Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 18, #1, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 126, #4, 2015
Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Vol. 44, #1, 2015
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 76, #1, 2015
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 23, #1, 2015
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 46, #1, 2015              
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #2, 2015
Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 44, #2, 2015

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 18, #1, 2015
Original Papers
A. W. Musschenga, F. R. Heeger. Editorial.
Travis J. Rodgers, Brandon Warmke. Situationism versus Situationism.
Wim Dubbink. A Moral Grounding of the Duty to Further Justice in Commercial Life.
Sandrine Berges. Is Motherhood Compatible with Political Participation? Sophie de Grouchy’s Care-Based Republicanism.
Demetris Tillyris. ‘Learning How Not to Be Good’: Machiavelli and the Standard Dirty Hands Thesis.
Marcel van Ackeren, Martin Sticker. Kant and Moral Demandingness.
Caj Strandberg. Options for Hybrid Expressivism.
Michael Popejoy. Self-Representation & Good Determination.
Jennifer L. Zamzow. Rules and Principles in Moral Decision Making: An Empirical Objection to Moral Particularism.
Patrick A. Tully. Arbitrariness, Irrationality, and the Sterility Objection: A Reply to Anderson.
Cheryl E. Abbate. Adventures in Moral Consistency: How to Develop an Abortion Ethic through an Animal Rights Framework.
Julia Peters. On Automaticity as a Constituent of Virtue.
Christopher Morgan-Knapp, Charles Goodman. Consequentialism, Climate Harm and Individual Obligations.
James W. Boettcher. Against the Asymmetric Convergence Model of Public Justification.
Book Review
Christos Kyriacou. Critical Discussion of David Velleman, Foundations for Moral Relativism, UK: Open Book Publishers, 2013. Pp. x +109.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 126, #4, 2015
Crystal L. Hoyt, Terry L. Price. Ethical Decision Making and Leadership: Merging Social Role and Self-Construal Perspectives.
Giovanni Maria Garegnani, Emilia Piera Merlotti…. Scoring Firms’ Codes of Ethics: An Explorative Study of Quality Drivers.
Florian Scheiber. Dressing up for Diffusion: Codes of Conduct in the German Textile and Apparel Industry, 1997–2010.
David Effelsberg, Marc Solga. Transformational Leaders’ In-Group versus Out-Group Orientation: Testing the Link Between Leaders’ Organizational Identification, their Willingness to Engage in Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior, and Follower-Perceived Transformational Leadership.
Liz C. Wang, Lisa Calvano. Is Business Ethics Education Effective? An Analysis of Gender, Personal Ethical Perspectives, and Moral Judgment.
Lloyd E. Sandelands. On Taking People Seriously: An Apology, to My Students Especially.
Yunxia Zhu. The Role of Qing (Positive Emotions) and Li 1 (Rationality) in Chinese Entrepreneurial Decision Making: A Confucian Ren-Yi Wisdom Perspective.
Jeffrey Cohen, Gil B. Manzon Jr., Valentina L. Zamora. Contextual and Individual Dimensions of Taxpayer Decision Making.
Rachel Wolfgramm, Sian Flynn-Coleman, Denise Conroy. Dynamic Interactions of Agency in Leadership (DIAL): An Integrative Framework for Analysing Agency in Sustainability Leadership.
Danae Manika, Victoria K. Wells, Diana Gregory-Smith…. The Impact of Individual Attitudinal and Organisational Variables on Workplace Environmentally Friendly Behaviours.
Da-Chang Pai, Chi-Shiun Lai, Chih-Jen Chiu, Chin-Fang Yang. Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Advocacy in Business-to-Business Market: The Mediated Moderating Effect of Attribution.
Nicholas J. C. Santos, Gene R. Laczniak, Tina M. Facca-Miess. The “Integrative Justice Model” as Transformative Justice for Base-of-the-Pyramid Marketing.
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Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Vol. 44, #1, 2015
Special Issue on Grammars and Parsers: Toward a unified theory of language knowledge and use. Issue Editors: Janet Dean Fodor and Eva M. Fernández
Janet Dean Fodor, Eva M. Fernández. Introduction.
Lyn Frazier. Two Interpretive Systems for Natural Language?
Shevaun Lewis, Colin Phillips. Aligning Grammatical Theories and Language Processing Models.
Ivan A. Sag, Thomas Wasow. Flexible Processing and the Design of Grammar.
Cristiano Chesi. On Directionality of Phrase Structure Building.
Noam Chomsky. Some Core Contested Concepts.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 76, #1, 2015
Table of Contents
Marco Sgarbi. Benedetto Varchi on the Soul: Vernacular Aristotelianism between Reason and Faith.
Lucian Petrescu. Cartesian Meteors and Scholastic Meteors: Descartes against the School in 1637.
Katherine Butler. Myth, Science, and the Power of Music in the Early Decades of the Royal Society.
Francesco Bellucci. Logic, Psychology, and Apperception: Charles S. Peirce and Johann F. Herbart.
Stephanie L. Schatz. Lewis Carroll’s Dream-child and Victorian Child Psychopathology.
