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March 11, 2014

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #6, 2014
Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2014
Emotion Review, Vol. 6, #2, 2014
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 47, #4, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 120, #2, 2014
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 18, #1, 2014

Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 70, #1, 2014
Juncture, Vol. 20, #4, 2014
Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 15, #2, 2014

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #6, 2014
John Rogers. An editor's reflections.
Dylan Brian Futter. On Irony Interpretation: Socratic Method in Plato's Euthyphro.
Tamer Nawar. Knowledge and True Belief at Theaetetus 201a–c.
Tobias Hoffmann. Freedom Beyond Practical Reason: Duns Scotus on Will-Dependent Relations.
Giovanni Gellera. Calvinist Metaphysics and the Eucharist in the Early Seventeenth Century.
Andrew Israelsen. God, Mixed Modes, and Natural Law: An Intellectualist Interpretation of Locke's Moral Philosophy.
Ryan Hickerson. What the Wise Ought Believe: A Voluntarist Interpretation of Hume's General Rules.
Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch. ‘The Egg of Columbus’?How Fourier's social theory exerted a significant (and problematic) influence on the formation of Marx's anthropology and social critique.
Fatema Amijee. The Role of Attention in Russell's Theory of Knowledge.
James McElvenny. International Language and the Everyday: Contact and Collaboration Between C.K. Ogden, Rudolf Carnap and Otto Neurath.
Stephen Buckle. Hume's Preference for the Enquiry: A Reply to Miller.
Book Reviews
Patricia Curd. Introduction to the Presocratics: A Thematic Approach to Early Greek Philosophy with Key Readings.
C.S. Meijns. John Blund: Treatise on the Soul.
Jordan Taylor. Emotion and Cognitive Life in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy.
Mario Brandhorst. Nietzsche, Naturalism, and Normativity.
Owen Hulatt. The Dialectics of Aesthetic Agency: Revaluating German Aesthetics from Kant to Adorno.
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Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Themes from the work of Amartya Sen: Indentity, Rationality, and Justice)
Jelle de Boer. Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare, Daniel M. Hausman.
Marc Fleurbaey. The New Economics of Inequality and Redistribution, Samuel Bowles.
Jussi Suikkanen. The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World, Gerald Gaus.
Naftali Weinberger. Evidence-Based Policy: A Practical Guide to Doing it Better, Nancy Cartwright and Jeremy Hardie.
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Emotion Review, Vol. 6, #2, 2014
Robert W. Levenson. Emotion and the Autonomic Nervous System: Introduction to the Special Section.
Peter J. Lang. Emotion’s Response Patterns: The Brain and the Autonomic Nervous System.
Robert W. Levenson. The Autonomic Nervous System and Emotion.
Greg J. Norman, Gary G. Berntson, and John T. Cacioppo. Emotion, Somatovisceral Afference, and Autonomic Regulation.
Kimberly B. Rogers, Tobias Schröder, and Christian von Scheve. Dissecting the Sociality of Emotion: A Multilevel Approach.
Kristen A. Lindquist and Jennifer K. MacCormack. Constructionism is a Multilevel Framework for Affective Science.
Narun Pornpattananangkul and Joan Y. Chiao. Affect Control Theory and Cultural Priming: A Perspective from Cultural Neuroscience.
Dawn T. Robinson. Growing a Multilevel Science of Emotion.
Mikko Salmela. Critical Questions for Affect Control Theory.
Kimberly B. Rogers, Tobias Schröder, and Christian von Scheve. Author Reply: Affect Control Theory and the Sociality of Emotion.
Terry A. Maroney and James J. Gross. The Ideal of the Dispassionate Judge: An Emotion Regulation Perspective.
Armano Srbljinovic and Jasmina Božic. Implications of the Sociology of Emotions for the Restoration of Social Order.
Philip A. Kragel and Kevin S. LaBar. Advancing Emotion Theory with Multivariate Pattern Classification.
Anton J. M. Dijker. A Theory of Vulnerability-based Morality.
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Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 47, #4, 2013
Ellen Handler Spitz. Snapshots of Childhood Creativity in Science, Music, and Art: Richard Feynman, Clara Schumann, and René Magritte.
Margaret I. Hughes. The Emotional Education of the Reader: A Progression through Works and Time.
Panagiota Sidiropoulou. Art as Moral Education in Contemporary Cinema.
Aaron Smuts. The Salacious and the Satirical: In Defense of Symmetric Comic Moralism.
Koji Matsunobu. Performing, Creating, and Listening to Nature through Music: The Art of Self-Integration.
Viktor Johansson. "I am scared too": Children's Literature for an Ethics beyond Moral Concepts.
Book Review
Ross K. Elfline. The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association ed. by Susan Ball.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 120, #2, 2014
Original Articles
Jason MacGregor, Martin Stuebs. The Silent Samaritan Syndrome: Why the Whistle Remains Unblown.
Suchuan Zhang. Impact of Job Involvement on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in China.
Original Aricles
Martin Fougère, Nikodemus Solitander, Suzanne Young. Exploring and Exposing Values in Management Education: Problematizing Final Vocabularies in Order to Enhance Moral Imagination.
Long-Zeng Wu, Haina Zhang, Randy K. Chiu, Ho Kwong Kwan. Hostile Attribution Bias and Negative Reciprocity Beliefs Exacerbate Incivility’s Effects on Interpersonal Deviance.
Rosemary L. Walker, Liviu Florea. Easy-Come-Easy-Go: Moral Hazard in the Context of Return to Education.
