Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol. 56, #4, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 118, #3, 2013
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #4, 2013
Journal of Practical Ethics, Vol. 1, #2, 2013
Legal Theory, Vol. 19, #2, 2013
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 155, #3, 2013
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
Philosophy, Vol. 88, #4, 2013
Politics & Gender, Vol. 9, #4, 2013
Review of Politics, Vol. 75, #1, 2013
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 29, #2, 2012
Studies in American Political Development, Vol. 27, #2, 2013
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Vol. 31, 2013

Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol. 56, #4, 2013
Special Issue on the Economics and Management of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Andrea Ghermandi. The Economics of Marine Ecosystems: Reconciling Use and Conservation of Coastal and Marine Systems and the Underlying Natural Capital.
Original Paper
Wilf Swartz, Rashid Sumaila, Reg Watson. Global Ex-vessel Fish Price Database Revisited: A New Approach for Estimating ‘Missing’ Prices.
Koichi Kuriyama, James Hilger, Michael Hanemann. A Random Parameter Model with Onsite Sampling for Recreation Site Choice: An Application to Southern California Shoreline Sportfishing.
Stephen Hynes, Daniel Norton, Nick Hanley. Adjusting for Cultural Differences in International Benefit Transfer.
Maria L. Loureiro, John B. Loomis. International Public Preferences and Provision of Public Goods: Assessment of Passive Use Values in Large Oil Spills.
Aline Chiabai, Ibon Galarraga, Anil Markandya. The Equivalency Principle for Discounting the Value of Natural Assets: An Application to an Investment Project in the Basque Coast.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 118, #3, 2013
Original Articles
David Rooney, Tom Mandeville, Tim Kastelle. Abstract Knowledge and Reified Financial Innovation: Building Wisdom and Ethics Into Financial Innovation Networks
Xiaoyu Zhou, Yi Han, Rui Wang. An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China.
Dan S. Chiaburu, Gonzalo J. Muñoz, Richard G. Gardner. How to Spot a Careerist Early On: Psychopathy and Exchange Ideology as Predictors of Careerism.
Javier Aranzadi. The Natural Link Between Virtue Ethics and Political Virtue: The Morality of the Market.
Katinka C. Van Cranenburgh, Kellie Liket, Nigel Roome. Management Responses to Social Activism in an Era of Corporate Responsibility: A Case Study.
Michael O. Wood, Theodore J. Noseworthy, Scott R. Colwell. If You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees, You Might Just Cut Down the Forest: The Perils of Forced Choice on “Seemingly” Unethical Decision-Making.
Jeremy Galbreath. ESG in Focus: The Australian Evidence.
Márta Somogyvári. The Costs of Organisational Injustice in the Hungarian Health Care System.
Valentina Mele, Donald H. Schepers. E Pluribus Unum? Legitimacy Issues and Multi-stakeholder Codes of Conduct.
Pavlos A. Vlachos, Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos, Adam A. Rapp. Feeling Good by Doing Good: Employee CSR-Induced Attributions, Job Satisfaction, and the Role of Charismatic Leadership.
John A. Parnell, Gregory J. Scott, Georgios Angelopoulos. Benchmarking Tendencies in Managerial Mindsets: Prioritizing Stockholders and Stakeholders in Peru, South Africa, and the United States.
Seung Hwan Mark Lee. Ethics and Expertise: A Social Networks Perspective.
Stijn Decoster, Jeroen Camps, Jeroen Stouten. Standing by Your Organization: The Impact of Organizational Identification and Abusive Supervision on Followers’ Perceived Cohesion and Tendency to Gossip.
William H. Bishop. The Role of Ethics in 21st Century Organizations.
Peter E. Mudrack, E. Sharon Mason. Dilemmas, Conspiracies, and Sophie’s Choice: Vignette Themes and Ethical Judgments.
Christos N. Pitelis. Towards a More ‘Ethically Correct’ Governance for Economic Sustainability.
Antonio R. Andrés, Simplice A. Asongu. Fighting Software Piracy: Which Governance Tools Matter in Africa?
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #4, 2013
Original Paper
John Martin Fischer. Abortion and Ownership.
Hanno Sauer, Tom Bates. Chairmen, Cocaine, and Car Crashes: The Knobe Effect as an Attribution Error.
Jonathan Pugh, Guy Kahane, Julian Savulescu. Cohen’s Conservatism and Human Enhancement.
