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March 30, 2015

Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #2, 2015
Ethics & Global Politics,, current volume, March 27, 2015
Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 71, #1, 2015
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #1, 2015
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 96, #1, 2015
Philosophia, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 21, #2, 2015
Semantics and Pragmatics, Vol. 8, #7, 2015

Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #2, 2015
Wolfgang Spohn. Obituary for Patrick Suppes.
Original Paper
Matthew Braham, Martin van Hees. The Formula of Universal Law: A Reconstruction.
Original Articles
Arif Ahmed. Infallibility in the Newcomb Problem.
Sam Cowling. Non-qualitative Properties.
John Earman. Some Puzzles and Unresolved Issues About Quantum Entanglement.
Athanassios Raftopoulos. What Unilateral Visual Neglect Teaches us About Perceptual Phenomenology.
Jan Heylen. Closure of A Priori Knowability Under A Priori Knowable Material Implication.
Joshua Shepherd, James Justus. X-Phi and Carnapian Explication.
George Masterton. Equivocation for the Objective Bayesian.
Dimitria Electra Gatzia, R. D. Ramsier. On Special Relativity and Temporal Illusions.
Daniel Giberman. Junky Non-Worlds.
James R. Beebe, Ryan J. Undercoffer. Moral Valence and Semantic Intuitions.
Critical Discussion
Jonathan Berg. When Fodor Met Frege.
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Ethics & Global Politics,, current volume, March 27, 2015
Mariano Croce1and Marco Goldoni. A sense of self-suspicion: global legal pluralism and the claim to legal authority.
Ayelet Banai. Freedom beyond the threshold: self-determination, sovereignty, and global justice.
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Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 71, #1, 2015
Special Issue: Media Representations of Race and Ethnicity: Implications for Identity, Intergroup Relations, and Public Policy, Issue edited by: Dana Mastro, Riva Tukachinsky.
Dana Mastro. Why the Media's Role in Issues of Race and Ethnicity Should be in the Spotlight.
Section I: Media Protrayals of Rance & Ethnicity
Riva Tukachinsky, Dana Mastro and Moran Yarchi. Documenting Portrayals of Race/Ethnicity on Primetime Television over a 20-Year Span and Their Association with National-Level Racial/Ethnic Attitudes.
Section II: Self and Identity
Peter A. Leavitt, Rebecca Covarrubias, Yvonne A. Perez and Stephanie A. Fryberg. “Frozen in Time”: The Impact of Native American Media Representations on Identity and Self-Understanding.
Toni Schmader, Katharina Block and Brian Lickel. Social Identity Threat in Response to Stereotypic Film Portrayals: Effects on Self-Conscious Emotion and Implicit Ingroup Attitudes.
Jake Harwood and Laszlo Vincze. Ethnolinguistic Identification, Vitality, and Gratifications for Television Use in a Bilingual Media Environment.
Section III: Intergroup Relations
Michelle Ortiz and Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz. Latinos’ Perceptions of Intergroup Relations in the United States: The Cultivation of Group-Based Attitudes and Beliefs from English- and Spanish-Language Television.
Mary Beth Oliver, Keunyeong Kim, Jennifer Hoewe, Mun-Young Chung, Erin Ash, Julia K. Woolley and Drew D. Shade. Media-Induced Elevation as a Means of Enhancing Feelings of Intergroup Connectedness.
Srividya Ramasubramanian. Using Celebrity News Stories to Effectively Reduce Racial/Ethnic Prejudice.
Section IV: Public Policy
Mari Castañeda, Martha Fuentes-Bautista and Felicitas Baruch. Racial and Ethnic Inclusion in the Digital Era: Shifting Discourses in Communications Public Policy.
Ryan J. Hurley, Jakob (Jake) Jensen, Andrew Weaver and Travis Dixon. Viewer Ethnicity Matters: Black Crime in TV News and Its Impact on Decisions Regarding Public Policy.
Erica Scharrer and Srividya Ramasubramanian. Intervening in the Media's Influence on Stereotypes of Race and Ethnicity: The Role of Media Literacy Education.
Section V: Conclusion
Riva Tukachinsky. Where We Have Been and Where We Can Go From Here: Looking to the Future in Research on Media, Race, and Ethnicity.
Section VI: 2012 SPSSI Presidential Address
James S. Jackson. Introduction to Maureen O'Connor's SPSSI Presidential Address.
Maureen O'Connor. Embodied Social Justice: Warm Tea, Flexed Muscles, and Enacting SPSII's Mission.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #1, 2015
Ann J. Cahill, Kathryn J. Norlock and Byron J. Stoyles. Editor's Introduction.
Original Articles
Alison Reiheld. “The Event That Was Nothing”: Miscarriage as a Liminal Event.
Amy Mullin. Early Pregnancy Losses: Multiple Meanings and Moral Considerations.
Ann J. Cahill. Miscarriage and Intercorporeality.
Lindsey Porter. Miscarriage and person-Denying.
Hilde Lindemann. Miscarriage and the Stories We Live By.
Byron J. Stoyles. The Value of Pregnancy and the Meaning of Pregnancy.
Sarah Hardy and Rebecca Kukla. Making Sense of Miscarriage ONline.
Christine Overall. Rethinking Abortion, Ectogenesis, and Fetal Death.
Sarah Clark Miller. The Moral Meanings of Miscarriage.
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Joshua L. Cherniss, A Mind and Its Time: The Development of Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought. Reviewed by James Schmidt.
Stephen Darwall, Honor, History, and Relationship: Essays in Second-Personal Ethics II. Reviewed by D. Justin Coates.  
John Kleinig, On Loyalty and Loyalties: The Contours of a Problematic Virtue. Reviewed by Simon Keller.
Joshua Knobe and Shaun Nichols (eds.), Experimental Philosophy, Volume 2. Reviewed by Peggy DesAutels.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 96, #1, 2015              
Roberto Loss. How to Change the Past in One-Dimensional Time.
Katherine Rubin. Total Pragmatic Encroachment and Epistemic Permissiveness.
John Eriksson. Explaining Disagreement: A Problem for (Some) Hybrid Expressivists.
Galen Barry. Cartesian Modes and The Simplicity of Mind.
Alexander Douglas. Was Spinoza a Naturalist?
Cory Juhl. Statistical Data and Mathematical Propositions.
Michael Hannon. Stabilizing Knowledge.
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Philosophia, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Original Papers

