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March 23, 2015

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #1, 2015
Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #2, 2015
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 24, #2, 2015
Ethics, Vol. 125, #3, 2015
International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Vol. 1, #1, 2015 (Open Access)
International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Vol. 1, #1, 2015 (Open Access)
Kant-Studien, Vol. 106, #1, 2015
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 15, #13, 2015
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #4, 2015

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #1, 2015
Daniel King. Logic in the Service of Ancient Eastern Christianity: An Exploration of Motives
James Hebbeler. Kant on Necessity, Insight, and A Priori Knowledge.
Stefania Centrone. Husserls Zeichentheorie. Bemerkungen zur Ersten Logischen Untersuchung.
Alex Englander. Freedom in Hegel: Contra Pippin.
Book Reviews
Daniel W. Graham, Science before Socrates: Parmenides, Anaxagoras and the New Astronomy. Review by David Torrijos-Castrillejo.
C. D. C. Reeve, Aristotle on Practical Wisdom. Nicomachean Ethics VI. Review by Friedemann Buddensiek.
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Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #2, 2015

Brian Key. Fish do not feel pain and its implications for understanding phenomenal consciousness.
T. J. Kasperbauer. Animals as disgust elicitors.
Adrian Currie. Marsupial lions and methodological omnivory: function, success and reconstruction in paleobiology.
Elizabeth O’Neill. Relativizing innateness: innateness as the insensitivity of the appearance of a trait with respect to specified environmental variation.
Christopher J. Austin. The dispositional genome: primus inter pares.
Martin Stuart-Fox. The origins of causal cognition in early hominins.
Wendy S. Parker. Getting (even more) serious about similarity.
Jay Odenbaugh. Semblance or similarity? Reflections on Simulation and Similarity.
William C. Wimsatt. Models and experiments? An exploration.
Michael Weisberg. Biology and Philosophy symposium on Simulation and Similarity: Using Models to Understand the World.
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Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 24, #2, 2015
Breaking Bioethics
John Harris and David R. Lawrence. Hot Baths and Cold Minds - Neuroscience, Mind Reading, and Mind Misreading.
Special Section: Philosophical Bioethics—Its State and Future
Tuija Takala and Matti Häyry. Guest Editorial - Wither Philosophical Bioethics?
Matti Häyry. What Do You Think of Philosophical Bioethics? 
Tuija Takala. Get to the Point! - Philosophical Bioethics and the Struggle to Remain Relevant.
Vilhjálmur Árnason. Toward Critical Bioethics.
Herjeet Marway and Heather Widdows. Philosophical Feminist Bioethics - Past, Present, and Future.
David Gibson. Toward a Postmodern Bioethics.
Sirkku K. Hellsten. The Role of Philosophy in Global Bioethics - Introducing Four Trends.
Søren Holm. The Grand Leap of the Whale up the Niagara Falls - Converting Philosophical Conclusions into Policy Prescriptions.
Johanna Ahola-Launonen. The Evolving Idea of Social Responsibility in Bioethics - A Welcome Trend.
Caduceus in Court
Ben A. Rich. Your Morality, My Mortality - Conscientious Objection and the Standard of Care.
Research Ethics
Charles W. Lidz, Karen Albert, Paul Appelbaum, Laura B. Dunn, Eve Overton and Ekaterina Pivovarova. Why Is Therapeutic Misconception So Prevalent?
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Ethics, Vol. 125, #3, 2015
Symposium on Ending Wars
Janina Dill. Ending Wars: The Jus ad Bellum Principles Suspended, Repeated, or Adjusted?
Cécile Fabre. War Exit.
Darrel Moellendorf. Two Doctrines of Jus ex Bello.
David Rodin. The War Trap: Dilemmas of jus terminatio.
Jeff McMahan. Proportionality and Time.
Daniel Statmanl. Ending War Short of Victory? A Contractarian View of Jus Ex Bello.
Gabriella Blum and David Luban. Unsatisfying Wars: Degrees of Risk and the Jus ex Bello.
Jonathan Riley. Is Mill an Illiberal Utilitarian?
Jason D’Cruz and Justin Kalef. Promising to Try.