Nicola Jane Williams. Possible Persons and the Problem of Prenatal Harm.
J. Angelo Corlett. Referees for November 2012-October 2013.
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Journal of Practical Ethics, Vol. 1, #2, 2013
Editorial: Roger Crisp & Julian Savulescu. Introducing the Journal of Practical Ethics' Podcast Series.
David S. Oderberg. The Morality of Reputation and the Judgement of Others.
Kyla Ebels-Duggan. Moral Education in the Liberal State.
Daniel Hausman. Motives and Markets in Health Care.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 19, #2, 2013
Special Issue: Yaffe’s Attempts
Research Articles
Michael E. Bratman. Yaffe On Criminal Attempts. 
David O. Brink. First Acts, Last Acts, And Abandonment. 
Larry Alexander. Yaffe On Attempts. 
Michael S. Moore. Yaffe's Attempts. 
Gideon Yaffe. Trying To Defend Attempts: Replies To Bratman, Brink, Alexander, And Moore.
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 155, #3, 2013
Research Articles
Owen Cotton–Barratt. Detecting Ends Of Residually Finite Groups In Profinite Completions.
John Osborne. Connectedness Properties Of The Set Where The Iterates Of An Entire Function Are Bounded. 
Joseph Lauer And Daniel T. Wise. Cubulating One-Relator Groups With Torsion. 
Tao Li. Small 3-Manifolds With Large Heegaard Distance. 
James Maynard. 3-Tuples Have At Most 7 Prime Factors Infinitely Often. 
D. B. Mcreynolds, Alan W. Reid And Matthew Stover. Collisions At Infinity In Hyperbolic Manifolds. 
Kenneth W. Johnson And Eirini Poimenidou. A Formal Power Series Attached To A Class Function On A Group And Its Application To The Characterisation Of Characters. 
Pekka Salmi And Adam Skalski. Inclusions Of Ternary Rings Of Operators And Conditional Expectations. 
Dohyeong Kim. P-Adic L-Functions Over The False Tate Curve Extensions. 
L. Liu, A. Papadopoulos, W. Su And G. Théret. On The Classification Of Mapping Class Actions On Thurston's Asymmetric Metric. 
Mihai Halic And Roshan Tajarod. A Cohomological Splitting Criterion For Locally Free Sheaves On Arithmetically Cohen–Macaulay Surfaces. 
Mahir Hadžić And Gerhard Rein. Stability For The Spherically Symmetric Einstein–Vlasov System–A Coercivity Estimate. 
Pierre Py. Coxeter Groups And Kähler Groups.
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
Original Articles
Soo-Yeon Kim, Susumu Kuno. A note on sluicing with implicit indefinite correlates.
Roni Katzir. A note on contrast.
Elizabeth Coppock. A semantic solution to the problem of Hungarian object agreement.
Elizabeth Ferch. Scopeless quantity words in Shona.
B. R. George. Which judgments show weak exhaustivity? (And which don’t?).
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Rob Lovering, God and Evidence: Problems for Theistic Philosophers. Reviewed by Clayton Littlejohn.
Peter Osborne, Anywhere Or Not At All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art. Reviewed by John Rapko.
Richard Vernon, Historical Redress: Must We Pay for the Past?, Reviewed by Nahshon Perez.
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Philosophy, Vol. 88, #4, 2013
Research Articles
Gordon Graham. Adam Ferguson as a Moral Philosopher. 
Patrick Lewtas. Emergence and Consciousness. 
John Kekes. Fear and Reason.
Kevin Fitzpatrick. Qualified to speak: Rush Rhees on the (vexed) subject of euthanasia. 
Henrik Bohlin. Universal Moral Standards and the Problem of Cultural Relativism in Hume's ‘A Dialogue’. 
Rom Harré. Discussion: Persons, higher animals and fatal semantic fractures. 
Cynthia A. Stark. Justice, Institutions and Luck: The Site, Ground and Scope of Equality. By Kok-Chor Tan.  
Tamer Nawar. Explorations in Ancient and Modern Philosophy. By Myles Burnyeat.
Christopher Hookway. The Themes of Quine's Philosophy: Meaning, Reference, and Knowledge. by Edward F. Becker. 
Justin Tiehen. Constructing the World. by David Chalmers. 
Paul J. Griffiths. Forgiveness and Love. By Glen Pettigrove.
