Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 17, #1, 2014
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 43, #1, 2014
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 156, #2, 2014
Methode: Analytic Perspectives, Vol. 2, #3, 2013

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 17, #1, 2014
Editorial Notes
A. W. Musschenga, F. R. Heeger. Editorial Note.
List of Reviewers in 2013.
Original Paper
Tim Henning. Alienation—New Perspectives from Environmental Ethics, Social Philosophy, and Action Theory; an Introduction.
Logi Gunnarsson. In Defense of Ambivalence and Alienation.
Thomas Schramme. On Being Wholeheartedly Ambivalent: Indecisive Will, Unity of the Self, and Integration by Narration.
Alison Stone. Alienation from Nature and Early German Romanticism.
Gillian Howie. Alienation and Therapy in Existentialism: A Dual Model of Recognition.
Simon Hailwood. Estrangement, Nature and ‘the Flesh’.
Steven Vogel. On Alienation from the Built Environment.
Aaron Simmons. In Defense of the Moral Significance of Empathy.
Joseph Millum. Consent Under Pressure: The Puzzle of Third Party Coercion.
Jaakko Kuosmanen. What’s So Special About Persecution?
Mozaffar Qizilbash. ‘Incommensurability’ and Vagueness: Is the Vagueness View Defensible?
Peter Schaber. Human Rights and Human Dignity: A Reply to Doris Schroeder.
Moran Yemini. Conflictual Moralities, Ethical Torture: Revisiting the Problem of “Dirty Hands”.
Book Review
Justin A. Capes. James Stacey Taylor, Death, Posthumous Harm, and Bioethics.
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 43, #1, 2014
Original Articles
Adam Rigoni, Richmond H. Thomason. The Logic of Counterpart Theory with Actuality.
Andreas Stokke. Truth and Context Change.
Campbell Brown. Minding the Is-Ought Gap.
Jeremy Meyers. What is Nominalistic Mereology?
Louis deRosset. Possible Worlds for Modal Primitivists.
Robert Goldblatt, Tomasz Kowalski. The Power of a Propositional Constant.
Jens Christian Bjerring. Problems in Epistemic Space.
Owen Griffiths. Reinflating Logical Consequence.
Luca Incurvati. The Graph Conception of Set.
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 156, #2, 2014
Research Articles
Elliot Benjamin and C. Snyder. On the construction of the regular hendecagon by marked ruler and compass.
Ulrich Derenthal and Christopher Frei. Counting imaginary quadratic points via universal torsors, II.
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Methode: Analytic Perspectives, Vol. 2, #3, 2013
Special Issue: Free Will: Thirty points of view
Mark Balaguer, Bernard Berofsky, Robert Bishop, Joseph Campbell, Randolph Clarke, Daniel Dennett, John Martin Fischer, Ishtiyaque Haji, Terry Horgan, Robert Kane, Tomis Kapitan, Michael McKenna, Alfred Mele, Cyrille Michon, Carlos Moya, Eddy Nahmias, Dana Kay Nelkin, Derk Pereboom, Thomas Pink, Adina L. Roskies, Paul Russell, Carolina Sartorio, Saul Smilansky, Helen Steward, Galen Strawson, Richard Swinburne, Peter van Inwagen, Manuel Vargas, Kadri Vihvelin, Sven Walter.
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Vittorio Hösle (ed.), The Many Faces of Beauty. Reviewed by Robert E. Wood.
Anthony K. Jensen, Nietzsche's Philosophy of History. Reviewed by Andrew Huddleston.
John Lippitt and George Pattison (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Kierkegaard. Reviewed by Thomas P. Miles. http://ndpr.nd.edu/news/45861-the-oxford-handbook-of-kierkegaard/
Huw Price. Expressivism, Pragmatism and Representationalism. Reviewed by John MacFarlane.
Christy Mag Uidhir, Art and Art-Attempts. Reviewed by Sherri Irvin.
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