Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

American Political Science Review, Vol. 108, #1, 2014
Bioethics, Vol. 28, #3, 2014
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 23, #2, 2014
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 35, #4, 2013
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Vol. 27, #1, 2014

American Political Science Review, Vol. 108, #1, 2014
Research Articles
CARLES BOIX and FRANCES ROSENBLUTH. Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality. 
BRANDICE CANES-WRONE, TOM S. CLARK and JASON P. KELLY. Judicial Selection and Death Penalty Decisions. 
JAMES H. READ and IAN SHAPIRO. Transforming Power Relationships: Leadership, Risk, and Hope. 
ALLISON CARNEGIE. States Held Hostage: Political Hold-Up Problems and the Effects of International Institutions.
DAVID CESARINI, MAGNUS JOHANNESSON and SVEN OSKARSSON. Pre-Birth Factors, Post-Birth Factors, and Voting: Evidence from Swedish Adoption Data. 
ARLENE W. SAXONHOUSE. Freedom, Form, and Formlessness: Euripides’ Bacchae and Plato's Republic. 
CHRISTOPHER BLATTMAN, ALEXANDRA C. HARTMAN and ROBERT A. BLAIR. How to Promote Order and Property Rights under Weak Rule of Law? An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education. 
PATRICIO VALDIVIESO and BENJAMÍN VILLENA-ROLDÁN. Opening the Black Box of Social Capital Formation. 
EDMUND J. MALESKY, CUONG VIET NGUYEN and ANH TRAN. The Impact of Recentralization on Public Services: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis of the Abolition of Elected Councils in Vietnam. 
SHALINI SATKUNANANDAN. Max Weber and the Ethos of Politics beyond Calculation.
JIMMY CASAS KLAUSEN. Economies of Violence: The Bhagavadgita and the Fostering of Life in Gandhi's and Ghose's Anticolonial Theories. 
GUY GROSSMAN and JANET I. LEWIS. Administrative Unit Proliferation. 
CHARLES H. T. LESCH. Against Politics: Walter Benjamin on Justice, Judaism, and the Possibility of Ethics. 
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Bioethics, Vol. 28, #3, 2014
Li EN-Chang, Li Meng, Zhou Jia and Liu Ping. 2014 International Bioethics Forum Between UK and China and the Professional Development of Bioethics in China.
Kristof Van Assche, Gilles Genicot and Sigrid Sterckx. Living Organ Procurement from the Mentally Incompetent: The Need for More Appropriate Guidelines.
Erik Malmqvist. Are Bans on Kidney Sales Unjustifiably Paternalistic?
Wendy Rogers, Christopher Degeling and Cynthia Townley. Equity Under the Knife: Justice and Evidence in Surgery.
Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu. A Costly Separation Between Withdrawing and Withholding Treatment in Intensive Care.
James A. Anderson and Jonathan Kimmelman. Are Phase 1 Trials Therapeutic? Risk, Ethics, and Division of Labor.
Shlomo Cohen. The Nocebo Effect of Informed Consent.
Walter Glannon. Death, Posthumous Harm, and Bioethics – By James Stacey Taylor.
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Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 23, #2, 2014
The Road Less Traveled
Arthur Caplan. It Is Hard To Get There Without A Guide - How I Came To A Career In Bioethics. 
Special Section: Neuroethics And Animals
Tom Buller, Adam Shriver And Martha Farah. Guest Editorial - Broadening The Focus. 
Andrew Fenton. Can A Chimp Say “No”? - Reenvisioning Chimpanzee Dissent In Harmful Research. 
Michael D. H. Rollin And Bernard E. Rollin. Crazy Like A Fox - Validity And Ethics Of Animal Models Of Human Psychiatric Disease. 
Adam J. Shriver. The Asymmetrical Contributions Of Pleasure And Pain To Animal Welfare. 
Sherry E. Loveless And James Giordano. Neuroethics, Painience, And Neurocentric Criteria For The Moral Treatment Of Animals. 
Tom Buller. Animal Minds And Neuroimaging - Bridging The Gap Between Science And Ethics? 
Tuija Takala And Matti Häyry. Neuroethics And Animals - Methods And Philosophy. 
