Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 28, #4, 2013
American Political Science Review, Vol. 107, #4, 2013
Applied Linguistics, Vol. 34, #5, 2013
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 23, #1, 2014
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 35, #3, 2013
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 21, #6, 2013
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 6, #4, 2013
Signs, Vol. 39, #2, 2014
Translating the Americas, Vol. 1, Fall 2013

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 28, #4, 2013
Richard Brian Davis. Are Bare Particulars Constituents?
Andrea Sauchelli. Modal Fictionalism, Possible Worlds, and Artificiality.
Jens Harbecke. On the Distinction Between Law Schemata and Causal Laws.
Wayne Wright. Color Constancy Reconsidered.
David Pinkowski. Practically Equal: An Analysis of the Practical Nature of Equality and Incomparability.
Julian Fink. What is (Correct) Practical Reasoning?
Tea Logar. Rawls’s Rejection of Preinstitutional Desert.
Adam Hosein. Contractualism, Politics, and Morality.
Nenad Miscevic. In Search of the Reason and the Right—Rousseau’s Social Contract as a Thought Experiment.
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American Political Science Review, Vol. 107, #4, 2013
Research Articles
Christian List And Kai Spiekermann. Methodological Individualism And Holism In Political Science: A Reconciliation. 
Jana Morgan And Melissa Buice. Latin American Attitudes Toward Women In Politics: The Influence Of Elite Cues, Female Advancement, And Individual Characteristics. 
Gerald Gamm And Thad Kousser. No Strength In Numbers: The Failure Of Big-City Bills In American State Legislatures, 1880–2000. 
Jason Lyall, Graeme Blair And Kosuke Imai. Explaining Support For Combatants During Wartime: A Survey Experiment In Afghanistan. 
Laura Paler. Keeping The Public Purse: An Experiment In Windfalls, Taxes, And The Incentives To Restrain Government. 
Paul Dragos Aligica And Vlad Tarko. Co-Production, Polycentricity, And Value Heterogeneity: The Ostroms’ Public Choice Institutionalism Revisited. 
Marc Meredith. Exploiting Friends-And-Neighbors To Estimate Coattail Effects.  
Brandon J Kinne. Network Dynamics And The Evolution Of International Cooperation. 
David A. Siegel. Social Networks And The Mass Media. 
Saumitra Jha. Trade, Institutions, And Ethnic Tolerance: Evidence From South Asia. 
Gustavo A. Flores-Macías And Sarah E. Kreps. Political Parties At War: A Study Of American War Finance, 1789–2010. 
Michael R. Tomz And Jessica L. P. Weeks. Public Opinion And The Democratic Peace. 
Forum: “Rethinking Culture”
W. James Booth. Maîtres Chez Nous: Some Questions About Culture And Continuity - A Response To Alan Patten's “Rethinking Culture: The Social Lineage Account”. 
Alan Patten. Cultural Preservation And Liberal Values: A Reply To William James Booth.
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Applied Linguistics, Vol. 34, #5, 2013
Special Issue: Transnational Identities
Anna De Fina and Sabina Perrino. ‘Transnational Identities’.
Li Wei and Zhu Hua. Translanguaging Identities and Ideologies: Creating Transnational Space Through Flexible Multilingual Practices Amongst Chinese University Students in the UK.
Stanton Wortham and Catherine Rhodes. Life as a Chord: Heterogeneous Resources in the Social Identification of One Migrant Girl.
Anna De Fina. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies of Identity Construction in Ethnic Media.
Sabina Perrino. ‘Veneto out of Italy? Dialect, Migration, and Transnational Identity’.
Elaine W. Chun. Ironic Blackness as Masculine Cool: Asian American Language and Authenticity on YouTube.
Jan Blommaert. Complexity, Accent, and Conviviality: Concluding Comments.
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Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 23, #1, 2014
Special Section: Rationality, Morality, and Disability
John Coggon. Guest Editorial - Creating And Respecting Lives Of Value: Reproductive Choices, Disability, And Ethics.
Heather Draper. Martha As A Mother - Parents, Parental Choices, And Preimplantation Selection. 
Heta Aleksandra Gylling. Time, Rationality, And Human Existence. 
Simona Giordano. A Heaven Without Giants Or Dwarfs - Equality, Gender, And Disabilities. 
Rebecca Bennett. There Can Be No Moral Obligation To Eradicate All Disability. 