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Politics & Gender, Vol. 9, #4, 2013
Research Articles
Justin Esarey and Gina Chirillo. “Fairer Sex” or Purity Myth? Corruption, Gender, and Institutional Context. 
Melody Crowder-Meyer. Gendered Recruitment without Trying: How Local Party Recruiters Affect Women's Representation. 
Allison Harell and Dimitrios Panagos. Locating the Aboriginal Gender Gap: The Political Attitudes and Participation of Aboriginal Women in Canada. 
Kathryn Pearson and Eric McGhee. What It Takes to Win: Questioning “Gender Neutral” Outcomes in U.S. House Elections. 
Critical Perspectives on Gender and Politics
Crossing Borders, Transforming Knowledge: Celebrating 25 Years of the Women and Politics Program at Rutgers University
Susan J. Carroll. Introduction 
Claire Snyder-Hall. Reflections of a Politically Engaged Scholar 
Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd. (Inter)disciplinary Trouble: Intersectionality, Narrative Analysis, and the Making of a New Political Science 
Ronnee Schreiber. How Studying Ideological Diversity among Women Transforms Political Knowledge 
Cristina Beltrán. Crossings and Correspondences: Rethinking Intersectionality and the Category “Latino” 
Kate Bedford. Reflections from a Visitor 
Rose Corrigan. Building Theory and Making Change: The Challenges of Studying Feminist Activism 
Debra J. Liebowitz. Comprehension Obscured: Feminist Ideas and Policy Directives 
Book Reviews
Laura Sjoberg. Militarizing Men: Gender, Conscription, and War in Post-Soviet Russia. By Maya Eichler.
Susan J. Carroll. Gender and Justice: Why Women in the Judiciary Really Matter. By Sally J. Kenney.
Éléonore Lépinard. For Women Only? Gender Quotas and Intersectionality in France.
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Review of Politics, Vol. 75, #1, 2013
John Roos. Edward A. Goerner: In Memoriam—1929–2012 
Research Articles
Christian R. Donath. Liberal Art: Art and Education for Citizenship in Kant's Critique of Judgment 
Thierry Gontier. From “Political Theology” to “Political Religion”: Eric Voegelin and Carl Schmitt 
Luke Philip Plotica. “This Is Simply What I Do”: Wittgenstein and Oakeshott on the Practices of Individual Agency 
Alex Zakaras. A Liberal Pluralism: Isaiah Berlin and John Stuart Mill 
William Galston. Between Logic and Psychology: The Links between Value Pluralism and Liberal Theory 
George Crowder. Justification and Psychology in Liberal Pluralism: A Reply to Zakaras 
Alex Zakaras. Reply to Galston and Crowder 
Book Reviews: The Political Defense Of Liberty
David Tkach. David William Bates: States of War: Enlightenment Origins of the Political.
Book Reviews: The Intrinsic Value Of Liberty
Mark A. Graber. John Tomasi: Free Market Fairness.  
Book Reviews: Successful Strategy, Not Failed Counterrevolution
Katy J. Harriger. Kevin J. McMahon: Nixon's Court: His Challenge to Judicial Liberalism and Its Political Consequences.
Book Reviews: State Power And Civil War Constitutionalism
Stewart Winger. Mark E. Neely: Lincoln and the Triumph of the Nation: Constitutional Conflict in the American Civil War.
Book Reviews: Macho Men
Houston A. Baker, Jr. Erica R. Edwards: Charisma and the Fictions of Black Leadership.
Book Reviews: A Sort Of Secular Religion
Bonnie Honig. Robert C. Pirro: The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship. 
Book Reviews: What Now?
Mark L. Haas. Charles Lemert: Why Niebuhr Matters.
Book Reviews: Love, Obedience, And Authority
Alissa Jones Nelson. Robert A. Burt: In the Whirlwind: God and Humanity in Conflict.
Book Reviews: Accommodating Religion
Emile Lester. Russell Blackford: Freedom of Religion and the Secular State.
Book Reviews: The Archaic And The Axial
Johann P. Arnason. Robert Bellah: Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age.
Book Reviews: Islamism As A Constructive Power
Lawrence Ziring. Nathan J. Brown: When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist Movements in Arab Politics.
Book Reviews: What If
Robert S. Snyder. Frank P. Harvey: Explaining the Iraq War: Counterfactural Theory, Logic and Evidence.
