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January 30, 2014 Part B

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 167, #3, 2014
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 64, #1, 2014
Politics, philosophy and economics, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
Review of Politics, Vol. 76, #1, 2014

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 167, #3, 2014
With Book Symposium on David Chalmers’ The Character of Consciousnes
Original Articles
Mahrad Almotahari. Metalinguistic negation and metaphysical affirmation.
Eliot Michaelson. Shifty characters.Robert Cummins, Martin Roth, Ian Harmon. Why it doesn’t matter to metaphysics what Mary learns.John Turri. Knowledge and suberogatory assertion.Tyler Hildebrand. Can bare dispositions explain categorical regularities?Johan E. Gustafsson. Combinative consequentialism and the problem of act versions.Charity Anderson. Fallibilism and the flexibility of epistemic modals.Nicholas Shackel. Still waiting for a plausible Humean theory of reasons.Nate Charlow . The problem with the Frege–Geach problem.Sam Cowling. Instantiation as location.John Thrasher. Uniqueness and symmetry in bargaining theories of justice.Miri Albahari. Alief or belief? A contextual approach to belief ascription.Benjamin Kozuch. Prefrontal lesion evidence against higher-order theories of consciousness.David J. Chalmers. Précis of The Character of Consciousness.Philip Goff, David Papineau. What’s wrong with strong necessities?Geoffrey Lee. Unity and essence in Chalmers’ theory of consciousness.Joseph Levine. Modality, semantics, and consciousness.David J. Chalmers. Strong necessities and the mind–body problem: a reply.
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 64, #1, 2014
Radha D’Souza. What Can Activist Scholars Learn from Rumi?
Tao Jiang. Incommensurability of Two Conceptions of Reality: Dependent Origination and Emptiness in Nagarjuna’s MMK.
Myeong-seok Kim. Is There No Distinction between Reason and Emotion in Mengzi?Ayon Maharaj.
Sri Har?a contra Hegel: Monism, Skeptical Method, and the Limits of Reason.
Jana S. Rošker. Ji Kang’s Essay “Music Has in It neither Grief nor Joy” (?????) and the Structure (?) of Perception.
Takao Hagiwara. Derrida and Zen: Desert and Swamp.
John Spackman. Between Nihilism and Anti-Essentialism: A Conceptualist Interpretation of Nagarjuna.
Charles Sanft. Shang Yang Was a Cooperator: Applying Axelrod’s Analysis of Cooperation in Early China.
Christopher G. Framarin. The Moral Standing of Animals and Plants in the Manusm?ti.
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. The Heated French Debate on Comparative Philosophy Continues: Philosophy versus Philology.
Ralph Weber. What about the Billeter-Jullien Debate? And What Was It about? A Response to Thorsten Botz-Bornstein.
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. Reply to Ralph Weber.
Book Reviews
Raquel Bouso. Arte e pensiero in Giappone: Corpo, immagine, gesto by Marcello Ghilardi.
Guo Jue. The Dynamics of Masters Literature: Early Chinese Thought from Confucius to Han Fei Zi by Wiebke Denecke.
Ralf Müller. Anfractuosité et unification: La philosophie de Nishida Kitaro by Michel Dalissier.
Stephen Phillips. Hindu and Buddhist Ideas in Dialogue: Self and No-Self Edited by Irena Kuznetsova, Jonardon Ganeri, and Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad.
Hwa Yeong Wang. Ritual and the Moral Life: Reclaiming the Tradition Edited by David Solomon, Ping-Cheung Lo, and Ruiping Fan.
Mario Wenning. Shanzhai: Dekonstruktion auf Chinesisch by Byung-Chul Han.
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 Politics, philosophy and economics, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
Ryan Muldoon, Chiara Lisciandra, Cristina Bicchieri, Stephan Hartmann, and Jan Sprenger. On the emergence of descriptive norms.
Jeppe von Platz. Are economic liberties basic rights?
Dale Dorsey. Equality-tempered prioritarianism.
Frank Dietrich. Secession of the rich: A qualified defence.
Gopal Sreenivasan. Equality, opportunity, ambiguity.
Timothy Fowler. The status of child citizens.
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Review of Politics, Vol. 76, #1, 2014
Research Articles
Mera J. Flaumenhaft. The Story of Jonah.
Annelien de Dijn. Was Montesquieu a Liberal Republican? 
William Selinger. Patronage and Revolution: Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France and His Theory of Legislative Corruption. 
Christopher S. McClure. Learning from Franklin's Mistakes: Self-Interest Rightly Understood in the Autobiography .
Emily R. Gill. Beyond Immutability: Sexuality and Constitutive Choice. 
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