Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Vol. 17, #1, 2015
Ethics, Vol. 125, #2, 2015
Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 19, #2, 2014
Health Economics, Policy and Law, Vol. 10, #1, 2015
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 11, #4, 2014
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 42, #4, 2014
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 41, #1, 2015
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 157, #3, 2014

Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Jonathan Michael Kaplan. Race, IQ, and the search for statistical signals associated with so-called “X”-factors: environments, racism, and the “hereditarian hypothesis”.
Jun Otsuka. Using causal models to integrate proximate and ultimate causation.
Markus I. Eronen. Levels of organization: a deflationary account.
Catherine Driscoll. Neither Adaptive Thinking nor Reverse Engineering: methods in the evolutionary social sciences.
Eric Desjardins. Historicity and ecological restoration.
Manolo Martínez. Informationally-connected property clusters, and polymorphism.
Peter Schulte. Perceptual representations: a teleosemantic answer to the breadth-of-application problem.
Brief Communication
Robert W. Mitchell. A critique of Stephane Savanah’s “mirror self-recognition and symbol-mindedness”.
Letter to Editor
T. Halabi. Suggested roles of endosymbiosis and encephalitis in the evolution of sexual behavior.
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 Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Vol. 17, #1, 2015
Research Articles
Y. H. Farzin, K. I. Akao. Poverty, social preference for employment, and natural resource depletion.
Mehdi Fadaee, Luca Lambertini. Non-tradeable pollution permits as green R&D incentives.
Yosuke Munesue, Toshihiko Masui…. The effects of reducing food losses and food waste on global food insecurity, natural resources, and greenhouse gas emissions.
Don Fullerton, Li Gan, Miwa Hattori. A model to evaluate vehicle emission incentive policies in Japan.
Massimiliano Corradini, Valeria Costantini…. Interacting innovation investments and environmental performances: a dynamic impure public good model.
Arief A. Yusuf, Budy P. Resosudarmo. On the distributional impact of a carbon tax in developing countries: the case of Indonesia.
Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati, Unmesh Patnaik. The damages from climatic extremes in India: do disaster-specific and generic adaptation measures matter?
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Ethics, Vol. 125, #2, 2015
Dale Dorsey. The Significance of a Life’s Shape.
Markus Kohl. Kant on Determinism and the Categorical Imperative.
Dana Kay Nelkin. Psychopaths, Incorrigible Racists, and the Faces of Responsibility.
Derek Baker and Jack Woods. How Expressivists Can and Should Explain Inconsistency.
Hrafn Asgeirsson. On the Instrumental Value of Vagueness in the Law.
Jacob M. Nebel. Status Quo Bias, Rationality, and Conservatism about Value.
Benjamin Bagley. Loving Someone in Particular.
Retrospective Essays: The Second Quarter Century of Ethics
Thomas Hurka. Ethics 1916–40.
David McNaughton and Piers Rawling. On C. D. Broad’s “On the Function of False Hypotheses in Ethics”.
Elizabeth Anderson. On Ralph Barton Perry’s “What Do We Mean by Democracy?”
Philip Stratton-Lake. On W. D. Ross’s “The Basis of Objective Judgments in Ethics”.
Robert Audi. On Mary Glover’s “Obligation and Value”.
Bence Nanay. On Clive Bell’s “Art and War”.
Nicolas Cornell. On Homer Blosser Reed’s “The Morals of Monopoly and Competition".
Nathaniel Sharadin. On Durant Drake’s “May Belief Outstrip Evidence?”
Erik Encarnacion. On Raphael Demos’s “Legal Fictions”.
Charles Girard. On Norman Wilde’s “The Meaning of Rights”.
Michael Pressman. On Anderson Woods’s “The Greatest Happiness Regardless of Number”.
Robert B. Talisse. On Sidney Hook’s “The Ethics of Suicide”.
Ben Jackson and Zofia Stemplowska. On Frank Knight’s “Freedom as Fact and Criterion”.
