Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

Inquiry, Vol. 57, #2, 2014
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #3, 2014
Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3, #1, 2014
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 48, #1, 2014
Law and Critique, Vol. 25, #1, 2014

Inquiry, Vol. 57, #2, 2014
Special Issue: Ground and Groundedness
Original Articles
Stephan Leuenberger. Grounding and Necessity.
Sam Baron, Kristie Miller & James Norton. Groundless Truth.
Aaron M. Griffith. Truthmaking and Grounding.
Casper Storm Hansen. Grounded Ungroundedness.
Jönne Kriener. The Groundedness Approach to Class Theory.
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #3, 2014
The concise argument
Kenneth Boyd. Responding to complexity.
Simon Rippon. Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market.
Gerald Dworkin. Organ sales and paternalism.
Janet Radcliffe-Richards. Janet Radcliffe-Richards on Simon Rippon's ‘Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market’.
Adrian Walsh. Simon Rippon, ‘Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market’.
Simon Rippon. Organ markets and harms: a reply to Dworkin, Radcliffe Richards and Walsh.
Clinical ethics
Elin H Thomas, Simon R Bramhall, Jonathan Herington, Heather Draper. Live liver donation, ethics and practitioners: ‘I am between the two and if I do not feel comfortable about this situation, I cannot proceed’.
Alison Elizabeth Hall, Susmita Chowdhury, Nora Pashayan, Nina Hallowell, Paul Pharoah, Hilary Burton. What ethical and legal principles should guide the genotyping of children as part of a personalised screening programme for common cancer?
Wendy Bonython, Bruce Arnold. Disclosure ‘downunder’: misadventures in Australian genetic privacy law.
Law, ethics and medicine
Naser Aghababaei. Attitudes towards euthanasia in Iran: the role of altruism.
Pamela Tozzo, Luciana Caenazzo, Michael J Parker. Discovering misattributed paternity in genetic counselling: different ethical perspectives in two countries.
Elizabeth R Pike. Paper: In need of remedy: US policy for compensating injured research participants.
Research ethics
Shanmukh Kamble, Ramadan Ahmed, Paul Clay Sorum, Etienne Mullet. Paper: The acceptability among young Hindus and Muslims of actively ending the lives of newborns with genetic defects.
Ayesha Ahmad. Commentary: Cultural explanations and clinical ethics: active euthanasia in neonatology.
Robert Klitzman. Paper: How US institutional review boards decide when researchers need to translate studies.
Current controversy
Sandra Zwier. The neglected repercussions of a physician advertising ban.
Tak Kwong Chan, George Lim Tipoe. The best interests of persistently vegetative patients: to die rather that to live?
Brief reports
Benjamin Herreros, Venktesh R Ramnath, Laura Bishop, Emilio Pintor, María Dolores Martín, Miguel A Sánchez-González. Clinical ethics protocols in the clinical ethics committees of Madrid.
Adelaide Conti, Paola Delbon, Laura Laffranchi, Corrado Paganelli. What about the dentist–patient relationship in dental tourism?
Rhys Van der Rijt, Stuart Hoffman. Ethical considerations of clinical photography in an area of emerging technology and smartphones.
Ethics briefing
Sophie Brannan, Ruth Campbell, Martin Davies, Veronica English, Rebecca Mussell, Julian C Sheather. Ethics briefing.
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Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3, #1, 2014
Theory of segmented assimilation:
Prof Shanta B Singh, Kombi Sausi, Prof Modimowabarwa Kanyane. A comparative study of Nigerian migrants’ integration in Kwazulu Natal Province.
Chawsithiwong and Dendara. Development of food establishments to ensure compliance with food safety standard
Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok.
Michael F. Shaughnessy. The Holocaust, Logotherapy and Viktor E. Frankl.
Organisational Behaviour:
Ken Dooley. Business Models for a Profitable and Sustainable Future.
Ayanda Vilakazi, Prof. Krishna K Govender. Commuters’ Perceptions of Public Transport Service in South Africa.
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 48, #1, 2014
Original Paper
Nobel Ang. Positive Freedom as Exercise of Rational Ability: A Kantian Defense of Positive Liberty.
Emer O’Hagan. Shmagents, Realism and Constitutivism About Rational Norms.
Andrew F. Smith. In Defense of Homelessness.
Daniel D. Moseley. Revisiting Williams on Integrity.
Wenwen Fan. Second-Personal Reasons and Moral Obligations.
Yotam Benziman. The Ethics of Common Decency.
Matthew Braham, Martin van Hees. Ordering the Right and the Good, Practically Speaking.
Erik Encarnacion. Reviving the Assurance Conception of Promising.
Brian Besong. Being Appropriately Disgusted.
Book Review
Tony Doyle. Bruce Scheier, Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive.
Michael Stephen Lopato. eorge H. Smith, The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism.
J. P. Messina. David O. Brink, Mill’s Progressive Principles.
Stephen Ingram. Alan H. Goldman, Reasons from Within: Desires and Values.
Retraction Note
J. Scott Isenberg. Retraction Note to: Surgical Research and the Ethics of Being First.
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Law and Critique, Vol. 25, #1, 2014
Original Paper
Bethania Assy, Basak Ertür. Supplements: Law and Resistance—Turkey and Brazil.
Jean-Luc Nancy. Hatred, A Solidification of Meaning.
Ratna Kapur. In the Aftermath of Critique We Are Not in Epistemic Free Fall: Human Rights, the Subaltern Subject, and Non-liberal Search for Freedom and Happiness.
Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar. Historical Injuries, Temporality and the Law: Articulations of a Violent Past in Two Transitional Scenarios.
George Karavokyris. The Art of Law.
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