Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015

Philosophy, Vol. 90, #3, 2015                              Synthese, Vol. 192, #6, 2015
Metascience, Vol. 24, #2, 2015
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 35, #2, 2015
Ratio Juris, Vol. 28, #2, 2015
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 31, #2, 2015
Studia Logica, Vol. 103, #3, 2015
The Economic Journal, Issue 583, 2015

 Philosophy, Vol. 90, #3, 2015
Editorial: A Failure of Expertise
Research Articles
Denis Corish. Time as Relative.
D.H. Mellor. Artists and Engineers.
Christopher Miles Coope. Making Morality Intelligible.
David Sherry. Fields and the Intelligibility of Contact Action.
Edward James. Beyond the Magical Thinking Behind the Principal Principle.
John Shand. Kant, Respect, and Hypotheitcal Acts.
Existence: essays in Ontology by Peter van Inwagen. Review by Karl Egerton.
The Spiritual Automaton: Spinoza’z Science of the Mind by Eugene Marshall. Review by Steph Marston.
Sounding/Silence: Martin Heidegger at the Limits of Poetics by David Nowell Smith. Review by Charlotte Knowles.
Metaphysics and Grammar by William Charlton Bloomsbury. Review by Stephen R.L. Clark.
Proof, Knowledge, and Scepticism: Essays in Ancient Philosophy III by Jonathan Barnes. Review by Tamer Nawar.
Booknotes // Books Received
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #6, 2015
Special Section on Logic of Questions, Guest edited by Y. Hamami and F. Roelofsen
Yacin Hamami, Floris Roelofsen. Logics of questions.
Original Papers
Andrzej Wisniewski, Dorota Leszczynska-Jasion. Inferential erotetic logic meets inquisitive semantics.
Yacin Hamami. The interrogative model of inquiry meets dynamic epistemic logics.
Ivano A. Ciardelli, Floris Roelofsen. Inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic.
Ivano Ciardelli, Jeroen Groenendijk, Floris Roelofsen. On the semantics and logic of declaratives and interrogatives.
Benjamin Spector, Paul Egré. A uniform semantics for embedded interrogatives: an answer, not necessarily the answer.
Leendert Huisman. Reflecting on finite additivity.
Thomas Donaldson. Platitudes in mathematics.
Pavel Naumov, Jia Tao. Logic of confidence.
Alexandru Radulescu. The logic of indexicals.
Scott Stapleford. Epistemic versus all things considered requirements.
Daniel Dohrn. Egan and agents: How evidential decision theory can deal with Egan’s dilemma.
Stephen Steward. Ya shouldn’ta couldn’ta wouldn’ta.
Corrado Sinigaglia, Stephen A. Butterfill. On a puzzle about relations between thought, experience and the motoric.
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Metascience, Vol. 24, #2, 2015
K. Brad Wray, Luciano Boschiero. Metascience and Neurath’s boat.
Book Symposium
Marshall Abrams, Frederick Eberhardt, Michael Strevens. Equidynamics and reliable reasoning about frequencies.
Essay Reviews
Keizo Matsubara. A defence of string theory.
Vasilis Politis, Jun Su. Aristotle on being as activity.
Chrysovalantis Stergiou. Common causes love to hide.
Stavros Ioannidis. Functions and functional explanation revisited.
Thomas A. C. Reydon. Natural kinds no longer are what they never were.
Howard Sankey. Constructively engaging with relativism.
Book Reviews
Koray Karaca. A sociological approach to the search for gravitational waves.
Kostas Kampourakis. Can there be a theory of development?
Nicholas J. Teh. Relational realism: A new foundation for quantum mechanics?
Katharine Anderson. Circling in on Tyndall and Turner.
David DeVorkin. Minding the nebulae.
Naomi Pasachoff. A lively, if sprawling, history of the atomic era.
Naomi Pasachoff. The history of electromagnetic theory through the lives of its founders.
Audra J. Wolfe. Radiation before the bomb.
Ingvar Johansson. Applied mereology.
David Henderson. On the real workings of social construction.
Joeri Witteveen. Natural classification.
Martin A. Vezér. Book notice.
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 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 35, #2, 2015
Samuel Scheffler. Distributive Justice, the Basic Structure and the Place of Private Law.
Denise Meyerson. The Moral Justification for the Right to Make Full Answer and Defence.
Kimberley Brownlee. Freedom of Association: It’s Not What You Think.
Adam Perry. The Internal Aspect of Social Rules.
Alexander Hoogenboom. In Search of a Rationale for the EU Citizenship Jurisprudence.
Claire Kilpatrick. On the Rule of Law and Economic Emergency: The Degradation of Basic Legal Values in Europe’s Bailouts.
Annette van der Merwe and Ann Skelton. Victims’ Mitigating Views in Sentencing Decisions: A Comparative Analysis.
DJ Galligan. Concepts the Currency of Social Understanding of Law: A Review Essay on the Later Work of William Twining.