Retrospective Essays: The Thirdquarter Century of ETHICS
Debra Satz. Ethics 1940–65.
Margaret Olivia Little. On Richard B. Brandt’s “Moral Valuation.”
R. Lanier Anderson. On Marjorie Grene’s “Authenticity: An Existential Virtue."
Gerald Gaus. On F. A. Hayek’s “Freedom, Reason, and Tradition.”
Cécile Fabre. On Jan Narveson’s “Pacifism: A Philosophical Analysis.” 
Max Harris Siegel. On Herbert J. Phillips’s “Why Be Rational?”
Govind Persad. On H. M. Oliver’s “Established Expectations and American Economic Policies.”
Michael Blake. On Walter Sulzbach’s “Some Basic Problems of a League of Nations.”
Remy Debes. On Bertram Morris’s “The Dignity of Man."
Alison McQueen. On Hans J. Morgenthau’s “The Twilight of International Morality."
Bradford Cokelet. On H. D. Lewis’s “Does the Good Will Define Its Own Content? A Study of Green’s Prolegomena.”
Eric Schliesser. On Joseph Cropsey’s “What Is Welfare Economics?”
Michael Cholbi. On Marcus Singer’s “On Duties to Oneself.”
Manuel R. Vargas. On Maurice Mandelbaum’s “Determinism and Moral Responsibility.”
Book Reviews
Constructivism in Ethics by Bagnoli, Carla. Review by: Kathryn M. Lindeman
Essays in Second-Personal Ethics Vol. 2, Honor, History, and Relationship by Darwall, Stephen. Review by: Ariel Zylberman
The Limits of Kindness by Hare, Caspar. Review by: Elizabeth Harman.
Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law by Hellman, Deborah; Moreau, Sophia. Review by: Larry Alexander.
Bioethical Prescriptions: To Create, End, Choose, and Improve Lives by Kamm, Frances Myrna. Review by: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.
Agency and the Foundations of Ethics: Nietzschean Constitutivism by Katsafanas, Paul. Review by: Luca Ferrero.
The Color of Our Shame: Race and Justice in Our Time by Lebron, Christopher J. Review by: Naomi Zack.
Distant Strangers: Ethics, Psychology, and Global Poverty by Lichtenberg, Judith. Review by: Dale Jamieson.
Justice between the Young and the Old by McKerlie, Dennis. Review by: Krister Bykvist.
The Dimensions of Consequentialism: Ethics, Equality and Risk by Peterson, Martin. Review by: Brian G. Henning.
Our Bodies, Whose Property? by Phillips, Anne. Review by: Deborah Tuerkheimer.
The Lewd, the Rude and the Nasty: A Study of Thick Concepts in Ethics by Väyrynen, Pekka. Review by: Debbie Roberts.
Notes on Contributors
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International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Vol. 1, #1, 2015 (Open Access)
Lee Smolin. Precedence and Freedom in Quantum Physics.
Aurélien Drezet. The PBR Theorem Seen from the Eyes of A Bohmian.
Nicolas Gisin. A Possible Definition of a Realistic Physics Theory.
Guido Bacciagaluppi. Leggett-Garg Inequalities, Pilot Waves and Contextuality.
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International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Vol. 1, #2, 2015 (Open Access)
Travis Norsen. Are there really two different Bell’s theorems?
Ruth E. Kastner. Haag’s theorem as a reason to reconsider direct-action theories.
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 106, #1, 2015
Ernst Wolfgang Orth. Thomas Mulvany Seebohm (1934 - 2014).  1
Reinhard Brandt. Kants Revolutionen.
Thomas Buchheim. Die Idee des Existierenden und der Raum. Vernunfthintergründe einer Welt äußerer Dinge nach Schellings Darstellung des Naturprocesses.
Berichte und Diskussionen
Die Würde des Menschen – Human Dignity.
Beiträge eines Symposiums zu Oliver Sensen, Kant on Human Dignity.
Dieter Schönecker. Bemerkungen zu Oliver Sensen, Kant on Human Dignity.
Jochen Bojanowski. Kant on Human Dignity. A Response to Oliver Sensen.