David Greenham. “Altars to the Beautiful Necessity”: The Significance of F. W. J. Schelling’s “Philosophical Inquiries in the Nature of Human Freedom” in the Development of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concept of Fate.
Gabriel Alejandro Torres Col?n, Charles A. Hobbs. The Intertwining of Culture and Nature: Franz Boas, John Dewey, and Deweyan Strands of American Anthropology.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 23, #1, 2015
Special Issue: 5th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems (CISIS 2012)
Guest Editor: Álvaro Herrero, Václav Snášel, Ajith Abraham, Ivan Zelinka, Héctor Quintián and Emilio Corchado
Álvaro Herrero, Václav Snášel, Ajith Abraham, Zelinka Ivan, Héctor Quintián, and Emilio Corchado. Editorial: Special issue CISIS12-IGPL.
Original Articles
R. Durán Díaz, L. Hernández Encinas, and J. Muñoz Masqué. Cryptanalysis of two combinatorial public key cryptosystems.
Carlos Laorden, Patxi Galán-García, Igor Santos, Borja Sanz, Javier Nieves, Pablo G. Bringas, and Jose María Gómez Hidalgo. Negobot: Detecting paedophile activity with a conversational agent based on game theory.
Krzysztof Walkowiak, Wojciech Charewicz, Maciej Donajski, and Jacek Rak. Metaheuristic algorithms for optimization of resilient overlay computing systems.
Michal Choras and Rafal Kozik. Machine learning techniques applied to detect cyber attacks on web applications.
Angel Jesus Varela-Vaca and Rafael M. Gasca. Formalization of security patterns as a means to infer security controls in business processes.
O. Delgado-Mohatar and A. Fúster-Sabater. Software implementation of cryptographic sequence generators over extended fields.
Ivan Zelinka, Oldrich Zmeškal, and Filip Merhaut. Investigation on operating systems identification by means of fractal geometry.
Pawel Ksieniewicz, Dariusz Jankowski, Borja Ayerdi, Konrad Jackowski, Manuel Grana, and Michal Wozniak. A novel hyperspectral segmentation algorithm—concept and evaluation.
Raúl Sánchez, Álvaro Herrero, and Emilio Corchado. Clustering extension of MOVICAB-IDS to identify SNMP community searches.
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Arif Ahmed, Evidence, Decision and Causality. Reviewed by Paul Weirich.
Daniel Came (ed.), Nietzsche on Art and Life. Reviewed by Matthew Meyer.
Roy T Cook, The Yablo Paradox: An Essay on Circularity. Reviewed by Eduardo Alejandro Barrio.
Susan B. Levin, Plato's Rivalry with Medicine: A Struggle and Its Dissolution. Reviewed by Alex Long.
Ted Poston, Reason and Explanation: A Defense of Explanatory Coherentism. Reviewed by William Roche.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 46, #1, 2015
Original Articles
Robert L. Holmes. The Metaethics of Pacifism and Just War Theory.
Cheyney Ryan. Pacifism(s).
Andrew Alexandra. Liability, War, and Peace.
Deane-Peter Baker. Epistemic Uncertainty and Excusable Wars.
Richard Adams. That Same Old Line: The Doctrine of Legitimate Authority.
Igor Primoratz. Should Unjust Warriors be Let Off the Hook?
Ned Dobos. Punishing Non-Conscientious Disobedience: Is the Military a Rogue Employer?
Douglas P. Lackey. Soft Power, Hard Power, and Smart Power.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #2, 2015
Chinese Comparative Philosophy
Nicolas Standaert. Don't Mind the Gap: Sinology as an Art of In-Betweenness.
Katia Vavova. Evolutionary Debunking of Moral Realism.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Fiery Cushman. Punishment in Humans: From Intuitions to Institutions.
Joshua Rottman, Deborah Kelemen and Liane Young. Hindering Harm and Preserving Purity: How Can Moral Psychology Save the Planet?
Philosophy of Religion
Eric Steinhart. Naturalistic Theories of Life after Death.
Teaching and Learning Guide
Eric Steinhart. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Naturalistic Theories of Life after Death.
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Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 44, #2, 2015

Rolf Aaberge, Magne Mogstad. Inequality in current and lifetime income.
Yoram Amiel, Michele Bernasconi, Frank Cowell…. Do we value mobility?
Nicolas Gravel, Benoît Tarroux. Robust normative comparisons of socially risky situations.
Siwei Chen. Systematic favorability in claims problems with indivisibilities.
Andreas Tutic. Revealed norm obedience.
Thomas Eichner, Daniel Weinreich. Welfare stigma and risk taking in the welfare state.
Serguei Kaniovski, Sreejith Das. Measuring voting power in games with correlated votes using Bahadur’s parametrisation.
Juan C. Candeal. Social evaluation functionals: a gateway to continuity in social choice.
Mridu Prabal Goswami. Non fixed-price trading rules in single-crossing classical exchange economies.
Battal Dogan, Semih Koray. Maskin-monotonic scoring rules.
Thierry Marchant, Debasis Mishra. Mechanism design with two alternatives in quasi-linear environments.
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