Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Acta Analytica, Vol. 29, #2, 2014
Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #2, 2014
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 14, #12 #13, #14, 2014
Ratio Juris, Vol. 27, #2, 2014
Studia Logica, Vol. 102, #3, 2014

Acta Analytica, Vol. 29, #2, 2014
Original Papers
Chris Fields. A Physics-Based Metaphysics is a Metaphysics-Based Metaphysics.
Robert K. Garcia. Bare Particulars and Constituent Ontology.
Jeff Engelhardt. Married Causes.
Anthony Everett. Sainsbury on Thinking about Fictional Things.
İskender Taşdelen. A Counterfactual Analysis of Infinite Regress Arguments.
Timorhty McGrew. The Argument from Silence.
Steffen Borge. Horwich on Natural and Non-Natural Meaning.
Luciano Bazzocchi. A Significant 'False Perception' of Wittgensteins' Draft on Mind's Eye.
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Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #2, 2014
Title Page: Global university rankings uncovered

Stergiou KI, Tsikliras AC. Global university rankings uncovered: introduction.
Robinson D . The mismeasure of higher education? The corrosive effect of university rankings.
Taylor M, Perakakis P, Trachana V, Gialis S . Rankings are the sorcerer’s new apprentice.
Stergiou KI, Lessenich S. On impact factors and university rankings: from birth to boycott.
Lim CH, Boey F. Strategies for academic and research excellence for a young university: perspectives from Singapore.
Baty P. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2004-2012.
Dearden JA, Grewal R, Lilien GL. Framing the university ranking game: actors, motivations, and actions.
Lynch K. New managerialism, neoliberalism and ranking.
Amsler S. University ranking: a dialogue on turning towards alternatives.
Turner DA. World class universities and international rankings.
Stratilatis C. University rankings and the scientification of social sciences and humanities.
Stergiou KI, Tsikliras AC. Global university reputation and rankings: insights from culturomics.
Tsikliras AC, Robinson D, Stergiou KI. Which came first: the money or the rank?
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David Bakhurst, Brad Hooker, and Margaret Olivia Little (eds.), Thinking about Reasons: Themes from the Philosophy of Jonathan Dancy. Reviewed by Johannes Roessler.
Patrick R. Frierson, Kant's Questions: What is the Human Being? Reviewed by Tim Jankowiak.
Kyoo Lee, Reading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy, and Bad. Reviewed by Dennis L. Sepper.
Russell Pannier and Thomas D. Sullivan, Modern Challenges to Past Philosophy: Arguments and Responses. Reviewed by Tom Sorell.
Stefano Predelli, Meaning without Truth. Reviewed by Brett Sherman. 
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.), Moral Psychology, Volume 4: Free Will and Moral Responsibility. Reviewed by Joshua Shepherd.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 14, #12 #13, #14, 2014
Ian Proops. “Kant on the Cosmological Argument.
Daniel Z. Korman. "Debunking Perceptual Beliefs about Ordinary Objects."
Matthew A. Kelsey, “Kant’s Diagnosis of the Unity of Skepticism.”
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Ratio Juris, Vol. 27, #2, 2014
Peter Koller. On the Nature of Norms.
Marijan Pavčnik. Methodological Clarity or the Substantial Purity of Law? Notes on the Discussion between Kelsen and Pitamic.
Giogio Pino. Positivism, Legal Validity, and teh Separation of Law and Morals.
Marko Novak. A Typological Reading of Prevailing Legal Theories.
Mirjami Paso. Rhetoric Meets Rational Argumentation Theory.
Ludvig Beckman. The Subjects of Collectively Binding Decisions: Democratic Indlucsion and Extraterritorial Law.
Claudio Michelon. Virtuous Circularity: Positive Law and Particular Justice.
The Notebook Corner, edited by Enrico Pattaro
Svein Eng. Why Reflective Equilibrium? II: Following Up on Rawls's Comparison of His Own Approach with a Kantian Approach: I am pleased to have in this “Notebook Corner” the second of three articles by Svein Eng discussing John Rawls's concept of “reflective equilibrium.”
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Studia Logica, Vol. 102, #3, 2014
Original Papers

Alessandro Giordani. A New Semantics for Systems of Logic of Essence.
Chrysafis Hartonas. On the Dynamic Logic of Agency and Action.
Michael Kaminski, Nissim Francez. Relational Semantics of the Lambek Calculus Extended with Classical Propositional Logic.
Shan Du, Hongkui Kang. On Pretabular Logics in NExtK4 (Part I).
Marcelo E. Coniglio, Martín Figallo. Hilbert-style Presentations of Two Logics Associated to Tetravalent Modal Algebras.
Lev D. Beklemishev, David Fernández-Duque, Joost J. Joosten. On Provability Logics with Linearly Ordered Modalities.
Samuel A. Alexander. A Machine That Knows Its Own Code.
Gillman Payette. Decidability of an Xstit Logic.
Brief Communication
Jesse Alama. The Simplest Axiom System for Hyperbolic Geometry Revisited, Again.
George Voutsadakis. Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Behavioral π-Institutions.
Book Reviews
Yanjing Wang reviews Johan van Benthem, Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction.
Juan J. Colomina reviews David Bostock, Russell’s Logical Atomism.
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