Bioethics Education
Tuija Takala, Matti Häyry And Laurence Laing. Playing God - The Rock Opera That Endeavors To Become A Bioethics Education Tool. 
Bioethics And Literature
Antonio Casado Da Rocha. Narrative Autonomy - Three Literary Models Of Healthcare In The End Of Life. 
The Caduceus In Court
Ben A. Rich. Prognosis Terminal - Truth-Telling In The Context Of End-Of-Life Care. 
Bioethics And Defense
Howard Brody, Sarah E. Leonard, Jing-Bao Nie And Paul Weindling. U.S. Responses To Japanese Wartime Inhuman Experimentation After World War Ii - National Security And Wartime Exigency. 
Ethics Committees And Consultants At Work
Ruchika Mishra. The Case - What Are the Patient’s Real Wishes? 
David Campbell. Commentary: The Problematic Proxy and the Patient’s Best Interests. 
Maura George and Jason Lesandrini. Commentary: A Case of Too Much Maternalism.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 35, #4, 2013
Paul Keeling. Wilderness, People, and the False Charge of Misanthropy.
Paul D’Ambrosio. Rethinking Environmental Issues in a Daoist Context: Why Daoism Is and Is Not Environmentalism.
Discussion Papers
Antoine C. Dussault. In Search of Ecocentric Sentiments: Insights from the CAD Model in Moral Psychology.
Michael Menser. The Bioregion and Social Difference: Learning from Iris Young’s Metropolitan Regionalism.
Jan Cornelius Schmidt. Defending Hans Jonas’ Environmental Ethics: On the Relation between Philosophy of Nature and Ethics.
Book Reviews
Daniel L. Crescenzo. Ronald L. Sandler: The Ethics of Species: An Introduction.
Hans A. Baer. David R. Resnik: Environmental Health Ethics.
Katie McShane. Anthony O’Hear, ed.: Philosophy and the Environment.
Todd LeVasseur. Larry Rasmussen: Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key.
Kenneth Worthy. Peter H. Kahn, Jr. and Patricia H. Hasbach, eds. Ecopsychology: Science, Totems, and the Technological Species.
Leah Kalmanson. William Edeglass et al.: Facing Nature: Levinas and Environmental Thought.
Robert Kirkman. Ingrid Leman Stefanovic and Stephen Bede Scharper, eds. The Natural City: Re-Envisioning the Built Environment.
Shan Gao. Yingzi Yang: Ecological Dimension of Ethics: Research on Holmes Rolston, III’s Ideas of Environmental Ethics, and Hong Mei Zhao: AestheticsGone Wild on the Thought of Rolston’s Environmental Aesthetics.
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International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Vol. 27, #1, 2014
Special Issue: Visual Semiotics of the Spaces We Inhabit
Editorial Notes
Sarah Marusek. Visual Semiotics of the Spaces We Inhabit: Preface.
Original Articles
Göran Sonesson. New Rules for the Spaces of Urbanity.
Noah Viernes. The Magistrate is the Muse: Law and Visual Economy in Bangkok.
John Brigham. Sex in Context: Space, Place, and the Constitution of Images.
Aaron R. S. Lorenz. The State of Nature and Laws of Seinfeld: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.
Martin Hardie. Making Visible the Invisible Act of Doping.
Mark Brunger. Exploring the Myth of the Bobby and the Intrusion of the State into Social Space.
Lucas P. Konzen. Tourist Representations and Public Space Regulation.
Anne Wagner. Game of Power Within the French Urban Landscape: A Socio-legal Semiotic Analysis of Communication, Vision and Space.
Sarah Marusek. Visual Jurisprudence of the American Yellow Traffic Light.
Book Review
Patricia Ewick. Sarah Marusek: The Politics of Parking: Rights, Identity and Property.
Judith Evans. Maddy Coy (Ed.): Prostitution, Harm and Gender Inequality: Theory, Research and Policy.
Guillaume Landais. Jean-Jacques Sueur et Pascal Richard (sous la dir. de): La Transgression.
Sarah Marusek. Recent Publications 1.
Anne Wagner, Jean-Claude Gémar. Erratum to: Materializing Notions, Concepts and Language into Another Linguistic Framework.
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