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April 9, 2014 Part I

Dissent, Vol. 61, #2, 2014
Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Vol. 32, #1, 2014
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, Vol. 17, #2, 2014
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #2, 2014
Mind & Language, Vol. 29, #2, 2014

Dissent, Vol. 61, #2, 2014
Editor's Page
Michael Kazin. Beyond Rights.
Politics Abroad
Adam Gaffney. The Twilight of the British Public Health System?
Alexander Main. Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance.
Michael Walzer. A Foreign Policy for the Left.
Annemarie Strassel. Work It! The New Face of Labor in Fashion.
Margaret Somers, Fred Block. The Return of Karl Polanyi.
Mike Rose. What Counts as Intelligence?
Abby Johnston. Win, Lose, or Draw: The New Nullification.
Tressie McMillan Cottom. The University and the Company Man.
Our Technology and Theirs
Sarah Leonard, Kate Losse. Introduction.
E. Alex Jung. Wages for Facebook.
Melissa Gira Grant. For the Love of Kink.
Joanne McNeil, Ingrid Burrington. Droneism.
Colin Kinniburgh. Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On.
Atossa Araxia Abrahamian. Let Them Eat Code.
Colin Gordon. The Computer Did It?: Technology and Inequality.
James K. Galbraith. Kapital for the Twenty-First Century?
Jennifer Pan. Trasher Feminism: Valerie Solanas and Her Enemies.
Natasha Lewis. Women and Other Art Objects.
L.V. Anderson. Limits of the Locavore.
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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Vol. 32, #1, 2014
Original Paper
Micaela A. Thordarson, Robert D. Friedberg. To Infinity and Beyond!: Introduction to the Special Issue.
Robert D. Friedberg, Lisa C. Hoyman. We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!: Evolution and Revolution in CBT with Youth.
John F. Curry, Jacqueline Hersh. Development and Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depressed Adolescents.
Tara S. Peris, John Piacentini. Addressing Barriers to Change in the Treatment of Childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Sanno Zack, Jenine Saekow, Megan Kelly. Mindfulness Based Interventions for Youth.
Rebecca Rialon Berry, Betty Lai. The Emerging Role of Technology in Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Anxious Youth: A Review.
Ilana Seager, Amelia M. Rowley. Targeting Common Factors Across Anxiety and Depression Using the Unified Protocol for the Treatment of Emotional Disorders in Adolescents.
Elizabeth A. Laugeson, Mi N. Park. Using a CBT Approach to Teach Social Skills to Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Social Challenges: The PEERS® Method.
Michael A. Tompkins. Cognitive–Behavior Therapy for Pediatric Trichotillomania.
Robert D. Friedberg, Micaela A. Thordarson. CBT with Youth: Immodest Proposals for Training the Next Generation.
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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, Vol. 17, #2, 2014
Henk ten Have, Bert Gordijn. The significance of relatedness in healthcare.
Scientific Contribution
Kristin Zeiler. Neither property right nor heroic gift, neither sacrifice nor aporia: the benefit of the theoretical lens of sharing in donation ethics.
Aymeric Reyre, Raphaël Jeannin, Myriam Larguèche. Care and prejudice: moving beyond mistrust in the care relationship with addicted patients.
Michael S. Merry, Kristin Voigt. Risk, harm and intervention: the case of child obesity.
Lukas Van Oudenhove, Stefaan Cuypers. The relevance of the philosophical ‘mind–body problem’ for the status of psychosomatic medicine: a conceptual analysis of the biopsychosocial model.
Joke Lemiengre, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé. Written institutional ethics policies on euthanasia: an empirical-based organizational-ethical framework.
Dieneke Hubbeling. Decision-making capacity should not be decisive in emergencies.
Short Communication
Kinan Muhammed. Cosmetic neurology: the role of healthcare professionals.
Review Article
Fredrik Svenaeus. Diagnosing mental disorders and saving the normal.
Scientific Contribution
Fredrik Svenaeus. The phenomenology of empathy in medicine: an introduction.
Original Contribution
Jan Slaby. Empathy’s blind spot.
Scientific Contribution
Jonna Bornemark. The genesis of empathy in human development: a phenomenological reconstruction.
Matthew Ratcliffe. The phenomenology of depression and the nature of empathy.
Lou Agosta. A rumor of empathy: reconstructing Heidegger’s contribution to empathy and empathic clinical practice.
Fredrik Svenaeus. Empathy as a necessary condition of phronesis: a line of thought for medical ethics.
Jodi Halperne. From idealized clinical empathy to empathic communication in medical care.
Short Literature Notices
Roberto Andorno. Short literature notices.
Books Received
Roberto Andorno. Books received.
Lou Agosta. Erratum to: A rumor of empathy: reconstructing Heidegger’s contribution to empathy and empathic clinical practice.
Kristin Zeiler. Erratum to: Neither property right nor heroic gift, neither sacrifice nor aporia: the benefit of the theoretical lens of sharing in donation ethics.
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 Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #2, 2014
Symposium: The Regress Problem: Metatheory, Development, and Criticism
Symposium. The Regress Problem: Metatheory, Development, and Criticism
Jeanne Peijnenburg and Scott F. Aikin. Introduction.
Mylan Engel Jr. Positism: The Unexplored Solution to the Epistemic Regress Problem.
Andrew D. Cling. The Epistemic Regress Problem, the Problem of the Criterion, and the Value of Reasons.
Scott F. Aikin. Prospects for Moral Epistemic Infinitism.
Ted Poston. Finite Reasons Without Foundations.
Coos Engelsma. On Peter Klein's Concept of Arbitrariness.
Jeanne Peijnenburg and David Atkinson. The Need for Justification.
Adam C. Podlaskowski and Joshua A. Smith. Probabilistic Regresses and the Availability Problem for Infinitism.
René van Woudenberg and Ronald Meester. Infinite Epistemic Regresses and Internalism.
Matteo Morganti. Metaphysical Infinitism and the Regress of Being.
Ricki Bliss. Viciousness and Circles of Ground.
Tuomas E. Tahko. Boring Infinite Descent.
Ditte Marie Munch-Jurišic. Perpetrator Abhorrence: Disgust as a Stop Sign.
Natascha Kienstra, Machiel Karskens and Jeroen Imants. Three Approaches to Doing Philosophy: a Proposal for Grouping Philosophical Exercises in Classroom Teaching. The Philosopher as Teacher.
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Mind & Language, Vol. 29, #2, 2014
GEORGES REY. Innate and Learned: Carey, Mad Dog Nativism, and the Poverty of Stimuli and Analogies (Yet Again).
SUSAN CAREY. On Learning New Primitives in the Language of Thought: Reply to Rey.
J. ROBERT THOMPSON. Meaning and Mindreading.
TIM FULLER and RICHARD SAMUELS. Scientific Inference and Ordinary Cognition: Fodor on Holism and Cognitive Architecture.
JENNIFER CORNS. Unpleasantness, Motivational Oomph, and Painfulness.
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Henry E. Allison, Essays on Kant.m Reviewed by Nicholas Stang.
Charles Travis, Perception: Essays after Frege. Reviewed by Keith A. Wilson.
Maurizio Viroli, Redeeming the Prince: The Meaning of Machiavelli's Masterpiece. Reviewed by Cary J. Nederman.
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