Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Bioethics, Vol. 28, #4, 2014
Isis, Vol. 105, #1, 2014
Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 42, #2, 2014
Noûs, Vol. 48, #2, 2014
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 64, #2, 2014

Bioethics, Vol. 28, #4, 2014
Udo Schüklenk. Ethics of Public Health Promotion Messaging in the Age of Successful HIV Treatment Regimes.
Francesca Minerva. New Threats to Academic Freedom.
Michael Tooley. Solutions to the New Threats to Academic Freedom?
Robert Baker. Against Anonymity.
Matti Häyry. Academic Freedom, Public Reactions, and Anonymity.
Angus Dawson and Jonathan Herington. Academic Freedom and the Professional Responsibilities of Applied Ethicists: A comment on Minerva.
Francesca Minerva. Why Publishing Pseudonymously Can Protect Academic Freedom.
Min Liu and Qingli Hu. A Proposed Approach to Informed Consent for Biobanks in China.
Kimberly Strong, Ian Kerridge and Miles Little. Savior Siblings, Parenting and the Moral Valorization of Children.
Rob Lawlor. Organ Sales: Exploitative at Any Price?
John-Stewart Gordon. Moral Philosophers Are Moral Experts! A Reply to David Archard.
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Isis, Vol. 105, #1, 2014
Hunter Heyck. The Organizational Revolution and the Human Sciences.
Robert Morrison. A Scholarly Intermediary between the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Europe.
Stephanie Moser. Making Expert Knowledge through the Image: Connections between Antiquarian and Early Modern Scientific Illustration.
Focus: Neurohistory and History of Science
Steve Fuller. Neuroscience, Neurohistory, and the History of Science: A Tale of Two Brain Images.
Daniel Lord Smail. Neurohistory in Action: Hoarding and the Human Past.
Stephen T. Casper. History and Neuroscience: An Integrative Legacy(pp. 123-132)  Free Content
Max Stadler. Neurohistory Is Bunk?: The Not-So-Deep History of the Postclassical Mind.
Roger Cooter. Neural Veils and the Will to Historical Critique: Why Historians of Science Need to Take the Neuro-Turn Seriously. 
News of the Profession
Russ Olwell, David Guston, Wade Roush, and Jessica Wang. Eloge: Charles Weiner (1931–2012).
Joan Richards. Eloge: Erwin Hiebert (1919–2012).
Essay Reviews
Review by: Francesca Bordogna. Human Nature, Free Will, and the Human Sciences. Free Will and the Human Sciences in Britain, 1870–1910Between Mind and Nature: A History of Psychology by Roger Smith; Roger Smith.
Review by: Mark B. Brown. The Politics of Science before Scientism. Science, Democracy, and the American University: From the Civil War to the Cold War by Andrew Jewett.
Review by: Michael H. Shank. Made to Order. The Copernican Question: Prognostication, Skepticism, and Celestial Order by Robert S. Westman.
Review by: Robert S. Westman. Reply to Michael Shank.
Review by: Michael H. Shank. Rejoinder.
Review by: Andrew D. Wilson. Ørsted Triumphator? Hans Christian Ørsted: Reading Nature’s Mind by Dan Charly Christensen.
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Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 42, #2, 2014
Katie Grimes. Butler Interprets Aquinas: How to Speak Thomistically About Sex.
Kate Ward. Porters to Heaven: Wealth, the Poor, and Moral Agency in Augustine.
Ian Rottenberg. Fine Art as Preparation for Christian Love.
Hamid Mavani. Two Shi‘i Jurisprudential Methodologies to Address Medical and Bioethical Challenges: Traditional Ijtihad and Foundational Ijtihad.
Alan Jotkowitz. The Seminal Contribution of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein to the Development of Modern Jewish Medical Ethics.
David Humbert. After MacIntyre: Kierkegaard, Kant, and Classical Virtue.
Vincent Lloyd. Thick or Thin?: Liberal Protestant Public Theology.
Elizabeth M. Bucar and Aaron Stalnaker. On Comparative Religious Ethics as a Field of Study.
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Nicholas Agar, Truly Human Enhancement: A Philosophical Defense of Limits. Reviewed by Leonard M. Fleck.
Claudia Blöser, Mikael Janvid, Hannes Ole Matthiessen, and Marcus Willaschek (eds.), Defeasibility in Philosophy: Knowledge, Agency, Responsibility, and the Law. Reviewed by Matthew Lister.
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Noûs, Vol. 48, #2, 2014
Miriam Schoenfield. Permission to Believe: Why Permissivism is True and What it Tells Us about Irrelevant Influences on Belief.
Jeffrey C. King. Speaker Intentions in Context.
Justin Clarke-Doane. Moral Epistemology: The Mathematics Analogy.
Robert C. Koons. A New Kalam Argument: Revenge of the Grim Reaper.
Jeremy Heis. The Priority Principle from Kant to Frege.
Benjamin L. Curtis. The Rumble in the Bundle.
Nicholas Shea. Reward Prediction Error Signals are Meta-Representational.
Kevan Edwards. Keeping (Direct) Reference in Mind.
Juan Comesaña and Carolina Sartorio. Difference-Making in Epistemology.
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 64, #2, 2014
Nicolas Bommarito. Patience and Perspective.
Monima Chadha. On Knowing Universals: The Nyaya Way.
David Chai. Meontological Generativity: A Daoist Reading of the Thing.
Nicholas F. Gier. Gandhi, Deep Religious Pluralism, and Multiculturalism.
Peimin Ni. Rectify the Heart-Mind for the Art of Living: a Gongfu Perspective on the Confucian Approach to Desire.
Jonathan C. Gold. Sakya Pa??ita’s Anti-Realism As a Return to the Mainstream.
Romain Graziani. Of Words and Swords: Therapeutic Imagination in Action—A Study of Chapter 30 of the Zhuangzi, “Shuo Jian”.
Chien-hsing Ho. Meaning, Understanding, and Knowing-what: An Indian Grammarian Notion of Intuition.
Sungmoon Kim. Politics and Interest in Early Confucianism.
Andrea Leonardi. Mysticism and The Notion of God in Nishida’s Philosophy of Religion.
Comment and Discussion
Seyed N. Mousavian. Did Suhrawardi Believe in Innate Ideas as A Priori Concepts? A Note.
John Walbridge. A Response to Seyed N. Mousavian, “Did Suhrawardi Believe in Innate Ideas as A Priori Concepts? A Note”.
Seyed N. Mousavian. Suhrawardi on Innateness: A Reply to John Walbridge.
Book Reviews
Stephen C. Angle. A Confucian Constitutional Order: How China’s Ancient Past Can Shape Its Political Future by Jiang Qing, translated by Edmund Ryden, edited by Daniel A. Bell and Ruiping Fan.
Amit Chaturvedi. Perceiving Reality: Consciousness, Intentionality, and Cognition in Buddhist Philosophy by Christian Coseru.
David Elstein. China: The Political Philosophy of the Middle Kingdom by Bai Tongdong.
Tony Street. Philosophie in der Islamischen Welt, Band 1, 8.-10. Jahrhundert.
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