Simo Vehmas And Tom Shakespeare. Disability, Harm, And The Origins Of Limited Opportunities. 
Steven D. Edwards. Harris, Disability, And The Good Life.
John Harris. Time To Exorcise The Cloning Demon. 
Responses And Dialogue
Kristen Hine. Häyry Reconsidered. 
Matti Häyry. Some Additional Thoughts On Considerable Life Extension And The Meaning Of Life. 
The Great Debates
D. Micah Hester And Alissa Swota. Introduction - Common Morality. 
Rebecca Kukla. Living With Pirates - Common Morality And Embodied Practice. 
Tom L. Beauchamp. On Common Morality As Embodied Practice - A Reply To Kukla. 
Carson Strong. Kukla’s Argument Against Common Morality As A Set Of Precepts - On Stranger Tides. 
Rebecca Kukla. Response To Strong And Beauchamp - At World’s End. 
Carson Strong. A Few More Comments On Common Morality, Noting Some Points Of Agreement. 
Jeffrey P. Bishop And Amanda Hine. The History And Future Of Bioethics: A Sociological View, By Evans John.
Ruchika Mishra. The Case: A Son’s Request To Forgo Treatment.
Hong Lee. Commentary: Interpreting Patient Wishes. 
Annette Mendola. Commentary: The Need for More Questions.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 35, #3, 2013
Bryan E. Bannon. From Intrinsic Value to Compassion: A Place-Based Ethic.
Mitsuyo Toyoda. Revitalizing Local Commons: A Democratic Approach to Collective Management.
S. P. Morris. Challenging the Values of Hunting: Fair Chase, Game Playing, and Intrinsic Value.
Elspeth Whitney. The Lynn White Thesis: Reception and Legacy.
Jeff Baldwin. What Ought I to Eat?: Toward an Ethical Biospheric Political Economy.
Ryan Gunderson. Animal Epistemology and Ethics in Schopenhauerian Metaphysics.
Roger J. H. King. Anthony Karvonen. Politics of Urban Runoff: Nature, Technology, and the Sustainable City.  
Anthony Karvonen. Politics of Urban Runoff: Nature, Technology, and the Sustainable City.
Robert L. Chapman. William R. Jordon III and George M. Lubick. Making Nature Whole: A History of Ecological Restoration.
Piers H. G. Stephens. Ben A. Minteer. Refounding Environmental Ethics: Pragmatism, Principle, and Practice.
Book Reviews
Andrew Biro. Deborah Cook. Adorno on Nature.
Ilan Safit. Simon P. James. The Presence of Nature: A Study in Phenomenology and Environmental Philosophy.
Nancy M. Rourke. Donna Bowman and Clayton Crockett, eds. Cosmology, Ecology, and the Energy of God.
David Dillard-Wright. In Defense of the Ark of the Possible: A Reply to Chris Nagle.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 21, #6, 2013
Lorenzo Magnani. Preface.
Lorenzo Magnani. Is abduction ignorance-preserving? Conventions, models and fictions in science.
Atocha Aliseda and Laura Leonides. Hypotheses testing in adaptive logics: an application to medical diagnosis.
Nicola Angius. Model-based abductive reasoning in automated software testing.
Ángel Nepomuceno-Fernández, Fernando Soler-Toscano, and Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada. An epistemic and dynamic approach to abductive reasoning: selecting the best explanation.
Claudio Pizzi. Counterfactuals and modus tollens in abductive arguments.
Chiaki Sakama and Katsumi Inoue. Abduction, unpredictability and Garden of Eden.
Gustavo Cevolani. Truth approximation via abductive belief change.
V. Michele Abrusci, Claudia Casadio, M. Teresa Medaglia, and Camillo Porcaro. Universal vs. particular reasoning: a study with neuroimaging techniques.
Gianluca Caterina and Rocco Gangle. Iconicity and abduction: a categorical approach to creative hypothesis-formation in Peirce's existential graphs.
Silvia De Bianchi and Silvia Gaudenzi. How far can we go with fuzzy logic? Perspectives on model-based reasoning and stochastic resonance in scientific models.
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Simon Kirchin (ed.), Thick Concepts. Reviewed by Jonas Olson
James P. Sterba, From Rationality to Equality. Reviewed by Bruce Russell.