Heiner F. Klemme, Halle/S.„die vernünftige Natur existirt als Zweck an sich selbst.“ Überlegungen zu Oliver Sensens Interpretation der Menschheitsformel in der Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten.
Stefano Bacin, Milano. Kant’s Idea of Human Dignity: Between Tradition and Originality.
Oliver Sensen. Kant on Human Dignity reconsidered. A reply to my critics.
Cora Wawrzinek: Die „wahre Republik“ und das „Bündel von Kompromissen“. (O. Cubo).
Andree Hahmann: Kritische Metaphysik der Substanz. Kant im Widerspruch zu Leibniz. (R. Pozzo).
The Cambridge Companion to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Ed. by Paul Guyer. (A. Bozzo).
Salomon Maimon: Essay on Transcendental Philosophy. Transl. by N. Mid gley, H. Somers-Hall, A. Welchman, and M. Reglitz. (G. Freudenthal).
Ana Marta González: Culture as Meditation: Kant on Nature, Culture and Morality. (N. Sánchez Madrid).
Immanuel Kant: Der einzig mögliche Beweisgrund zu einer Demonstration des Daseins Gottes. Historisch-kritische Edition. Hrsg. von Lothar Kreimendahl und
Michael Oberhausen. (R. Theis).
Michael Städtler: Kant und die Aporetik moderner Subjektivität. Zur Verschränkung historischer und systematischer Momente im Begriff der Selbstbestimmung. (P. Heintel).
Steffi Schadow: Achtung für das Gesetz. Moral und Motivation bei Kant. (J. Noller).
Mitteilung // Biblioteca Immanuel Kant.
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Scott F. Aikin, Evidentialism and the Will to Believe. Reviewed by Andrew D. Cling.
Frederick C. Beiser, After Hegel: German Philosophy, 1840-1900. Reviewed by Rudolf A. Makkreel.
Clayton Crockett, B. Keith Putt, and Jeffrey W. Robbins (eds.), The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion. Reviewed by Peter C. Blum
Guy Fletcher and Michael Ridge (eds.), Having It Both Ways: Hybrid Theories and Modern Metaethics. Reviewed by Eric Gampel.
John W. Lango, The Ethics of Armed Conflict: A Cosmopolitan Just War Theory. Reviewed by Peter Tramel,
Clayton Littlejohn and John Turri (eds.), Epistemic Norms: New Essays on Action, Belief, and Assertion. Reviewed by Conor McHugh.
Shlomi Segall, Equality and Opportunity. Reviewed by Blain Neufeld.
Kristi E. Sweet, Kant on Practical Life: From Duty to History. Reviewed by Sasha Mudd.
Erik J. Weilenberg, Robust Ethics: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Godless Normative Realism. Reviewed by Terence Cuneo.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 15, #13, 2015
Benjamin Anders Levinstein, "With All Due Respect: The Macro-Epistemology of Disagreement."
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #4, 2015
Special Issue: Moral and Scientific Realism: Essays in Honor of Richard N. Boyd and Nicholas L. Sturgeon, issue editor Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
Editorial Notes
Elizabeth S. Radcliffe. Moral and scientific realism: essays in honor of Richard N. Boyd and Nicholas L. Sturgeon.
Original Papers
Simon Blackburn. Blessed are the peacemakers.
Gilbert Harman. Moral relativism is moral realism.
T.H.Irwin. Shaftesbury's place in the history of moral realism.
William J. Fitzpatrick. Debunking evolutionary debunking of ethical realism.
Elliot Sober. Two Cornell realisms: moral and scientific.
L.R. Franklin-Hall. Natural kinds as categorical bottlenecks.
Mark Fedyk. How (not) to bring psychology and biology together.
Marc Ereshefsky, Thomas A. C. Reydon. Scientific kinds.
Torfinn Thomesen Huvenes. Epistemic modals and credal disagreement.
Brian Kim. This paper surely contains some errors.
Chad Van Schoelandt. Justification, coercion, and the place of public reason.
Thomas Donaldson. Reading the Book of the World.
Adam Sennet, David Copp. What kind of a mistake is it to use a slur?
Veli Mitova. Truthy psychologism about evidence.
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