Candice Delmas. False Convictions and True Conscience.
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Ratio Juris, Vol. 28, #2, 2015
Richard L. Lippke. The Presumption of Innocence in the Trial Setting.
Benjamin Sachs. The Crime of Self-Solicitation.
James Rocha. The Homophobic Sexual Harassment Claim and Sexuality Discrimination.
Mortimer N.S. Sellers. Niccolò Machiavelli: Father of Modern Constitutionalism.
Marco Geuna. Machiavelli and the Problem of Dictatorship.
Andreas Follesdal. Machiavelli at 500: From Cynic to Vigilant Supporter of International Law.
John P. McCormick. Of Tribunes and Tyrants: Machiavelli's Legal and Extra-Legal Modes for Controlling Elites.
Cesare Pinelli. Machiavelli, Guicciardini and the “Governo Largo.”
Notes // Discussions// Book Reviews
Mark McBride. Raz, Practical Inferences, Promising, Legal Reasoning.
Nicola Riva. Equal Chances and Equal Options: Two Conceptions of Equality of Opportunity.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 31, #2, 2015
Equality and Public Policy
Contributors /Acknowledgment
Gerald Gaus. The egalitarian species.
Scott Winship. Has rising income inequality worsened inequality of opportunity in the United States?
Elizabeth Anderson. Equality and freedom in the workplace: recovering Republican insights.
Steven Horwitz. Inequality, mobility, and being poor in America.
Paul Weithman. Relational equality, inherent stability, and the reach of contractualism.
Debra Thompson. What lies beneath: equality and the making of racial classifications.
Sarah E. Skwire. 'Without respect of persons': gender equality, theology, and the law in the writing of Margaret Fell.
Govind Persad. Equality via mobility: why socioeconomic mobility matters for relational equality, distributive equality, and equality of opportunity.
Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan and Megan Teague. Equality, liberty, and prosperity.
Kristin Voigt and Gry Wester. Relational equality and health.
Tom W. Bell. What can corporations teach governments about democratic equality?
Daniel L. Bennett and Richard K. Vedder. Public policy, higher education, and income inequality in the United States: have we reached diminishing returns?
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Studia Logica, Vol. 103, #3, 2015
Original Papers
Szabolcs Mikulás. Lower Semilattice-Ordered Residuated Semigroups and Substructural Logics.
Janis Cirulis. On Some Classes of Commutative Weak BCK-Algebras.
T. S. Blyth, Jie Fang, Leibo Wang. On ideals and congruences of distributive demi-p-algebras.
Steffen Lewitzka. Denotational Semantics for Modal Systems S3–S5 Extended by Axioms for Propositional Quantifiers and Identity.
Stefan Wintein, Reinhard A. Muskens. From Bi-facial Truth to Bi-facial Proofs.
Mingzhong Cai. Unprovability and Proving Unprovability.
Federico Pailos, Lucas Rosenblatt. Non-deterministic Conditionals and Transparent Truth.
Edoardo Rivello. Cofinally Invariant Sequences and Revision.
Victor N. Krivtsov. Semantical Completeness of First-Order Predicate Logic and the Weak Fan Theorem.
Sergio A. Celani, Daniela Montangie. Hilbert Algebras with a Modal Operator ?.
Book Review
Matthias Baaz and Alexander Leitsch, Methods of Cut-Elimination. Review by Sam Buss.
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The Economic Journal, Issue 583, 2015
Special Issue: 125th Anniversary Issue
Anthony B. Atkinson and Andrea Brandolini. Unveiling the Ethics behind Inequality Measurement: Dalton's Contribution to Economics.
Joseph E. Stiglitz. In Praise of Frank Ramsey's Contribution to the Theory of Taxation.
Orazio P. Attanasio. Frank Ramsey's A Mathematical Theory of Saving.
John Pencavel. Keynesian Controversies on Wages.
Lawrence E. Blume and Thomas J. Sargent. Harrod 1939.
James J. Heckman and Michael Sattinger. Introduction to The Distribution of Earnings and of Individual Output, by A.D. Roy.
James J. Heckman. A Theory of the Allocation of Time by Gary Becker.
Pierre-André Chiappori and Arthur Lewbel. Gary Becker's A Theory of the Allocation of Time.
Daron Acemoglu. Localised and Biased Technologies: Atkinson and Stiglitz's New View, Induced Innovations, and Directed Technological Change.
Alan J. Auerbach. Taxation and Saving – A Retrospective.
Han Bleichrodt and Peter P. Wakker. Regret Theory: A Bold Alternative to the Alternatives.
Philippe Aghion and Xavier Jaravel. Knowledge Spillovers, Innovation and Growth.
Simon Dietz and Nicholas Stern. Endogenous Growth, Convexity of Damage and Climate Risk: How Nordhaus' Framework Supports Deep Cuts in Carbon Emissions.
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