Samuel C. Rickless, Berkeley's Argument for Idealism. Reviewed by Melissa Frankel.
Malcolm Schofield (ed.), Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoreanism in the First Century BC: New Directions for Philosophy. Reviewed by Phillip Sidney Horky
Carlos Steel (ed.), Aristotle's Metaphysics Alpha: Symposium Aristotelicum. Reviewed by André Laks.
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 6, #4, 2013
Research Articles
Lee Walters And J. Robert G. Williams. An Argument For Conjunction Conditionalization. 
Matthew W. Parker. Set Size And The Part–Whole Principle.
Graham E. Leigh And Carlo Nicolai. Axiomatic Truth, Syntax And Metatheoretic Reasoning. 
G.Aldo Antonelli. On The General Interpretation Of First-Order Quantifiers. 
Andrés Cordón Franco, Hans Van Ditmarsch And Angel Nepomuceno. Dynamic Consequence And Public Announcement. 
Lloyd Humberstone. Aggregation And Idempotence. 
Franz Huber. Structural Equations And Beyond. 
Eduardo Barrio And Lavinia Picollo. Notes On Ω-Inconsistent Theories Of Truth In Second-Order Languages. 
Jc Beall. Lp+, K3+, Fde+, And Their ‘Classical Collapse’.
Jc Beall. A Simple Approach Towards Recapturing Consistent Theories In Paraconsistent Settings.
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Signs, Vol. 39, #2, 2014
Sarah Dowling. “How Lucky I Was to Be Free and Safe at Home”: Reading Humor in Miné Okubo’s Citizen 13660.
Cynthia Wu. Asian American Feminism’s Alliances with Men: Reading Hisaye Yamamoto’s “Seventeen Syllables” as an Antidraft Tract.
Sanyu A. Mojola. Providing Women, Kept Men: Doing Masculinity in the Wake of the African HIV/AIDS Pandemic. 
Anna-Louise Crago. “Bitches Killing the Nation”: Analyzing the Violent State-Sponsored Repression of Sex Workers in Zambia, 2004–2008. 
Talia Mae Bettcher. Trapped in the Wrong Theory: Rethinking Trans Oppression and Resistance. 
Margaret F. Gibson. Adopting Difference: Thinking through Adoption by Gay Men in Ontario, Canada.
Allison McKim. Roxanne’s Dress: Governing Gender and Marginality through Addiction Treatment.
Cawo Mohamed Abdi. Threatened Identities and Gendered Opportunities: Somali Migration to America.
Rachel E. Johnson. Haunted by the Somatic Norm: South African Parliamentary Debates on Abortion in 1975 and 1996.
Laura Gillman. Inter-American Encounters in the Travel and Migration Narratives of Mayra Montero and Cristina García: Toward a Decolonial Hemispheric Feminism. 
Book Reviews
Mire Koikari. Love, Sex, and Democracy in Japan during the American Occupation by Mark McLelland; Scream from the Shadows: The Women’s Liberation Movement in Japan by Setsu Shigematsu.
Katrina Roen. Transgender Migrations: The Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition by Trystan T. Cotten; Transfeminist Perspectives in and beyond Transgender and Gender Studies by Anne Enke.
Kim Park Nelson. Reframing Transracial Adoption: Adopted Koreans, White Parents, and the Politics of Kinship by Kristi Brian; Somebody’s Children: The Politics of Transracial and Transnational Adoption by Laura Briggs.
Magda Mueller. Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics in Global Perspective by Myra Marx Ferree.
Gwendolyn Beetham. Women Reclaiming Sustainable Livelihoods: Spaces Lost, Spaces Gained by Wendy Harcourt.
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Translating the Americas, Vol. 1, Fall 2013
Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof. Las migraciones de Arturo Schomburg: Ser Antillano, Negro y Puertorriqueño en Nueva York. 1891-1917.                     
Jean M. Hébrard. Slavery in Brazil: Brazilian Scholars in the Key Interpretive Debates.Luiz Felipe de Alencastro. Affirmative Action: An Opinion Submitted to the Brazilian Supreme Court in the Case.        Rebecca J. Scott. O Trabalho Escravo Contemporâneo e os Usos da História.     
Angela de Castro Gomez. Labor Analogous to Slavery: The Construction of a Problem. Keila Grinberg. Re-enslavement, Rights and Justice in Nineteenth-Century Brazil.
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