Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 55, #1, 2014
Hypatia, Vol. 29, #1, 2014
International Political Science Review, Vol. 35, #2, 2014
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 120, #3, 2014
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #4, 2014
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 45, #1, 2014

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 55, #1, 2014
Richard G. Heck Jr. Intuition and the Substitution Argument.
Gurpreet Rattan. Disagreement and the First-Person Perspective.
Daniel Groll and Jason Decker. Moral Testimony: One of These Things Is Just Like the Others.
Rik Peels and Anthony Booth. Why Responsible Belief Is Permissible Belief.
Daniel Giberman. Passing Through: Why Intrinsic-to-a-Time Endurantism Should Not Persist.
Larry Alexander. The Ontology of Consent.
Kai F. Wehmeier. Nothing But d-Truth.
Derek Ball. Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism, by Derk Pereboom.
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Hypatia, Vol. 29, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Interstices: Inheriting Women of Color Feminist Philosophy
María Lugones. Musing: Reading the Nondiasporic from within Diasporas.
The Santa Cruz Feminist Of Color Collective. Building on “the Edge of Each Other's Battles”: A Feminist of Color Multidimensional Lens.
Shireen Roshanravan. Motivating Coalition: Women of Color and Epistemic Disobedience.
Namita Goswami. Europe as an Other: Postcolonialism and Philosophers of the Future.
Falguni A. Sheth. Interstitiality: Making Space for Migration, Diaspora, and Racial Complexity.
Vivian M. May. “Speaking into the Void”? Intersectionality Critiques and Epistemic Backlash.
Amrita Banerjee. Race and a Transnational Reproductive Caste System: Indian Transnational Surrogacy.
Alisa Bierria. Missing in Action: Violence, Power, and Discerning Agency.
Emily S. Lee. The Ambiguous Practices of the Inauthentic Asian American Woman.
Laura Gillman. Anancyism and the Dialectics of an Africana Feminist Ethnophilosophy: Sandra Jackson-Opoku's The River Where Blood Is Born.
Stephanie Rivera Berruz. Musing: Inhabiting Philosophical Space: Reflections from the Reasonably Suspicious.
V. Denise James. Musing: A Black Feminist Philosopher: Is That Possible?
Elena Flores Ruíz. Musing: Spectral Phenomenologies: Dwelling Poetically in Professional Philosophy.
Rozena Maart. Race and Pedagogical Practices: When Race Takes Center Stage in Philosophy.
Jacqueline M. Martinez. Culture, Communication, and Latina Feminist Philosophy: Toward a Critical Phenomenology of Culture.
Devonya N. Havis. “Now, How You Sound”: Considering a Different Philosophical Praxis.
Book Reviews
Yuanfang Dai. The Many Dimensions of Chinese Feminism.
Ariane Cruz. The Erotic Life of Racism.
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International Political Science Review, Vol. 35, #2, 2014
Luigi Curini, Willy Jou, and Vincenzo Memoli. How moderates and extremists find happiness: Ideological orientation, citizen–government proximity, and life satisfaction.
Rollin F. Tusalem and Minion K.C. Morrison. The impact of diamonds on economic growth, adverse regime change, and democratic state-building in Africa.
Leiv Marsteintredet. Explaining variation of executive instability in presidential regimes: Presidential interruptions in Latin America.
Christopher Gandrud. Competing risks and deposit insurance governance convergence.
Sung Ho Park. Intra-union politics and wage-setting coordination in Eurozone countries.
Ran Tao, Dali L. Yang, Ming Li, and Xi Lu. How does political trust affect social trust? An analysis of survey data from rural China using an instrumental variables approach.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 120, #3, 2014
Original Paper
Jamie-Lee Campbell, Anja S. Göritz. Culture Corrupts! A Qualitative Study of Organizational Culture in Corrupt Organizations.
Stéphanie Arnaud, David M. Wasieleski. Corporate Humanistic Responsibility: Social Performance Through Managerial Discretion of the HRM.
Janusz Brzeszczynski, Graham McIntosh. Performance of Portfolios Composed of British SRI Stocks.
Sebastian C. Schuh, Alina S. Hernandez Bark. Gender Differences in Leadership Role Occupancy: The Mediating Role of Power Motivation.