Book Reviews: Biased Critique Of The Biased
Lawrence J. Korb. Stephen F. Knott: Rush to Judgment: George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and His Critics.
Book Reviews: A Dialectically Constructive Relationship
Stephen Wrage. Donald Alexander Downs and Ilia Murtazashvili: Arms and the University: Military Presence and the Civic Education of Non-military Students.
Book Reviews: Unclear Focus
Jeffrey H. Michaels. Ned O'Gorman: Spirits of the Cold War: Contesting Worldviews in the Classical Age of American Security Strategy.
Book Reviews: No Crusades
Seán Molloy. Louis B. Zimmer: The Vietnam War Debate: Hans J. Morgenthau and the Attempt to Halt the Drift into Disaster. 
Book Reviews: Autocracy And The People
Anastassia Obydenkova. Richard Rose, William Mishler, and Neil Munro: Popular Support for an Undemocratic Regime: The Changing Views of Russians.
Book Reviews: False Faith, False Critique
Phil Edwards. Alessandro Orsini: Anatomy of the Red Brigades: The Religious Mind-Set of Modern Terrorists. Trans. Sarah Nodes.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 29, #2, 2012
Special Issue: Natural Rights Individualism and Progressivism in American Political Philosophy
Research Articles
Thomas G. West. The Ground Of Locke's Law Of Nature. 
Paul A. Rahe. Montesquieu's Natural Rights Constitutionalism. 
Craig Yirush. The Idea Of Rights In The Imperial Crisis. 
C. Bradley Thompson. On Declaring The Laws And Rights Of Nature. 
Eric Mack. Lysander Spooner: Nineteenth-Century America's Last Natural Rights Theorist. 
James W. Ceaser. Progressivism And The Doctrine Of Natural Rights. 
Eldon J. Eisenach. Some Second Thoughts On Progressivism And Rights. 
Tiffany Jones Miller. Freedom, History, And Race In Progressive Thought. 
James W. Ely. The Progressive Era Assault On Individualism And Property Rights.
Adam Mossoff. Saving Locke From Marx: The Labor Theory Of Value In Intellectual Property Theory. 
Ronald J. Pestritto. Roosevelt, Wilson, And The Democratic Theory Of National Progressivism. 
Michael Zuckert. On The Separation Of Powers: Liberal And Progressive Constitutionalism. 
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Studies in American Political Development, Vol. 27, #2, 2013
Research Articles
J.M. Opal. General Jackson's Passports: Natural Rights and Sovereign Citizens in the Political Thought of Andrew Jackson, 1780s–1820s. 
Ruth Bloch Rubin. Organizing for Insurgency: Intraparty Organization and the Development of the House Insurgency, 1908–1910. 
Christopher A. Baylor. First to the Party: The Group Origins of the Partisan Transformation on Civil Rights, 1940–1960. 
Peverill Squire. Quorum Exploitation in the American Legislative Experience. 
Alexander von Hoffman. Calling upon the Genius of Private Enterprise: The Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 and the Liberal Turn to Public-Private Partnerships. 
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Vol. 31, 2013
Special Issue: Cartesian Empiricisms
Mihnea Dobre, Tammy Nyden. Introduction
Cartesian Natural Philosophy: Receptions and Context
Roger Ariew. Censorship, Condemnations, and the Spread of Cartesianism
Sophie Roux. Was There a Cartesian Experimentalism in 1660s France?
Wiep van Bunge. Dutch Cartesian Empiricism and the Advent of Newtonianism.
Justin E. H. Smith. Heat, Action, Perception: Models of Living Beings in German Medical Cartesianism.
Bernard Joly. Could a Practicing Chemical Philosopher Be a Cartesian?
Cartesian Natural Philosophers
Delphine Bellis. Empiricism Without Metaphysics: Regius’ Cartesian Natural Philosophy.
Patricia Easton. Robert Desgabets on the Physics and Metaphysics of Blood Transfusion.
Mihnea Dobre. Rohault’s Cartesian Physics.
Tammy Nyden. De Volder’s Cartesian Physics and Experimental Pedagogy.
Gary Hatfield. The Cartesian Psychology of Antoine Le Grand.
Koen Vermeir. Mechanical Philosophy in an Enchanted World: Cartesian Empiricism in Balthasar Bekker’s Radical Reformation.
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