Alexander A. Guerrero. On Marie Collins Swabey’s “Publicity and Measurement”.
David Frank. On Joseph Spengler’s “Have Values a Place in Economics?”
Book Reviews
Errol Lord. In Praise of Desire by Nomy Arpaly; Timothy Schroeder.
Michael Milona. Emotional Insight: The Epistemic Role of Emotional Experience by Michael Brady, .
Linda Bosniak. The Ethics of Immigration by Carens, Joseph H.
Katie Stockdale. On Emotions: Philosophical Essays by Deigh, John, ed. Deigh.
Adam Hosein. Human Rights: The Hard Questions by Holder, Cindy; Reidy, David.
Matt King. Addiction and Self-Control: Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience by Levy, Neil.
Fabienne Peter. A Companion to Rawls by Mandle, Jon; Reidy, David A.
Agnes Callard. How We Hope: A Moral Psychology by Martin, Adrienne M.
Antti Kauppinen. Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study by Metz, Thaddeus.
Sarah Stroud. Death and the Afterlife by Scheffler, Samuel; Niko Kolodny; Susan Wolf; Harry G. Frankfurt; Seana Valentine Shiffrin; Niko Kolodny.
Diane Jeske. Defending Associative Duties by Seglow, Jonathan.
Monika Betzler. The View from Here: On Affirmation, Attachment, and the Limits of Regret by Wallace, R. Jay.
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Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 19, #2, 2014           

Yogi Hale Hendlin. The Threshold Problem in Intergenerational Justice.
Fabien Medvecky. Valuing the Environment in Conservation Economics: Conceptual and Structural Barriers.
Jerome Bump. Biophilia and Emotive Ethics: Derrida, Alice, and Animals.
Justin Donahauser. On How Theoretical Analyses in Ecology can Enable Environmental Problem-Solving.
Massimo Pigliucci. Why Gaia?
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 Health Economics, Policy and Law, Vol. 10, #1, 2015
Special Issue: Global Financial Crisis, Health and Health Care
John Appleby, Jan-Kees Helderman and Sarah Gregory. The global financial crisis, health and health care.
David Morgan and Roberto Astolfi. Financial impact of the GFC: health care spending across the OECD.
Benedict E. Rumbold, Judith A. Smith, Jeremy Hurst, Anita Charlesworth and Aileen Clarke. Improving productive efficiency in hospitals: findings from a review of the international evidence.
Jan-Kees Helderman. The crisis as catalyst for reframing health care policies in the European Union.
Juhani Lehto, Karsten Vrangbæk and Ulrika Winblad. The reactions to macro-economic crises in Nordic health system policies: Denmark, Finland and Sweden, 1980–2013.
David Stuckler, Aaron Reeves, Marina Karanikolos and Martin McKee. The health effects of the global financial crisis: can we reconcile the differing views? A network analysis of literature across disciplines.
Rudolf Klein. Does history provide a short cut to futurology? 
Nicholas Timmins. Optimism about the future.
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Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 11, #4, 2014
Symposium: Disease, Communication, and the Ethics of (In)Visibility; Issue Editors: M.S. Holmes, M.M. Pietrzak-Franger
Leigh E. Rich, Michael A. Ashby, David M. Shaw. Art, (In)Visibility, and Ebola.
Paul Komesaroff, Ian Kerridge. Ebola, Ethics, and the Question of Culture.
Letter to the Editor
Brandon Brown. Using the Ebola Outbreak as an Opportunity to Educate on Vaccine Utility.
Critical Perspectives
Peter F. Omonzejele. Ethical Challenges Posed by the Ebola Virus Epidemic in West Africa.
Ross E. G. Upshur. Ebola Virus in West Africa: Waiting for the Owl of Minerva.
Marie Bismark, Jennifer Morris. The Legacy of the Cartwright Report: “Lest It Happen Again”
Stuart McLennan, Simon Walker, Leigh E. Rich. Should Health Care Providers Be Forced to Apologise After Things Go Wrong?