Max Lewis Edward Andrews. Scientia and Radical Contingency in Thomas Aquinas.
David Benatar. The Gendered Conference Campaign: A Critique.
Claudio Calosi, Damiano Costa. Multilocation, Fusions and Confusions.
Benjamin L. Curtis. On There Being Infinitely Many Thinkable Thoughts: A Reply to Porpora and a Defence of Tegmark.
Benjamin De Mesel. Do Moral Questions Ask for Answers?
Jeff Engelhardt. Property Reductive Emergent Dualism.
Robert J. Hartman. Utilitarian Moral Virtue, Admiration, and Luck.
Jill Graper Hernandez. Acquainted with Grief: the Atonement and Early Feminist Conceptions of Theodicy.
George Hull. Affirmative Action and the Choice of Amends.
John Lemos. Self-Forming Acts and the Grounds of Responsibility.
Calum Miller. Response to Stephen Law on the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism.
Alba Papa-Grimaldi. What Cannot Be the Rationals, the Irrationals and Other Riddles.
Jonathan Parry. Just War Theory, Legitimate Authority, and Irregular Belligerency.
Eugene Schlossberge. Bad Samaritans, Aftertastes, and the Problem of Evil.
P. Roger Turner. Kearns on Rule A.
Giorgio Volpe. Truth and Justification: A Difference that Makes a Difference.
Edmund Wall. Natural Morality, Descriptivism, and Non-Cognitivism.
Min Xu, Guifang Deng. Against Zangwill’s Extreme Formalism about Inorganic Nature.
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Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 21, #2, 2015
Raymond E. Spier. On Dealing with the Innovations of the Future.
Original Papers
April Martin, Zhanna Bagdasarov, Shane Connelly. The Capacity for Ethical Decisions: The Relationship Between Working Memory and Ethical Decision Making.
Johane Patenaude, Georges-Auguste Legault. Framework for the Analysis of Nanotechnologies’ Impacts and Ethical Acceptability: Basis of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Assessing Novel Technologies.
Hutan Ashrafian. Artificial Intelligence and Robot Responsibilities: Innovating Beyond Rights.
Shannon Oltmann. Dual Use Research: Investigation Across Multiple Science Disciplines.
Ronan Le Roux. A Matter of Accuracy. Nanobiochips in Diagnostics and in Research: Ethical Issues as Value Trade-Offs.
Ilse Oosterlaken. Applying Value Sensitive Design (VSD) to Wind Turbines and Wind Parks: An Exploration.
Yonca Hurol, Hülya Yüceer, Öznem Şahali. Building Code Challenging the Ethics Behind Adobe Architecture in North Cyprus.
Rob Lawlor. Delaying Obsolescence.
Mohd Salim Mohamed, Siti Nurani Mohd Noor. Islamic Bioethical Deliberation on the Issue of Newborns with Disorders of Sex Development.
Hyemin Han. Virtue Ethics, Positive Psychology, and a New Model of Science and Engineering Ethics Education.
Emily Bell. A Room with a View of Integrity and Professionalism: Personal Reflections on Teaching Responsible Conduct of Research in the Neurosciences.
Christopher Chung. Comparison of Cross Culture Engineering Ethics Training Using the Simulator for Engineering Ethics Education.
Amitabha Gupta. Foundations for Value Education in Engineering: The Indian Experience.
Yingying Lee, Manlai You, Ming-Ying Yang. A Survey of Student Opinions on Ethical Design Standards in Taiwan.
Omid Mahian, Somchai Wongwises. Is it Ethical for Journals to Request Self-citation?
Khaled Moustafa. Blind Manuscript Submission to Reduce Rejection Bias?
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Semantics and Pragmatics, Vol. 8, #7, 2015
Guillermo Del Pinal. Dual Content Semantics, privative adjectives, and dynamic compositionality.  
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