Sprenger. A Novel Solution to the Problem of Old Evidence. (Contains supplements)
Kim Sterelny. Optimizing Engines: Rational Choice in the Neolithic?
Jason McKenzie Alexander, Johannes Himmelreich, and Christopher Thompson. Epistemic Landscapes, Optimal Search, and the Division of Cognitive Labor.(Contains supplements)
Johanna Thoma. The Epistemic Division of Labor Revisited.
Marta Halina. There Is No Special Problem of Mindreading in Nonhuman Animals.
James Krueger. Theoretical Health and Medical Practice.
Essay Review
Epidemiological Explanations.
Philosophy of Epidemiology by Alex Broadbent. Review by: Olaf Dammann
Book Reviews
Discovery and Classification in Astronomy—Controversy and Consensus by Steven J. Dick. Review by: Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam.
Philosophy and the Precautionary Principle: Science, Evidence, and Environmental Policy by Daniel Steel. Review by: Kevin Elliott.
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