Recent Developments
Bernadette Richards. Property in Tissue (Again) and Negligent Conception.
Monika Monika Pietrzak-Franger, Martha Stoddard Holmes. Disease, Communication, and the Ethics of (In) Visibility.
Mary K. DeShazer. Documenting Women’s Postoperative Bodies: Knowing Stephanie and “Remembering Stephanie” as Collaborative Cancer Narratives.
Carolyn Sargent, Stéphanie Larchanché. Disease, Risk, and Contagion: French Colonial and Postcolonial Constructions of “African” Bodies.
Original Research
Pawan Singh, Lisa Cartwright, Cristina Visperas. African Kaposi’s Sarcoma in the Light of Global AIDS: Antiblackness and Viral Visibility.
Paula A. Treichler. “When Pirates Feast … Who Pays?” Condoms, Advertising, and the Visibility Paradox, 1920s and 1930s.
Original Research
Jan L. Bernheim, Wim Distelmans, Arsène Mullie…. Questions and Answers on the Belgian Model of Integral End-of-Life Care: Experiment? Prototype?
Simon R. Walters, Rosemary Godbold. Someone Is Watching You: The Ethics of Covert Observation to Explore Adult Behaviour at Children’s Sporting Events.
Andrew Perechocky. Los Torturadores Medicos: Medical Collusion With Human Rights Abuses in Argentina, 1976–1983.
Book Review
Úna Fitzgerald. Bioethics: The Basics.
William C. N. Dunlop. The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values.
John Devereux. Collateral Damage: A Patient, a New Procedure, and the Learning Curve.
Case Studies
Paul H. Mason. The Liminal Body.
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Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 42, #4, 2014
Special Issue: SYMPOSIUM: The Buying and Selling of Health Care
Symposium Articles
Larry R. Churchill and Joshua E. Perry. INTRODUCTION.
Theodore R. Marmor and Robert W. Gordon. Commercial Pressures on Professionalism in American Medical Care: From Medicare to the Affordable Care Act.
Andrew C. Wicks and Adrian A. C. Keevil. When Worlds Collide: Medicine, Business, the Affordable Care Act and the Future of Health Care in the U.S..
Jonathan Oberlander. Between Liberal Aspirations and Market Forces: Obamacare's Precarious Balancing Act.
Sam Halabi. Selling Hospice.
Jamie Fletcher and Jane Marriott. Beyond the Market: The Role of Constitutions in Health Care System Convergence in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
Joshua E. Perry, Dena Cox and Anthony D. Cox. Trust and Transparency: Patient Perceptions of Physicians' Financial Relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies.
Matt Lamkin and Carl Elliott. Curing the Disobedient Patient: Medication Adherence Programs as Pharmaceutical Marketing Tools.
Howard Brody. Economism and the Commercialization of Health Care.
Lois Shepherd. The Hair Stylist, the Corn Merchant, and the Doctor: Ambiguously Altruistic.
Elizabeth Chiarello. Medical Versus Fiscal Gatekeeping: Navigating Professional Contingencies at the Pharmacy Counter.
William M. Sage and Kelley McIlhattan. Upstream Health Law.
Virginia Rowthorn and Jody Olsen. All Together Now: Developing a Team Skills Competency Domain for Global Health Education.
Shuai Xu and Aaron S. Kesselheim. Medical Innovation Then and Now: Perspectives of Innovators Responsible for Transformative Drugs.
Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz. The Fiduciary Relationship Model for Managing Clinical Genomic “Incidental” Findings.
Mark A. Rothstein. Autonomy and Paternalism in Health Policy: Currents in Contemporary Bioethics.
James G. Hodge Jr., Leila Barraza, Gregory Measer and Asha Agrawal. Global Emergency Legal Responses to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak: Public Health and the Law.