Robert Steinbauer, Robert W. Renn, Robert R. Taylor. Ethical Leadership and Followers’ Moral Judgment: The Role of Followers’ Perceived Accountability and Self-leadership.
Ali Intezari, David J. Pauleen. Management Wisdom in Perspective: Are You Virtuous Enough to Succeed in Volatile Times?
Qinqin Zheng, Yadong Luo, Stephanie Lu Wang. Moral Degradation, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility in a Transitional Economy.
Mingqiong Zhang, David Di Fan, Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu. High-Performance Work Systems, Corporate Social Performance and Employee Outcomes: Exploring the Missing Links. Back to Top

Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #4, 2014
The concise argument
Michael J Selgelid. Freedom and moral enhancement.
Neema Sofaer, Penney Lewis, Hugh Davies. Forthcoming practical framework for ethics committees and researchers on post-trial access to the trial intervention and healthcare.
Feature Article
Azgad Gold, Pesach Lichtenberg. The moral case for the clinical placebo.
Clinical ethics
Charlotte Blease. The duty to be Well-informed: The case of depression.
Kasper Raus, Livia Anquinet, Judith Rietjens, Luc Deliens, Freddy Mortier, Sigrid Sterckx. Factors that facilitate or constrain the use of continuous sedation at the end of life by physicians and nurses in Belgium: results from a focus group study.
Judith AC Rietjens, Jennifer R Voorhees, Agnes van der Heide, Margaret A Drickamer. Approaches to suffering at the end of life: the use of sedation in the USA and Netherlands.
Charles Douglas. Moral concerns with sedation at the end of life.
Timothy F Murphy. Genetic modifications for personal enhancement: a defence.
Vojin Rakic. Voluntary moral enhancement and the survival-at-any-cost bias.
Ingmar Persson, Julian Savulescu. Should moral bioenhancement be compulsory? Reply to Vojin Rakic.
Ariane Daoust, Eric Racine. Depictions of ‘brain death’ in the media: medical and ethical implications.
Reproductive ethics
Jonathan Surovell. Embryonic viability, parental care and the pro-life thesis: a defence of Bovens.
Research ethics
David S Festinger, Karen L Dugosh, Douglas B Marlowe, Nicolle T Clements. Achieving new levels of recall in consent to research by combining remedial and motivational techniques.
Virginia Sanchini, Michele Reni, Giliola Calori, Elisabetta Riva, Massimo Reichlin. Informed consent as an ethical requirement in clinical trials: an old, but still unresolved issue. An observational study to evaluate patient's informed consent comprehension.
Teaching and learning ethics
Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt, Bryan Vernon. FY1 doctors’ ethicolegal challenges in their first year of clinical practice: an interview study.
Current controversy
Roderick John Flower. The outsider: the rogue scientist as terrorist.
Calum MacKellar. Differentiating between human and non-human interspecies embryos.
Andreas Heinz, Roland Kipke, Sabine Müller, Urban Wiesing. True and false concerns about neuroenhancement: a response to ‘Neuroenhancers, addiction and research ethics’, by D M Shaw.
Brief report
Cheryl Cox Macpherson. Climate change matters.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 45, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Democratic Citizenship and the Recognition of Cultural Differences. Edited by Carol Gould, Adam Etinson, and Joshua Keton
Editor's Note
Carol Gould. Editor's Note.
Original Articles
Carol Gould. Introduction.
Azizah al-Hibri. Adam Etinson and Joshua Keton.Developing Islamic Jurisprudence in the Diaspora: Balancing Authenticity, Diversity, and Modernity.
Akeel Bilgrami. Secularism: Its Content and Context.
Joshua Keton. Pluralism, Secularism, and Neutrality: A Comment on Bilgrami.
Rainer Forst. Toleration and Democracy.
Adam Etinson. On Shareable Reasons: A Comment on Forst.
Carol Gilligan. Moral Injury and the Ethic of Care: Reframing the Conversation about Differences.
Virginia Held. The Ethics of Care as Normative Guidance: Comment on Gilligan.
Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson. Animal Rights, Multiculturalism, and the Left.
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