Original Articles
Saif Ullah, Nadia Massoud, Barry Scholnick. The Impact of Fraudulent False Information on Equity Values.
Christian Ståhl, Ellen MacEachen, Katherine Lippel. Ethical Perspectives in Work Disability Prevention and Return to Work: Toward a Common Vocabulary for Analyzing Stakeholders’ Actions and Interactions.
Bahram Soltani. The Anatomy of Corporate Fraud: A Comparative Analysis of High Profile American and European Corporate Scandals.
Kristel Wouters, Jeroen Maesschalck, Carel F. W. Peeters. Methodological Issues in the Design of Online Surveys for Measuring Unethical Work Behavior: Recommendations on the Basis of a Split-Ballot Experiment.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 18, #1, 2014
John Martin Fischer, Anthony L. Brueckner. Prenatal and Posthumous Non-Existence: A Reply to Johansson.
Jens Johansson. Actual and Counterfactual Attitudes: Reply to Brueckner and Fischer.
John Martin Fischer, Anthony Brueckner. Accommodating Counterfactual Attitudes: A Further Reply to Johansson.
Aleksandar Jokic. Transitional Justice and “Genocide”: Practical Ethics for Genocide Narratives.
Jan Narveson. Reiman on Labor, Value, and the Difference Principle.
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Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 70, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Social Exclusion of Children: Developmental Origins of Prejudice.INTRODUCTION
Dominic Abrams and Melanie Killen. Social Exclusion of Children: Developmental Origins of Prejudice.
Drew Nesdale, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck and Natalie Roxburgh. Peer Group Rejection in Childhood: Effects of Rejection Ambiguity, Rejection Sensitivity, and Social Acumen.
Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Aline Hitti, Adam Rutland, Dominic Abrams and Melanie Killen. When Do Children Dislike Ingroup Members? Resource Allocation from Individual and Group Perspectives.
Martin D. Ruck and Harriet R. Tenenbaum. Does Moral and Social Conventional Reasoning Predict British Young People's Judgments About the Rights of Asylum-Seeker Youth?
Justin E. Heinze and Stacey S. Horn. Do Adolescents' Evaluations of Exclusion Differ Based on Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation?
Yarrow Dunham and Jason Emory. Of Affect and Ambiguity: The Emergence of Preference for Arbitrary Ingroups.
Lauren K. Huckstadt and Kristin Shutts. How Young Children Evaluate People With and Without Disabilities.
Erin Pahlke, Rebecca S. Bigler and Carol Lynn Martin. Can Fostering Children's Ability to Challenge Sexism Improve Critical Analysis, Internalization, and Enactment of Inclusive, Egalitarian Peer Relationships?
Jochem Thijs, Maykel Verkuyten and Malin Grundel. Ethnic Classroom Composition and Peer Victimization: The Moderating Role of Classroom Attitudes.
Linda R. Tropp, Thomas C. O'Brien and Katya Migacheva. How Peer Norms of Inclusion and Exclusion Predict Children's Interest in Cross-Ethnic Friendships.
Nicola Abbott and Lindsey Cameron. What Makes a Young Assertive Bystander? The Effect of Intergroup Contact, Empathy, Cultural Openness, and In-Group Bias on Assertive Bystander Intervention Intentions.
Mark Bennett. Intergroup Social Exclusion in Childhood: Forms, Norms, Context, and Social Identity.
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Juncture, Vol. 20, #4, 2014
Guy Lodge, Will Paxton and Nick Pearce. Editorial.
Pierre Rosanvallon. The society of equals: Restoring democratic equality in relations.
Elizabeth Anderson, Ben Jackson and Anne Phillips. A world turned upside down: Social hierarchies and a new history of egalitarianism.
Lawrence Goldman. Remembering RH Tawney: Biography, legacy, example.
Liz Kendall. Power shift: Giving people the power to reform public services.
Rick Muir. The relational state: Beyond marketisation and managerialism.
Heather Jones. Goodbye to all that?: Memory and meaning in the commemoration of the first world war.
Anthony Painter. Institutional thinking: A new settlement between public and private.
Emran Mian. Poverty and control: Moving on from outdated and unaffordable approaches.
John Curtice. How the SNP could win the independence referendum.
Phil Clark. After genocide: Democracy in Rwanda, 20 years on.
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Jakob Leth Fink (ed.), The Development of Dialectic from Plato to Aristotle. Reviewed by Nicholas Denyer.
Alvin I. Goldman, Joint Ventures: Mindreading, Mirroring, and Embodied Cognition.Reviewed by Ian Ravenscroft.
Antonio Negri, Spinoza for Our Time: Politics and Postmodernity, William McCuaig (tr.) Reviewed by Beth Lord.
Dimitris Vardoulakis, Sovereignty and Its Other: Toward the Dejustification of Violence.Reviewed byNick Mansfield.
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Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 15, #2, 2014
Derek Sellman. Slow and nursing.
Original Articles
Steven D. Edwards. Moral realism in nursing.
Alexandra A. Choby and Alexander M. Clark. Improving health: structure and agency in health interventions.
Kirsten Beedholm, Kirsten Lomborg and Kirsten Frederiksen. Ruptured thought: rupture as a critical attitude to nursing research.
Pawel J. Krol and Mireille Lavoie. Beyond nursing nihilism, a Nietzschean transvaluation of neoliberal values.
Anne Kane. Lonergan's philosophy as grounding for cross-disciplinary research.
Mary Tod Gray. Habits, rituals, and addiction: an inquiry into substance abuse in older persons.
Book Review
Rusla Anne Springer. Rebirth of the Clinic: Places and Agents in Contemporary Health Care.
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