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 Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 41, #1, 2015
JME40: Good medical ethics - Editorial
Raanan Gillon, Roger Higgs. What is it to do good medical ethics? A kaleidoscope of views.
JME40: Good medical ethics
Alastair V Campbell. The formative years: medical ethics comes of age.
Gordon M Stirrat. Reflections on learning and teaching medical ethics in UK medical schools.
Jan Helge Solbakk. What is it to do good medical ethics? On the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘goodness’ in medical ethics.
Sarah Chan. A bioethics for all seasons.
Julia Neuberger. The patient/client/consumer/service user and medical ethics 40 years on.
A L Caplan. Done good.
Julian Savulescu. Bioethics: why philosophy is essential for progress.
Dan W Brock. Good medical ethics.
John Harris. What is it to do good medical ethics?
Søren Holm. The debate about physician assistance in dying: 40 years of unrivalled progress in medical ethics?
Kenneth Boyd. The impossibility of informed consent?
Justin Oakley. Good medical ethics, from the inside out—and back again.
Bobbie Farsides. What is good medical ethics? A very personal response to a difficult question.
Inez de Beaufort. Cui bono? Good for whom? Some apologies, confessions, musings, unsubstantiated views, not empirically founded statements, lists, a few commandments, reading suggestions, and rather practical tips for aspiring and experienced bioethicists.
Deborah Bowman. What is it to do good medical ethics? Minding the gap(s).
Brian Hurwitz. Medical humanities and medical alterity in fiction and in life.
Daniel Callahan. What is it to do good ethics?
Rosamond Rhodes. Good and not so good medical ethics.
Ruth Macklin. Can one do good medical ethics without principles?
Wing May Kong. What is good medical ethics? A clinician's perspective.
Ilora G Finlay. What is it to do good medical ethics? From the perspective of a practising doctor who is in Parliament.
Paquita C de Zulueta. Suffering, compassion and ‘doing good medical ethics’.
Roger Higgs. Food for thought: ethics case discussion as slow nourishment in a fast world.
Emily Jackson. The relationship between medical law and good medical ethics.
Richard Cookson. Justice and the NICE approach.
Jennifer Prah Ruger. Good medical ethics, justice and provincial globalism.
Angus J Dawson. Ebola: what it tells us about medical ethics.
Raanan Gillon. Defending the four principles approach as a good basis for good medical practice and therefore for good medical ethics.
John Saunders. Doing good medical ethics: a Christian perspective.
G I Serour. What is it to practise good medical ethics? A Muslim's perspective.
Avraham Steinberg. What is it to do good medical ethics? An orthodox Jewish physician and ethicist's perspective.
Florencia Luna. Medical ethics and more: ideal theories, non-ideal theories and conscientious objection.
Michael Parker. Scaling ethics up and down: moral craft in clinical genetics and in global health research.
Kenneth C Calman. Practising what we preach.
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 157, #3, 2014
Research Articles
Alexandre Girouard, Leonid Parnovski, Iosif Polterovich and David A. Sher. The Steklov Spectrum of Surfaces: Asymptotics and Invariants.
Daniel Schäppi. Ind-Abelian Categories and Quasi-Coherent Sheaves.
Stephen Lester. On The Distribution of the Zeros Of The Derivative Of The Riemann Zeta-Function.
Frank Thorne. Bubbles of Congruent Primes.
Sinan Yalin. Simplicial Localisation of Homotopy Algebras over a Prop.
Julien Bureaux. Partitions of Large Unbalanced Bipartites.
H. W. Lenstra, Jr., P. Stevenhagen and P. Moree. Character Sums for Primitive Root Densities.
Maurice Dodson and Brent Everitt. Metrical Diophantine Approximation for Quaternions.
Sebastian Baader, the Volume of Positive Braid Links.
Michael Barnsley, Wolfgang Steiner and Andrew Vince. Critical Itineraries of Maps with Constant Slope and One Discontinuity.
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